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MTV VMA's 2019 Red Carpet | HOT97
  1. james plummer

    james plummer8 sekonda më parë

    That's how Al Sharpton got started.

  2. HISstory T.V.

    HISstory T.V.11 sekonda më parë

    I bet it wasn't the error when you were sponsoring trap music and leading our youth down a path to destruction with your dope selling rhetoric that you made Millions off of you retarded motherfuker

  3. gabi sz

    gabi sz17 sekonda më parë

    he went from a whole pimp,the biggest rapper in the world to.... a instragam troll. so sad 👐👐👐😥rest in peace

  4. tell the truth it hurts

    tell the truth it hurts48 sekonda më parë

    No talk just lead

  5. tell the truth it hurts

    tell the truth it hurtsMinutë më parë

    I the kind of mother fucker i drive a cross state to do it.

  6. Bryan Dockery

    Bryan DockeryMinutë më parë

    If you think Candace Owens is a white supremacists, do you also think gang members who kill our kids and sell drugs to our community are white supremacists? Just wondering


    JAH ITAEKUMBAMinutë më parë

    Doja - who don't smoke Doja? ... sus Cat

  8. moneymitchamp

    moneymitchamp2 minuta më parë

    Killed mike is definitely wrong. 7 years after the civil war women like Candace wouldn’t have the job she does. It jobs in general. Trade Jobs that blacks did back then that killed mike mentioned were looked down on by whites back then. Until poor whites realized they could make livings off of the jobs black men were making good money from then

  9. Legal Matters

    Legal Matters3 minuta më parë

    How are you against white supremacy when you work for them! Black is not a nation color ppl is not a nation! Saying those titles is disrespectful!

  10. tell the truth it hurts

    tell the truth it hurts3 minuta më parë

    I think zacachys got shot.

  11. james plummer

    james plummer3 minuta më parë

    Killer Mike is talking bullshit, we need to watch him,siding with Bernie the bigoted and racist.

  12. eric demby

    eric demby3 minuta më parë

    Dictionary salrs probably went through the roof after this freestyle

  13. malefrmbk

    malefrmbk3 minuta më parë

    About damn time someone schooled these youngsters if it wasn't for old school there would be no new school...

  14. Will Esco

    Will Esco4 minuta më parë

    One of the best freestyle !!! I've heard so far at Flex, PIFFF

  15. Mandingo Grande

    Mandingo Grande5 minuta më parë

    Liberals like Rosenberg and Ebro prefer censorship over substantial Debate .

  16. TJ Walker

    TJ Walker6 minuta më parë

    TI needs to educate himself.

  17. audreytrvs

    audreytrvs6 minuta më parë

    Lets not act like candice wasn't being attacked from 3 side. First the crowd wouldnt let her talk. Second ti wouldnt let her talk. Third the interviewer was biased. Who would be able to think clearly. Noone let her talk. It was a waste of time. Ti on the panel was a waste of time. That's why we cant get anywhere because people dont know how to have a simple conversation.

  18. Bryan Dockery

    Bryan Dockery7 minuta më parë

    Dude is respectful to AOC but disrespectful to Candace Owens... Black people take note on who is really in your corner.

  19. Gbedu Mallam

    Gbedu Mallam7 minuta më parë

    The opening statement says it all about these biased morons. Trump is doing great for America and everybody regardless of race is benefiting and yet people like this (reflective of their kind of audience) make stupid statements like "MAGA Maniac White Supremacists". What about non-white Trump supporters? These morons have access to a means to reach a lot more people with objective information but they spew racial and partisan nonsense. The same nonsense that has help to make the majority Blacks feel they can't make it in this country.

  20. Alex Torres

    Alex Torres8 minuta më parë

    Damn Ebro! Thinking it would be a good conversation, but start off by saying her audience is usually white supremacy! As soon as I herd you say turned off. I rather read the comments! I’ll get more info here then the video I’m sure. Love for all of you, left and right... stop trying to tear us apart. Blessings

  21. Latesha Edwards

    Latesha Edwards8 minuta më parë

    Why would they like people like Harriet Tubman!!!! Rosa Parks, Candace Owen, Lauren Hill or any intelligent Black Women or Men who think for themselves.❤🦋

  22. computerfastrepair

    computerfastrepair9 minuta më parë

    bring back Star and bucwild

  23. AC Scissors

    AC Scissors9 minuta më parë

    Black people need to have gun ownership because I'm going to keep it real these white folks got one two some even ten you better arm yourself in case they try and pull another black wall street I got two AR a shotgun and pistol it's very easy to buy a gun especially if you're in Texas like me.

