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Jaclyn Hill
Jaclyn Hill

Hi I'm Jaclyn Hill from JaclynHill1 on ALworks. I am a professional makeup artist. I'm young, ambitious & full of life. I post makeup tutorials and makeup reviews on all different holidays and themes, like smokey eye tutorials, how to shape and sculpt brow tutorials, challenges/tags, celebrity makeup tutorials like the Kardashians and Jenners along with other celebrity makeup looks, hair tutorials and more! I hope you love my makeup tutorials.
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Where I've Been

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My Lipsticks

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Lets Talk...

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CLOSET TOUR | Jaclyn Hill
  1. Mandie Love

    Mandie LoveDitë më parë

    Her face changing is NOT from weight. She’s injecting herself.

  2. Mandie Love

    Mandie LoveDitë më parë


  3. m1ssT1ff4ny

    m1ssT1ff4nyDitë më parë

    1. Your were beautiful before, and your STILL so BEAUTIFUL now. 2. I struggle with anxiety & depression as well, thanks for being so transparent & open about your struggles. Know your not alone 😩🙏🏼 3.I know you feel like you have a lot of people to answer to, but honestly.... u shouldn’t FEEL like you have to explain anything to us especially about why u haven’t been present. LAUNCH that new product & be PROUD ❤️❤️❤️ reach your goals & keep doing what YOU love. 🌟

  4. Li T

    Li TDitë më parë

    Jaclyn, keep being beautiful!!! You're doing an awesome job ❤️

  5. Stellar Celeste

    Stellar CelesteDitë më parë

    You know it’s *real* when you have to put “(Vulnerable)” in parentheses *in* the title... 🙄 Jaclyn Hill the victim?! Nooooo.

  6. drs 299

    drs 299Ditë më parë

    1:18 I Listened 5 times and I swear she says asses-eries.. instead of accessories lol

  7. nicoleyrenee

    nicoleyreneeDitë më parë

    Holy fucking ahhhhh JACLYN!!!! I remember maybe 3 or 4 years ago you did that cute little Ready Okay! Yesss the spirit fingers! I'm sorry i'm genuinely crying as I type out this comment!! I'm proud of how far you've came now I just feel so inspired by you you're amazing! Congraqulations

  8. Sara Woodul

    Sara WoodulDitë më parë

    I miss this Jaclyn 😭

  9. osses army

    osses armyDitë më parë

    Una pregunta sigues vendiendo tus labiales caducado, vencidos y llenos de hongos. Porque me daria mucho pesar la gente que utiliza tu marca.

  10. Tal Rev

    Tal RevDitë më parë

    Holy shit your voice sounds different

  11. Ashley Hernandez

    Ashley HernandezDitë më parë

    I miiiissss this!!!

  12. Conner Kinder

    Conner KinderDitë më parë

    2019 can go straight to hell as far as I’m concerned

  13. Sara Hostetler

    Sara HostetlerDitë më parë

    Came back in 2020 to rewatch the good OG jac

  14. Emily Fastoff

    Emily FastoffDitë më parë

    In the future, could you do an updated skincare routine. Your skin is literally gorgeous 💕

  15. Let’s blend-beauty by Nicole

    Let’s blend-beauty by NicoleDitë më parë

    I love love love it gooooo girl can’t wait to order 😍😘💜💜💜

  16. Gladys Espinoza

    Gladys EspinozaDitë më parë

    Your amazing Jaclyn keep up the wonderful work .With all of the new things that come your way!

  17. Courtney Staffney [Student]

    Courtney Staffney [Student]Ditë më parë

    the song at 6:30 and 6:55 is sleepyhead by passion pit

  18. kooolllkats cat

    kooolllkats catDitë më parë

    I love you and fuck with you Jaclyn . You taught me a lot in the make up game!

  19. Tiarre Love

    Tiarre LoveDitë më parë

    Why would she even bring that up ! How disgusting of her . “ did you really not know your lipsticks had fuzzys in them ? “ like bitch what ?

  20. FindingBliss

    FindingBliss2 ditë më parë

    So so beautiful 😍 can’t wait to play around with this palette!

