My name is James and I love supercars! My dream car is a 2004 Ferrari Challenge Stradale, hence the screen name "Strad"man.
I own a 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo in Arancio Borealis and I live in Park City, Utah.
Check out on Facebook and Instagram @thestradman for pictures as well:

I'm on Probation for 60 Days.
Buying my Dream Ferrari!

Buying my Dream Ferrari!

29 ditë më parë

BUYING the NEW C8 Corvette!!
My Lamborghini Aventador Died.
Twin Turbo'ing my Lamborghini?
Finally SELLING my Audi R8!!
The Next MAJOR Aventador Mod!!
Meet the Giveaway Winner!

Meet the Giveaway Winner!

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My YouTube Rewind 2018

My YouTube Rewind 2018

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    SHOOT LY2 minuta më parë

    You have a lot of energy

  2. Fuccin Potatoes

    Fuccin Potatoes7 minuta më parë

    Oh you bought it in Hawaii? Ok smart guy, how are you gonna swim it back to the mainlands?

  3. FastCarsNoRules220

    FastCarsNoRules2209 minuta më parë

    I wish I could clean up my room with the snap of my fingers as well.

  4. Jose Lawrence

    Jose Lawrence15 minuta më parë

    I just got u to 1m views I think I deserve sumthing

  5. Sean Conley

    Sean Conley15 minuta më parë

    wait till he wraps it purple lmao

  6. Panos

    Panos21 minutë më parë

    Man tone it down a bit.

  7. Philip Dirosa

    Philip Dirosa22 minuta më parë

    why did he keep looking at his wrist as if he had a watch but he was just staring at his wrist

  8. TPGnation

    TPGnation23 minuta më parë

    My two favorite cars, the Ford gt 05 and the Lamborghini aventador lp-700

  9. Sjoerd de jager

    Sjoerd de jager26 minuta më parë


  10. Bmw Forlife

    Bmw Forlife28 minuta më parë

    He did an Ashton Kutcher at 6:20 "I lost my Job"

  11. Onno 2110 ➐

    Onno 2110 ➐30 minuta më parë

    This looks so sick! Just watched Ford VS Ferrari🤤

  12. ShinySuperB0wzer

    ShinySuperB0wzer31 minutë më parë

    This dude needs a chill pill

  13. Jesper Olsson

    Jesper Olsson32 minuta më parë

    What happend to the chevvy

  14. Owen Miller

    Owen Miller33 minuta më parë

    Black rims>white rims

  15. Centinal Prince

    Centinal Prince48 minuta më parë

    Nobody- Stradman- buys a new car every 3 weeks.😂😂😂

  16. TheMortenrs

    TheMortenrs49 minuta më parë

    Centenario i vont

  17. cristian solorio

    cristian solorio50 minuta më parë

    is that stradgirl in the car with stradman

  18. Will D

    Will D51 minutë më parë

    and now he has 7 sport cars

  19. Drive Maui

    Drive Maui54 minuta më parë

    Come on over to Maui! I know you would love opening that thing up on our volcano roads! Let me know, lol

  20. Brandon Johnson

    Brandon Johnson56 minuta më parë

    “Continent of the United States”

  21. cristian solorio

    cristian solorio56 minuta më parë

    there is murcies for 170 and 149 thousound on aoutotempest who nows maybe next super comming soon hopefully

  22. BH Media

    BH MediaOrë më parë

    So yeah you got a ford gt and that's sick but did you score yourself a stradgirl too?


    DANI OTOMOTIFOrë më parë



    MYBROS4LIFEOrë më parë

    Red f 40


    MYBROS4LIFEOrë më parë


  26. Ed Huston

    Ed HustonOrë më parë

    Can you share the mileage on each vehicle?

  27. Nathan Leclercq

    Nathan LeclercqOrë më parë

    I was just in Hawaii on vacation a week ago

  28. Stephen Eoanou

    Stephen EoanouOrë më parë

    Purple wrap with white stripes and white wheels of course.

  29. Divye Chandna

    Divye ChandnaOrë më parë

    I guess it's Tessa !!!

  30. Ratchets

    RatchetsOrë më parë

    If you’re still there meet up with Jamie O Brian!!

