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The Project Farm channel creates content about using alternative fuels, engine additives, epoxies, testing shop tools, etc. This channel has awesome Patrons and does not want commercial sponsorship or free items from manufacturers. Hope you enjoy the videos.
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  1. High Pressure

    High Pressure5 minuta më parë

    I had slick 50 in a 2 stroke jetski which cooked and seized because the cooling system got got so hot all the hoses melted with a huge clould of smoke...changed the hoses and unblocked the plug and it ran for years after...i swear by the shit...

  2. Eden

    Eden5 minuta më parë

    Aaaannndd a new pope was elected

  3. Csaba Vartik

    Csaba Vartik7 minuta më parë

    Since I use (and leave during winter storage) ethanol free 100 octane fuel (only fuel without ethanol in Hungary) in my lawn mowers and chainsaw, they have no problem with starting up in the spring, no carb cleaning is necessary. E5 to E10 transition is just coming to us, I skip it.

  4. n0username0n

    n0username0n16 minuta më parë

    Thank you mate! Its good to see someone pointing out that N2O is not flammable just helps to cool the air flow intake so it can compress it more and add more fuel for a bigger bang!


    L0STMYMRBLES17 minuta më parë

    In real world applications, fastening hardware is seldom sitting neatly in a perfectly vertical position when attempting to apply penetrating fluid. I'm not saying that your test was misleading, just not very realistic.

  6. Paw Paw

    Paw Paw17 minuta më parë

    The closure of the last lead smelting plant in the United States drove up battery prices.

  7. Edward Z Norton

    Edward Z Norton29 minuta më parë

    where im from bar and chain oil is old engine oil, change the oil in the truck, dump it in the saw and go cut some lumber!

  8. Scooraft

    Scooraft50 minuta më parë

    The dislikes maybe a drunk people drink oil

  9. Gary Hoffmann

    Gary HoffmannOrë më parë

    If an engine is designed to run on gas how will it work with liquid fuel?????????????????????

  10. Nunofyour beesiness

    Nunofyour beesinessOrë më parë

    Your video's should be used in High School shop classes.

  11. Steve Davis

    Steve DavisOrë më parë

    " Luubricity test " ummm i guess

  12. Bernhard Frambs

    Bernhard FrambsOrë më parë

    unless both engines had identical mechanical wear before the test, this is not an accurate method.

  13. Seb Seb

    Seb Seb2 orë më parë

    "Water is practically free and is available everywhere in the world..." Say it to the guys in Africa... lol

  14. Kyle B

    Kyle B2 orë më parë

    Would like to see 3M 300LSE tested.

  15. Seb Seb

    Seb Seb2 orë më parë

    Project Farm, I love all your tests,apart from this one tbh. According to the manufacturer Cera Tec builds a ceramic film on metal surfaces,filling micro gaps etc,therefore reducing friction,oil consumption,fuel consumption etc etc. But for this to happen you must drive your car for few hundred miles first, without abusing or overheating it. Metal ceramization process isn't something new,it's widely known and used in ship/naval industry for decades. I'm not saying that Cera Tec deffo works, as I never tested it,but this tes wasn't reliable and did not answer any questions really. It's as if you had a headache,took an aspirine and 30 seconds later stated that you can't feel the difference.

  16. Daniel Haupt

    Daniel Haupt2 orë më parë

    The Electrolysis method seems to make more pitting or cavities on the objects, I dont know if Evapo-rust dissolves metals like acids do, but I know that Electrolysis will eat trough your metal too, not just the rust.

  17. Minnesota Fatz

    Minnesota Fatz2 orë më parë

    I just watched an old video where you tried using different 3D printed cylinder heads and as expected the plastic had trouble holding up to the heat. I'm curious to see how they would do with an aerogel based insulator coating the inside of the head.

  18. Joshua Garza

    Joshua Garza3 orë më parë

    Which pressure washers are the best?

  19. Adam Schofield

    Adam Schofield3 orë më parë

    What about if you added Octane boost

  20. Mikael Borrero

    Mikael Borrero3 orë më parë

    Water based engine

  21. Joel Beltran

    Joel Beltran3 orë më parë

    which fix-a-flat is best?

  22. Agent Smith

    Agent Smith3 orë më parë

    Why are you yelling?

  23. Cruz Ortiz

    Cruz Ortiz3 orë më parë

    Most batteries will go bad after a year if they are fully dead. Drain the battery and recharge them after a year and see if they still perform the same! Thanks 😊

  24. Rypie

    Rypie3 orë më parë

    How bout a video on degreasers? I know in the restaurant industries.. SSDC "Inside Out" and "Clinging Degreaser" work great on removing stubborn cooking grease. I'm sure they would work on automotive type grease also.

