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The ULTIMATE Laminar Flow Nozzle
Can You Deep Fry Bubble Gum?
Will It BLEND? - TKOR Edition!
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Don't Mess With Calli

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Is Space Bacon Edible?

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Running a Tumbler for 1 WEEK
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Making Our Skin Hydrophobic

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Testing Fire Resistant Safes
Music Straight To The Brain?
500 Packs of Fun (Dip)
To Grant, Love The TKOR Team
Thank you, Grant.

Thank you, Grant.

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Hydro Dipping Nintendo!

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Vacuum Packing Humans

Vacuum Packing Humans

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How Good Is Smoked Cake?

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How Dangerous Is a Wood Knife?
Reenacting The FOOD FIGHT
This Made a Mess

This Made a Mess

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It's Kind of Gross when it POPS
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Can You MELT Magnetic Putty?
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Eating our Award

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How Safe Is A Duct Tape Ladder?
Why He Painted His Nails...
Very Satisfying in Slow Mo
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Can You Make ROPE With HAIR?
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DIY Galaxy Fold

DIY Galaxy Fold

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Can STICKY TACK Hold a Person?
  1. Don Escandon

    Don Escandon5 sekonda më parë

    Would you be able to heat a pool with that without damage to the pool?

  2. dark energy

    dark energyMinutë më parë

    Hol up mom's spageht cotten canndy

  3. Terry Zúñiga

    Terry Zúñiga4 minuta më parë

    *Babe:* Cmon babe, I want to see u. *Destin:* I can't, I'm working on some laminar flow. *Babe:* But Laminar *gLoW* *Destin:* seey sike raght naeh

  4. JokesOnU 1010

    JokesOnU 10104 minuta më parë


  5. Michael Jordan

    Michael Jordan6 minuta më parë

    Can you cook soup with the vacuum of a vacuum chamber?

  6. Terry Zúñiga

    Terry Zúñiga7 minuta më parë

    *Destin from Smarter Every Day wants to know your location*

  7. Julianna Noto

    Julianna Noto7 minuta më parë

    Secret TKoR Logo 2:37

  8. Nelly Nell

    Nelly Nell9 minuta më parë

    (Pre watch) Mirrors don’t 100% reflect. I think it’ll melt

  9. ayden sinclair

    ayden sinclair9 minuta më parë

    try deep frying dry ice

  10. Weasel :p

    Weasel :p9 minuta më parë

    You should see what happens when you put nitro glycerin in a blender on its highest setting

  11. Michael Hudson

    Michael Hudson10 minuta më parë

    Is it really called a solar scorcher? Or Fresnel lens

  12. Christina Marks

    Christina Marks10 minuta më parë

    Definitely! I vote for a foam canoe!

  13. gd acharne mouse

    gd acharne mouse11 minuta më parë

    rip legend

  14. Mirai Quiton

    Mirai Quiton11 minuta më parë


  15. Team Savage906

    Team Savage90612 minuta më parë

    Why do you have his account

  16. linda linacre

    linda linacre12 minuta më parë

    toss it in the air :)

  17. William Sullivan

    William Sullivan15 minuta më parë

    You should invest in a deburrer, they are fairly cheap and will make your life a lot easier when you have to clean up edges like that, they can be used on any material for the most part

  18. AsweedishTiger95

    AsweedishTiger9515 minuta më parë

    So it seems that when you upset the laminar flow just a little bit it sends a small beam of light through the water. I don't know the exact science behind this, but what if you put a few thin metal wires on something like a ball bearing (maybe one from a fidget spinner?) and place it so just the tips of wires go through the stream of water (pretty much like a water mill)? i think that this would be pretty cool. please do something like this! and i hope you understand what i mean xD

  19. Benny Rottman

    Benny Rottman16 minuta më parë

    make a laminar flow water gun.

  20. Smart like Patrick

    Smart like Patrick17 minuta më parë

    Dear tkor what happens if you engrave a pice of pasta then boil it

  21. just a train

    just a train18 minuta më parë

    Expo marker ink?

  22. fluffy

    fluffy18 minuta më parë

    When all you have is baking soda, every problem looks like uncured cyanoacrylic glue.

  23. roche wijnaar

    roche wijnaar19 minuta më parë

    that is sooooo cool , makes you wanna make one

  24. Kaylee Halla

    Kaylee Halla20 minuta më parë

    When do you post videos

  25. Jayson Mortera

    Jayson Mortera21 minutë më parë

    rip to the tumbnail typographical error

  26. Oliver Mckeown

    Oliver Mckeown23 minuta më parë

    Han shot first

  27. Kaylee Halla

    Kaylee Halla23 minuta më parë

    What days do you post videos

  28. Oliver Roberts

    Oliver Roberts23 minuta më parë

    RIP king of random

  29. Drizzle Studios

    Drizzle Studios26 minuta më parë

    In Minecraft you don’t have to worry about this, all it takes is sticks and stones

  30. RareHyperIon

    RareHyperIon27 minuta më parë

    What Happens If You Blend a plastic Fruit Shoot? What Happens If You Blend a spray can?

