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Hey all, Scott here.
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Best of Scott The Woz 2019

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Cookin' Hard

Cookin' Hard

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E3 1997 - Scott The Woz

    RDMANGLE-YT17 orë më parë

    the continue code for super Mario bros on the nes is just A plus Start. not A B and Start

  2. Fenrill_Ratz

    Fenrill_Ratz17 orë më parë

    Hmm. Tbh, the snes redesign looked great. Was never a friend of this us looking snes. I mean, in my opinion it's ugly as hell. The redesign atleast resembles the jp and eu snes. And about the ps3 ultra slim. As collector: Yes. Finally a Versiom without these damn disc drive. First: No mechanic parts. Can't break Second. You can't always clean it from the inside. And then there are stains on the discs. On ps3, ps4.... I always had this problem. No problem on the ultra slim.

  3. Jordan Spencer

    Jordan Spencer17 orë më parë

    The concept should be they buy things in bulk thus getting it cheaper than it costs to buy one at a time and sell them in a box for cheaper than you could get them for. Instead they sell you shit you dont want overpriced or the same exact price which is retarded.

  4. ThisisOscar

    ThisisOscar17 orë më parë

    Scatt Wah-zniak

  5. SJ Bailey

    SJ Bailey18 orë më parë

    Honestly I really like Prime Video. It has the best selection of indie films like most of A24 films.

  6. That Dude

    That Dude18 orë më parë

    bruh you forgot def jam NY for ps2 super rare

  7. Adam Brady

    Adam Brady18 orë më parë

    The guy who owns Sonic Jam and Axiom Verge


    I DO STUFF18 orë më parë

    0:00 to 0:02 was the best part

  9. Chucky257

    Chucky25719 orë më parë

    Boys play campaign on ds Men play online multiplayer on ds *L E G E N D S P L A Y Z O M B I E S O N D S*

  10. ATurtl3 Gaming

    ATurtl3 Gaming19 orë më parë

    yay my boi got 4th

  11. Marshtomp Returns

    Marshtomp Returns19 orë më parë

    My copy at my dad's has Dr. Mario in it. It must be a hacked copy.

  12. the lets player

    the lets player19 orë më parë

    when is the next episode


    YEETIESTS19 orë më parë

    I don’t know why, but whenever I hear about the SEGA Genesis, I think of the SEGA Saturn controller.

  14. Wil Bourke

    Wil Bourke19 orë më parë

    The PSVita was also a limited edition console... Mostly because nobody wanted them!

  15. Evan Stanley

    Evan Stanley20 orë më parë

    Gotta be honest Ashley is one of my favorite parts of the game. It ramps up the chaos just make sure she's behind you, but also make sure she's not getting taken away by cultists. Kill an enemy and she'll pump her fists sharing in the enjoyment of blowing their heads off or making them fall to their death. It's a masterpiece even by today's standards and harkens back to a time when you sat on the couch with your siblings or buddies playing games. I can't say enough good about it. Incredible replay value, mass amounts of content, satisfying unlockables, enjoyable exploration and so much more. Anybody who doesn't enjoy it is either a sissy a snob or has never played it before.

  16. Mac Is underrated

    Mac Is underrated20 orë më parë

    Wait did you really leak the box for yoshi’s new island?

  17. Hades 481BC

    Hades 481BC20 orë më parë

    I’m so ready to give up on video games because of stores

  18. Levi Miller

    Levi Miller20 orë më parë

    "This game blows - throws in toilet" I'm dying XD

  19. Mushroomstamp

    Mushroomstamp20 orë më parë

    Uh ya SUPERMAN 64

  20. Casey P

    Casey P20 orë më parë

    I actually have Clayfighters 63 1/3 Sculptures Cut, but not on purpose. It was sittings storage. It's still in a box in my room

  21. Fireball

    Fireball20 orë më parë

    can i just say that brawl had my favorite hit sounds? like they were so full, idk how to describe it

  22. Kevin Lemon

    Kevin Lemon20 orë më parë

    Scott,I miss you and I'm worried. I hope you didn't catch a bad case of getting murdered. Is it the scoliosis?

