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  1. John Bossnack

    John Bossnack2 minuta më parë

    Each family of these murders needs to have their money taken and given to support the family this man was raising.

  2. jbquigley2010

    jbquigley20103 minuta më parë

    Is this actually a cute, positive story on the news? 😀

  3. erick toro

    erick toro3 minuta më parë

    Nude them

  4. Shay Soon

    Shay Soon4 minuta më parë

    Sometimes you just need to accept that a mistake was made and stop pursuing someone to blame and collect a check from. Now he will be prosecuted for something that probably already eats him up inside. Very sad

  5. Jaia Groves

    Jaia Groves6 minuta më parë

    I would’ve told them kids who sat next to him the next day to gtf this ain’t yo seat

  6. cαтѕєνєяуωнєяє

    cαтѕєνєяуωнєяє6 minuta më parë

    I’m happy she’s alive and survived but my heart aches knowing she’ll have to remember that man and what he did to her for the rest of her life. It is so unfair that she will never get her justice. I really hope he suffers in prison and get his balls pinned to a opposite far side of a cork board from one another ..and worse

  7. Solani Nomusa

    Solani Nomusa8 minuta më parë

    I can't look away from this offer... Ah ah🙄

  8. Jaia Groves

    Jaia Groves8 minuta më parë

    #beautiful moments I’m glad some men still have hearts

  9. Bryan Jones

    Bryan Jones9 minuta më parë

    Child Support/Financial Abuse??? 😟 WTF

  10. Pablo Diez

    Pablo Diez10 minuta më parë

    Anything but the real cause. It's men don't marrying and women that have turned into executives instead of becoming wife material. Who wants to marry a woman. That will divorce you and mess upside down your life? Hence no marriages, hence no babies. That simple.

  11. Harby Mastopia

    Harby Mastopia10 minuta më parë

    This just in: Burglar sues homeowner for recording the burglar tresspassing homeowner's house. 😂

  12. james w

    james w10 minuta më parë

    Damn kind of sexy. Innocent and loving. I like that. My kind of woman. James From Michigan

  13. David Pfeifer

    David Pfeifer11 minuta më parë

    Johnny and Waylon would be proud of u girls! I’m sure they’ve heard blessings from kris and willie already

  14. CRAZY Things

    CRAZY Things12 minuta më parë

    Bro this made me cry tears of happiness TwT

  15. reving19

    reving1912 minuta më parë


  16. Ujx 360

    Ujx 36013 minuta më parë

    I hope I “win a baby” too

  17. Ryan K

    Ryan K14 minuta më parë

    7500... I'll buy it right now

  18. Ujx 360

    Ujx 36014 minuta më parë

    Wow... deserving couple

  19. Trofrom

    Trofrom15 minuta më parë

    Love him or hate him he is a smart man

  20. Brandon Nabaes

    Brandon Nabaes15 minuta më parë

    A im no spake inglish

  21. veinss vise

    veinss vise16 minuta më parë

    My team spawn at the area at 1:54

  22. M. Rees

    M. Rees17 minuta më parë

    Its a quid pro quo! Impeach!

  23. Denise Hawkins

    Denise Hawkins22 minuta më parë

    One man did this to all these women yeah right

  24. Sara Brant

    Sara Brant22 minuta më parë

    Not guilty!!! And has his rank reatored!!!!

  25. Connor McGrath

    Connor McGrath24 minuta më parë

    I read the first chapter at the book store, I can't wait to buy a copy.

  26. Denise Hawkins

    Denise Hawkins26 minuta më parë


  27. Davi Cirillo

    Davi Cirillo27 minuta më parë

    Home schooling to the win, public and private schools are a complete displeasure and waste of time full of annoying kids raised by stupid parents.

  28. chagiRenee

    chagiRenee28 minuta më parë

    If democracy means to set a janitor on fire when he takes out his phone to film u. Then yea, maybe not

  29. Bork Bork

    Bork Bork28 minuta më parë

    Y’all... my mom wouldnt care if I got vaccinated or not. She did it for my safety and her other kids safety since she didnt want to risk any of her other kids to get hospitalized and potentially die. Antivax moms should let their kids do what they want to. Yes they can TRIGGER autism, but so can other things. Yes, you can get an allergy to them. Its not rare, but its not common. It happens, vaccines aren’t for everyone.

