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Old Cars VS New Cars

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  1. Tameka Tameka

    Tameka TamekaDitë më parë

    They use to use E than it was totally removed and F was replaced

  2. Randoman35

    Randoman35Ditë më parë

    Plasma from lead ions is 9.9 trillion degrees? Still not as hot as my toilet after eating Taco Bell


    XENOKXDitë më parë

    Who else has a WHITE erasers

  4. Nilofar Shaikh

    Nilofar ShaikhDitë më parë

    Deer 🦌 black bear a mother one but I was in a car 🚙 it was in early spring

  5. Lam Souvanna

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  6. anonymous

    anonymousDitë më parë

    I remember times when I hated my hair and now I want my thick hair back after losing extremely much hair😭😭

  7. Lam Souvanna

    Lam SouvannaDitë më parë


  8. Lam Souvanna

    Lam SouvannaDitë më parë


  9. your favourite boy SAMMYSAX

    your favourite boy SAMMYSAXDitë më parë

    The nose in the second frame is slightly bigger.

  10. Lam Souvanna

    Lam SouvannaDitë më parë



    ZAIN SUPREMEDitë më parë

    how is this guy so calm like tf??

  12. The Hungry Turtle 123

    The Hungry Turtle 123Ditë më parë

    I don’t even enter my house throu the front door... I go in throu the garage

  13. The Hungry Turtle 123

    The Hungry Turtle 123Ditë më parë

    plot twist: it was your 5 year old son who didn’t wanna eat those whole-grain cookies his grandma made.

  14. Edwina Walker

    Edwina WalkerDitë më parë

    You cuckoo I'm not blink glue when I get cut

  15. Krishnaprasad C.

    Krishnaprasad C.Ditë më parë

    The Arabian sea and Bay of Bengal meeting in the Indian Ocean!!!

  16. Anca Andrei

    Anca AndreiDitë më parë

    A whole month or more

  17. Ciaran Telfer

    Ciaran TelferDitë më parë

    How do you know false vacuums create big bangs. It’s a very interesting theory. Incredible

  18. a r

    a rDitë më parë

    08.50 is my safety :)

  19. Сабина ТВ

    Сабина ТВDitë më parë

    1:54 but ..... but that not Disney move

  20. Faysal Cumar

    Faysal CumarDitë më parë

    I want to go on freefreeLandia

  21. ꌩ ꀎ ꎭ ꎭ ꌩ ꃅ ꂦ ꈤ ꍟ ꌩ

    ꌩ ꀎ ꎭ ꎭ ꌩ ꃅ ꂦ ꈤ ꍟ ꌩDitë më parë


  22. Xeno Games

    Xeno GamesDitë më parë


  23. Tanaya Boland-Miller

    Tanaya Boland-MillerDitë më parë

    Get on with it

  24. Melissa Sax

    Melissa SaxDitë më parë


  25. Tamil Selva

    Tamil SelvaDitë më parë

    We don’t see your videos🤣🤣😂😂😅

  26. Tamara Pierre

    Tamara PierreDitë më parë

    Is that just me or the story is kinda sad?

  27. Faysal Cumar

    Faysal CumarDitë më parë

    Is 2020

  28. John Turyatemba

    John TuryatembaDitë më parë

    260 points happy

  29. Naughty boy

    Naughty boyDitë më parë

    Hello I have a scientific question which might be useful if we use this method to dispose of the space debris: what happens if we send a powerful magnet to the outer space? can the magnet collect or better to say, attract the space debris? please like this comment!

  30. Mike the science and the universe Booe

    Mike the science and the universe BooeDitë më parë


  31. v. maas

    v. maasDitë më parë

    Radio apps :-)

  32. Utkarsh Sharma

    Utkarsh SharmaDitë më parë

    I remember in one of your video you said that using your smartphone while charging is not gonna hurt your battery anyway! But in this video you said it does. I am kinda confuse! Explain please?

  33. scott warwick

    scott warwickDitë më parë

    I lost my left arm 50 metres up a tree with a chainsaw.I fell all the way down the tree and had some luck,I landed on a big pile of leaves that I had piled up earlier that day...I was on my own in a forest. The blood was deep purple,arterial blood,I felt my legs go numb as the puddle of blood grew around my 2012 accident of interest ?

  34. Rojen TV 99

    Rojen TV 99Ditë më parë

    Rojen tv 99

  35. ToppCat

    ToppCatDitë më parë

    Lol aggressive dog will attack right away! Get your keys out , put up your arm so the dog will bite down on your arm. The use your key to gouge out the dogs eyes never fall down!