  31. Otaku Senpai

    Otaku Senpai27 minuta më parë

    This is the last vid i need to watch, ive watched every single video he has made as tribute for his passing

  32. destroyer1111122 yt

    destroyer1111122 yt27 minuta më parë

    you guys should put them in Lysergic acid diethylamide

  33. Naomi Frimpong

    Naomi Frimpong28 minuta më parë

    Yummy and I even won the best decorated food

  34. Vampyッ

    Vampyッ29 minuta më parë


  35. Ethan Diaz

    Ethan Diaz29 minuta më parë

    That peanut butter looks like diarrhea

  36. Golden_Gunner 776

    Golden_Gunner 77630 minuta më parë

    This video is sad after 2019 cause yeah

  37. Alex Thomson

    Alex Thomson32 minuta më parë

    See what happens to the sticks if you leave them in cola.

  38. Jadyn Abraham

    Jadyn Abraham33 minuta më parë

    my brother just cam into my room and said " hey guess what, if you take charcoal, cover it in peanut butter, nd then put it in the freezer, it will turn into a crystal" i looked at him, with awe and said "you actually believe that?" he nodded and i immediately directed him to this video


    DAN COURSEN35 minuta më parë

    While the fiber optic effect is cool I think there is a way to make the entire stream appear to be glistening in whatever color led you have in there. Admittedly, this will ruin the laminar effect. However, it will look really cool. Because light reflects and refracts, you are not able to see the light as it travels through the laminar stream of water until it reaches the end, just like with fiber. However, if what you want is something that looks cool but isn't necessarily laminar, but close, you could wire up a small vibrating motor from a game controller to the outside of container at the output end. You could turn this on and off to create interesting effects. Multiple motors in different configurations would provide different effects on the water and light. Just a thought.

  40. Vice Admiral Buizel Bedwell

    Vice Admiral Buizel Bedwell36 minuta më parë

    Garett’s combos cracking that whip are insane! I can’t imagine anything daring to approach him managing to crack it that frequently! Why on earth weren’t these used as weapons more

  41. Paris Green

    Paris Green37 minuta më parë


  42. Geo Bucur

    Geo Bucur37 minuta më parë

    Cotton candy lint anyone?!

  43. Corbin Ferguson

    Corbin Ferguson37 minuta më parë

    Tkor I challenge you to get liquid nitrogen and see what happens if you put it on a bran new tv

  44. Dsylexic Gaming

    Dsylexic Gaming38 minuta më parë

    11:59 why was there a breaking bad scene

  45. Noah Graham

    Noah Graham38 minuta më parë

    Walnut shells as abrasive is better

  46. I Rage At Siege

    I Rage At Siege39 minuta më parë

    Can you experiment soup and popcorn. Like putting popcorn in soup. Maybe different temperatures

  47. Jared Bartimus

    Jared Bartimus39 minuta më parë

    It would be fun to see a fully charged multi cell lithium polymer battery dropped in a running blender. (3s 3000mah drone battery?) Might want to tape the lid down and rig up a way to drop it with a long string or something similar though.

  48. Plasminium

    Plasminium42 minuta më parë

    _H E Y I T S M E D E S T I N_

  49. Natalie Rodriguez

    Natalie Rodriguez42 minuta më parë

    Blend a lightbulb

  50. BlockyMess

    BlockyMess43 minuta më parë

    This is so weird to watch cause i don't even watch these guys videos but I still feel sad

  51. Ethan Goodpasture

    Ethan Goodpasture43 minuta më parë

    Negative x and water

  52. mcxreeper

    mcxreeper43 minuta më parë


  53. Gacha_Katie

    Gacha_Katie45 minuta më parë

    Did anyone else when they were younger pretend they were doing surgery on a gusher when you ate them?

  54. XLenBoiX27690

    XLenBoiX2769046 minuta më parë

    They don’t realize that the grape in the video was frozen before they put it in

  55. Rozhwan sherwan

    Rozhwan sherwan47 minuta më parë

    Can you please give me the switch don’t actually give me the consul but give me the game

  56. Geo Bucur

    Geo Bucur49 minuta më parë

    oxygen gas in contact with grease will cause a spontaneous combustion, given this, who want to see what happens if you pour liquid oxygen in to a deep fryer?!

  57. Madd 9467

    Madd 946750 minuta më parë

    The ultimate laminar glow nozzle

  58. MrWitchblade

    MrWitchblade55 minuta më parë

    Build THREE of them. Different color light in each. Then it's making colors by mixing streams! Fun!

