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What If You Ate Mold?

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Why Planes Can't Fly Faster

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  1. Carlos Garcia

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    My our hazel and whatever am wearing my eyes change

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    I’m tall for my age

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    Too bad this story is fake

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    "..they spoke unknown languages..." It musthave been known to them.

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    I got 16000

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    Lesson learned, becareful and pay attention you may damage a valuable creation Maybe you might damage a living thing without your attention HARAMBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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    3:29 why is milky Way having an eye

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    How do you lower blood pressure?

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    15728 HZ

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    Grandma services do not exist I’m an Ozzie

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    Holy frick i hear it at around 19000

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    37 years food, fuel, water. Am I a frisking joke!

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  21. hey i’m a weeb and a kpop stan シ

    hey i’m a weeb and a kpop stan シ6 minuta më parë

    Can you make a video about Quantas Flight 72?

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    i am

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    Grrr! I live in Australia and nothing bad has happened to me

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    My tickle spot is at my stomach My name is Christa Green Which people say It doesn’t fit for me to be ticklish because of my age. I shouldn’t be ticklish

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    6:10 and after got me


    INTROMAKER - CHOOSE YOUR OWN9 minuta më parë

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  29. anakin924

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    am glad ive been eating egg since i was 10, now im on my 50's and still eating the same number of eggs each day!!sometimes not listening to elders makes you healthy and wise in your on way!!i also mix rsw eggs on my rice every meal!!WOW!!i just hope its real!!keep on cracking eggs guys!!

  30. Gian gaming

    Gian gaming10 minuta më parë

    All bout and ship sink but the survivors alive there one i land whatch

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    13:30 mygod mention my name brightside happy morning and thanks

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    This is trash

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    I got -0.5

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    Eva R11 minuta më parë

    I'm confused. This is completely misleading as far as the photo used for this video. It's basically saying the face structure changes when you have a different emotion? Lol....

  35. Ice_Wallow_Come

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    2:03 Mhmm yess an eggplant.

  36. Supreme KING

    Supreme KING12 minuta më parë

    But let's say I just uploaded a first video and it goes viral and I get millions of views but don't have the subscribers bcs I just started. Do I get any money from it or?

  37. dougjstl1

    dougjstl112 minuta më parë

    coca cola on battery. there is acid on the battery terminals so any fluid will mix and clean the terminals

  38. Hariom Mehra

    Hariom Mehra12 minuta më parë

    Lemon grass and citronella oil will also repel mosquito...

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    Alyzah Esteban12 minuta më parë

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    Richard Brooks12 minuta më parë

    Do you know that the Taurus sign and the Capricorn sign have been mixed up Taurus is a bull Capricorn is a goat In your video you have it the other way

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    Who else loved the way he said super cute 2:35😊

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    And... I am here, listening subliminal audios to change my eyes.

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    He discovered it in Uranus...

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    Dave Underhill16 minuta më parë

    Stage 1, 2 and 3 perfect got 2 wrong in stage 4. Pretty good since I'm red green colour blind.

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    short fuzz ball16 minuta më parë

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  59. Gian gaming

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  69. Zane and blaze And lorenso and chad

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  70. Dont call me a cat!

    Dont call me a cat!19 minuta më parë

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    EMMANUEL JACOB19 minuta më parë

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  75. Dont call me a cat!

    Dont call me a cat!23 minuta më parë

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    ainsley !24 minuta më parë

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    subscribe to me or you like Fortnite24 minuta më parë

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    Shadow Coyote26 minuta më parë

    A stellar nebula is getting closer together bc gravity and it makes a high mass star. The star burns fuel faster than average stars bc its larger and so its out of the main sequence much quicker and expands into a red supergiant. Eventually the red supergiant collapses on itself and explodes into a supernova. That supernova either becomes a Neutron Star or a Black Hole, depending on the mass again. Lower mass supernova dont fully condense in. If the mass is high enough, it does not stop collapsing and it gets so small that it makes a black hole. There’s the full story of a High Mass Star.

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    Anarae Blackwell26 minuta më parë

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