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  1. Hailey Hunter

    Hailey HunterMinutë më parë

    When I'm walking in public, I can smell diabetics. I am not even joking. It smells like insulin.

  2. Ary Star

    Ary StarMinutë më parë

    Do this again plz its so funny 😂😂🤣😂😂😂

  3. PrincessXDevonny

    PrincessXDevonnyMinutë më parë

    1:19 Facts!! I always look around like "is this my last x-ray?"

  4. Turtle Tube

    Turtle Tube4 minuta më parë

    Please make organ videos

  5. Kristian

    Kristian4 minuta më parë

    I am surprised this finds you this late. It really was everywhere for so long.

  6. Rachael Rice

    Rachael Rice6 minuta më parë

    Doctor mike would you do one on Hart of Dixie its about a doctor from New York who moves to a small town in Alabama

  7. SkyStorm78

    SkyStorm786 minuta më parë

    Dr Mike: “Please be honest with your doctor.” Me: “Uhhh and don’t put things in any of your holes that aren’t supposed to be there. Thank you.” Things put in holes that shouldn’t be there: -lightbulb -toothpick -cotton swab -spiders

  8. Emerson-Shea April

    Emerson-Shea April10 minuta më parë

    I wonder how many of these young adults would have started smoking if there wasn't vaping?

  9. Aishwarya

    Aishwarya10 minuta më parë

    5:49 Wow.a river so close.

  10. Mermaid Atlantica

    Mermaid Atlantica13 minuta më parë

    I have Allergic Rhinitis, but have also got a heightened sense of smell and taste. So when my rhinitis was treated and I could smell really well, it would overwhelm me to walk around town and smell things other people couldnt. So I stopped taking my nasal spray and I just deal with the swelling and breathing issues because people and places smell disgusting! My grandmother also has a heightened sense of smell, and once when she was younger and dating my grandfather she would complain about a smell walking passed one house in particular, he would always scold her and say she was imagining things, she stopped walking by the house because the smell got too much for her and grandad thought she was being dramatic until it broke in the news a few weeks later that someone had died and their body was rotting in the house for weeks. It was obviously the early stages of decomposition that she was smelling but didnt know what it was.

  11. Jazzer Jace

    Jazzer Jace14 minuta më parë

    My brother vapes and I don’t like it and every time I tell him it’s not good for you he gets mad and says it’s safe I don’t know what to do if anyone has a suggestion please tell me

  12. Aishwarya

    Aishwarya17 minuta më parë

    Baby B ❤ 😂 😂 😂

  13. Samantha G

    Samantha G18 minuta më parë

    YES re: breakdown on different organs I know I would binge watch that playlist over and over

  14. JKING tv

    JKING tv19 minuta më parë

    You are not suppose to vape all day, maybe 1 or 2 times a day. Also dont leave your vape in the car.

  15. Bri NB

    Bri NB24 minuta më parë

    Shout-out to whomever does the closed captioning for this! My. auditory sensory processing issues thank you. More ALworks videos need to have accurate closed captioning (and in multiple languages!)

  16. Zola Barbie

    Zola Barbie26 minuta më parë

    Yes to the organ series!!! I wanna learn that!

  17. Nikki Ackerman

    Nikki Ackerman27 minuta më parë

    That is so cool! I would totally like to know more about the science/medical information behind organs, but I'm weird like that. Oh, there's a movie, 12 and Holding, it has a kid in it that has an accident and he can't smell/taste anymore and can only eat things that are crunchy. I forget what they called it... check it out and talk about that, please. 😁

  18. RalphsLegend

    RalphsLegend27 minuta më parë

    How was she able to gain this superpower? No one nose.

  19. Angelia Salah

    Angelia Salah27 minuta më parë

    I have a funny story. My mom had lasik surgery and my sister and I took her. They asked us if we wanted to watch. My sister, who is a nurse LOVES that stuff so she said yes, and I'm like "I guess". They put us in a room where we could see her through the glass and there were 2 monitors close up on her eyes. Upon cutting off her first cornea, blood squirted out like her eye had spit it and I screamed. Everyone in the OR stopped and turned to look directly at me and my sister leans over and says "that's not a 2 way mirror, it's a window." I was so embarrassed.

  20. Aishwarya

    Aishwarya28 minuta më parë


  21. Clive Monnity

    Clive Monnity31 minutë më parë

    That last one was great.

  22. only half bad 333

    only half bad 33331 minutë më parë

    Dumb kids smoking those dangerous chemicals. That trash should be illigal! *lights up 6th cigarette

  23. 天晴伊賀崎

    天晴伊賀崎32 minuta më parë

    less talking, more petting the dog

  24. Grace Schoeneman

    Grace Schoeneman32 minuta më parë

    I'm the opposite. I have no sense of smell. I refer to myself as smute.

