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  1. Lindsay Frost

    Lindsay Frost22 sekonda më parë

    "from Kansas" *you wanna fight, Rhett?*

  2. Tim Foote

    Tim Foote30 sekonda më parë

    XD 7:28

  3. GoldenT1K

    GoldenT1K59 sekonda më parë

    This makes MY stomach hurt.

  4. Shepard

    ShepardMinutë më parë

    too much bread and u know it

  5. Montana_Banana_

    Montana_Banana_2 minuta më parë


  6. Deanna Truman

    Deanna Truman3 minuta më parë

    Omg.. I'm loving this so so so much. @RhettandLink.

  7. Moxzot

    Moxzot3 minuta më parë

    Shouldnt you sous-vide it first then grilled it for a nice crust with salt and pepper.

  8. Najwa Khanafer

    Najwa Khanafer4 minuta më parë

    They gave link a butter knife LMAOOOOO

  9. Brandon Careathers

    Brandon Careathers4 minuta më parë

    Best frozen pizza next!!!!

  10. winterTea

    winterTea4 minuta më parë

    This is probably the lamest boringest person they’ve had on the show

  11. Paul S

    Paul S5 minuta më parë

    How would Chili"s fair?

  12. Bianca Michele

    Bianca Michele5 minuta më parë

    I don’t like Karen... she needs to learn to respect the drip😗😗

  13. RageDpxbro 08

    RageDpxbro 086 minuta më parë

    This is how many times they said CHEESE in this video 👇

  14. Kandi Land

    Kandi Land7 minuta më parë

    Link’s shirt says Real Life Wizard in case anyone was wondering :)

  15. Wyatt Szakacs

    Wyatt Szakacs8 minuta më parë

    I’ve ordered from Omaha steaks a few times and they’re really good, a bit pricey but you definitely get what you pay for

  16. jlewallen1717

    jlewallen17178 minuta më parë

    Taste tests must be blind

  17. dinamarques

    dinamarques9 minuta më parë

    Where does that music from the beginning comes from?

  18. Bryce Walburn

    Bryce Walburn9 minuta më parë

    When Rhett thinks he knows something, he just spouts BS to make himself seem smart.

  19. Ness

    Ness10 minuta më parë

    You should do "Is too much of a bad thing a good thing?" lmao

  20. Cam Coles

    Cam Coles11 minuta më parë

    Question for Rhett: did you play a role in the music video"some nights" by FUN?

  21. Taylor Stockam

    Taylor Stockam11 minuta më parë

    You guys missed an opportunity to say "top of the Mythical Morning to ya"

  22. Mrs Bangladesh cooking Channel

    Mrs Bangladesh cooking Channel11 minuta më parë

    Very nice food 🥘

  23. PrezSnow

    PrezSnow11 minuta më parë

    You need to actually come to Omaha for good Omaha Steaks, the beef is amazing when it’s fresh!!

  24. Jeremiah pranking Britney

    Jeremiah pranking Britney11 minuta më parë

    I grew up playing with GI JOE and Max Steel action figure toys but I can see why Legos would win the top spot. I think the video game minecraft is popular for the same reason Legos are, bc it's essentially the same thing but as a video game. Loved this episode, love you guys!

  25. Henri

    Henri12 minuta më parë

    does rhett not know how to use a knife? how was he cutting all of those?

  26. Cole Sobania

    Cole Sobania13 minuta më parë

    They should have dipped a plain lays potato chip into the bowl of sour cream and onion and compared that to the sour cream and onion chips

  27. Becca Burk

    Becca Burk13 minuta më parë

    this game is literally fixed. it's a little messed up that link has a shot at winning then Rhett ends up getting closer the last two rounds literally nailing where the food is from and getting the points. it's not exactly fair,but it's still a fun game though.

  28. Avi

    Avi13 minuta më parë

    I just finished a burger from Omaha Steaks before I turned this on.

  29. rocknroller1986

    rocknroller198613 minuta më parë

    There's no way she looks like Britney, I would be guessing for hours...

  30. Vicky Tang

    Vicky Tang14 minuta më parë

    chase is so handsome uwu

  31. Fisherbro14 Billy

    Fisherbro14 Billy15 minuta më parë

    Which rib is the best and the winner gets the rib bon like ribbon

  32. Emiliyan Yankov

    Emiliyan Yankov15 minuta më parë

    Sous-Vide? Beef steaks? And you're AMERICAN? 🤦

  33. Bella/ Marion School Productions

    Bella/ Marion School Productions16 minuta më parë

    Damien Haas is the only person who likes clowns.