  21. Laura Lewis

    Laura Lewis2 ditë më parë

    keep your head up, the internet can be such a horrible place. i wish more people would educate and spread positivity more often. Thank you for this video

  22. marybel torres

    marybel torres2 ditë më parë

    I am in LOOOOOOVE WITH THIS COLOR STORY! I CAN'T WAIT for it to come in! also thank you for making me laugh with you.. I miss watching your videos and feeling like you just get me sooo well 😂❤️❤️

  23. Caitlyn Jo

    Caitlyn Jo2 ditë më parë

    Feb 2020 and this is in my recommended lol LOVE me some Jaclyn!! ❤️

  24. marybel torres

    marybel torres2 ditë më parë

    loved your video! thank you for updating us. Also I'm happy to say I purchased the pallet and I cannot wait! for it to get here! 😭🔥🔥 Love you so much! please stop listening to the haters.

  25. Pricilla Sierra

    Pricilla Sierra2 ditë më parë

    You are beautiful and BRAVE to talk about everything that did. You're awesome 😘😘

  26. tamara swanson

    tamara swanson2 ditë më parë

    Those nails tho :)

  27. Christine Hampton

    Christine Hampton2 ditë më parë

    I use clean and clear to clean my face Eve night when I take a shower and it’s been working for me but I have really dry sensitive skin

  28. Stellar Star

    Stellar Star2 ditë më parë

    THIS was an amazing video!! You are so beautiful Jaclyn!!! 💕✨❣️💖

  29. Adriana Vera

    Adriana Vera2 ditë më parë


  30. Brittney Nicole

    Brittney Nicole2 ditë më parë

    You shouldn’t even have to talk about your weight gain

  31. Amirah Vahora

    Amirah Vahora2 ditë më parë

    Dang girl that contour is on point! I can’t stop staring when you’re snatching your cheeks. Also just bought the second Jaclyn Hill palette and can’t wait to use it ❤️

  32. Seairea Battle

    Seairea Battle2 ditë më parë

    I had the flu so bad too in Jan. It was so bad. Imagine having to still go to your 9 to 5 and trick yourself into feeling better to make the day go by. Then here’s the kicker. My 5yr catches it while I was still ill.. HORRIBLE.. I HATEDDDDDDDDDD JAN. I think America hated Jan.. I give compliments in public too! I know people are prob creeped out by it also. 😅😅

  33. Lilly Forsberg

    Lilly Forsberg2 ditë më parë


  34. Ruth Loredo

    Ruth Loredo2 ditë më parë

    Anybody know what happened to Frankie? She said her 3 dogs.... ?? Glad to have you back Jac!

  35. Cupcake Productions

    Cupcake Productions2 ditë më parë

    Is it just me who dreads but loves watching jaclyn videos because their soooo good but when they're all over wat am I supposed to watch😩😩😩

  36. Josephine Haddad

    Josephine Haddad2 ditë më parë

    You’re beautiful 💗

  37. Lorelei Hayes

    Lorelei Hayes2 ditë më parë

    Jaclyn you are a very strong woman and it’s been so heartbreaking to see how this past year has panned out for you, and see what is done to you. But I’m so happy that you are on the road to recovery and moving on to better things! It’s shameful how people treat others on the internet and I’m so sorry for how it’s affected you. Moving on to better things!!

  38. Alyssa Dady

    Alyssa Dady2 ditë më parë

    I’m going to need her to stop roasting herself and downing her looks because she is still gorgeous no matter what. 🙌 She could literally be covered in dirt and she’d still look gorgeous.

  39. Rita Esho

    Rita Esho2 ditë më parë

    you look amazing, Jaclyn!