  24. Kafil Hinds

    Kafil Hinds9 minuta më parë

    Why is Rosenberg talking about who can be at the Table to discuss the Black agenda? This Revolt Summit is purely based on different sides of the aisle for Black people. Candice Owens needs to be there. Her ideas and thoughts are probably more valuable than Rosenberg's opinion on who should be discussing ideas.

  25. AC Scissors

    AC Scissors9 minuta më parë

    Black people need to have gun ownership because I'm going to keep it real these white folks got one two some even ten you better arm yourself in case they try and pull another black wall street I got two AR a shotgun and pistol it's very easy to buy a gun especially if you're in Texas like me.

  26. Son of Josiah

    Son of Josiah11 minuta më parë

    Democrats have less honor and respect for The Most High Christ than the other party. Democrats want to be in God's place.

  27. N.W.A.

    N.W.A.12 minuta më parë

    Illegal immigration is bad for the black community.

  28. Broncos Stampede

    Broncos Stampede12 minuta më parë

    The Reason Mos Def Got Banned...Is Because He Was Exposing Both The Government And The Hip-Hop Music Industry For The Disturction Of The Black Community Threw Hip-Hop Pop Culture....Both Blacks Who Are Brain Washed In The Distruction Of Our People And The Government Turned They Back On Him!!

  29. WeezyF. Mack

    WeezyF. Mack12 minuta më parë

    And let's be realistic speaking as a black person I didn't hear Trump say anything racist when he was campaigning for president it was the media and advocates of illegal immigrants who started calling Trump racist after he said that Mexico was sending rapists and murderers across the border not only is that the truth there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of criminal illegal immigrants that have committed rapes and murders also let's not forget that they all are technically criminals because they broke into the country and reside here illegally then you have the ones who continue to me commit crimes since being here. Secondly Mexican is not a race so to call somebody racist when they're referring to a nationality is people heard the racism Bell being wrong and we just chimed in right along with it instead of waiting to see if there was actually anything racist being said because nobody holds more sway over being the victims of racism then us black people we could have used this as an opportunity this secure something for our community if Kim Kardashian who amongst being known for many things prison reform advocate was never one of them until now she's secured the freedom of a number of black people from prison we could have done the same thing on a larger scale with Trump participating even if it was just for the photo op and the chance to say look black people don't think I'm racist. Trump is a rich egomaniac there's a certain amount of what sounds like racism associated with egotism and this is common amongst the super rich because they're rich invalidates whatever mode of thinking they choose to employ and so Trump being an egomaniac and this is evidenced by his need to tweet things incessantly, is not going to allow anybody that he deems not on his level IE not a billionaire, to tell him anything contrary to his belief and this is being misconstrued for racism that in his failure to overtly or quickly enough disavow the support he receives from racist or white supremacist I'm particular he's already been backed into a corner people have already made it clear that there's no middle ground you either are for Trump and therefore a racist in the opinion of the media and ignorant people who follow the media or you have to hate him and everything he is associated. This is a ridiculous an unsustainable way of thinking especially when you consider the fact that Trump was a registered Democrat not even 5 years ago had donated money to Hillary Clinton and various other Democrat senators congressmen and presidential candidates it was just because the left never took him seriously anytime he said he wanted to run for president so being a businessman he went with what made sense which was to take the path of least resistance ie the Republican path and he put his finger on the pulse of a group who felt forgotten about and marginalized a group who were tired of seeing politic conducted like business as usual is that move hand tapping in with the people who felt forgotten that ultimately won him the presidency

  30. Jimmy Greene

    Jimmy Greene13 minuta më parë

    Ur preachern division

  31. GlitchTV

    GlitchTV13 minuta më parë

    The arrogance of Ebro, Rosenberg, & Laura Stylez to sit up there with a straight face who isn't allowed a seat a the table for black discussions when neither one of them are black themselves, the only black person on that station is the dude on the boards and they don't even have the decency to let him speak his opinions on the subject(pretty sure he'll just agree with them anyway) the fact that they didn't even allow him air time shows how outta touch they truly are with black culture. Calling Republicans maga maniacs because they voted for trump is also telling about their level of intellect. Ebro proudly boasting that he doesn't have the temperament to have a civil discussion with a person who has a difference of opinion is ridiculous and also telling

