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The King of Random
The King of Random

We make videos dedicated to exploring life through all kinds of life hacks, experiments, and random weekend projects.
There is excitement found in discovering the unknown, so join us and let’s build something great together.
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Making Upgraded Magic Mud!
Can Skittles Become Cotton Candy?
What’s Inside of a Lava Lamp?
Your DRYER Can Cook Steak!
How to Clone your FACE
Six-foot Tall Pixie Stix!
Will A Dryer POP Popcorn?
Making a 100LB Snow Cone!
Instant Canoe in a CAN!
Making Beef Jerky With Our Car
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Flavor Swap??

Flavor Swap??

2 muaj më parë

Making Hamburger Sized Skittles
Can You Deep Fry Bubble Gum?
Will it BLEND? (TKOR Edition)
Don't Mess With Calli

Don't Mess With Calli

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Cooking Steak at 4000 DEGREES!
Running a Tumbler for 1 WEEK
Making Our Skin Hydrophobic
Testing Fire Resistant Safes
Music Straight To The Brain?
500 Packs of Fun (Dip)

500 Packs of Fun (Dip)

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To Grant, Love The TKOR Team
Thank you, Grant.

Thank you, Grant.

3 muaj më parë

Grant Thompson, in Memoriam.
Rice Cake RAFT! Will It Float?
Floating a Couch Down a River
Instant Foam CHAIR From a CAN
The Best SEEDS You'll Ever Eat
Can Coke Become Cotton Candy?
Watch How Things Fall In Space
4 Tricks with TOILET PAPER!
HUMONGOUS Wax Bottle Drink!
Hydro Dipping Nintendo!

Hydro Dipping Nintendo!

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4 muaj më parë

Vacuum Packing Humans

Vacuum Packing Humans

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The Crazy Thing About Slinkies
Does Flex Tape Fix Real Life?
DON'T Burn GLASS Soda Bottles!
Vacuum Chamber Jar IMPLOSION!
Dropping a 40 lb Bouncy Ball
  1. Chloe S.

    Chloe S.Minutë më parë

    They get to live all my childhood dreams

  2. Earthstar Review

    Earthstar Review5 minuta më parë

    Kind of a lot of effort to make cat food.

  3. Thomas Lyons

    Thomas Lyons6 minuta më parë

    As a southerner the answer is yes you can definitely deep fry a whole thanksgiving dinner and it will work

  4. eshay connell

    eshay connell7 minuta më parë

    What if U put the water melon just in the candy floss thing

  5. Aditya

    Aditya7 minuta më parë

    Don't suggest me dragon city I am playing it for 3 years

  6. Big pump

    Big pump7 minuta më parë

    Next up: Deep frying my entire family for thanksgiving

  7. CorgiPlayz

    CorgiPlayz9 minuta më parë

    Ihavent seen a comment saying how he shaved his bottom bart of his leg so the hairs wont stick😂😂

  8. David Kessner

    David Kessner10 minuta më parë

    Deep fry raw dough: Croissants, cinnamon rolls, biscuits, cookies, and for extra credit a take-and-bake pizza!

  9. Koret Zelar

    Koret Zelar10 minuta më parë

    I just got myself into Mince Pies now i love them xD

  10. Hopps

    Hopps11 minuta më parë

    Deep fry something in motor oil

  11. Susana Attaway

    Susana Attaway12 minuta më parë

    Chocolate, ice, cement, jello

  12. itshao_ 210

    itshao_ 21013 minuta më parë

    Well there's always the floor

  13. Revolution gaming

    Revolution gaming13 minuta më parë

    Also if u melt just a bunch of normal magnets how will they turn out?

  14. EXSILVER 420

    EXSILVER 42014 minuta më parë

    New csgo knife

  15. SomethingMaster

    SomethingMaster14 minuta më parë

    my mouth is W A T E R I N G

  16. a human

    a human16 minuta më parë

    While you were waiting for mate's foot mold to become a mold and actually mold around his foot if you have disney+you could have put on endgame of it you have it on DVD then you could watch endgame cause it's 3 hours long and you said it would take a little bit to dry

  17. Mikey Playz

    Mikey Playz17 minuta më parë

    R.I.P this man sparked courage in me growing up sad to see him go...

  18. Darlulie DarkReader

    Darlulie DarkReader18 minuta më parë

    Yes! Thor tdw reference!

  19. Revolution gaming

    Revolution gaming18 minuta më parë

    Can you put out a magnesium fire with flour???

  20. Megan Dyson

    Megan Dyson21 minutë më parë

    Can you Deep fry already deep fried food? Just curious

  21. William The Warrior

    William The Warrior22 minuta më parë

    I like how you used flammable wood!

  22. I’m Trash

    I’m Trash24 minuta më parë

    Freeze dry raw meat

  23. Leo Zhen

    Leo Zhen24 minuta më parë

    anyone notice grants photo in the background R.I.P😭😭😭

  24. ChillliDik

    ChillliDik25 minuta më parë

    My sisters husband is named Nate, she call him her soulnate just wondering if u guys do that too😂😂

  25. Mitchell Frechmann

    Mitchell Frechmann25 minuta më parë

    Grease pie!