  40. Lindsay Kay

    Lindsay Kay2 ditë më parë

    Wow.. Idk why this was recommended in 2020 but this doesn’t even look like Jaclyn anymore😳

  41. Following the Ferrari's

    Following the Ferrari's2 ditë më parë

    So I’m new to this ALworks thing and have 7 followers woo hoo. Anyhow I love love makeup and have purchased your vault collection and just bought the volume II palette 🎨 I’m so excited to get it, and I just want to say thank you for being so brave and opening up, I have been suffering severe depression, social anxiety, PTSD and recently been diagnosed with bipolar II disorder from stress and trying to get my treatment right it’s been soooo hard for so long but I have discovered that doing my make up and making videos is a way to connect with the outside world without really connecting because I only have 7 subscribers lol but it’s a safe space away from physically being in the outside world. I was happy to hear that you have good Doctors and family around you Jaclyn, you are incredibly brave 🙏🏻 I can’t wait to review your new palette 🎨 on my new channel xxx take care xxx ❤️Nicole. F❤️ ALworks’s new channel- Following The Ferrari’s

  42. Alondra Zamora

    Alondra Zamora2 ditë më parë

    I love those earrings 😩❤️

  43. Maria patricia Garcia

    Maria patricia Garcia2 ditë më parë

    Lowkey i feel like jaclyn needs therapy a lot of plp have done damage to her 😕 we get it she has made mistakes before but plp have been a lil too agressive

  44. Jaime Bohrtz

    Jaime Bohrtz2 ditë më parë

    Love your message about spreading kind words! I'm also a Cancer zodiac..and giving compliments comes naturally for me, too. You never know how being genuine and uplifting towards people...in day to day life...can brighten their day...❤ Also really proud of you for facing your anxiety and coping mechanisms and getting on back on track in a healthy way...you got this girl!!!💗


    SISI ABBAS-OFFICIAL2 ditë më parë

    I don’t really follow Jaclyn but I’ve always known who she was and how big she was on ALworks. It’s heartbreaking to see how much hate she received after those lipsticks, it’s not as if she hurt people’s feelings or stole from them? The way people were going on at her was as if she did something super bad. I’m really proud of you Jaclyn, you don’t deserve the hate. Unfortunately this world is a home for some seriously dark and evil people, your perseverance is light and radiance. I believe everything will turn out great for you, seriously.

  46. Cupcake Productions

    Cupcake Productions2 ditë më parë


  47. BeautyMarkd. Makeup

    BeautyMarkd. Makeup2 ditë më parë

    Trust in God, in Christ... study Him. This has helped me overcome OCD through illness and many other things. Jackie I wish you the best and being someone that’s gone through depression, God has been my ultimate cure

  48. Xiomara  Montealegre

    Xiomara Montealegre2 ditë më parë

    Is Ulta gonna sell this pallet too

  49. lesli perez

    lesli perez2 ditë më parë

    just purchased my favourite sports car paid in c@sh thanks to, *PaidHomeEasy .com*

  50. linna xo

    linna xo2 ditë më parë

    so when are u changing ur name since hill is jon's last name & yall aint married anymore or are u planing to continue using his last name..?

  51. : P

    : P2 ditë më parë

    Jaclyn doesn’t need to put herself down, the palette is gorgeous and so is she. Literally so many people hate me, but nobody needs to give a shit about them, because frankly they’re probably a minority, same story here. Jaclyn, girl please go easy on yourself. Loads of people fucking love you. Focus on the positivity around you x

  52. Emily Campbell

    Emily Campbell2 ditë më parë

    Oh wow Jaclyn I NEED THIS PALETTEEEEE!!! I am very picky with palettes too. This is the perfect mix of everyday blush and neutral tones with the perfect amount of pops of color! I need it. Buying it next time i hit ulta 😍 so proud and happy for you babeeee. 2020 is gonna be an amazing year for you.

  53. SHXNEL

    SHXNEL2 ditë më parë

    You should try the gym as someone who feels the same with anxiety and depression that was the only thing that helped me when I hit rock bottom I know it’s hard to get it started and it’s especially hard when you don’t even wanna get out of bed but I honestly believe that it helps everybody even though everybody’s different but it’s just a great way to channel anxiety. And I don’t mean the gym to lose weight! You look amazing as always.❤️❤️❤️

  54. Sharon Baird

    Sharon Baird2 ditë më parë

    🎼 One love, one heart, lets get together and feel alright 🎼 Bob Marley-One love 💖

  55. Lolyb 3

    Lolyb 32 ditë më parë

    ❤Sending love❤ You can do it❤

  56. Vickie Carmel :D

    Vickie Carmel :D2 ditë më parë

    Feb2020 recommendation? Ok

  57. Yousra Piro

    Yousra Piro2 ditë më parë

    15:00 One of the best parts of this video. Love the message ❤️ Highlighter ain't even on yet, but the message you try to bring across makes you radiate ❤️❤️ very inspiring.

