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11 muaj më parë

  1. Boffadeez

    Boffadeez2 minuta më parë


  2. Joshua Sheldon

    Joshua Sheldon2 minuta më parë

    you should try out for the vikings like if you agree

  3. Benjamin Hawkins

    Benjamin Hawkins2 minuta më parë

    wear a helmet sooner still awesome vid .

  4. Trent Gray

    Trent Gray10 minuta më parë

    lol you aint trying to make a nfl team you trying make a livin off youtube, its all good just keep those all caps titles videos comin

  5. Pamela Soto

    Pamela Soto10 minuta më parë

    part 3 if yall agree

  6. John Randle

    John Randle12 minuta më parë

    id like to race him, im a senior now and when i was doing track in middle school i was running 100 meter in 11.2, im curious how fast id be now


    QUARTERBACK ROSALES14 minuta më parë


  8. JJM

    JJM15 minuta më parë

    Blue 42 blue 42 can we get some food

  9. Cotton Hill

    Cotton Hill16 minuta më parë

    I hope you get a contract

  10. Mike Pugh

    Mike Pugh17 minuta më parë

    You are an NFL caliber kicker.

  11. libertarian4323

    libertarian432317 minuta më parë

    5'7", 164 lb (probably in full pads) female playing at a tiny NAIA school (Central Methodist). I wouldn't bet the rent money on her chances of playing in the NFL.

  12. Patrick Bateman

    Patrick Bateman20 minuta më parë

    Don't you have to kick it over 6'5" linemen with their hands up?

  13. Rare Form

    Rare Form23 minuta më parë

    Polls look wide ? Man you got 2mil subs ...You The Kicker !

  14. TheBrewmore 26

    TheBrewmore 2623 minuta më parë

    Lol, don’t quit your day job buddy.

  15. LnG TryHard72

    LnG TryHard7225 minuta më parë

    Good luck

  16. ZOEY Phoenix

    ZOEY Phoenix29 minuta më parë

    McAllen Texas

  17. Caleb Compton

    Caleb Compton30 minuta më parë

    If the like button gay u is gayyyyyyy

  18. Riley Ryan

    Riley Ryan30 minuta më parë

    Jets? The Vikings need yo ass

  19. Archie

    Archie30 minuta më parë

    He should be an NFL kicker. Problem is the NFL is scripted sports entertainment and when the script calls for a missed field goal in a game, which it frequently does, no matter how skilled you are the ball's not going through the uprights.

  20. Coby Jones

    Coby Jones32 minuta më parë

    this dude broke the nfl feild goal kick record

  21. Nathan

    Nathan35 minuta më parë

    Try using uprights that aren’t high school width

  22. Keygan

    Keygan38 minuta më parë

    Martinsburg West Virginia

  23. Loko Flipz

    Loko Flipz39 minuta më parë

    Yeah 70 yards is impressive. Ive never tried to kick a feild goal but people in the nfl have made 80's+ in practice

  24. Tanner Jacobson

    Tanner Jacobson39 minuta më parë

    Queen troy

  25. Adrian Thiemann

    Adrian Thiemann44 minuta më parë

    0:33 Kirk Cousin

  26. Zae Parker

    Zae Parker45 minuta më parë

    What's the outro song

  27. Tep

    Tep46 minuta më parë need 1 more friend to get them

  28. Brandon Vickers

    Brandon Vickers47 minuta më parë

    Why not film it from behind where we see the entire kick without having to pan the camera around?

  29. Blabber Bot

    Blabber Bot55 minuta më parë

    It’s clear you chose ALworks, no point in trying to portray yourself as some amazing kicker bro, we all see through the image just be real

  30. SoLo Riders

    SoLo Riders56 minuta më parë

    Come to one of our Home games. We lost our first game last weekend since 2016

  31. Chris Davidson

    Chris Davidson57 minuta më parë

    Who cares... im 40 and still can kick it that far... guess you candyass kids need to work harder

  32. Michael Engo

    Michael EngoOrë më parë

    All the best to ya hopefully we will see you in the NFL. The music is on point too. 👍✔✌

  33. Scott York

    Scott YorkOrë më parë


  34. Jaze

    JazeOrë më parë

    The thumbnail is more like “Ezekiel Elliott be like”

  35. Bj Cundiff

    Bj CundiffOrë më parë

    Just subbed man. Hope to see ya on sundays sometime soon

  36. evan weiner

    evan weinerOrë më parë

    That looks like a high school football. Those are smaller and have a huge sweet spot. Way easier to kick those. Nice try to not mention that.