  32. Misfit. Marv

    Misfit. Marv13 minuta më parë

    Bobby shmurda didnt snitch

  33. Hype Man Dan

    Hype Man Dan14 minuta më parë

    Yeah there's no possible way this is all off the head freestyle

  34. jbeezy412

    jbeezy41214 minuta më parë


  35. Stop speeding

    Stop speeding15 minuta më parë

    Bunch of rich privileged people there. Why would Candace expect them to listen to her?

  36. Corey B

    Corey B15 minuta më parë

    Everything that you said here is incorrect.

  37. * 9/11 DANCING ISRAEL'S*

    * 9/11 DANCING ISRAEL'S*16 minuta më parë


  38. jbeezy412

    jbeezy41217 minuta më parë

    Rosenberg??? How are you in the conversation???? Black folks are thinking 🤔 for themselves…. You aint black bruh…

  39. NoB.S

    NoB.S17 minuta më parë

    Ask Candace for the *DATA*.

  40. M Drew

    M Drew17 minuta më parë


  41. Sean Moody

    Sean Moody17 minuta më parë

    the title to this video and others like it should say ti and candace Owen's fight over who has the best slave master, stop the media lies


    STILLTRIPIN8118 minuta më parë

    I don't blame that woman can the song the Democratic Party has lied so horribly for the last God knows how many years It's devastating when you start looking into the facts .. Of course she support anything but a Democrat when you do the research it's the only smart choice... And you guys can take all the guns in the world people will make their own their simple to make..

  43. Rodney Bradley

    Rodney Bradley20 minuta më parë

    Peter thinking he has a say on who should be at the table discussing Black liberation and empowerment is hilarious. Calm down bucko. You played yourself

  44. alix michel

    alix michel20 minuta më parë

    i hate hot 97 i never listen to than .the only reason why i listen today it because i like akon and him talking about michael jackson

  45. milleniumann28

    milleniumann2820 minuta më parë

    Take AR15 out of civilians hands 😟you trippin bro!!!!! How about promoting niccas acting right doing positive shyt and then I'll put my AR down. I dont walk around strapped up for white supremacists I do it because my own people on some BS! Also we got Iran bombing our allies in the middle east and yall mf'ers talking about disarming the citizens who protect our borders indirectly!!! Yall missing the big picture on guns and the 2nd amendment only 2 things can come from disarming the citizens, another nazi Germany or a middle eastern attack/take over of american soil...let that sink in..... war in your backyard some shyt nobody is ready for and is looking like its weeks away!

  46. Coco_Munroe

    Coco_Munroe20 minuta më parë

    Killer Mike speaks facts so eloquently, TI should have let her speak, both sides need to be heard so we can learn. Bit very impressed by TI.

  47. Chris Bossio

    Chris Bossio20 minuta më parë

    People please watch the entire panel and don’t let people like Ebro make an opinion for you

  48. Jeremy Blase

    Jeremy Blase21 minutë më parë

    YAY Rosenberg trying to get cool points with the hip hop community again

  49. Daniel Correa

    Daniel Correa21 minutë më parë

    Free peter shue

  50. Hefdotcom

    Hefdotcom21 minutë më parë

    So you’ll invite Kodak Black for an interview just to disrespect him and accomplish nothing, but not Candace Owens

  51. Pat P

    Pat P21 minutë më parë

    Wow... off the cuff dismissing so many as "white supremacists." This is exactly what Candace is talking about. SMH Hot 97

  52. Brandon Derrick

    Brandon Derrick21 minutë më parë

    Candace Owens for President 2024 !!!

  53. Noize

    Noize22 minuta më parë

    Black people are not majority Democrat because we're just brainwashed sheep. It was Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan's REPUBLICAN administrations along with Cointelpro that funneled crack into our prosperous black communities to destabilize and disorganize us. The police force targets, arrests, and kills our black men for petty/non-existent crimes. Then Republicans have the NERVE to point fingers back at us and ask "Where are the black fathers?" Don't believe me? " We knew we couldn't make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin. And then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities," Republican Aide to Richard Nixon, John Erlichman. I hate most Democrats and Republicans but lets please not act like their bullshit is equal. Republicans have actively tried to destroy our black communities for decades.