  30. L.Pasteur

    L.Pasteur28 minuta më parë

    If you are your own contractor who knows what you're doing, it's a huge advantage.

  31. The Lovely Lover Lisa Page

    The Lovely Lover Lisa Page29 minuta më parë

    Fry them.

  32. Odeleya R

    Odeleya R30 minuta më parë

    It’s extremely upsetting the way these people do such messed up things but I’m just happy she’s safe and home🙏

  33. Jose Custodio

    Jose Custodio30 minuta më parë

    This is the kind of guy to wake up in the morning like "BRAVO SIX, GOING DARK", waiting for a chance like this.

  34. Fred Gardner

    Fred Gardner31 minutë më parë

    Flea is cool.. CBS is propaganda garbage at best

  35. seAnceTM

    seAnceTM31 minutë më parë

    that wasnt me!!!! of course it was you mr dumbfuck,wait maybe it was his evil twin....nah it was him.

  36. Guynelle Randle

    Guynelle Randle31 minutë më parë

    Such a beautiful, healthy baby boy! Congratulations to you all!

  37. 리아나

    리아나31 minutë më parë

    They should be punished. Period. And I don't even feel a single piece of empathy for those people. They knew what they were doing and thought it'd be "funny". I don't think those teens actually know what a prank is.

  38. Anno Zijlstra

    Anno Zijlstra32 minuta më parë

    wow, what a talent !! Good luck from France

  39. Kalevi Urpilainen

    Kalevi Urpilainen33 minuta më parë

    Dershowitz intimitading witnesses. He's got skeletons in his closet.

  40. Royce Sato

    Royce Sato36 minuta më parë

    How many deaths from marijuana?

  41. desmmart

    desmmart36 minuta më parë

    She rocks in the impeachment process going on

  42. Christopher

    Christopher37 minuta më parë

    1. Adults liking flavors is not a gimmick argument. If you look through the e-cigarette juices sold in ANY vape store, more than 90% of adult sales are flavored. Nobody likes tobacco flavored e-liquids. It is disgusting in ways we can’t begin to express. 2. The ONLY e-cigarette company that is affiliated with big tobacco is Juul. The vaping “industry” is not like big pharma or big tobacco. With the exception of Juul, most of the recipes for vape flavors were created by hobbyists and shop owners. 3. The nicotine levels in e-cigarettes are drastically different in Juul pods than any other brand. Most vapers use around 3 to 12 mg of nicotine concentrate. These are the bottles of ejuice that you find in all vape shops. But Juul is unique. You can’t fill or empty them. They come with liquid already inside. And the nicotine concentration in them is in excess of 50mg+ of nicotine concentration. I will repeat that. 3 to 12 mg in 90% of e-juice. 50mg+ potential in Juul pods. Flavor bans are not hurting big tobacco (other than Juul). Flavor bans are destroying the mom and pops owned vape shops that you see in your neighborhoods. And underage sales are not coming from these vape shops (they mostly don’t even sell Juul). They are coming from gas stations and liquor stores. Please watch this video of a man pleading at one of these hearings as states banned flavors one by one on faulty science. These are the people you are actually hurting, not big tobacco. It is a great injustice that the CDC and FDA are not held responsible for the purposeful demonization of a product that they knew was safe for over a decade, purposely linking hospitalizations from illegal THC cartomizers to e-cigarettes under the umbrella term: "vaping". And once and for all, “vaping” is a verb. Vaping nicotine and vaping THC is as independent and as different as smoking cigarettes and smoking marijuana. Please make that distinction when using terms like “vaping”. Despite what the media has tried to portray, vapers are not that justin Bieber looking teen wearing black clothes in a white neighborhood, loitering in front of a gap kids. Vapers are adults who have found a way to quit smoking after trying every other method. And they are thankful to the industry for that. That is why there is a culture around vaping, complete with ALworks reviewers and tutorials. You do not see that with Marlboro. And this infantilization of really needs to stop. You were all teenagers once. That rebellion is a part of growing up. A parent’s job isn’t to stop their children from ever doing something wrong. That isn’t in the realm of possibility. A parent’s job is to guide their children and instill a foundational sense of right and wrong. If you have done that, kids will make both mistakes and good choices. But they will end up as admirable adults in the end. These calls to ban e-cigarettes because of games because of teen violence...please be parents. The world we live in is our reality. You can’t hide them from that. Instead, prepare them for it. You are destroying 13 million lives without even trying to understand what it is you are attacking. Why do you think our industry was killed so easily? Do you think it would’ve been that easy with the tobacco or alcohol industry? The vaping industry is mostly comprised of middle-class/lower-class citizens who have started businesses. Shops make maybe five dollars for every ejuice that they have created and sold. They have no power. There are no armies of attorneys and political donations to protect themselves.