  25. Ju Raven

    Ju Raven3 orë më parë

    LEDs is the future.

  26. Bart Price

    Bart Price3 orë më parë

    I put a liquid moly additive in an old 3.5hp Briggs & Stratton. It really woke it up. More power, ran smoother. I'm guessing it worked well because friction has a much greater effect on the performance off small displacement motors.

  27. J R

    J R3 orë më parë

    I work as a millwright in a wood products mill. We are switching over to LED lights. Our ceiling is typically 3-4 stories high in a lot of places. LEDs make a HUGE difference in lighting. I've got an 1100 sq ft. shop. I'm definitely going to slowly switch over. Needless to say, some white paint would really help you out. Enjoying the videos. Some are silly but, some are actually real world stuff.

  28. Ceasar Khan

    Ceasar Khan3 orë më parë

    It's very interesting and informative video..... thanks a lot...i really appreciate your experiments.... keep doing 👌👌👌👌😊😊😊

  29. sillycliff512

    sillycliff5123 orë më parë

    I love your videos and the dedication you put in. Keep it up buddy. Have a good day.

  30. Alan Fay

    Alan Fay3 orë më parë

    So oils aint oils after all.

  31. TheDynotuner

    TheDynotuner3 orë më parë

    Wonder how a Deka would of tested seeing that's East Penn flagship brand....

  32. Wulfrune

    Wulfrune3 orë më parë

    It's time to play the music It's time to light the lights It's time to meet the Muppet on the Project Farm Show tonight

  33. Darthbob

    Darthbob3 orë më parë

    I have a few ideas for videos! You've shown how old gasoline and water contaminated gas is bad for engines, but can you recover usefulness out of it by using your vapor draw system on the lawnmower? How about using it with E85 gas? Maybe it will improve performance in vehicles where it's not intended to be used?

  34. Stephen Box

    Stephen Box4 orë më parë

    Diesel Fuel will do the trick Big Time!!

  35. sillycliff512

    sillycliff5124 orë më parë

    Banana w-30

  36. Karl Pearson

    Karl Pearson4 orë më parë

    What about Slick 50? Is it even around anymore?

  37. Rūta Sarokienė

    Rūta Sarokienė4 orë më parë

    You see it's not realistic test i'll give you min to think why

  38. Nic Andrew Ebueza

    Nic Andrew Ebueza4 orë më parë

    hi sir can you make 3 trials with the bacon grease as engine oil just to validate that there is no combustion build up inside the engine? it can be used for future studies and innovation for cleaner engines since you also made the analysis on the chemical composition of the bacon grease.

  39. wombat stew

    wombat stew4 orë më parë

    All these lawn mower vid and ur grass needs cutting lol

  40. David Wayne Choate

    David Wayne Choate4 orë më parë

    That Engine on a bike is the best thing since Lawn darts..Bicycle tires will pop and wearout in ten miles. Atleast put better tires on.

  41. Rebel Yell

    Rebel Yell4 orë më parë

    Best shocks video please

  42. Lastman Standing

    Lastman Standing4 orë më parë

    I had a 1990 Alfa Romero Spyder that was idling rough. My mechanic s aid to put a can of Seafoam in the gas tank. Really did the trick. I'm sold on the stuff. Seafoam, it's literately a mechanic in a can.

  43. Jeff Parkinson

    Jeff Parkinson4 orë më parë

    I use to be a big duct tape fan, then about 15 years ago I tried gorilla tape and never looked back, I've told many people about gorilla tapes strength.... I've seen t-rex tape on the shelf for many years now, but I always eyed it with suspicion, wondering if they just put more into naming it than actually making it better than gorilla tape? But after watching this video I definitely plan on buying some t-rex brute force tape soon, if the Lord is willing. Great videos you're putting out Sir.

  44. Mike Cronis

    Mike Cronis4 orë më parë

    Good Jesus! I tried this in my C6 Grand Sport Corvette with the dry sump and the Edelbrock Stage 2 e-Force Supercharger and I had to add extra bananas because of the dry-sump system. I was able to add 150 extra banana-power but I found a lot of banana in my tailpipe. I shoved bananas in the air-intake to "teach" the LS3 banana "taste" and it really worked like a charm. In all honesty, this video is amazing! Thanks, Project Farm! A banana is the engineering scale of choice, it shows height, length, width, weight, time, rads (it's radioactive), smell, sound, taste, ESP, speed, acceleration, half-life, frequency, temperature, etc. All can be measured with banana.

