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  1. Dankulite

    DankuliteMinutë më parë

    What if it was just the cat licking his nuts

  2. WildDancer101

    WildDancer101Minutë më parë

    Here's a theory: Yoda and Yaddle did the "Thing" decades before the Force pulled the Jesus trick on Shmi. Note decades because IG11 said species age differently, so the process of giving birth must be a bit different for the females of Yoda's species. And, knowing they did a major no-no of that proportion against the Jedi Council, Yoda and Yaddle hid the child away from prying eyes. Maybe that's why Ki-Adi Mundi didn't trust Yoda for that reason. But hey, that's just a theory.

  3. Jacob Valmassoni The Orange Yoshi

    Jacob Valmassoni The Orange YoshiMinutë më parë

    Horror game adaptation maybe?

  4. Project Gamer

    Project Gamer3 minuta më parë

    I’m a big fan pls check out channel im doing FNaF soon and a theory

  5. Am I hooman

    Am I hooman3 minuta më parë

    Never watched but this makes perfect since

  6. Uncommon_Mazie

    Uncommon_Mazie3 minuta më parë

    Can you do a theory on a show called popee the performer?

  7. 12 54

    12 543 minuta më parë Here ya go people

  8. CJ Patterson

    CJ Patterson4 minuta më parë

    Alphas zombie horde nuke

  9. Shadow James

    Shadow James4 minuta më parë

    *Sony after being bought by Apple:* I now introduce, iPlayStation 5!

  10. Leah - · -

    Leah - · -4 minuta më parë

    Jellicle. Angelical. 👀

  11. James Green

    James Green5 minuta më parë

    Matt Patt: Don’t watch at night. Me: *looks at clock* 3am *puts headphones in*.

  12. Brynnann Schott

    Brynnann Schott5 minuta më parë

    play minecraft for 24 hr. strat.

  13. Julian Aceves

    Julian Aceves6 minuta më parë

    He only has one quirk he was originally big he turns small because his ingerey

  14. Perry Lawrence

    Perry Lawrence7 minuta më parë

    What kind of third grader is using Calculus? You really should have been a mutant!

  15. Katie Koo

    Katie Koo8 minuta më parë

    The easiest way for me to get over a scary movie in like, minutes, is one line of reasoning: I am in no more danger than I was before I watched the movie. And then I look for bad deviantart shipping fanart just for fun.

  16. Blue Sea

    Blue Sea8 minuta më parë

    I always thought Simon was inoccent and just wanted to help! And I believed he deserved the throne! Plus he's wayyyy hotter tbh. Edit: see! Some people agree with me! Simon is hotter

  17. Samuel Arrison

    Samuel Arrison11 minuta më parë

    I loved watching this in 2020

  18. Hekate

    Hekate12 minuta më parë

    ... I think the bone looks like the C3 vertebra...

  19. Bryce Alexander

    Bryce Alexander12 minuta më parë

    You should do if good can rain from the sky like the move Cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

  20. Fire Phoenix

    Fire Phoenix12 minuta më parë

    I'm Turkish and you pronounced every single word from ottoman empire

  21. Night_Wolf 377

    Night_Wolf 37713 minuta më parë

    I have a new theory for you: why are the hunger games called the HUNGER games?

  22. Gamer 39

    Gamer 3914 minuta më parë

    I have an expansion to this theory. at the beginning, we see "poppy" repeating I'm poppy. What if those are all the supposed "robot clones" you mentioned? but thst's just my mini-theory. I would really appreciate if you took this into consideration.

  23. Just Yuri

    Just Yuri16 minuta më parë

    With Ana's Father having Red Hair and her mother had brown hair the percentages are: 50% chance of having brown hair 16% chance of having red hair and 34% chance of having strawberry blonde hair. The Genetic percentages for her eye color are: 77% chance of having blue eyes, and a 23% chance of having green eyes.