  36. Alhafiz Hasan

    Alhafiz HasanDitë më parë

    Oops I meant to say I don't have a farm

  37. Alhafiz Hasan

    Alhafiz HasanDitë më parë

    Have a farm yeah but when I have a farm I'm going to train him to be a guard cat

  38. God Man

    God ManDitë më parë

    I failed any times in very hard

  39. Alhafiz Hasan

    Alhafiz HasanDitë më parë

    My Siamese cat is honest assertive and vocal now I know anyways and he he is a guard cat at the farm

  40. Joshua Green

    Joshua GreenDitë më parë

    That is not the way it sank

  41. Alhafiz Hasan

    Alhafiz HasanDitë më parë

    Oh nevermind now I know about my Siamese cat my Siamese cat is always curious and really playful

  42. Curiosity cupcake T

    Curiosity cupcake TDitë më parë

    Am I a cat nvm I toyed agin And I can hear from the the first where is says ‘sorry,this test is for people not dogs or bats

  43. Holden Hess-Wilson

    Holden Hess-WilsonDitë më parë

    why does every cursed gem get stolen from a hindu/buddhist statue and randomly appear in the UK

  44. Yeron Galeta

    Yeron GaletaDitë më parë

    None of them made me even giggle🙄

  45. Giancarlo Rodriguez

    Giancarlo RodriguezDitë më parë

    I got 300 points like if you got more then that

  46. Rufo Gomez

    Rufo GomezDitë më parë

    I play Rpblox

  47. kemetdeb gibson

    kemetdeb gibsonDitë më parë

    Well well! The two most powerful zodiac in the universe is Aries and Pisces and here's why? Aries is the beginning of the zodiac and (fire) Pisces is the last of the zodiac's(water) the two most strongest earth's elements,are now cleansing the earth, very strong energy's since we are all energy,trapped in this vessel that we call bodies.pisces has to absorb all the other zodiac's emotions and water is life or life giver, even the (moon) cancer shine's on the water. and so does the sun or son, so if Pisces has to absorb all the other zodiac's emotions, I would say that makes them very unique, along with being a life giver, because water is life without it nothing would exsist,and it's a very powerful earth cleansing, so is fire.hummthe beginning and the end. How ironic is this today with all the floods and fires. It's all science. the two Shepard's were told to look for the man pouring water(Aquarius)the people were feed from two fish and a loaf of bread(Pisces)


    URAGON CHANNELDitë më parë

    Thanks for sharing the inspiring insights

  49. MTechBasics

    MTechBasicsDitë më parë

    If you find nothing under the Doormat call the Police...

  50. Roxana C

    Roxana CDitë më parë

    I have green eyes

  51. Mahid ahmed Ahmed

    Mahid ahmed AhmedDitë më parë

    I might survive in 2100

  52. Tatyana Auger

    Tatyana AugerDitë më parë

    How do we have food on the palnets?

  53. Curiosity cupcake T

    Curiosity cupcake TDitë më parë

    I started to hear from fantastic oof

  54. Mrs McNeil

    Mrs McNeilDitë më parë

    I got 6 but I'm 9 lol

  55. Raiii yaaan

    Raiii yaaanDitë më parë

    Taking pictures while recording works on android too

  56. aiden li

    aiden liDitë më parë


  57. j g

    j gDitë më parë

    Crust punks have entered the chatroom

  58. Lucas Nederlandse Patriot

    Lucas Nederlandse PatriotDitë më parë

    5:58 no one H20delirious: GIVE BIRTH!!

  59. Alice Bennett

    Alice BennettDitë më parë

    I always used lard and butter when making pie crust

  60. Azaiah Ah Nee

    Azaiah Ah NeeDitë më parë

    A submarine sank it

  61. Ema Birović

    Ema BirovićDitë më parë

    I am 13 years old and I weight only 29kg like my friends are 35-50+kg and tall. Im underweight and short so I am bullied alot. They say I am anorexic and that I should eat more but they dont understand!!! Also school medicine doctor is always like : If you dont gain weight im going to send you to hostpital!. Now my mother started talking to me like that.. If anyone has tips tell me in the comments also I apologise for bad grammar because I am not from England

  62. hggy21

    hggy21Ditë më parë

    Can I be your editor? “The ones,” kills me inside.

  63. Alhafiz Hasan

    Alhafiz HasanDitë më parë

    I have two cats my first one is white and she is very gentle think she is very gentle but I also have a Siamese cat what does that mean

  64. Dori Dawa

    Dori DawaDitë më parë

    You forgot to mention that app they use to make em look better :v n simmer :v

  65. Rebecca Michael

    Rebecca MichaelDitë më parë

    If you're using you're phone on a bright day, either wear sunglasses or turn the brightest on the phone all the way down.