  31. The 4dr SS

    The 4dr SSOrë më parë

    Just left the islands I lived there for 3 years and had seen that GT around. As for shipping your car I know a really great company that helps you get your car back to you quick. Had mine from HI to NM in 10 days if your interested let me know

  32. BeastBurrito64

    BeastBurrito64Orë më parë

    wtf how much money does he have

  33. James Fraley

    James FraleyOrë më parë

    Life is so perfect because I have shiny cars! Makes everything sunshine and rainbows as I skip down the road yelling "Flexing on the world!" Fun.......

  34. Lj Hunter

    Lj HunterOrë më parë

    Puts on winter tires: Utah: yeah we’re not going to snow

  35. chad wild clay

    chad wild clayOrë më parë


  36. J Stark Vlogs

    J Stark VlogsOrë më parë

    Are we not gonna talk about why he drove the Uber guys car??????

  37. Jose Garcia

    Jose GarciaOrë më parë

    Who’s the girl James 🤔

  38. Miles Hockey

    Miles HockeyOrë më parë

    Sees title in video: 😐 Me thinking: for what the looks on the Aventador?

  39. Nazia Faaith

    Nazia FaaithOrë më parë

    BMW X23

  40. wyatt borden

    wyatt bordenOrë më parë

    Mans has about as many super cars as two people at DDE

  41. Aaron Wang

    Aaron WangOrë më parë

    Editing and talking are Clingy af lol

  42. wyatt borden

    wyatt bordenOrë më parë

    Edit was real nice

  43. Julius Russ

    Julius RussOrë më parë

    hey im not sure if youve ever answered this, cuz i havent caught it, but i love that color/wrap and was wanting to know what its called?? @stradman

  44. Arska - pelejä, vlogeja ja autoja

    Arska - pelejä, vlogeja ja autojaOrë më parë

    Way to save for a house.

  45. DoitwithCisto

    DoitwithCistoOrë më parë

    U can have any car u want at this point.

  46. GamersSpace09

    GamersSpace09Orë më parë

    I live in Australia. Never touched snow before :(

  47. Nihal Manhas

    Nihal ManhasOrë më parë

    Ur killing it

  48. Ayla Natalie

    Ayla NatalieOrë më parë

    Your in Seattle? Where?

  49. ItzaHuang

    ItzaHuangOrë më parë

    7:04 its always had the squeak huh?

  50. Justin Mulkey

    Justin MulkeyOrë më parë

    Stradman is buying dream cars more often than I have actual dreams

  51. TheBoss 1584

    TheBoss 1584Orë më parë

    No too the turbos yes to a Whipple

  52. Colt

    ColtOrë më parë

    I drove a Honda Civic 👌

  53. Jordan Kovacs

    Jordan KovacsOrë më parë



    SYNAXISOrë më parë

    7:15 stradgirls legs!!!!

  55. Diego Gonzalez

    Diego GonzalezOrë më parë

    Have y’all ever thought what stradmans neighbors think when he jumps out the garage and proceeds to do his intro...

  56. john m

    john mOrë më parë

    I'm sure out looks awesome in person but I think that purple looks terrible on camera

  57. Farah Deeba

    Farah DeebaOrë më parë

    My life is the same I'm right now 27 when I was13 I was homeless but someone gave me some money and then I got a lottery card too and I won now I own a porsche 918 spyder and a lamborghini murciealago.

  58. Your Thought

    Your ThoughtOrë më parë WORSHIP CARS?

  59. Alexander Reeves

    Alexander ReevesOrë më parë

    Why would you modify this at all...

  60. Trippyninx

    TrippyninxOrë më parë

    You should watch Ford vs Ferrari if you haven’t

  61. Owen Westphal

    Owen Westphal2 orë më parë

    plz dont wrap it purple

  62. Joel Spaulding

    Joel Spaulding2 orë më parë

    Don't get the haters. Just don't watch? Can't ever recall writing Pepsi to tell them how much I despise their cola- I just don't buy it.

  63. 2nd Amend

    2nd Amend2 orë më parë

    But have you been to Leonard’s?