  24. Gabby 305

    Gabby 30516 minuta më parë

    started watchin this the other day but it was night so im back to finish😂

  25. Perry Lawrence

    Perry Lawrence19 minuta më parë

    5:33 I think that is my calculus textbook.

  26. RAZOR blade2025

    RAZOR blade202519 minuta më parë

    He should start a series called mat pat vs Disney

  27. Little ginger

    Little ginger20 minuta më parë

    I came back here to ask if you could do a theory on the new trailer, a quiet place 2.

  28. DarkCat_12349

    DarkCat_1234921 minutë më parë

    The dislikes on this video the people who disliked are jealous because they couldn't think about these theories.

  29. Ethan Lopez

    Ethan Lopez21 minutë më parë

    (Rainbow 6 joke) Mattpatt: Anxiety has no name..... Caveira: ARE U CHALLENGEING ME

  30. Marina The Octoling

    Marina The Octoling22 minuta më parë

    Thank you >.<

  31. Pierre Debroe

    Pierre Debroe24 minuta më parë

    Jedi or Sith, they're all good or evil, it's just which side you stand. In a war, only the final winner is justice. The story telling is based on the Jedi side, that makes you think Jedi are the goods

  32. Everest Xiong

    Everest Xiong24 minuta më parë

    11:40 I liked the analogy of WWE’s The Shield when Seth Rollins turned on his teammates by smacking Roman Reigns in the back with a chair. Dean Ambrose then was the one who always held a grudge against Rollins ever since. You want to go solo so that you don’t wind up like Rollins: Getting attacked by someone who holds a grudge.

  33. Anonymous Viola

    Anonymous Viola28 minuta më parë

    The Theorist Tingle, patent pending

  34. Angel Mendoza

    Angel Mendoza30 minuta më parë

    Theory: Rick is a fully Kristin grey and he\she is the mother \father of North

  35. TØP4L

    TØP4L31 minutë më parë

    I'm calling it now, mulan

  36. Sir Nick

    Sir Nick32 minuta më parë

    What if they plant vegetables or plants? Because NASA did find a way to plant food in space. Also it is the future so yeah MatPat. Also, Also there might be artificial flavorings that make people fatter. Or there could just be a farm for animals that produce meat.

  37. Natasha Savage

    Natasha Savage34 minuta më parë

    catnip is drugs to cats

  38. Injamul Shaikh

    Injamul Shaikh34 minuta më parë

    If they don't mess with time travel how did poopybutt holes come to our Rick's family?

  39. Elatia Manion

    Elatia Manion36 minuta më parë

    IM A LION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. I ish Hurtinq

    I ish Hurtinq40 minuta më parë

    Matt: kids dont understand time Suddenly me: what is t i m e

  41. Wolfie the lone wolf

    Wolfie the lone wolf41 minutë më parë

    Okay so I like the movie and didn't like it at the same time,which is very confusing. even confusing to me and even after watching this video I have no idea what happened in the movie and what the meaning of the movie was about anybody else can relate 😂😂

  42. Colin Maitland

    Colin Maitland41 minutë më parë

    I think All Might’s muscle form is the way his body handles one for all and was really quirkless.

  43. Tina Halder

    Tina Halder41 minutë më parë

    How to read those manga?

  44. A-Bomb

    A-Bomb41 minutë më parë

    7:03 when he turns the screen theres a face.....weird

  45. The Autistic Video Game Nerd

    The Autistic Video Game Nerd44 minuta më parë

    I wonder if matpat would do a theory about how a WALL E could be plausible with all the functions as seen in the movie, like trash compaction and the overall one track mindset based AI, Without the item collection, ideas of off time, and romance?

  46. Kristina Logan

    Kristina Logan45 minuta më parë

    The paddy is crab

  47. Robert Martin

    Robert Martin46 minuta më parë

    It classic literature, genies are nefarious. They take whatever you wish for and corrupt it or twist the wish in such a way that you are harmed instead of helped. Any chance a future video could be made trying to create full proof wishes?