  25. Guilleame van Rooyen

    Guilleame van Rooyen33 minuta më parë

    I wonder if he is going to cry like a girl one day when Bear is gone.

  26. Boom Bam

    Boom Bam37 minuta më parë

    3:37 This man really is from Soviet Russia

  27. Tyffannie F

    Tyffannie F37 minuta më parë

    I can smell strep and influenza

  28. Rebekah Miller

    Rebekah Miller47 minuta më parë

    No, it's not an amazing thing to be able to have a heightened sense of smell. It makes you nauseated easily. 😣😛

  29. Refinnej

    Refinnej48 minuta më parë

    You are equivalent to Dr. Robert Sears. Oh wait, is Sears allowed to use "doctor" anymore?

  30. Monika Roux

    Monika Roux52 minuta më parë

    This is awesome !

  31. Dan Healy

    Dan Healy57 minuta më parë

    No mike bubble gum and cotton candy are not targeted to minors, I would probably try them if I saw them. I am 38.

  32. Sarahjanegirl

    SarahjanegirlOrë më parë

    maybe people just think they function better on 5 hrs of sleep because they didn't get enough sleep...

  33. Maria Menezello

    Maria MenezelloOrë më parë

    This is absolutely amazing!!!! I hope we can actually move forward in terms of cure/diagnosis for these diseases after finding this out. Dr Mike, could you comment on how the internet and social media has an impact on health and worldwide case sharing for diagnosis? (i.e.: Netflix series called: "Diagnosis") Thank you! <3

  34. Drag 13

    Drag 13Orë më parë

    I wonder how you got your doctor title. It can’t be from writing a paper like every other doctor. Because you have to do research on the topic you are going to write about. But you can’t do that. Sure hop on the media train and just repeat what they say so most people doing the same agree to you. Congrats to you. You say stop vaping because we don’t know if it is safe or not????? You also could say start smoking again to all who stop it for vaping or even don’t thing about changing to an e cigarette, just keep smoking because every one knows that it will kill you🤦🏼‍♂️

  35. BADeLuca

    BADeLucaOrë më parë

    I’m a ER nurse so you should hire me to work for you, and then we can get married 🤯

  36. grace kennedy

    grace kennedyOrë më parë

    I love his shirt

  37. Sully The Monster

    Sully The MonsterOrë më parë

    My friend smokes weed to help him calm his mind. He has a hectic mind, (he hears voices wanting to tell the person many things when he tries to talk with people ). and his mind calms down when he smokes weed,

  38. Magpie San

    Magpie SanOrë më parë

    im new here... whats with the BEE WOOP thing :) i like it but am i missing something?

  39. Holly Sherwood

    Holly SherwoodOrë më parë

    Can you do a react series to casualty it’s an English med drama it’s my absolute facourite

  40. tear drinker

    tear drinkerOrë më parë

    Abdominal pain in women. I wonder what would cause that... There's a reason they don't prescribe opioid medication for ABDOMINAL pain in females. A lot of the time abdominal pain for females is related to reproductive organs and pregnancy. Duh!

  41. Grace Bilbrey

    Grace BilbreyOrë më parë

    Please do a video about pre surgical anxiety!! Please!!!

  42. Esteban Aguilar

    Esteban AguilarOrë më parë

    Took y’all long enough to realize vaping was bad for you lol Clowns

  43. A Human

    A HumanOrë më parë

    Alriight, i used to drink perfume every day for a week when i was 12 or so. Because i was a suicidal mess. And a dumbass

  44. kevin gross

    kevin grossOrë më parë

    I'm sorry this is just liberal bullshit ...percieved slights aren't actual slights....but we treat them as be all end all ...I cant finish watching this because its just stroking liberal ego's...stand up for your profession man dont pile on to appease the masses

  45. It's Me, Steve

    It's Me, SteveOrë më parë

    I know herpes in of itself causs no harm, but it can lead to HIV so..

  46. karoud sadok

    karoud sadokOrë më parë

    hi doc. if u don't mind pls would like u to give us ur reaction of this vedeo and those mericals thank u