  58. ladyeofani

    ladyeofani2 ditë më parë

    I miss this version of Jaclyn Hill!

  59. Shannon Rutledge

    Shannon Rutledge2 ditë më parë

    Thank you for being honest and open with us. I hope you find exactly what you’re looking for!

  60. Paloma Galdino

    Paloma Galdino2 ditë më parë

    Omg she does not look like this at all anymore I am so in shock 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  61. wolfpacksis2007

    wolfpacksis20072 ditë më parë

    Beautiful palette! You killed it, girl!

  62. Anna Capozzoli

    Anna Capozzoli2 ditë më parë

    I have only gotten through the first row and this is STUNNING! Congrats girl!

  63. Graci Lamb

    Graci Lamb2 ditë më parë


  64. Gemini Work

    Gemini Work2 ditë më parë

    Not going to lie Jacklyn when I saw this I was shook to my core I was sure I had a different page . The physical appearance is drastic since I last visited your page which is upsetting truly. But your raw honesty and the fact you are trying to connect with your audience again I think needed to happen to make you humble again as I imagine the fall from grace is hard loosing your crown must be hard but maybe it has made you see the world differently now and that your fortunate to of had the career you have had . Good luck Jacklyn 😊

  65. Jessica Parish

    Jessica Parish2 ditë më parë

    People hold celebrities to this standard that's unrealistic. It's as if people think because you have money and nice things that you're not human. They're just jealous and they can see you're vulnerable right now, don't let them bring you down because that's what they want.

  66. Anna Capozzoli

    Anna Capozzoli2 ditë më parë

    You are the sole reason I became interested in makeup and I can never thank you enough! We appreciate your honesty and dedication. If it takes months of you off camera to get your health together, you do you girl! We will always support you.

  67. Jessica Parish

    Jessica Parish2 ditë më parë

    I love hearing influencers talking about spreading positivity, we need more of that in this world ❤️ I always have positive things to say but never comment on anything and this video makes me wanna start. Ive always loved your videos, you have way more support than hate trust me lol we just don't always comment 😊

  68. Megan Turkel

    Megan Turkel2 ditë më parë

    fck yes. gimmme

  69. Priya S

    Priya S2 ditë më parë

    Just one big doubt!! When did she shower ?

  70. Rhikailyn James

    Rhikailyn James2 ditë më parë

    Why is this in my recommendations in 2020? I ain’t mad tho

  71. Megan Turkel

    Megan Turkel2 ditë më parë

    💋 you’re sweet. stay honest! it’s appreciated

  72. Thaakirah Edwards

    Thaakirah Edwards2 ditë më parë


  73. Jordan Noël

    Jordan Noël2 ditë më parë

    Wow the most random suggestion. I still stan this girl but man the life come up

  74. Angela Workman

    Angela Workman2 ditë më parë

    I miss this Jaclyn, she seemed so real & senseer

  75. Kaya Kuiti

    Kaya Kuiti2 ditë më parë

    You are amazing.

  76. CrAzY CaT LaDy

    CrAzY CaT LaDy2 ditë më parë

    Girl I don't really know who you are but yesterday I went the mall and I got this. Let me tell you what this pallet is amazing. I wore it yesterday and today and the comments on my make up were insane. 👏👏👏

  77. Mk Babyy

    Mk Babyy2 ditë më parë

    You are beautiful!! Don’t feel ashamed of yourself! You don’t have to justify yourself to anyone! I have watched you since 500k, we miss you and we support you 110%! Nothing makes me happier than to roll over and click my phone on to see you posted something! What happened to your piercings? I loved the ones in your ear!! So excited for your launch!