  59. Zoe hart

    Zoe hart55 minuta më parë

    You should get promoted by duck tape

  60. Cybermastif

    Cybermastif55 minuta më parë

    If you want to do a additional experiment, try adding in temp differences. I do believe that if you shake one that is very cold it will spray less, maybe even try shaking it then rapidly cool it and open it then.

  61. Jeremy Neely

    Jeremy Neely57 minuta më parë

    Do peanut butter and coal methit

  62. Popcorn Kitten

    Popcorn Kitten57 minuta më parë

    Plz is pl-is

  63. blaze420dayz

    blaze420dayzOrë më parë

    Why not make the water murky to trap the light in the flow?

  64. Steven Gulick

    Steven GulickOrë më parë

    10:58 we all know that preventing the wall from being scratched wasn’t the main purpose. It’s Nate and Cali’s “silencer” iykyk

  65. mitchell dowie

    mitchell dowieOrë më parë

    Fry battery’s

  66. Disco

    DiscoOrë më parë

    Blend some gummies!

  67. steele perkins

    steele perkinsOrë më parë

    Hay nate i want to see if you can light gasoline on fire with the solar scorcher


    THE TAKEN HUNTEROrë më parë

    You should spray stuff and put it under water to see gets soaked or not

  69. yvonne Walker

    yvonne WalkerOrë më parë

    Deep fry dry ice

  70. Jaeden Joyce

    Jaeden JoyceOrë më parë

    Can thermite be ignited without direct contact with heat?

  71. Random crap

    Random crapOrë më parë

    Don't cry about someone becoming a memory laugh about the memory they gave you

  72. Arlyn Villeda

    Arlyn VilledaOrë më parë


  73. Bullet with Nukes

    Bullet with NukesOrë më parë

    Why are there pop ups like quick flash of the tkor logo

  74. Brysn

    BrysnOrë më parë


  75. Abigail Hundley

    Abigail HundleyOrë më parë


  76. Addie Droste

    Addie DrosteOrë më parë

    or u should do plain bread dough and try to cook it

  77. Corbin Ferguson

    Corbin FergusonOrë më parë


  78. Vice Admiral Buizel Bedwell

    Vice Admiral Buizel BedwellOrë më parë

    So this whip is... not for bedroom use? Right? Asking for a friend

  79. Brandon Moua

    Brandon MouaOrë më parë

    I'm heartbroken that he's gone but I'm still glad he was ever here

  80. LeahEeveeChu

    LeahEeveeChuOrë më parë

    Legend has it *Cali is still playing Raid*

  81. Björn Dahlberg

    Björn DahlbergOrë më parë

    A single RGB LED would probably be much better than one of each...

  82. Addie Droste

    Addie DrosteOrë më parë

    hey nate u should try deep frying putty or a marshmallow or an apple!!!

  83. Susan Miller

    Susan MillerOrë më parë

    If the tube circumference was halved what would happen?

  84. Susan Miller

    Susan MillerOrë më parë

    If the tube circumference was halved what would happen?

  85. Garrick Lin

    Garrick LinOrë më parë

    :/ this is sad.. RIP my guy- :((((

  86. Some one

    Some oneOrë më parë

    The dislikes are from people who are in Australia

  87. Eric Blue

    Eric BlueOrë më parë

    You should try putting kinetic sand into the vacuum chamber

  88. David Munn

    David MunnOrë më parë

    What happens if you put gallium I;your furnace

  89. Blockbuster1436 YT

    Blockbuster1436 YTOrë më parë

    Can you deep fry a fryer that is deep frying a fryer in a deep fryer?

  90. SetlingAxe Cosmos

    SetlingAxe CosmosOrë më parë

    If you wear a magnetic suit you could be venom

  91. Razor Hardbroom

    Razor HardbroomOrë më parë

    Can you do a glow stick or a solar panel??

  92. Tuscan Zahn

    Tuscan ZahnOrë më parë

    Han shot first

  93. Razor Hardbroom

    Razor HardbroomOrë më parë

    I wanna see deep fried gummy bears/Reese’s pieces/almond joy or mounds/buttterfinger/snickers/musketeers!!!!

  94. Joshlyn Renfroe

    Joshlyn RenfroeOrë më parë

    I would like for you to test what dad plugs and things like that protect your ears thx.

  95. Isaiah Nieto

    Isaiah NietoOrë më parë

    Imagine a shower head with this built in. It would make showers with the lights off a whole lot more fun! 😂

  96. Corbin Ferguson

    Corbin FergusonOrë më parë

    This is cool

  97. Chris Cannon

    Chris CannonOrë më parë

    I don't understand the purpose of cutting down the taper candle in the Crisco. Aren't you just wasting those 3 inches of burn time?

  98. Silas Bodden

    Silas BoddenOrë më parë


  99. Joseph Garcia

    Joseph GarciaOrë më parë

    Why callus baby??

  100. No context IFT

    No context IFTOrë më parë

    @NoContextIFT on Twitter