  64. Phonac

    Phonac2 orë më parë

    7:20 who is in the car Stradgirl?😈

  65. karla lagmay

    karla lagmay2 orë më parë

    I drove a Ferrari 812 Superfast

  66. RecklessPizza

    RecklessPizza2 orë më parë

    Get a body kit

  67. GodderSZ

    GodderSZ2 orë më parë

    i think he suddenly won the lottery because his spending habits are OFF.

  68. Luke Cronje

    Luke Cronje2 orë më parë

    I think he got keen after Ford V Ferrari

  69. Riley S

    Riley S2 orë më parë

    Adderall, antidepressants or cocaine.

  70. SoCal Hypercar Spotters

    SoCal Hypercar Spotters2 orë më parë

    2:50 why does it look like theres blood on the floor???

  71. ANTI_Destroyer 28

    ANTI_Destroyer 282 orë më parë

    1976 supercharged mustang mach 1 and I'm only 18


    MVRDA MONXY2 orë më parë

    Dude what drugs do you take?

  73. John Livingston

    John Livingston2 orë më parë

    Is that emelia hartford

  74. Gabe Long

    Gabe Long2 orë më parë

    There is mostly mustangs in Hawaii and not supper cars

  75. James the Stikbot

    James the Stikbot2 orë më parë

    I’ve been watching videos about the Yellowstone volcano and now I’m worried for you

  76. John Livingston

    John Livingston2 orë më parë

    Who is that stradgirl

  77. Ana Marquez

    Ana Marquez2 orë më parë


  78. jerms

    jerms2 orë më parë

    2011 dodge durango citadel

  79. Flender85

    Flender852 orë më parë

    Next video gets 80k likes we see strad girl?

  80. John Livingston

    John Livingston2 orë më parë

    Get rid of orange calipers please

  81. Ana Marquez

    Ana Marquez2 orë më parë

    Who’s the girl in the frickin background

  82. Tenright77

    Tenright772 orë më parë

    Time to call Magnum for Cars and Coffee...

  83. Adrien Carrasco

    Adrien Carrasco2 orë më parë

    He's driving all types of hyper cars

  84. Adrien Carrasco

    Adrien Carrasco2 orë më parë

    Look at him now

  85. Michael K

    Michael K2 orë më parë

    All you need is just a little bit of WD-40

  86. amit patel

    amit patel2 orë më parë

    “Back to the continent of the United States...”😂😂

  87. Coltin espich

    Coltin espich2 orë më parë

    Whipple. Exhaust. Lowering kit. Black wheels.


    HERES JONNY2 orë më parë

    Dang , 2019 is your lucky year . Got the most supercar in this year . Congrats man!

  89. Roomie Clutch blogs

    Roomie Clutch blogs2 orë më parë

    It went from #41 on trending to #36 in 15 mins!😱😱😱

  90. Savage speed 01

    Savage speed 012 orë më parë

    Keep a supercharger on it but put a huge 4.5 whipple or big kenne bell

  91. Noobmaster69 927483

    Noobmaster69 9274833 orë më parë

    For Merch you should do like mini cars that are replicas of your cars like so he can see 👇🏼

  92. Trenton T

    Trenton T3 orë më parë

    The aventador looks better with the black wheels because the front hood

  93. Bob Becker

    Bob Becker3 orë më parë

    Go to st.louis when you go to Illinois!!!

  94. Alan Klosinski

    Alan Klosinski3 orë më parë

    So funny watching this for the first time after James got the GT and seeing him talk about a wrap, maybe some wheels. Now Purple with White Wheels has ruled SEMA just a year later.

  95. JMB 43 PL Racing

    JMB 43 PL Racing3 orë më parë

    u should make your gt purple camo

  96. jordan crews

    jordan crews3 orë më parë

    Wooow you’re on probation for 2 months my brother still has 4 years left on probation😂

  97. Coltin espich

    Coltin espich3 orë më parë

    Yesssssssssss ford got!!!

  98. Christopher Paluck

    Christopher Paluck3 orë më parë

    It's time to introduce us to Tessa James.

  99. JMB 43 PL Racing

    JMB 43 PL Racing3 orë më parë

    congrats Stradman

  100. Thomas Phayboun

    Thomas Phayboun3 orë më parë

    hell yeah brother! Twin Turbskies🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