  37. Deadeye Duncan

    Deadeye DuncanOrë më parë

    TTD baby

  38. ProAmFightTalk JuanMarshall

    ProAmFightTalk JuanMarshallOrë më parë

    Have you checked out Kohl's Kicking Camp ALworks channel. Video title, #1 ranked Punter/Kicker in George named Jake Camarda. Dated April 24, 2017. The kid can boot it.

  39. Torrance Desaulniers

    Torrance DesaulniersOrë më parë

    He looks likes he’s in FL so everyone telling him go practice in snow is moronic lol. Put pads on and put some hands in front of you though. Anyone can make a jumper on the basketball court when you don’t have a 6’7 guy guarding you. Same thing here.

  40. David Betancourt

    David BetancourtOrë më parë

    come to immokalee fl we have a game friday !!

  41. Caleb Greene

    Caleb GreeneOrë më parë

    You need to come to Tennessee and watch Tennessee high play

  42. timmy jacobs

    timmy jacobsOrë më parë

    You both talk to much

  43. Eric Wright

    Eric WrightOrë më parë

    You have a hitch in your first step

  44. Live2Fish 89

    Live2Fish 89Orë më parë

    Hope someone from the bengals sees this video!

  45. mark luers

    mark luersOrë më parë

    You're stepping way to far back from the ball, kick off distance. Two baby steps back about one and half to the left.

  46. Rupturez

    RupturezOrë më parë

    You should have showed this to the bears after Cody parkey missed like every field goal last season

  47. NBA godz

    NBA godzOrë më parë

    His hair look like the feild goal post

  48. Tristan Sanders

    Tristan SandersOrë më parë

    When he gets to the nfl I’m switching him to receiver on madden

  49. Ryan Blaze

    Ryan BlazeOrë më parë

    He ready. Let's Gooooooo Jets!!! Pick him up. asap please

  50. Deja Voodoo

    Deja VoodooOrë më parë

    The Colts might need you soon. Good Luck!

  51. Justin Ryan

    Justin RyanOrë më parë

    1, 2 kick. watch step count. throw on pads. and try to create a game time atmosphere. i kicked a 50 yard fg in practice and i never kicked before. ez with no pressure.

  52. Rachard Junious

    Rachard JuniousOrë më parë

    deestroying you funny and why you are not a widesiver you a kicer

  53. imnotgaybut20is20

    imnotgaybut20is20Orë më parë

    Shit nfl kickers can do exactly what you are doing if better. Your experiment doesn’t factor in the various weather, pressure from fans and opposing players and the EC spotlight. It’s like a struggling mlb pitcher still throwing darts during bullpen. The outside factors makes all the difference

  54. Ryder Head

    Ryder HeadOrë më parë

    We need you on the falcons

  55. soren1850

    soren1850Orë më parë

    Impressive! Good luck dude!

  56. Balbi

    BalbiOrë më parë

    Pad up, helmet on and a live snap and I will be impressed. Right now all I see is all the time in the world to line up, rearrange the bling, adjust the hat, etc etc.

  57. Chad wic

    Chad wicOrë më parë

    Hey Kenny Powers where is your manager Stevie?

  58. Cordero Martinez

    Cordero MartinezOrë më parë

    83% money

  59. Jonathan Deleon

    Jonathan DeleonOrë më parë

    Fucking Dumbass

  60. BajaMedic

    BajaMedicOrë më parë


  61. Ciarra Nicole

    Ciarra NicoleOrë më parë

    God blessed 🙏😇

  62. Adam Gasper

    Adam GasperOrë më parë

    You don't have to do cut scenes. You fast forward the footage. NFL uprights are 18 feet-ish apart...HS uprights are approx. 23 feet apart. There's more misses than you figured.

  63. Matt and Nick

    Matt and NickOrë më parë

    I love the Jets they are my favorite team

  64. Aiden's Fishing Channel

    Aiden's Fishing ChannelOrë më parë

    Wakulla high school florida one of the best I've seen

  65. Linc Bunts

    Linc BuntsOrë më parë

    Go watch the Villages or Wildwood play. Both teams are full of animals!

  66. Itz Snakez

    Itz SnakezOrë më parë

    Ya know, you could sign up for the NFL

  67. Darren Lighty

    Darren Lighty2 orë më parë

    Indianapolis Colts!

  68. Obones123 Tv

    Obones123 Tv2 orë më parë

    Yo I played at that field against the Sarasota sun devils

  69. D Silva

    D Silva2 orë më parë

    Pro kickers regularly rip 70 yarders in warm ups before game. Put pads on and have a person hold for you to get some real consideration.