  34. The Dictator

    The Dictator16 minuta më parë

    My birthdays september 18th, can you guys do a will it tool or smn

  35. Douggy C

    Douggy C16 minuta më parë

    You guys need to learn how to cook a steak! Watch Guga Foods! Heck, have him on the show!

  36. Caleb Fredrickson

    Caleb Fredrickson18 minuta më parë

    Y’all do realize that there is also a Kansas City Missouri right? I from the KCMO area and get sick and tired of everyone always thinking I’m from Kansas. The Paris of the plains is Kansas City Missouri not Kansas come on y’all.

  37. Desirea Wright

    Desirea Wright20 minuta më parë

    Blindfolded FROZEN pizza test PLEASE!!!!

  38. Anna Rysulova

    Anna Rysulova21 minutë më parë

    I cannot see these not done steaks 🙄

  39. Allan Lozada

    Allan Lozada21 minutë më parë

    I just realized that dudes top lip is not a top lip at all! It's just a mustache. No lip. All stache. 🧔

  40. Sam Heninger

    Sam Heninger22 minuta më parë

    I’m only imagining the sleepless nights these steak company employees are getting with this...

  41. Haley Pool

    Haley Pool23 minuta më parë

    Chase doesn’t deserve this 😂 Link has almost made him Swiss cheese

  42. colchicum autumnale

    colchicum autumnale23 minuta më parë

    I'm sorry but those steaks looked dry and unappetizing

  43. Scorpionplayz _

    Scorpionplayz _23 minuta më parë

    Hey Karen, keep doing what your doing Karen, RESPECT THE DRIP KAREN.

  44. R Thomson

    R Thomson23 minuta më parë

    It's my birthday !!!!

  45. Lunch Lady

    Lunch Lady24 minuta më parë

    Thought is was all kangaroo that they send.

  46. Celtic Lass

    Celtic Lass24 minuta më parë

    I'm laughing so hard I'm sweating.

  47. Katie McQ

    Katie McQ25 minuta më parë

    Next time on GMM: Ranking Mail Order Brides

  48. Ruby Langley

    Ruby Langley26 minuta më parë

    Bruh why did you sear and then sous vide???

  49. mythius lopez

    mythius lopez27 minuta më parë

    Ur supposed to sous vide it first then sear it

  50. Spooky Penguin

    Spooky Penguin28 minuta më parë

    This is crazy. Proof that the Placebo Effect works.

  51. Jeremiah pranking Britney

    Jeremiah pranking Britney28 minuta më parë

    I'm not sure if the A.I. bot Sophia existed when this video was made, but shes smart, and kinda freaky lol! Loved this episode, love you guys!

  52. Fred Smith

    Fred Smith30 minuta më parë

    Kansas City is actually in St Louis

  53. Matthew Fazendeiro

    Matthew Fazendeiro30 minuta më parë

    Kansas City is in Missouri, not Kansas 🤦‍♂️

  54. cool music

    cool music31 minutë më parë

    Those two are going to be pooping steak. 💩😄

  55. Ring Adding

    Ring Adding34 minuta më parë

    So disrespectful to women.

  56. TheSnipercat -_-

    TheSnipercat -_-35 minuta më parë

    When link dies Good mythical mourning

  57. OneWayPlace

    OneWayPlace36 minuta më parë

    You guys need to change up the set /back ground it’s getting VERY old

  58. snartblartmcgee

    snartblartmcgee37 minuta më parë

    chilis chicken crispers? the superior restaurant chicken.

  59. vonlipi

    vonlipi38 minuta më parë

    You need to invite the L.A. Beast for a food challenge!

  60. Caleb Rettig

    Caleb Rettig38 minuta më parë

    Those steaks were cooked so poorly idk how anyone could properly judge them. Funny as always though!

  61. Ring Adding

    Ring Adding38 minuta më parë

    Why is a guy testing them? Disgraceful.

  62. Tim Foote

    Tim Foote38 minuta më parë

    scat means something else where I'm from.....4:00 lol

  63. vonlipi

    vonlipi38 minuta më parë

    You need to invite the L.A Beast to do an eating challenge!

  64. Jeremiah pranking Britney

    Jeremiah pranking Britney39 minuta më parë

    Lol you guys are so goofy! 😂 loved this episode, love you guys!

  65. AquamarineGirly

    AquamarineGirly39 minuta më parë

    28 days is 4 weeks...