  23. Christopher Hoskinson

    Christopher Hoskinson21 orë më parë

    Also it's way easy to play on 3ds

  24. Christopher Hoskinson

    Christopher Hoskinson21 orë më parë

    you have to admit, mw3 on the ds was fun. I loved the throwing knife mechanism

  25. Dood Bro

    Dood Bro21 orë më parë

    Rock Candy = WalMart

  26. Jerry Goss

    Jerry Goss21 orë më parë

    Geist is my God. But I can't be bothered to double check the spelling of its name... Giest is a forgiving God.

  27. SpaghettiGamer Idc

    SpaghettiGamer Idc21 orë më parë

    Me when Scott doesn’t post in three weeks Me- this is the wii shop channel all over again!

  28. jonah loya memes

    jonah loya memes21 orë më parë

    I'm not gonna lie I got 12 boxes of pokemon sugar cookies in my freezer save me

  29. LocoDude Gaming

    LocoDude Gaming21 orë më parë

    Is Madden 08 the one that had ESPN radio when you booted it up?

  30. Elias plays 24/7

    Elias plays 24/721 orë më parë

    Bully 2 enough said

  31. Mark Douglas

    Mark Douglas22 orë më parë

    How about Herzog Zwei? Loved that game and surprisingly available on E bay.

  32. Chris TDH

    Chris TDH22 orë më parë

    Honestly, I'm glad to see how far you've come from flat-out STEALING Nathaniel Bandy's Mario Kart 9 predictions script fr your own video. As much as I love you nowadays, I'm never really gonna forgive you for that one, bud.

  33. Rally Tally

    Rally Tally22 orë më parë

    Scitt, its been a while. You good?

  34. Defboil Garfunkeldunk

    Defboil Garfunkeldunk22 orë më parë

    Everyone talking about 7:58 but personally I prefer 1:22

  35. Bgecko104

    Bgecko10422 orë më parë

    After Xbox one, I’ll take any name. *Xbox series X intensifies*

  36. NeverMind Gaming

    NeverMind Gaming22 orë më parë

    Man Nintendo is great

  37. M Dub_Dub

    M Dub_Dub23 orë më parë

    *does anything* Security: "N O"

  38. MV's channel

    MV's channel23 orë më parë

    Nobody: Mosquitoes: 4:33

  39. AverageMovieGoer

    AverageMovieGoer23 orë më parë

    Im really nervous that Battletoads 2019 might meet this fate

  40. T CraZy

    T CraZy23 orë më parë

    *cough* *cough* Mario galaxy 3 *cough* *cough*

  41. Retro Tech Select

    Retro Tech Select23 orë më parë

    Awesome collection! I always sold my older games and consoles up through about 2015 and have had to rebuild a lot of my collection from scratch. My current collection looks about like "Phase 2" from this video :D

  42. doctor.

    doctor.23 orë më parë

    come back you dingbat

  43. Connor The duke

    Connor The duke23 orë më parë

    Just call them smash 4

  44. Pearson Julian

    Pearson Julian23 orë më parë

    Because parents are soooo overprotective

  45. EvAnimations

    EvAnimations23 orë më parë

    I don’t have Wii play and I think I exist...

  46. An Hoang

    An Hoang23 orë më parë

    "WHAT THE F**K" is just going to be associated with that character, right?

  47. Daycrayfish 123

    Daycrayfish 12323 orë më parë

    Google stadia

  48. Tyler Moench

    Tyler MoenchDitë më parë

    Botw felt incomplete. Too often the shrines had no puzzles or were too easy. Obviously the weapons/durability completely marred the experience. Having a never-dulling sword, shield and being rewarded with new items is what we expect from Zelda. Making an entirely new series for botw seems more logical and profitable. But still, botw would be amazing if it had a complete story, actual dungeons and traditional weaponry and combat.