  54. Daesha Powell

    Daesha Powell24 minuta më parë

    I feel these host, TI, and everyone else who thinks Candace supports white supremacist or anyone else who supports some ideas with DT, really sound ridiculous! Listen to the Women don't let what she's trying to say go way over your heads. Check it out. Listen for yourselves. Love yourselves enough!

  55. BFHRD503 X

    BFHRD503 X24 minuta më parë

    Ebro doesn't have the balls to face Candice Owens . 🤣 🤣

  56. Just N

    Just N24 minuta më parë

    TI waist of a seat

  57. MLO

    MLO25 minuta më parë

    FACT: Who voted for Donald Trump? 8% of black voters - 88% voted for Clinton! 58% of white voters - 37% backed Clinton

  58. IN4RED_HNL

    IN4RED_HNL26 minuta më parë

    I like how this show is hosted by 2 Jews and a Latina and they feel like they speak for all blacks... interesting... they seem like the very people that keep the blacks enslaved mentally

  59. Mama Bear

    Mama Bear26 minuta më parë

    I cannot take these three serious based on their comments! Now I must ask myself who owns that radio station ?

  60. son of mann

    son of mann27 minuta më parë

    Only white supremacists and the black people who love them will try to equate the slavery that happens all over the world with chattel slavery which was something far more insidious and catastrophic to a group of people in this case the American negro.


    CUSTOM DIAMANTE' JEWELRY'27 minuta më parë

    I DONT WANT TO HEAR BLACK ISSUES FROM NONE “ on “ NONE “ BLACK FOLKS” Ebro?? Mixed. Not black! Stop it sir! Candace was & Mike- only ones that used FACTS, LOGIC N TRUTH. TIP=. CALL TIP HOTLINE N REPORT IF U WITNESSES A CRIME???? Really. Mr. dope Boy. Lot of potato salad talk. Whites are laughing n saying we got em’. I’m biracial. Not black. African yes! Native. Yes! Spanish. Yes. Ebro. GTFOOH.

  62. Cult Boy

    Cult Boy28 minuta më parë

    These pansies are afraid to talk to her lmao

  63. Mama Bear

    Mama Bear28 minuta më parë

    EBRO please watch some old Malcom X videos!

  64. james williams

    james williams28 minuta më parë

    Any black person who think Candace is on blk pple side has lost thier marbles.

  65. BusaridingT B.

    BusaridingT B.28 minuta më parë

    Ebro Much respect to you guys your social commentary is commendable even though you guys could easily say"This isn't being affected

  66. Jay212digo

    Jay212digo28 minuta më parë

    Killer mike was right.We don't research we let the media teach us.We let these schools teach us and we let these churches uneducate us

  67. whitelily227

    whitelily22728 minuta më parë

    The way to combat speech you don’t like is with more speech. Everyone should be respected and allowed to speak. If what your opponent is saying is dumb or a bad argument, you do the intelligent thing and come back with an intelligent response. By shouting Candace down, they missed a good opportunity to expose false ideologies.

  68. Akim the Dreem

    Akim the Dreem28 minuta më parë

    White Peter Rosenberg, so if you're black and dont hate trump or support trump you can't have a seat at the table with other black people to fix their problems as a whole??? Now you using your propaganda to speak for black people

  69. Genesis _

    Genesis _28 minuta më parë

    Which logic beat is at 14:19

  70. mike pride

    mike pride30 minuta më parë

    T.I. is pandering to a sympathetic audience. Black folks can't handle what isn't agreeable or truthful. Facts are facts whether you like them or not. Ebro and all his co-workers will pander to who is their majority audience is.

  71. IN4RED_HNL

    IN4RED_HNL30 minuta më parë

    Ebro talking like candace supports white supremacists? Wtf... trump isnt a white supremacists, now he is after he president lol laughable

  72. Golden Boy

    Golden Boy31 minutë më parë

    teSNITCHI 69

  73. Sir Fitz

    Sir Fitz31 minutë më parë

    people of color have never benefited from the democratic party...but the party has benefited from their vote

  74. deadlyoneable

    deadlyoneable31 minutë më parë

    Candace preaches about being a victor not a victim. Clowns like the ones on this show will always keep their people down with that mentality.