  47. Ian Fahrenholz

    Ian FahrenholzOrë më parë

    Mike while I respect your opinion I think you need to do more research into vaping *yeah I know im being that guy telling a doctor to do more research...sorry* While I can agree we need to do more to keep vapes out of the hands of minors IE to easy to buy online, shady convenient stores not carding. But flavored vape liquids is NOT the problem. MANY MANY adult in fact MOST adults that vape enjoy the sweet fruity, candy, or desert flavored vape flavors. Saying flavored vapes are the cause while no one bats an eye at the alcohol industry that sells literally all the same flavors as vapes just in alcohol from is hippocratic. Especially when in fact most if not all of these case of lung illnesses in teens stems from them buying black market THC cartridges. Many of them have admitted to using THC carts and the ones that haven't are scared of parental or legal repercussions because of the marijuana prohibition laws in their area. The same thing happened during alcohol prohibition. People started making bath tub gin and it wasn't always safe and people got sick and died. Now if the marijuana industry was legal and government regulated you wouldn't have a black market the is flooded with knockoff THC vape products. Now this brings us back to the problem of keeping them out of the hands of minors. Honestly that is up to local municipalities enforcing stricter punishments on any establishment caught selling to minors and a more thorough way of vetting online sales. Although I don't think something like THC products should be sold online only in person like alcohol. Now just to be clear Im not saying vaping is 100% safe. Anytime you inhale any kind of combusted or vaporized material its not going to be as healthy as not doing so.

  48. NickDak1

    NickDak1Orë më parë


  49. CyrusLightshard

    CyrusLightshardOrë më parë

    "If you weren't smoking cigarettes before, there's no reason to vape" I mean if that ideology worked... then I guess people who weren't smoking cigarettes before won't start smoking then... Acute Eosinophilic Pneumonia, cause by Lipoid build up from THC cartridges cut with VITAMIN E ACETATE is the reason. Mike, if you truly care about this as a "Health Concern" go to your local vape shop, and ask to see the bottles of juice, and read the ingredients, and educate yourself on what is actually going on, instead of what you're reading

  50. Hope Adhikari

    Hope AdhikariOrë më parë

    Dr. Mike : " Cough " Me : "Do you want my lungs??" 😮

  51. Fredrick Emad

    Fredrick EmadOrë më parë

    0:21 sorry I don't wanna play who wants to be an idiot

  52. Ramayana Roxas

    Ramayana RoxasOrë më parë

    I lost my grandmother to Parkinson's last year. It still hurts.

  53. Mr. Chicken

    Mr. ChickenOrë më parë

    Hey! Dr. Mike what do you think of a swarm of nanobots that blow up viruses hostile bacteria cluts (if they are in a place they shouldnt be) cancer and more things that your body can't handle. They could be inserted using a pill or syrup. TL;DR what about antivirus for our bodies using nanobots.

  54. Hope Adhikari

    Hope AdhikariOrë më parë

    All the "doctor talk" i had no idea what you're talking about but i was laughing with you every damn time 😂

  55. Surge315

    Surge315Orë më parë

    Been vaping for years, finally quitting. It's pretty tough, but I'm almost to the point of putting it down for good!

  56. SomeYoungPunk

    SomeYoungPunk2 orë më parë

    My mums was a surgical nurse and used to have a doctor who threw swabs at her. Glad you aren’t like that.

  57. Bender Bending Rodriguez

    Bender Bending Rodriguez2 orë më parë

    Wow that diagnosis was.. a House moment

  58. Henrique

    Henrique2 orë më parë

    What an awesome video. O think I can say one of Mike’s best.

  59. Aron

    Aron2 orë më parë

    Hey Dr. Mike, can you give a review on the Bulletproof diet?

  60. kat Kneisley

    kat Kneisley2 orë më parë

    My dog was able to smell that I was pregnant before I ever knew. I couldn’t have been anymore than 1 week pregnant when she started acting weird.

  61. Natalie Mughrabi

    Natalie Mughrabi2 orë më parë

    It is called Palestine not Israel

  62. TBF CatMeow

    TBF CatMeow2 orë më parë

    When he said : « *PEEWOO* » I felt that

  63. Lisa S

    Lisa S2 orë më parë

    hey doctor mike, just wanted to say thank you for making these videos. I habe EB, Epidermolysis Bullosa, and my days are rough, so i watch your videos and it gets better! lovely greetings from germany <3

  64. N/A

    N/A2 orë më parë

    Say it with me a illegal Black market THC cartridges That contain vitamin E acetate are the culprit. NOT NICOTINE JUICE. Stop spreading misinformation

  65. Owain Hale

    Owain Hale2 orë më parë

    As per usual, a measured, sensitive and intelligent video/response. Keep doing the good work!

  66. Set Subarashii

    Set Subarashii2 orë më parë

    Someone’s categorizing vaping with juuling and thc oil carts with trash in them, another “doc” who is trying to stray from the truth

  67. Nazia Hussain

    Nazia Hussain2 orë më parë

    How does a hospital go bankrupt? And why would hospital make money? :O I am confused!