  78. Sadia B

    Sadia B2 ditë më parë

    I’ve been holding off, but now I think I’ll finally get the flash palette and a mood light. It’s been slowly growing on me haha. I’m just having trouble deciding on which shade. That’s why I came back to rewatch your video.

  79. Hannah Da Silva

    Hannah Da Silva2 ditë më parë

    What happened to her cheeks

  80. holly G

    holly G2 ditë më parë

    Congrats it’s a beautiful palette ! 💕

  81. Kayla Bebe

    Kayla Bebe2 ditë më parë

    Your amazing, I love you!

  82. Lizz D.

    Lizz D.2 ditë më parë

    I am PROUD of you for letting yourself be so vulnerable and so open! You deserve all the best things that life can give you, and it's refreshing to feel so close to another person. 😘❤️

  83. Peppyboi 23

    Peppyboi 232 ditë më parë

    Hon cigarettes are fda approved, and they kill people

  84. Peppyboi 23

    Peppyboi 232 ditë më parë

    Why are you talking so fast ah

  85. Jenny Lee

    Jenny Lee2 ditë më parë

    Jaclyn!!!! Love you! Stay strong!

  86. Carolyn LePine

    Carolyn LePine2 ditë më parë

    I love Jaclyn- but the sad part is that she is easily twice as beautiful here, and it has nothing to do with her weight. Her idea of beauty has turned to super crazy nails, fillers, nose correction, being tan, lips so big she can hardly speak sometimes.....And I don’t like that people who are beauty experts can’t see that they’ve made themselves look less beautiful.

  87. Crystal Cleary

    Crystal Cleary2 ditë më parë

    Girl I bought the palette on launch day Ive followed you from the beginning and will continue to do so your an amazing human keep being you

  88. Kylee Morrison

    Kylee Morrison2 ditë më parë

    then take your production and manufacturing to florida, if we californians suck so bad

  89. Samarina

    Samarina2 ditë më parë

    I have been watching you for years, this is my FAVOURITE makeup look on you. Your eyeshadow looks stunning!!

  90. Ashton Fosu

    Ashton Fosu2 ditë më parë

    You’re anxiety is gonna get stronger

  91. Mar Yo

    Mar Yo2 ditë më parë

    SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!! Ignore the haters, you did amazing on this pallet!!!!

  92. MairaYarix

    MairaYarix2 ditë më parë

    I love this. You made a GREAT point about spreading positivity. It takes little to no effort. Let’s spread the love! 💗💛

  93. Adriona Ball

    Adriona Ball2 ditë më parë

    Loved this video, I’ve missed listening to you talk with us!

  94. Ola 77

    Ola 772 ditë më parë

    Conspiracy theory... she doesn't actually/naturally have dry skin, it just becomes dry because of THIS that she does to her face everyday

  95. Cupcake Productions

    Cupcake Productions2 ditë më parë

    My broke butt woulda grabbed everything in the store

  96. Stephanie Clark

    Stephanie Clark2 ditë më parë

    Girl this is the first video I’ve seen of yours. I completely feel you about January! Worst “year” ever!! I as well got influenza b. I was fevered for 11 days! Followed by a horrible chest cold. It’s unbelievable how cruel people can be on social media! I don’t understand how it’s possible for anyone to be so nasty. Just keep being you and stay strong.

  97. Teona’s Life

    Teona’s Life2 ditë më parë

    I got this for my birthday 2 days ago and i’m absolutely in love my favourite pallet and present ever !! x

  98. Verzwijvelen

    Verzwijvelen2 ditë më parë

    When she looked like an actual human being. Now, well, we all know how she looks now.

  99. Susan Archibald

    Susan Archibald2 ditë më parë

    You are absolutely a beautiful person inside and out! To open up and tell the world your issues is just awesome! Most of the world judges people by their appearance. Not the way it should be

  100. jordan lewis

    jordan lewis2 ditë më parë

    Can we pleeeeeease get a video on the look you’re wearing I’m in love with it