  45. Wasiderytiven YT

    Wasiderytiven YT4 orë më parë

    Where is the flex tape

  46. Roman Nes*n

    Roman Nes*n5 orë më parë

    Surprisingly I bough a Walmart battery for my sprinter and it's says it's made in Germany that's pretty cool and it seems like it last really long

  47. 10p6

    10p65 orë më parë

    Another great video. Interesting to see on this one that higher price does make a difference.

  48. Shining Sakura

    Shining Sakura5 orë më parë

    Use rubbing alcohol to get rid of permanent marker, its alcohol based ink and will reactivate with the rubbing alcohol. You do have to get it off relatively soon after it got on whatever because it has a habit of staining things purple over time.

  49. Preston Schofield

    Preston Schofield5 orë më parë

    My grandpa knows the guy who made this stuff. It’s not o Longer the same guy and the ingredients have changed. The guys now makes new stuff different name

  50. 1990paulie

    1990paulie5 orë më parë

    What about super glue ? Would that compare to any of these

  51. cjhmarine0621

    cjhmarine06215 orë më parë

    Why didn't you add it directly to the fuel

  52. Mark Baston

    Mark Baston5 orë më parë

    Should do hydraulic oil aswell it's full of corrosion inhibitors


    MURKIN RANZYZ5 orë më parë

    Michelin in Dorrence XT silicone thank you very much for your video because of you I went to Walmart and bought it for my 2001 Nissan Pathfinder I was having visibility issues on the highway when it was raining had to reduce my speed could barely see had the wipers on Max couldn’t see now I got them today I put the wiper fluid on it looks OK I’ll see what happen when it rains

  54. Bikewithlove

    Bikewithlove5 orë më parë

    Apparently bacon grease will make your lawnmower run as quiet as a refrigerator.

  55. 3.6 Pentastar Dude

    3.6 Pentastar Dude5 orë më parë

    Lawnmower engines are not Hellcat supercharged V8s. Only uneducated people watch u

  56. Realtime Ray

    Realtime Ray5 orë më parë

    the tires them selves add so many variables. still loved the video!

  57. The List

    The List5 orë më parë

    Manual transmission fluid as an engine oil substitute?

  58. Bill Campbell

    Bill Campbell5 orë më parë

    Adding a different oil brand is better than running an engine low on oil Gotta dance with the one your with.

  59. Jeffery Lara

    Jeffery Lara5 orë më parë

    Man what would I do without your Channel! You are awesome keep the videos coming man!

  60. mac11380

    mac113805 orë më parë

    One issue with testing the Rain X blades is that Rain X uses the wind to blow the rain off the window and the extra beading would make them work better, the only fair test would be to use them while driving or maybe a leaf blower to simulate wind or something.

  61. UnforseenStyles

    UnforseenStyles5 orë më parë

    Testing Diesel Engine Oils! Please please please!

  62. gains 3199

    gains 31996 orë më parë

    How about Hot Shot Secret Friction Modifier and Motor Kote Oil additive showdown.😉

  63. Zeta Reticuli

    Zeta Reticuli6 orë më parë

    This dude sits here for a whole hour watching a lawnmower run. My bets are on him chiefing a big fatty off screen between times he's on and off cam

  64. Tom Worthington

    Tom Worthington6 orë më parë

    I just hope he can keep on making these videos. I keep thinking that some day he is going to suddenly be "disappeared" by one of these manufacturers. :-(

  65. Phillip C

    Phillip C6 orë më parë

    Royal purple vs quacker state

  66. Adam Parker

    Adam Parker6 orë më parë

    As of 12/6, there are 942 idiots that just down vote any video. Come on, if you are not watching this because you want to know, just leave.

  67. Jacob Miles Adventures

    Jacob Miles Adventures6 orë më parë

    Ngl. Phil swift over hypes his product a little much

  68. Skaard Dragon

    Skaard Dragon6 orë më parë

    Which nos kit is that?

  69. Nick Basyuk

    Nick Basyuk6 orë më parë

    Can you test Costco Kirkland Signature motor oil?

  70. Nick Basyuk

    Nick Basyuk6 orë më parë

    Can you test Costco Kirkland Signature motor oil?

  71. Willis What Chu Talkin Bout

    Willis What Chu Talkin Bout6 orë më parë

    Hank Hill *heavy breathing.