  48. Cubey Boi [JSAB]

    Cubey Boi [JSAB]49 minuta më parë


  49. Everest Xiong

    Everest Xiong50 minuta më parë

    MatPat’s FBI Agent is probably having a cardiac arrest mixed with a heart attack looking at his history.

  50. Josiah Jones

    Josiah Jones50 minuta më parë

    Ok, this isn't even scary any more. I'm literally crying. This series is one of the most tragic things I've ever watched.

  51. Greg Kramer

    Greg Kramer52 minuta më parë

    4:08 dear god

  52. Freddie Mercurythedog

    Freddie Mercurythedog52 minuta më parë

    Rey is palpatines grandchild, also for anyone who doesnt know star wars rey and ben(kylo ren) are not related cos some ppl think they r

  53. Dylan Reid

    Dylan Reid53 minuta më parë

    Matpat should do a heist with markiplier theory!

  54. puppy Fun Gaming

    puppy Fun Gaming54 minuta më parë

    Jedi are good because they saved a bunch of people from the DEATH STAR does not sound to good

  55. yoshi

    yoshi56 minuta më parë

    Ps1 hagrid refrences

  56. Nello Castellano

    Nello Castellano57 minuta më parë

    What about the comics

  57. tom toot

    tom tootOrë më parë

    i relate totaly but does any one relate to me i binge film therory when i eat but only when i eat

  58. sxnflowerclxuds

    sxnflowerclxudsOrë më parë

    Maybe it wasnt to find the successor. Maybe it was just plain torture to everyone. Imagine having to see children being brutally murdered, that has to screw up Charlie Bucket. If Charlie has to keep the factory for himself, then he has to stay in the place where multiple children were tortured and killed. Willy Wonka just wants carnage. OSHA is just the tip of the iceberg. Honestly, everyone who went into that factory never came out the same, whether it was physically or mentally.

  59. Romaine L. Ramsour

    Romaine L. RamsourOrë më parë

    im just most scared of the drug effects and what is gonna happen to mary

  60. Johnny Pimpinz

    Johnny PimpinzOrë më parë

    Poopy Butthole is Bill Cypher.

  61. Stephanie Tellez

    Stephanie TellezOrë më parë

    I only hear Green Needle, even when I focus on the word!

  62. Ok Ok

    Ok OkOrë më parë

    i thought it was about breaking out of being orthodox

  63. Kemonni Poitier

    Kemonni PoitierOrë më parë

    Woooow that’s what that bug is .. I didn’t know what it was for the longest.. been came across them 🐝

  64. The S Word

    The S WordOrë më parë

    Beg to differ, "Santa" is the richest fictional character, anywhere, ever... oops "spoiler alert".

  65. Slanted On Phone

    Slanted On PhoneOrë më parë

    *SPOILERS* Rey is a palpetine

  66. sxnflowerclxuds

    sxnflowerclxudsOrë më parë

    Sharpay protection squad where you at ✋🏻

  67. Caddyrad YT

    Caddyrad YTOrë më parë

    Can we just take a minute to appreciate the fact that one of the rules in Mat’s ritual is “remembers the lyrics of ‘Africa’”

  68. Noah Keller

    Noah KellerOrë më parë

    It’s a hooker not a fishing pole with legs lol

  69. guineapigs 123

    guineapigs 123Orë më parë

    A L A N

  70. Twist Of Fate Studios

    Twist Of Fate StudiosOrë më parë

    Matpat: Jake Paul is the darkest part of ALworks. Me: **Laughs in Bright Side’s “Who will die first” Videos.**

  71. So Bite Your Tongue And Choke Yourself To Sleep

    So Bite Your Tongue And Choke Yourself To SleepOrë më parë

    So, just how many watch lists is MatPat on? I mean, there’s only so many you can be on