  49. n4s98

    n4s98Ditë më parë

    Why on earth do you use a mac? That's only going to cause problems

  50. Fire7224

    Fire7224Ditë më parë

    Yo where are you :(

  51. Loukus Goodwin

    Loukus GoodwinDitë më parë

    Let’s say in my mind, to “STOP smoking tobacco”; or you might get deadly lung cancer from it, but marijuana doesn’t cause any deadly cancer, but to cure it, & marijuana isn’t any addictive or unhealthy, & it has 100s of uses, while tobacco has only one: smoking.

  52. Rocco Paul Returns

    Rocco Paul ReturnsDitë më parë

    Can I be in the birth off

  53. Rithwik Medisetti

    Rithwik MedisettiDitë më parë

    I'm waiting for New Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 for the switch

  54. n4s98

    n4s98Ditë më parë

    This is just mainly a Nintendo list.....

  55. The Whimsical World of the Wonderful Worthywood

    The Whimsical World of the Wonderful WorthywoodDitë më parë

    Just last year I got Tron: Evolution collectors edition off of amazon for about $20. So now I have a decorative lightcycle figurine. Neat

  56. n4s98

    n4s98Ditë më parë

    The driving is the best in gta 4, it's so much fun and realistic unlike 5.....

  57. Pepe doing the milly rock

    Pepe doing the milly rockDitë më parë

    Pstv is fucking awesome don’t you dare

  58. honeysuckle - Piano

    honeysuckle - PianoDitë më parë

    I think Obama should appear as a dlc character

  59. MaddLava

    MaddLavaDitë më parë

    Alvin and the chipmunks are eligible for smash.

  60. CallMeWolf -_-

    CallMeWolf -_-Ditë më parë

    Yall wanna know the best thing of scott is? The pepto bismol bottle that has been there for like 2 years

  61. Black Hole

    Black HoleDitë më parë

    Call of Duty Mobile is amazing. It looks and feels exactly like 2010-12 cod on 360/PS3 And has Battle Royale! Also you forgot the most important point.. Emulators!

  62. Goretantath

    GoretantathDitë më parë

    Game is the best home console, has Custom Robo.

  63. Jordan Benjamin

    Jordan BenjaminDitë më parë

    So the real question is why of cod mobile leagues better than any on the ds?

  64. Paul Pearcy

    Paul PearcyDitë më parë

    Mine sega did not

  65. voteDC

    voteDCDitë më parë

    Can the Micro play Gameboy games from a flashcart?

  66. Alex

    AlexDitë më parë

    I think in duo mode if both player hit z(swap) they will trade driver and item user.

  67. Jason Stone

    Jason StoneDitë më parë

    Step 3: w h e e l

  68. Sauce Boss

    Sauce BossDitë më parë

    Where have you been :(

  69. Andy Blanton

    Andy BlantonDitë më parë


  70. 97MiloProductions

    97MiloProductionsDitë më parë

    well you called stage morph, too bad nobody uses it :/

  71. mtgamerguy

    mtgamerguyDitë më parë

    N64... No Banjo Kazooie?

  72. Fenrill_Ratz

    Fenrill_RatzDitë më parë

    Scott. And about P. T. : Konami did more to it. I have it on my ps4. But i can't play it anymore. Why? My "license" is gone. It seems like they also deleted the licenses and so, nobody can play it. Except the console is offline before that happend. Annoying. One of the greatest games, even it was just a teaser, lost forever. Ok, somebody made a pc port with the data. But i am still mad af. Konami made a big mistake.

  73. Achyuta Bharradwaj

    Achyuta BharradwajDitë më parë

    4:14 why did I expect him to say "five nights at freddy's "

  74. Tar 13

    Tar 13Ditë më parë

    Dam you had it made as a kid I wasn’t even aloud to have a gameboy because the screen was too small in it would hurt my eyes and mess them up 🤦🏻‍♀️

  75. 97MiloProductions

    97MiloProductionsDitë më parë

    bruh there's not a single store like that where i live :( the closest thing was a store chain that still sold gba games in like 2017, but thats just because nobody ever bought them, eventually the chain closed and IDK what happened of all those games

  76. auniqe

    auniqeDitë më parë

    hi scott

  77. auniqe

    auniqeDitë më parë

    scot play Portal!!

