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A Message for Alex Hefner...
10 Tragic Guitar Abuse Moments
Welcome Back, Megadeth!

Welcome Back, Megadeth!

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10 Epic Rock + Metal TV Cameos
Top 10 Rock Albums of 2019
Top 10 Metal Albums of 2019
Hi Poppy

Hi Poppy

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Top 20 Rock Songs of the 2010s
  1. Charles Whiteman

    Charles Whiteman23 orë më parë

    War? is my favourite SOAD song

  2. Darren Owen

    Darren Owen23 orë më parë

    2:05. All I can think of is the music from a Legend of Zelda game but I can’t think which one! :(

  3. Matthew Fawbush

    Matthew Fawbush23 orë më parë

    Prayers for OZZY

  4. James C

    James C23 orë më parë

    I agree that in some circumstances security do go over the top however, if anything serious did happen to a band member or someone in the crowd and the security didn't do their job properly, the band would be the first to complain...

  5. Fernando Hernandez

    Fernando Hernandez23 orë më parë

    My favorite metal band!! Do more videos with them!

  6. Asa Wasada

    Asa Wasada23 orë më parë

    Idk why, i didn't like this band

  7. Sadistic Inori

    Sadistic Inori23 orë më parë

    Wow, love DEG but that guitar tone was absolute trash

  8. FoolHardy Queso

    FoolHardy Queso23 orë më parë

    How is this news everyone knew this for years and years

  9. Mingura666

    Mingura66623 orë më parë

    Let’s admit it, not the worst thing that could’ve happened to him after all the crazy and fuck up things he has done. I wish him the best tho.

  10. eder zambrano

    eder zambrano23 orë më parë

    This was unexpected and I loved it. Now bring shy Kyo for a quick interview about his writing.

  11. thatoneguy12986

    thatoneguy1298623 orë më parë

    Since so many seem to be confused. Ozzy was diagnosed with Parkin syndrome, not Parkinson’s disease, back around 2007 I believe. Parkin syndrome is a precursor to Parkinson’s. That’s why he’s had the tremors and generally seemed confused for so long. Now, he has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

  12. Chris Suarez

    Chris Suarez23 orë më parë

    3:00 All you had to do was had to get the damn title right, Loudwire.

  13. MrExclaimed

    MrExclaimed23 orë më parë

    GENDER APPROPRIATION. You using a pink hello kitty guitar. By playing on a guitar like that you are SPITTING in the face of women, who according to the left, are THE MOST OPPRESSED by the TYRANNICAL PATRIARCHY.

  14. Eric Jay

    Eric Jay23 orë më parë

    Well that was fucking awesome 🤘

  15. Scott Gilleland

    Scott Gilleland23 orë më parë

    Better have Alice cooper on muppit show as number one

  16. Fábio Arthur

    Fábio Arthur23 orë më parë


  17. Chuck Kelly

    Chuck Kelly23 orë më parë

    D. R. I. - probation

  18. cade murphy

    cade murphy23 orë më parë

    Nobody votes for Mick *sad Mick Thompson noises*

  19. KrAzE

    KrAzE23 orë më parë

    Phil’s voice is heavier than cannibal corpse, I could listen to him telling stories all day

  20. Duane Fuglesten

    Duane Fuglesten23 orë më parë

    What idiot wrote the script for this it’s cod 2 not San andrais

  21. Jason Davis

    Jason Davis23 orë më parë

    Am I the only one that read "stupidly fat bassists"?

  22. Mike Ousey

    Mike Ousey23 orë më parë

    Dio, Halford, Meine, Dickinson.... agree with these... not so much the others. Snider wasn't really pushing the envelope pitch-wise, so not a surprise there. Still props to anyone from the 80s who can still sing their stuff tuned down a step or less.

  23. Hugo Grandi

    Hugo GrandiDitë më parë

    First of all... Why is Janet Jackson in the Rock and roll hall of fame, but not actual rock/metal bands? Wasn't it enough that other musicians from other Genres of music have their own award ceremonies? They don't even let Metal bands have awards anymore.

  24. switchty4

    switchty4Ditë më parë

    Changes by black sabbath should be here

  25. Yous Uck

    Yous UckDitë më parë

    oh shit, watch out. fred is mad lmao

  26. Fated Fall

    Fated FallDitë më parë

    Holy shit this brings back memories

  27. grg

    grgDitë më parë

    Sleater-Kinney, Ex Hex, L7??