  66. E to The A

    E to The ADitë më parë

    So dont put your famn phone in the back pockets

  67. Shy Guy The Great

    Shy Guy The GreatDitë më parë

    Me: Finds a one dollar bill that is 100 years old. Me: Wow I’m going to be rich. Gives it to a teller. Teller: Sorry this bill is expired.

  68. Ñßà Sŵîtçh

    Ñßà SŵîtçhDitë më parë

    6:30 is this what your looking for thank me later

  69. Bonitzbr

    BonitzbrDitë më parë


  70. Davin Peterson

    Davin PetersonDitë më parë

    stop showing Apple phones and tablets all time. Show an Android phone

  71. Kenzo O

    Kenzo ODitë më parë


  72. Mathias Dindal

    Mathias DindalDitë më parë

    Ain't that cool if you think that is like my comment

  73. Lexi Coppaway

    Lexi CoppawayDitë më parë


  74. Tyler Hutson

    Tyler HutsonDitë më parë

    The Existence of Aliens has already been proven. The Government is slowly but surely leaking this information out.. They already have technology that far exceeds what u see today. In fact most of the tech u see today is from reverse engineered alien equipment. We as people need to gain as much knowledge as we can to be prepare for dealing with societies/species that out Class us in every way.


    SCORPIONDitë më parë

    I started hearin' on 19K Hz, little bit before "No Way", but still in "Sorry, this test is for people, not dogs ot bats." *I'm not me.*

  76. Cyrus King

    Cyrus KingDitë më parë

    There are some of people that look like neanderthal and have their features

  77. Mathias Dindal

    Mathias DindalDitë më parë

    There's a replica of the titanic and it setting sail in 2022

  78. Arabella Unicorns

    Arabella UnicornsDitë më parë

    I don’t like black coffee I am only 8

  79. E lucevan le Stelle

    E lucevan le StelleDitë më parë

    I love dates!!!!. I will like to make them part of daily intl... however, if i heared right, it says it decrease melanine. Why would i want to do that??? Any light, will appreciate!.. thanks

  80. Lady Day

    Lady DayDitë më parë

    You made the questions complicated... And they were not about common sense... Questions they were riddles.. do you know the difference between common sense and a riddle?? Common sense is like this somebody standing outside getting wet and rains on and they don't like the rain .. common sense would be to go inside and Come in OUT of the rain.. or if you don't want a speeding ticket just obey the speeding laws.. so that's the difference...

  81. David Tv

    David TvDitë më parë

    8:50 yoooooooo

  82. Pekka P

    Pekka PDitë më parë

    Literally i've been in school for 7 years and never seen a pink eraser

  83. Abhishek Nanda

    Abhishek NandaDitë më parë

    Mine falls between 220-280

  84. Phoenix Beshears

    Phoenix BeshearsDitë më parë

    My ex isn’t on that list 😤

  85. miroslav nebeski

    miroslav nebeskiDitë më parë

    25 points

  86. loopter gd

    loopter gdDitë më parë

    Me: at 2:32 how is there a stove open

  87. Shima Samuel

    Shima SamuelDitë më parë

    My brain is quite young😁

  88. Leila L

    Leila LDitë më parë

    That swaying skeleton was starting 2 give me motion sickness! ... otherwise...very informative. Please LOSE THE HAT-DOFFING SKELETON while you're at it.

  89. Sophia Yu

    Sophia YuDitë më parë

    Level 1 pass Level 2 pass Level 3 1 wrong Level 4. About 5 wrong

  90. MLG Dorito

    MLG DoritoDitë më parë

    wel i would lik to kno if my crush liks me back but like that is like the only other thing i wold use it 4 besides another raid on area 51

  91. Luna Rowling

    Luna RowlingDitë më parë

    Amati violins are better

  92. jlionice

    jlioniceDitë më parë

    Beginners here 🤗 Let’s sub to sub 😘

  93. Millie Watson

    Millie WatsonDitë më parë

    I did all 3 days in one and 2 and we'll it worked

  94. Miss Rose

    Miss RoseDitë më parë

    If you cant open a phone call with gloves you can open a phone call with a balloon try it guys i did it once and it worked :D

  95. Dominic Ldoe

    Dominic LdoeDitë më parë

    Actually we use between 5 to 10% of our brain

  96. Melissa Sax

    Melissa SaxDitë më parë


  97. Robloxside Jr

    Robloxside JrDitë më parë

    If a sow Meg a will pass out

  98. EntityDoes_YT

    EntityDoes_YTDitë më parë

    u creepin meh out

  99. I like Chezburger

    I like ChezburgerDitë më parë

    I got 0

  100. Sarah Sheikh

    Sarah SheikhDitë më parë

    Cats can't talk