  75. Cutie Teiarra

    Cutie Teiarra31 minutë më parë

    Killah Mike for PRESIDENT

  76. Timothy Grate

    Timothy Grate32 minuta më parë

    Black people shouldn't be apart anything that repeatedly reminds us that we're the enemy

  77. deadlyoneable

    deadlyoneable32 minuta më parë

    The people on this show, TI, and others are scared to death of Candace. Truth is cryptonite to them.

  78. Brian Maye

    Brian Maye32 minuta më parë

    We study our disadvantage instead of our empowerment.

  79. Tjayy Jackson

    Tjayy Jackson34 minuta më parë

    T.i. a clown shouldn't have been there

  80. HANZO

    HANZO34 minuta më parë

    Ebro you weren’t invited. You always got a lot to say ...

  81. J Farrington

    J Farrington34 minuta më parë

    Black people need to read more about AFRICAN HISTORY and the AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY.TO GET YOU STARTED.Go to JOHN HENRIK CLARK(A GREAT AND MIGHTY WALK) and go from there!

  82. Indivisionaire LLC

    Indivisionaire LLC34 minuta më parë

    So the T.I. And Candence debacle is trending amongst alllllllll the gems Killer Mike dropped , that’s part of the damn problem. We glorify and magnify drama and combative debate, smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  83. Mama Bear

    Mama Bear35 minuta më parë

    Take our guns- really? Look at Venezuela!!!

  84. Lamar Jackson

    Lamar Jackson35 minuta më parë

    TI just yelled the whole time

  85. abdulrahim2540

    abdulrahim254035 minuta më parë

    He didn't even give her a chance to answer the question he kept on cutting her off that's weak.

  86. Brian Maye

    Brian Maye35 minuta më parë

    This is the first time I've ever seen her frustrated and she is great at debate.

  87. Mama Bear

    Mama Bear36 minuta më parë

    Y’all google Dave CHAPPELLe town hall meeting and you will understand why we as blacks need to get involved in local politics!!

  88. Duke Blue

    Duke Blue36 minuta më parë

    Run up on ya range, turn into Lil Wayne and give ya Car the 5 The Carter 5 😭😭😭 this dude sick I know this old but I keep listening anyway

  89. Camden McInnis

    Camden McInnis37 minuta më parë

    One more time. MAGA is referring to when Detroit was on top of manufacturing and the economic boom in the 80s. The only people who weren't getting money back then were crack heads.

  90. Jason Stewart

    Jason Stewart37 minuta më parë

    America's not great but more people are trying to come here than are trying to leave. The wall ain't to keep people in. If you don't like it here, get tf.

  91. Wavy Lewis

    Wavy Lewis37 minuta më parë

    Man KShine killed Rex really

  92. Brittany Sapp

    Brittany Sapp37 minuta më parë

    Migos meek Mill Kash doll and they stiff ASF 🤦🏿‍♀️🙅🏿‍♀️

  93. Sha

    Sha38 minuta më parë

    I wonder how the NRA & a majority of the members would feel if black people formed organizations to purchase AR-15s & AK 47s in mass quantities 🤔

  94. Duke Blue

    Duke Blue38 minuta më parë

    Since March 9th never liked the box or Burban rip BIG!


    SHAKE WEIGHT38 minuta më parë

    who is "massa" that Killer Mike is speaking about?

  96. purplekitty

    purplekitty38 minuta më parë

    T.I. Did nothing but squawk his stupid head off like always. Why do people keep putting him in serious discussions?

  97. J Cortez

    J Cortez38 minuta më parë

    “We want to take your guns, because we do” Since it is your right to own guns, understand when they say this they mean “We want to take your rights, because we do”. “AR-15s have no place in society” this is all propaganda. Fools. You turn in your guns and you no longer have the ability to defend yourself, your family, your property, or your rights.

  98. Indivisionaire LLC

    Indivisionaire LLC38 minuta më parë

    Candace made some great points, idgaf what nobody say. Just because you disagree with one thing someone says doesn’t mean everything they say is bullshit, that’s false. This is the mentality of people who vote solely Democratic or solely Republican, which is stupid. Smh

  99. Camden McInnis

    Camden McInnis38 minuta më parë

    This shits cringy. I'm out!

  100. Duke Blue

    Duke Blue38 minuta më parë

    Used to work with a bird, like Kevin McCale, yea I’m getting older but dam I love that bar