  28. Olerak

    OlerakDitë më parë

    slip not

  29. PASCAL 8881

    PASCAL 8881Ditë më parë


  30. S Moody

    S MoodyDitë më parë

    I Can't take these guys seriously instead of being these comedians they could be something......much......🤔

  31. Flavio Presutti

    Flavio PresuttiDitë më parë


  32. PASCAL 8881

    PASCAL 8881Ditë më parë


  33. Diego Campos

    Diego CamposDitë më parë

    Where is Nyango Star??

  34. The Lone Wanderer

    The Lone WandererDitë më parë

    0:48 *:D*

  35. Scott Weissflog

    Scott WeissflogDitë më parë

    oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!

  36. The Raging Majority

    The Raging MajorityDitë më parë

    chyna better be in this lmao

  37. grg

    grgDitë më parë

    Interview Carrie Brownstein! And Mary Timony!

  38. xiMagnesium

    xiMagnesiumDitë më parë

    It must be so jarring to play 3 Knives because of all the off-tempo glitching they put in the recording. That's why it sounds so awkward when she plays it, she's playing to those glitches.

  39. SpoiledCheeseBread

    SpoiledCheeseBreadDitë më parë

    Their bassist is soooo sick! What a great player. I gotta listen to more of them, I only have uroboros

  40. TheMadMattster

    TheMadMattsterDitë më parë

    If Dave had stayed in Metallica, we would've likely had what happened with the band Mayhem 10 years after, or they would've broken up. Those personalities mixed together were too toxic to sustain any kind of healthy relationship, much less a band

  41. Digidestined93

    Digidestined93Ditë më parë

    Oooof course the guy who played magneto would be into metal.... awesome

  42. ELAREH1

    ELAREH1Ditë më parë

    TYPICAL red head chromosone fuck ups....always to the extreme and always seeking attention.... jog on!

  43. FloridaFishingCentral

    FloridaFishingCentralDitë më parë

    Why is Aces High on here and more important why is it above One?

  44. Dave Connolly

    Dave ConnollyDitë më parë

    Rick Astley 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  45. Chaos Coyote

    Chaos CoyoteDitë më parë

    Oh my gosh she's such a dork, I love her!! 😂😂😭😭

  46. Felipe de Oliveira Caporossi

    Felipe de Oliveira CaporossiDitë më parë

    I love DEG, but God this distortion is awful D:

  47. Liz

    LizDitë më parë

    Very impressive🔥🤘... Isn't that called throat singing?

  48. Emerson Aguiar

    Emerson AguiarDitë më parë

    What kind of language is Steve speaking? Hahahahhahah

  49. EliteFusionZ

    EliteFusionZDitë më parë

    who else is a bvb fan and felt horrible for andy 😨

  50. Zero tearS

    Zero tearSDitë më parë

    too bad that we’re about to lose another great musician, rock on while you can ozzy 🤘

  51. Tyler Dun

    Tyler DunDitë më parë

    liam in the thumbnail

  52. Satan's Butthole

    Satan's ButtholeDitë më parë

    The Undertaker is the best wrestler and you can't change my mind.

  53. Eric David

    Eric DavidDitë më parë

    Every time I hear Maynard speak I can't help remembering the young Michael Corleone

  54. Juan Romero

    Juan RomeroDitë më parë

    Good video but you missed the other 90 crazy things he did in a minute

  55. Christian Metatron

    Christian MetatronDitë më parë

    I've been substances free for 9 years.

  56. Satan's Butthole

    Satan's ButtholeDitë më parë

    How does that man have 264 albums out? Like, how is he not experiencing burn out?

  57. firstname lastname

    firstname lastnameDitë më parë

    Soooo is there a bass knob on his amp?

  58. stoned investor

    stoned investorDitë më parë

    Why does triple H look like the default nord from skyrim

  59. Warcraft Hero

    Warcraft HeroDitë më parë

    Wow, Gruhamed looks like a kid compared to the Triple H interview.

  60. Teemu Alahäivälä

    Teemu AlahäiväläDitë më parë

    There should be also Sparzanza - Mr. Fish

  61. Bryon Devine

    Bryon DevineDitë më parë

    Call it a day man & focus on health & family....✌️✌️

  62. Syd K

    Syd KDitë më parë

    Saw them in Dallas last month. So awesome!

  63. Kevin Eaddy

    Kevin EaddyDitë më parë

    Fact or Fiction: Chyna has a Clenis?

  64. Geoff Adam

    Geoff AdamDitë më parë

    Imagine if he had pursued golf? His cameo on Happy Gilmore would’ve been EPIC!!!!