  43. Joe Wright

    Joe Wright37 minuta më parë

    Now she’s just another Miss, no more Commish.

  44. Mikhail Angel

    Mikhail Angel39 minuta më parë


  45. mysirius1000

    mysirius100039 minuta më parë

    Trouble making jews are behind this divisive and reprehensible behavior!

  46. JP11

    JP1139 minuta më parë

    “My client doesnt have any criminal record”

  47. Red Coyote Jam Garden

    Red Coyote Jam Garden42 minuta më parë

    Like all NASA actornauts, this poser is a pathological liar.

  48. mj23allday247

    mj23allday24744 minuta më parë

    Very sad as I’m sure the grandfather loved this little baby, but the family trying to blame the cruise line is trash.

  49. cashyf1988

    cashyf198846 minuta më parë

    Black people only good for 2 things. Licking there lips and sooking there gums

  50. mj23allday247

    mj23allday24746 minuta më parë

    Doesn’t the railing mean “stay behind”?

  51. Cruz Pacheco

    Cruz Pacheco46 minuta më parë

    Expressionless demons.

  52. K P

    K P47 minuta më parë

    I hope they lock those kids up for the rest of their lives

  53. P. Cawlz!

    P. Cawlz!47 minuta më parë

    This title gave me an instant headache.

  54. The Snookman

    The Snookman47 minuta më parë

    'Just say NO' to bad drug addiction campaigns.;)

  55. kk oo

    kk oo48 minuta më parë

    This woman is Black isnt thatvenoufh. We are always moaning . She is Black period..who cares if shes African or British or what have you. Just appreciate the movie came out and will win Oscars. Read the books..movies cant always be that accurate. Enjoy it !

  56. rio verde

    rio verde48 minuta më parë


  57. K!ng Knowledge

    K!ng Knowledge49 minuta më parë

    Mayor Pete Flip Flop On Medicare4All And Wants To Invasion Mexico

  58. Clinton Lewis

    Clinton Lewis50 minuta më parë

    How’d this start?

  59. Stranger Resuello

    Stranger Resuello50 minuta më parë

    God im buying IDC!!!

  60. XxRapid DenvetxX

    XxRapid DenvetxX50 minuta më parë

    bruh me name is sicilly

  61. AngelicaSnipeZ

    AngelicaSnipeZ51 minutë më parë

    Why so many dislike

  62. Integual

    Integual52 minuta më parë

    What a bloody legend 💯

  63. Vic Neighbors

    Vic Neighbors52 minuta më parë

    Dr. Hyman. Poor guy doesn’t get a break...🤣😜

  64. Metablade's Archive

    Metablade's Archive52 minuta më parë

    See what happens when Giorno becomes the Boss? Renovations and innovations!

  65. K!ng Knowledge

    K!ng Knowledge54 minuta më parë

    Mayor Pete Fired The Black Police Chief After He Was Going Exposed Systematic Racism In They're Department And Have 23 Billionaires Funding Him

  66. Chad Warden

    Chad Warden54 minuta më parë

    Wow she's beautiful

  67. K!ng Knowledge

    K!ng Knowledge54 minuta më parë

    #BERNIE2020 Tied #1 In Iowa, #1 In New Hampshire, #1 In Nevada, #2 In South Carolina And #1 In California

  68. Life Tops

    Life Tops56 minuta më parë


  69. Gary Stover

    Gary Stover56 minuta më parë

    It's California... all the passenger had to say was he was offended by a maga hat that was in the car... he would have been promoted at Taco bell and the driver would have been jailed

  70. Reyna Salinas

    Reyna Salinas57 minuta më parë

    Man I was hoping Disney would make a real life version of the hunchback of Notre dame , hope Quasimodo is ok

  71. Jon Frockit

    Jon Frockit57 minuta më parë

    One of the good ones of rock

  72. MICHGO1

    MICHGO158 minuta më parë


  73. DrMD

    DrMD58 minuta më parë

    Who would have thought the word “nig ger” would be the most powerful weapon in the U.S.