  72. kingandcrowned

    kingandcrownedOrë më parë

    *covers stuffed animals ears*

  73. minispiderman907

    minispiderman907Orë më parë

    Goku is a alien

  74. Will Hiegel

    Will HiegelOrë më parë

    What was that intro

  75. Angeline Corpuz

    Angeline CorpuzOrë më parë


  76. Kemonni Poitier

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  77. Dyland Plays

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  78. Dyland Plays

    Dyland PlaysOrë më parë

    "Despite my outward appearance I will attempt to convince you I am a common house cat"

  79. shipoopro_gg hi

    shipoopro_gg hiOrë më parë

    12 minutes and 34 seconds is good

  80. Kemonni Poitier

    Kemonni PoitierOrë më parë


  81. Robert Barry

    Robert BarryOrë më parë

    I hope king Julien is ok

  82. FinDUNE

    FinDUNEOrë më parë

    Best book ever

  83. The Specialist  Of Everything

    The Specialist Of EverythingOrë më parë

    I watched this vid when it came out ,3 months later i watch it again. I then see Kamal Rifka's comment which has 7.1K likes.I bet those people are all Star Wars Fans

  84. Paul Kelly

    Paul KellyOrë më parë

    I was gonna tell you that the laws you mentioned had a specific timeline that contradicted your argument but as I was typing you acknowledged that. I've deleted that comment and decided to leave this one instead. It's less funny but still showcases my wit, technically a win for me

  85. Juana Medina

    Juana MedinaOrë më parë

    5 nights at Mary’s

  86. Matt Gutierrez

    Matt GutierrezOrë më parë

    John Carter?

  87. namjoon's polaroid

    namjoon's polaroidOrë më parë

    The also have a musical about DOGS?! They might as well have BIRDS next

  88. siddiqa rizwan

    siddiqa rizwanOrë më parë

    UberPool me to make a children are hundreds happy again hen of Disney I will send to put you in jail

  89. Karlee Mason

    Karlee MasonOrë më parë

    Hey mat Pat, I think you need to make another film theory about this they made another one 😅


    XxFOREVERFAITHxXOrë më parë

    i mean i did want to watch it when you linked it mat but...i was watching this at night....i want to sleep tonight XD

  91. Evie CJ

    Evie CJOrë më parë

    At 8:07 if you look at the board it puts: ࿕ = mc^2

  92. Steph Evans

    Steph EvansOrë më parë

    7:03 L just got yeeted

  93. Sara Wallace

    Sara WallaceOrë më parë

    No you're not cute

  94. maya likes carrots

    maya likes carrotsOrë më parë

    And I'm here laughing that the sound guys name is Mike

  95. Sara Wallace

    Sara WallaceOrë më parë


  96. Bartu uzun

    Bartu uzunOrë më parë

    The thing is, Neo reborned in matrix, then he became the one. As the oracle mentioned in the first film, he was gifted, but in his “afterlife” he became the one. Secondly, even flying is a way of changing the matrix, because by flying, neo alters the physics of the matrix. He breaks the code. I see where this theory comes from and yes it makes sense. BUT, if smith were the one, than there would be a huge hole in the philosophy of this trilogy. You see, throughout the trilogy everyone emphasizes that our fate is mostly about the choices we make. Smith never really had an option to start with. He didn’t chose to die in the first film, he didn’t chose to stop being an agent, he didn’t chose to become connected to the core, the ONLY thing we can say he “chose” was to destroy the matrix, and he failed. All the choices that mattered were made by Neo, maybe Trinity and some others too, but definitely not smith. For that reason, I don’t believe smith was the one. It would be really cheap, since the philosophy was actually important in the series.

  97. Whoisthat YT

    Whoisthat YTOrë më parë

    local 58 has a new video !!

  98. daahk maahk

    daahk maahkOrë më parë

    The end tho I was like daaaaaammmm

  99. MP Johnny

    MP JohnnyOrë më parë

    So he's like Deadpool or wolverine he's able to regenerate not instantly but over time not counting Logan

  100. Killua Zodilock

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