  65. Just Someguy

    Just SomeguyDitë më parë

    Shit, I forgot to put on my tin foil hat.... Let me rewind


    LILSOGOODDitë më parë

    Great interviewer. He really just lets them do all the talking.

  67. Yous Uck

    Yous UckDitë më parë

    simmons over here tryin to sound smart. but just lookin like a fucking moron. probably because a few people have said hes the best (or one of the best) bassists. mf would be lucky to crack the global top 1000. fuck outta here

  68. Samford

    SamfordDitë më parë

    Thing is James Hetfield actually caught on fire in 1992 so people probably knew it was fake from that

  69. CamberwellCarrot

    CamberwellCarrotDitë më parë

    Al Gore got owned so badly that he had to go looking for another avenue for making money through alarmism. He found that with global warming hysteria and he's been making bank ever since. The man is evil.

  70. Jacob Lemus

    Jacob LemusDitë më parë

    Ozz gets diagnosed with Parkinsons and still wants to tour...what a fucking legend..God bless ozzy osbourne I mean drugs definitely didnt stop him so why should Parkinsons?he is a true iron man..God broke the mold when he made ozzy. 🤘😎🤘

  71. Gregory Romanyuk

    Gregory RomanyukDitë më parë

    Nice girls

  72. sol

    solDitë më parë


  73. El Picante

    El PicanteDitë më parë

    Him and that comic store are me and subway

  74. Mike & Krista Parke

    Mike & Krista ParkeDitë më parë

    the revolution begins here, the....

  75. artdalmas

    artdalmasDitë më parë

    I can’t even play it in my stereo. The Bass is just about blowing out the speakers. The mix sucks

  76. Soviet Comrade

    Soviet ComradeDitë më parë

    Does anyone know what was the first riff Eric played?

  77. Jamal Baker

    Jamal BakerDitë më parë

    His age and gender transition to a 5 year old girl is not yet complete.

  78. martian78

    martian78Ditë më parë

    One of my favorite wrestlers Chris Jericho!!!

  79. Archer Simmons

    Archer SimmonsDitë më parë

    Holy $hit the man talks normally

  80. Benjamin Breeg

    Benjamin BreegDitë më parë

    He hold that bass like an axe!

  81. Depression Cherry

    Depression CherryDitë më parë

    I wish they came to Chile

  82. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf HitlerDitë më parë

    Me and my dad went to see Frank Carter

  83. Ryan Ranger

    Ryan RangerDitë më parë

    5:43 ice ice Johnny

  84. Cesar Estrada

    Cesar EstradaDitë më parë

    YESSSS Need more Dir En Grey!!!!



    Is Graham wearing A Nosferatu hoodie??

  86. Jon Berry

    Jon BerryDitë më parë

    He was a monster and a craftsman at the same time. We will never see his like again. RIP.

  87. Diabetes

    DiabetesDitë më parë

    Forced gender reassignment sounds like a kick in the ass to lgbt

  88. 79Rottie

    79RottieDitë më parë

    Thanks for talking about your sobriety brother. 9 days in to cold turkey off of 200 dollar a day heroin habit, 8 mg of subutex, Roxy's, ANYTHING I could get my hands on. Many many overdoses. Rough as fuck but I know what's waiting for me

  89. michael elliott

    michael elliottDitë më parë

    Protected by 1st, none of their fucking business

  90. Feminism Is The New Aids

    Feminism Is The New AidsDitë më parë

    Axel Rose has a mangina

  91. April Graham

    April GrahamDitë më parë

    I could watch a video of them playing riffs for an hour straight

  92. BG NC

    BG NCDitë më parë

    Frank is such an inspiration


    LÉO MIRANDADitë më parë

    LOUDWIRE <<<<<<<

  94. Nanika

    NanikaDitë më parë

    I was wondering why I could barely recognize him and then I realized he wasn't wearing sunglasses

  95. Hsn Ftz

    Hsn FtzDitë më parë

    I was finding Kurt

  96. Julie Baggett

    Julie BaggettDitë më parë

    How bout, 10 times he wasn't the best drummer on Earth??

  97. Miss Maynard

    Miss MaynardDitë më parë

    One Of The Greatest Bands

  98. Tessa Sanneman

    Tessa SannemanDitë më parë

    He is immortal. He is the prince of darkness. He is a legend.

  99. Abusedpigeons 22

    Abusedpigeons 22Ditë më parë

    David draiman is a hell of a man

  100. Bastian Opazo

    Bastian OpazoDitë më parë

    So it's 2020 and the term "poser" is still used?