  72. Nick Basyuk

    Nick Basyuk6 orë më parë

    Can you test Costco Kirkland Signature motor oil?

  73. Charles

    Charles6 orë më parë

    Would you be willing to make a follow up video after a year? That way we can see just how much battery life they have left in them.

  74. Jacob’s Random and vintage

    Jacob’s Random and vintage6 orë më parë

    Try to run a engine on brake fluid or gas mix with brake fluid

  75. Jacob’s Random and vintage

    Jacob’s Random and vintage6 orë më parë

    Run a engine on brake fluid

  76. Skelator698

    Skelator6986 orë më parë

    One factor which wasn't included but probably a big selling point, for some, seeing as I've gone through a good share of wipers. Wind resistance. At highway speeds, some of the wipers kind of have a struggle when coming back down to the neutral position. Thank you for doing this. I've been a long time Rain X fan.

  77. Rampage4reel

    Rampage4reel6 orë më parë


  78. Johnnie

    Johnnie6 orë më parë

    Where does one write to you about an idea for a future show? Thank you.

  79. Bob Bowie

    Bob Bowie6 orë më parë

    You would have to send oil samples *away for testing-* unless you have a _Project Farm_ laboratory- to make any kind of meaningful comparison between a *bargain* and a *super-premium* brand.

  80. PARDS2

    PARDS26 orë më parë


  81. Tom Quinn

    Tom Quinn6 orë më parë

    This was probably the most informative article or video I've ever seen on car batteries. Thanks for your research and the way you present it!

  82. Nedo the car guy Nedo

    Nedo the car guy Nedo7 orë më parë

    Love your videos

  83. Trey Davenport

    Trey Davenport7 orë më parë

    Knock er loose is one of my favs, people who visit always laugh about it when they see the name

  84. Matt Sterbutzel

    Matt Sterbutzel7 orë më parë

    Murderer of lawnmower engines!

  85. Tommy Jensen

    Tommy Jensen7 orë më parë

    Sounds god when a american says diesel

  86. Westley Walsh

    Westley Walsh7 orë më parë

    Another great video! I just wish there had been one from Exide in the test

  87. Jblaylock777

    Jblaylock7777 orë më parë

    I’ve been using EverStart Maxx batteries for years now on all my vehicles. Typically get 6-8 years out of them.

  88. Sparky Wirenut

    Sparky Wirenut7 orë më parë

    Who needs " Consumer Reports " ? This video is one of the best I've ever seen !

  89. Pat McAlexander

    Pat McAlexander7 orë më parë

    I would like to see what is the best chain lube. I use used oil a lot but just wondering how it compares

  90. Wildeman 74

    Wildeman 747 orë më parë

    Can you do a test on the hot shots secrets products? I would love a test of the FR3 and the everyday diesel fuel additive. The other would be stiction eliminator. Their claims seem great and are well regarded. Would love to see them tested.

  91. Dale Hall

    Dale Hall7 orë më parë

    Awesome and helpful . Your videos are very interesting

  92. Dallas DautermanDallas

    Dallas DautermanDallas7 orë më parë

    I only know this-- In 1976, had a car almost on empty&was 25-30 miles from home. Stopped in at a farmhouse&him having no extra gas, we pumped in a couple gallons from his bulk tractor fuel tank. It got me home and the car "dieseled" for quite a while after the key was off&smoked a bit. A full tank of fresh gas the next day&things were normal

  93. Tyrone Kim

    Tyrone Kim7 orë më parë

    Thanks for the battery tests. I'm going with Walmart.

  94. Mr.roastyonutsack Jr.

    Mr.roastyonutsack Jr.7 orë më parë

    "what happens if I dump dirt in the gas tank" *dumps dirt in* *engine shudders in protest an dies, "interesting"

  95. Dale Hall

    Dale Hall7 orë më parë

    I didn't experience any leaks , but did experience my diesel got louder and didn't seem to perform as well so I switched back to conventional. 95 f350 7.3 turbo

  96. knee gerr

    knee gerr7 orë më parë

    americans love you tube dont they have normal jobs

  97. knee gerr

    knee gerr7 orë më parë

    just use those batteries on your wife in the bedroom

  98. S. Stewart

    S. Stewart7 orë më parë

    I have an idea: Diesel engine burning bacon grease.

  99. knee gerr

    knee gerr7 orë më parë

    AMAZON is shit energizer da best all time dhead

  100. James Koralewski

    James Koralewski7 orë më parë

    More ridiculous and useless tests by a man with nothing better to with his time.