    IWHOWASDATXD VAguero39 minuta më parë

    If im talking about the right restaurant texas roadhouse had one of the best burgers i have ever ate

  67. platium gamer546

    platium gamer54639 minuta më parë

    did they really get "fresh" sandwich from mcdonalds?

  68. Shadow Dragon687 :P

    Shadow Dragon687 :P40 minuta më parë


  69. Erik McMahon

    Erik McMahon40 minuta më parë

    Link did such a good job not interupting at all! Lol.

  70. Legendary Mike

    Legendary Mike40 minuta më parë

    They would probably be better if they were cooked

  71. Brett Tickell

    Brett Tickell41 minutë më parë

    Also DART un yun

  72. Brett Tickell

    Brett Tickell41 minutë më parë

    Sous Vide THEN get the crust

  73. EyeSoSensei •

    EyeSoSensei •42 minuta më parë

    Omaha Steaks are shmackingggg

  74. Jack Klingensmith

    Jack Klingensmith42 minuta më parë

    I think Rhett keeps 4oz filet mignons hidden in his beard

  75. Luke Burningham

    Luke Burningham42 minuta më parë

    About 5:36 look at links face. Ur welcome

  76. Killerboss18 45

    Killerboss18 4543 minuta më parë

    I used to live in Omaha Nebraska

  77. teppo tulppu

    teppo tulppu43 minuta më parë

    I would not sear before sous vide. The crust forms much better on a cooked steak.

  78. dirtydan

    dirtydan43 minuta më parë

    Suppose to sous vide up to desired temp THEN sear it.....🤔

  79. Nic Cain 517

    Nic Cain 51744 minuta më parë

    How did he know he was gonna feel the potatoes if he cant see?

  80. Evan Keyes

    Evan Keyes45 minuta më parë

    Why would you sear THEN sous vide? Those steaks look gross tbh.

  81. shamadaking58

    shamadaking5845 minuta më parë

    As someone who grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and is loyal to Omaha Steaks this episode saddens me. I've never tried the other ones though so I guess I can't be too sad. I'll have to try the others.

  82. RK 9

    RK 945 minuta më parë

    Mhmmm starting strong with Caipirinhas, love those

  83. 474twan

    474twan45 minuta më parë

    It has to be said, Link's knife skills with the steak are way better than Rhett's. What has this world come to..

  84. Screwiish

    Screwiish45 minuta më parë

    All of those steaks look disgusting u have a great chef but he needs to learn how to cook a basic steak

  85. Zay 95

    Zay 9545 minuta më parë

    Rhett and Link Roast Applebees for 14 minutes and 48 seconds straight

  86. Absalon Herrera

    Absalon Herrera47 minuta më parë

    If Gordon Ramsay were there, he would be mad.

  87. Hunter Ethan

    Hunter Ethan48 minuta më parë

    Maybe you guess should try the steaks actually cooked

  88. Bryan Woodward

    Bryan Woodward49 minuta më parë

    Yall should do a breakfast showdown between IHOP, waffle house, and dennys

  89. Kyle Fuller

    Kyle Fuller50 minuta më parë

    I live 10 minutes from the Snake River! It connects to the great Columbia around the Washington, Oregon, Idaho borders. Very cool, I hope it does well because I would love to order steaks to my front door.

  90. Jeff Burnham

    Jeff Burnham50 minuta më parë

    Anytime you're doing a taste test, Rhett and Link should not be told where the item comes from. That way they can give an unbiased opinion of which taste better....and then they can be told where its from.

  91. Nokia

    Nokia51 minutë më parë

    This didn't appear in my recommend. Anyone else ?

  92. Brian Maney

    Brian Maney51 minutë më parë

    Erma Gerd, I love blond midgets🤣🤣🤣🤣

  93. Rick Garcia

    Rick Garcia52 minuta më parë

    those steaks were not prepared correctly wtf they do no look good at all

  94. Bubba Greer

    Bubba Greer52 minuta më parë

    Yall arent cooking your steak right

  95. oxy 75

    oxy 7552 minuta më parë

    They should have gotten Ribeyes

  96. The Dutch

    The Dutch53 minuta më parë

    Helium does not explode

  97. Out of Spite Production

    Out of Spite Production54 minuta më parë

    Link: I think this is Japan (for all not Japan) *When it is actually Japan* link: I'm feeling Saudi Arabia

  98. Gabby H

    Gabby H55 minuta më parë

    Rhett: We live in an era... Me: We live in a society...

  99. Dave Whitmarsh

    Dave Whitmarsh55 minuta më parë

    that sear is pathetic

  100. Abby H.

    Abby H.56 minuta më parë

    I live for Link’s shirt