  74. Mr. Blister

    Mr. Blister59 minuta më parë

    0:34 get that kid some help lol

  75. Philo Jones

    Philo Jones59 minuta më parë

    Prepare to become tri-lingual: How are you? Italian: Come stai? Sicilian: Comu si senti? What is your name? Italian: Come ti chiami? Sicilian: Comu ti mìsiru? Good morning. Italian: Buon giorno. Sicilian: Bon jornu.

  76. ce collie

    ce collie59 minuta më parë

    Good for him! These crazy parents endanger their children.

  77. TruthOverLies Honesty33

    TruthOverLies Honesty3359 minuta më parë

    Good thing he was a FBI agent lol!

  78. Ramon Arellano

    Ramon ArellanoOrë më parë

    Bexar county is one of the most corrupt pig pens in the USA .

  79. Ramon Arellano

    Ramon ArellanoOrë më parë

    Don’t be sorry, you are a hero.

  80. Daily Tea

    Daily TeaOrë më parë

    aww the kid is so cute

  81. CoffeeSpiller

    CoffeeSpillerOrë më parë

    75 plus miles and a 30lbs sand bag. Poor guy.

  82. Ramon Arellano

    Ramon ArellanoOrë më parë

    Always good when tyrants go down in a hail of gunfire.

  83. kid993

    kid993Orë më parë

    2:20 reminds me of the song “fake friends” by Billy Bueffer

  84. Scorpio dreamz

    Scorpio dreamzOrë më parë


  85. Randy Tang

    Randy TangOrë më parë

    South Dakota: meth. We're on it Internet: too easy

  86. aiden corbett

    aiden corbettOrë më parë

    Secret ingredient is gingers

  87. ANB ZCMB16

    ANB ZCMB16Orë më parë

    I am wondering why there are spaying the wing from behind instead of where the fire is in front???

  88. Patrick Star

    Patrick StarOrë më parë

    Can this just end!? God!!

  89. Brian Zirkle

    Brian ZirkleOrë më parë

    Ugly mom

  90. Kulai freewildboi

    Kulai freewildboiOrë më parë

    If ya don’t wanna get killed than don’t be mean to someone or disrespect them

  91. Barharmie

    BarharmieOrë më parë

    Why am I just getting this as a recommendation now?

  92. John Kennedy

    John KennedyOrë më parë

    This is very sad. A extremely sad tragedy for the victim and his family. A sad tragedy for the children. I hope God's grace helps all involved especially the family. So sad.

  93. Dark Sister

    Dark SisterOrë më parë

    He looks crazy

  94. Henry Lawrence

    Henry LawrenceOrë më parë

    Notice the cop wasn't white though.

  95. ScootMagoot46

    ScootMagoot46Orë më parë

    Why are they asking this Republican for his thoughts on the Dem Race?

  96. Mary Nu

    Mary NuOrë më parë

    Vaccines cause Autism

  97. MG CASEY

    MG CASEYOrë më parë

    He’s so young. I’m so sorry for his family

  98. ScootMagoot46

    ScootMagoot46Orë më parë

    The guy talking the most with the beard is the 2016 Marco Rubio campaign manager. LOL

  99. Shadow Realm

    Shadow RealmOrë më parë

    What's the condition ..someone help those that don't have 5 minutes to watch the video

  100. Anonymous supporter

    Anonymous supporterOrë më parë

    A snitch, abuse of group intelligence and leaking things that are not true anyways ON PURPOSE. WE ARE EVERYWHERE WE ARE ONE AND WE WILL RISE AND EVOLVE