  68. Maegan James

    Maegan James2 orë më parë

    PLEASE make a series explaining Anatomy and Physiology for the medical inquirers! Us nursing students would love you even more for that. Preferably could you start in the nervous system? I think it's the most abundant with organs and is the most complex other than the endocrine system. If you did I would direct everyone in my nursing cohort to your channel :D #stayhappyandhealthy

  69. MissVyris

    MissVyris2 orë më parë

    Fun fact: My doctor recommended that I start vaping. I don't have any health problems, but they wanted me to quit smoking cigarettes anyway.

  70. Atreyi Mukherjee

    Atreyi Mukherjee2 orë më parë

    Please please make the series about complexities of different organs! Love your content 💕💕

  71. Kalyani Anand

    Kalyani Anand2 orë më parë

    Good eve doc, I noticed some problem in the visuals of the video which persisted in this too till the last 30 seconds of the video..after which it became all clear and bright. Earlier it was like you having a coloured aura around you. Kindly check if it is the problem with the video or anything I saw this in Ur recent previous videos too

  72. Brittany C.

    Brittany C.2 orë më parë

    As a nurse, I especially love this concept Dr. Mike! Who knows? If more doctors did this, maybe there would be less nervousness and uneasiness about scheduling a long overdue visit to the office! Leading to more diagnoses’ and better quality of life! Or... just making a giddy girl happy to see 6 feet of gentleman not asking for their number, but just a simple “how are you feeling”. 😉 Love your videos and what you stand for, friend! ❤️

  73. lasagna 4layf

    lasagna 4layf2 orë më parë

    I'm sorry demons, Doc Mike gunna kill you

  74. Lloyd Franklin

    Lloyd Franklin2 orë më parë

    My sister can smell when I'm full of crap.

  75. omaima F

    omaima F2 orë më parë

    Once when i was interning in a hospital i saw an old lady telling her daughter that she had lunch when she wasn't supposed to because she's having operation and the daughter convincing her to lie so the operation wouldn't be delayed and they could go home faster. She would put her mom in danger just so she wouldn't spend another day visiting her in the hospital.

  76. Noemi Godoy

    Noemi Godoy2 orë më parë

    To actually believe that those people claiming to “only vape” is just negligent. People lie about not using weed all the time and if they were using a thc cartridge they would have just blamed it on nicotine. Like doctor House says. Everyone Lies.

  77. Margaret Mosca

    Margaret Mosca2 orë më parë

    I am a adult when I get vaccinated. I feel sick and achy for 24 hours. WHY

  78. Anna Žáčková

    Anna Žáčková3 orë më parë

    I've read the spider post on r/Tifu lol

  79. Margaret Mosca

    Margaret Mosca3 orë më parë

    When I get vaccinated I always feel achy and feel sick for 24. Hours

  80. Claudia Sauro

    Claudia Sauro3 orë më parë

    I literally choked on my breakfast at the "yo chill... b" xD

  81. Margaret Mosca

    Margaret Mosca3 orë më parë

    You go Doc. Tell these ignorant people

  82. Margaret Mosca

    Margaret Mosca3 orë më parë

    Vaccinate you baby to many deceases out there. Millions of children get them for hundreds of years. There fine. I don’t believe vaccines cause autism. It’s not proven

  83. agilemonk3y

    agilemonk3y3 orë më parë

    statistically vaping is way safer then riding a bicycle but still why would you want to be make yourself addicted to nicotine that I am dumbfounded by

  84. Study Shades

    Study Shades3 orë më parë

    My doctor diagnosed me in my first visit to him😂🖒

  85. LizzyMarieTina

    LizzyMarieTina3 orë më parë

    I watch calming youtube videos till I fall asleep because otherwise I can't get my brain and racing thoughts calm enough to sleep. (Anxiety & Depression)

  86. Abbey Stapley

    Abbey Stapley3 orë më parë

    yes please to the organ series!!! I’m a science teacher and I could see them being perfect for the classroom 😊

  87. Buckeye Banshee

    Buckeye Banshee3 orë më parë

    You’re fake news, no surprise. Black market THC pods and counterfeit Juul pods are to blame here. But let’s ignore that... 🤦‍♂️🤔🤷🏼‍♂️ All of the Juul ads I’ve heard on the radio (because I haven’t seen one on TV) are ads about previous smokers using it as a smoking cessation. Please link me the ads that show marketing to children or young adults, you total and utter liar.

  88. IV Lucian

    IV Lucian3 orë më parë

    What an incredible great news and knowledge thx!

  89. chad creamer

    chad creamer3 orë më parë

    They are illegal ejuice cartridges ffs

  90. Sammy

    Sammy3 orë më parë

    I heard the Moron not The more honest lol

  91. Teamcharcoal1

    Teamcharcoal13 orë më parë

    This is very cool, the medical implications for this could be huge in the coming years. Very excited and I hope to see more media outlets picking up this story.