  78. Colonel 100

    Colonel 100Ditë më parë

    Where’s Dr. Jekly and Mr. Hyde for the NES?

  79. The All Fro

    The All FroDitë më parë

    Lol I’m playing fire emblem the original game who’ll watching the video

  80. Ink Sans

    Ink SansDitë më parë

    Scott: complains when the levels are bland and dull Also Scott: complains when sonic is super colorfull *Sad sonic noises*

  81. VOx_ _Ama

    VOx_ _AmaDitë më parë

    I still remember my old GBA SP, this video gave me big nostalgia feels. Thanks, scott

  82. 890 prodoctions

    890 prodoctionsDitë më parë

    This actually the best video to ever exist it has the perfect amount of humour ,cheesey-ness and serious-ness

  83. Aviator Gamer

    Aviator GamerDitë më parë

    The DSi was cool and all but does your DSi play Guitar Hero on Tour like my Lite does? Didn’t think so, idiot.

  84. VOx_ _Ama

    VOx_ _AmaDitë më parë

    I have and still use the shit out of my retron 3 today. I appreciate scott a little bit more for having one too

  85. Charlie Dixon

    Charlie DixonDitë më parë

    Scott the Woz: "Five Nights at Freddy's is brutally simple and uninteresting". Five Nights at Freddy's 2, 4, World, Sister Location, Pizzeria Simulator, Ultimate Custom Night, and Help Wanted: "Are we jokes to you?"

  86. C h o c o l a t e C h i p C o o k i e

    C h o c o l a t e C h i p C o o k i eDitë më parë

    I love the Pokémon gummies! They are AMAZING!

  87. Drunketh Wizard

    Drunketh WizardDitë më parë


  88. Happyface 445

    Happyface 445Ditë më parë

    Pause at 7:47 😂

  89. CorgiMan

    CorgiManDitë më parë

    And then there is gta Btw why is this in my recomended

  90. *straight busta* aka Carl johnson

    *straight busta* aka Carl johnsonDitë më parë

    Ah i love the re4 mobile it was nice already finished it

  91. *straight busta* aka Carl johnson

    *straight busta* aka Carl johnsonDitë më parë

    Funfact im watching this on smartphone right now

  92. Crow Migration

    Crow MigrationDitë më parë

    The prophecy! Lmao.

  93. werthy is my name

    werthy is my nameDitë më parë

    GameCube was really good. Had and still has the best controller in my opinion but the N64 is the best in my opinion. They started it all.

  94. Gtakiller 209

    Gtakiller 209Ditë më parë

    Listening to you say: "es esto una amenaza" was the best part

  95. Narax

    NaraxDitë më parë

    The game was probably rated T because of all the Metroid stuff. This also happens to be my least favourite of the series and the first one I played and the one I played the most. The future games are just better and the first is simple and sometimes simple is good. I really hate how in Melee it feels like all the characters are made of iron and the floor is a magnet.

  96. PrimeDiscover

    PrimeDiscoverDitë më parë

    Scott, you are the worst I had the best childhood around that game.

  97. Rasmus Tagu

    Rasmus TaguDitë më parë

    These just keep getting better and better.

  98. FlapJack

    FlapJackDitë më parë

    My biggest problem with this series: Why TF do the PAL and NTSC have different box designs on the DS??

  99. Thelonetexan2004

    Thelonetexan2004Ditë më parë

    Hell Yeah, Death!

  100. Brendan Milburn

    Brendan MilburnDitë më parë

    Apparently the upcoming Metro Redux collection is going to have both games on the card (two decent length HD first person shooters), so there is no excuse that Resident Evil Revelations Collection to have the second game be downloaded.