  26. Kate Gold

    Kate Gold25 minuta më parë

    how american lololol. deep fried thanksgiving.

  27. JJ Nestler

    JJ Nestler26 minuta më parë

    Make a 6 pound Crisco candle and see how long it lasts.

  28. JCdied4Uall

    JCdied4Uall27 minuta më parë

    The abbreviation BLEVE is pronounced bleh-VEE

  29. Maria’s World

    Maria’s World27 minuta më parë

    A pickle please

  30. Robert Beier

    Robert Beier27 minuta më parë

    What about freeze dri the marshmallow fluff and then breakup into the cotton candy machine? ?

  31. MP G

    MP G28 minuta më parë

    No wonder y'all obese

  32. jigokuNeko

    jigokuNeko29 minuta më parë

    I tought she was going to deep fry that extinguisher lol

  33. McKayla

    McKayla31 minutë më parë

    They call it "Negative-X" because of an X,Y,Z diagram we made of the 3 chemicals used in the mixture.

  34. MamaMia Family Gaming

    MamaMia Family Gaming32 minuta më parë

    Flashbacks to myth busters “Jamie want big boom”

  35. IceyWolf94

    IceyWolf9432 minuta më parë

    I’m extremely bothered by the way you cut that pie Nate, so with that in mind, you are hereby forbidden from cutting another pie on camera 😂


    ZACHARY KEITH32 minuta më parë

    Do a caramel foot made from worther's originals

  37. Kenny Carter

    Kenny Carter33 minuta më parë

    Awww i want fire

  38. Anony Mous

    Anony Mous36 minuta më parë

    The rest of the world: “Americans deep fry EVERYTHING”!

  39. HuggieBear39

    HuggieBear3939 minuta më parë

    Green beans needed a tempura batter to make them yummy.

  40. Louis Eric

    Louis Eric40 minuta më parë

    I said I like it like yack mh mh!

  41. Lillian and Amia

    Lillian and Amia40 minuta më parë


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    Sharknoob 2141 minutë më parë

    Why is there a hole in the pie

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    Dolly Shines42 minuta më parë

    Me: So ThAtS hOw YoU mAkE fUn DiP

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    TF FoC Metroflex44 minuta më parë

    Myth confirmed

  45. Alicia Vargas

    Alicia Vargas44 minuta më parë

    ummm not hot enough guys, if its oily you have to increase the temp

  46. Jordyn Levasseur

    Jordyn Levasseur45 minuta më parë

    U should do one of your arms

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    Dr Cake46 minuta më parë

    Thank you my science mentor, I’m honored

  48. TF FoC Metroflex

    TF FoC Metroflex46 minuta më parë

    ( *clears throught* ) *GUN*

  49. AJ Perry

    AJ Perry48 minuta më parë

    Melt it down put flux on it it will not burn if does you can use sulphur powder to put it out. then drop the liquid mag in a pool of water and see what happens super crazy

  50. Upfront Gamer

    Upfront Gamer48 minuta më parë

    Your foot looks better as a jolly rancher

  51. Tinks_ Workshop

    Tinks_ Workshop50 minuta më parë

    Deep fryed ice cream pumpkinpie

  52. Mr. Mediocre

    Mr. Mediocre55 minuta më parë

    Is this a way to take flint Lockwood's childhood invention without copyright??

  53. Robin Yun

    Robin Yun59 minuta më parë

    I thoght he retired rip

  54. Sonicgott

    SonicgottOrë më parë

    Cult Moo has done this! Except the bottle...

  55. David Thomas

    David ThomasOrë më parë

    & if you fry the un cooked biscuit dough you get doughnuts.

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    MISTICOrë më parë

    This video just describes ame3ica so well, trying to fry litteraly everything

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    David ThomasOrë më parë

    For the potatoes of mash. You must first roll into balls the potatoes of mash then freeze before frying. Awesome video guys!

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    When a skittle is stronger than you are 😂

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    Runaway SeaaOrë më parë

    In school we did a project kinda activity where we pretended we were like cavemen and we had to do the same thing but with sticks,rocks and stuff but in the end me and my friend managed to not only open the coconut but also have not damaged coconut flesh. Best activity ever.

  66. Jamison Boshart

    Jamison BoshartOrë më parë

    I have that game

  67. Bushy Hushy

    Bushy HushyOrë më parë

    0:48 that’s how my grandma teach me how to eat mango

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    Deep fry fireworks or frig farts firecrackers that you light and throw in water I want to see if the fireworks sets the oil on fire

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  83. Dave Capone

    Dave CaponeOrë më parë

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    POTATO QUEENOrë më parë

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    What’s up with LahniOrë më parë

    Pls put glue in a freeze dryer or dehydrater and try to make slime