  70. Michai Jenkins

    Michai Jenkins2 orë më parë

    That’s nut craker

  71. Merrick Tjepkes

    Merrick Tjepkes2 orë më parë


  72. joe chrow

    joe chrow2 orë më parë

    i have been a Jets fan and NFL fan for over 25 years and When i watch Sam Darnold play the QB position in the NFL i immediately think "SCRUB"...The last thought i have is thinking he will take the Jets to the Promise land...Some Desperate Jet fans Disagree with me and my opinion is they just PRETEND that he will be a Great QB...My bottom line prediction is that many years from now us Jet fans will look back and Sam Darnold will be mentioned as just another SCRUB QB the Jets had...Sure it is early in his career but i see absolutely NOTHING special about him at ALL

  73. That Guy Health

    That Guy Health2 orë më parë

    I wish you the best. But them uprights not NFL reg though. I would like to see you show them you can move the 🏈 through those from the levels you did here. Nice work!

  74. Rex_8787

    Rex_87872 orë më parë

    I have never kicked a ball into a goal post. So don’t know the pressure.. but I wish you luck !

  75. norbert saska

    norbert saska2 orë më parë

    agree with some comments below, add the pads and all. Lets see it

  76. Giantbassball On Xbox

    Giantbassball On Xbox2 orë më parë


  77. chuck s

    chuck s2 orë më parë

    put 300 lb guys coming at you and see how you do !

  78. Paul Sheaffer

    Paul Sheaffer2 orë më parë

    Bro. Adam Vinatieri is all down hill from here. The colts are the move

  79. Matt Marvel

    Matt Marvel2 orë më parë

    Hit me up. I know a guy who reps the new long snapper for the buccs. His first and only client. They just got a signing after 5yrs.

  80. mother66

    mother662 orë më parë

    Your percentage on HIGH SCHOOL posts isn't impressive (many of them would've been missed on pro goals). The NFL is about accuracy under pressure, not leg strength. The time you waste monetizing your penny-ante channel and shilling your 'music' should be spent talking to agents. Drop the Prime Time bullshit and start splitting the uprights.

  81. dylan meadors

    dylan meadors2 orë më parë

    Into song?

  82. Charlie Myers

    Charlie Myers2 orë më parë

    that quarterback sucks

  83. Logan Manning

    Logan Manning2 orë më parë

    You should come out to Arizona to see liberty vs sunrise they are really big rivals. The tickets always sell out

  84. Geo

    Geo2 orë më parë

    Dr fhill kissed you on the lips with tung like to undo

  85. Cxmp_Verified

    Cxmp_Verified2 orë më parë

    Come to Milledgeville Georgia for a Friday football game

  86. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder2 orë më parë

    Call the Giants, they need a player at EVERY POSITION !

  87. Richard B

    Richard B2 orë më parë

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  88. cb750k1974

    cb750k19743 orë më parë

    MBS ain't the place to camp out for a kicking gotta camp out at the HQ in Flowery Branch......there is a guy that works up there named Dimitroff......he can get you a try-out.

  89. Nitro 101

    Nitro 1013 orë më parë

    Don’t let this distract u from the fact he still hasn’t gotten his 10k from ddg for winning in basketball 😳🤔🤔🤔

  90. Brett Anderson

    Brett Anderson3 orë më parë

    I was so proud of you, that I smashed the thumbs up so hard I broke the keyboard!

  91. Ian Hannon

    Ian Hannon3 orë më parë

    If Adam vinitari retires you should go for the colts 👇 turn that blue if you agree

  92. James Lober

    James Lober3 orë më parë

    Why have you never gone to an open tryout

  93. Brett Anderson

    Brett Anderson3 orë më parë

    Damn that quarterback was trowing straight fire. I have watched a lot of 1on1 videos, and the guy throwing the ball was my MVP. Props to him!!

  94. favian munoz

    favian munoz3 orë më parë

    Lol I don't think it works like that but wish you luck 😉

  95. Gabe Nydick

    Gabe Nydick3 orë më parë

    From one "mental game" sport performer to another, I see you recognize the "confidence" part, but you need a little more humility. It'll go a long way.

  96. Brian T

    Brian T3 orë më parë

    Definitely showed you have great distance in this video using prefect conditions and a stand. Everyone can be a beast in practice mode with no pressure. If someone didn’t spot you in CFL there’s a reason. NFL is desperate for kickers. Much love though. I couldn’t even kick a field goal from 10 yards lol. Fingers crossed someone comes along this video and get you a chance to run some drills with a real team. We all need just one chance, I hope it finds you.


    GUESSITS MYFAULT3 orë më parë


  98. Vegeta 702

    Vegeta 7023 orë më parë

    Don't do this guys it's a bad idea horrible prank

  99. kitrick42

    kitrick423 orë më parë

    Still not the same as a live rush, but what I do to simulate a rush is kick with a regulation soccer net 7 yards directly in front of me.

  100. Spanker Spbooty

    Spanker Spbooty3 orë më parë

    His hair looks like the mayor in the grinch.