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  1. Antwaun Hillman

    Antwaun Hillman2 minuta më parë

    These my Guys

  2. Olvin Galeas

    Olvin Galeas10 minuta më parë


  3. $harpshooter24

    $harpshooter2414 minuta më parë

    Half Man, Half Amazing Thank You VC for all the memories!

  4. Vaxter

    Vaxter15 minuta më parë

    8:00 I tried... I tried... But I cannot keep those tears...

  5. Bobby Jackson

    Bobby Jackson18 minuta më parë

    Its going to be sad because I've been watching him play since he was a sophomore in high school. He is a hometown hero in Daytona Beach. Even has a statue outside Mainland High School. He will be missed.

  6. Iyad Shourbaji

    Iyad Shourbaji21 minutë më parë


  7. Keith Davis

    Keith Davis21 minutë më parë

    2 hall of fame nba players talking soccer? Why?

  8. Jorge Ramos

    Jorge Ramos23 minuta më parë

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that Zach Lowe is a dumbass

  9. Ritvik Dutta

    Ritvik Dutta24 minuta më parë

    Sure, "final season". He's been saying that since 2014

  10. Jim Powell

    Jim Powell27 minuta më parë

    I've been a fan of the Bengals since 1977. Yes, I'm old. I've seen a bunch of players come and go. We've had some great players but I think it all boils down to leadership from the owner to the head coach. Marvin Lewis attracted the worst character players of the lot. Sam Wyche was pretty flamboyant and his teams played that way. Zack Taylor? I don't know. Seems he's trying to do things the way his head coach did them. Zack, be Zack. If you want to pattern your team after another one then choose the Steelers. God knows I hate them with a passion but year in and year out they win and it doesn't matter who they're coach is. Make adjustments at halftime. How many times last year did we trample the other team for the first 1/2 and then can't hardly get a 1st down the second half? Good teams adjust. Last week at Baltimore the Bengals were driving down the field on passes. First and Goal from the 5: run, run, incomplete pass, field goal. The players are good enough to be in the NFL. It's up to the coaching staff to give them a game plan based on their strengths. It's up to the coaching staff to make the players believe. Mike Brown, if you or your family are guiding this team based on the dollar then sell the team to someone that wants to win and go home. The fans deserve better.

  11. Jonah Hunt

    Jonah Hunt32 minuta më parë

    I love how this game was against the Celtics backups AND the Celtics rookie backcourt still played better than Garland and Sexton. Bleacher Report on that serious Cavs fan service

  12. Matt Smith

    Matt Smith33 minuta më parë

    The nba is so soft these days a scuffle hahah right

  13. La flama Blanca

    La flama Blanca33 minuta më parë

    That chick he’s with is beautiful

  14. La flama Blanca

    La flama Blanca35 minuta më parë

    And then the raptors won it all

  15. Uncs kwams

    Uncs kwams36 minuta më parë

    Such a aff I love it🤣

  16. GrabbinSuccess_ ByTheNeck

    GrabbinSuccess_ ByTheNeck39 minuta më parë

    He fucking it up for everybody in the future

  17. GrabbinSuccess_ ByTheNeck

    GrabbinSuccess_ ByTheNeck40 minuta më parë

    Where did he smoke at?????

  18. Adrian Rivera

    Adrian Rivera40 minuta më parë

    Lefkoe... stop cutting him off bro lol

  19. allpro nba

    allpro nba41 minutë më parë

    yea, you can watch this bullcrap till he comes back? is that it!

  20. Howtostudies

    Howtostudies41 minutë më parë

    6:00 ohh

  21. Fabey S

    Fabey S44 minuta më parë

    I am near tears.... Put the damn onions away!!!

  22. rollon babe

    rollon babe44 minuta më parë

    Just goes to show how hard it is to win at the highest level. But no one can take his accomplishments from him. Some players have rings but will never have the legacy of Vince.

  23. Neighborhood Ru

    Neighborhood Ru48 minuta më parë

    On a side note herro's release is ⚡sheesh

  24. Christopher Migliore

    Christopher Migliore48 minuta më parë

    Truly shows how evil people can be. It's just a sport.

  25. theGRINCH

    theGRINCH53 minuta më parë

    commentator shifted gears and give praise on murray after the failed "took him to school" comment.

  26. David Dorsey

    David Dorsey54 minuta më parë

    This dude look 23 years old man that’s crazy

  27. ItsCris05

    ItsCris0556 minuta më parë

    Love this video

  28. sk37ch3s

    sk37ch3s57 minuta më parë

    Who's the commentator here? He's saying that Doncic plays with a lot of emotions and that he runs hot. He says to watch out for his facial expressions... WTF is this guy talking about? Luka had a straight face the entire time and it's Terance Mann, who's the instigator, that's getting all hot and bothered. I get that Mann is trying to make a name for himself and trying to be aggressive and good for him, but that slapping the ball out of people's hands is straight out of the page from his teammate, Patrick Beverly! I'm not a fan of that kind of tactic. I know that Beverly believes that he should and will do anything to get under other player's skin, but again, just not a fan of that type of play. It's just that kind of stuff that caused Westbrook's knee injury to happen when Patrick went after the ball while Russ was trying to call for a timeout. I just hate to see senseless injuries and flare ups like this happen. Just would like to see hard nosed competition and I know that others may see nothing wrong with their tactics, I get that, but I'm just not a fan.

  29. BNO97 !

    BNO97 !58 minuta më parë

    Americans know nothing about football stick to your shit mls 😂

  30. Kostas Karampelas

    Kostas KarampelasOrë më parë

    I'm in tears...

  31. Sarah Hamblin

    Sarah HamblinOrë më parë

    OMG that grapes thing had me laughing so hard I couldn’t even hear your explanation 🤣

  32. Hoop Dreamer

    Hoop DreamerOrë më parë

    @GoldenHoops always there to give goosebumps to all of us! Thank you G!!

  33. BNO97 !

    BNO97 !Orë më parë

    Shit channel

  34. matthewmcdonnell92

    matthewmcdonnell92Orë më parë

    Love the show. But Lefkoe, you gotta stop cutting off my man Sharp; he's a wealth of analytical knowledge and we would all benefit from more of his information. Sincerely, a fellow Civil Engineer.

  35. BNO97 !

    BNO97 !Orë më parë

    This shit American channel hates Chelsea haha we’ve won the most in the last 10 years you goons

  36. SaadJ15

    SaadJ15Orë më parë

    The Raptors won 16 games the year before they drafted Vince. He averaged 26ppg over the next 3 years leading them to 3 straight playoff appearances and one shot away from the ECF. From 16 wins, to relevance. That was Vince’s immediate impact. Changed the culture. Signed a contract extension. The Raptors front office began to betray Vince’s trust, some serious knee injuries, didn’t give him time to heal without criticism, hired 4 coaches and 2 new GM’s during his 6 years there. And yet people still blame him for asking to be traded because he was tired of a losing front office. The media exaggerated things to where fans began turning on Vince. Then they booed him for 10 years... They questioned his love for the game, they questioned his durability, they questioned his will to win...he’s still here 20 years later. Vince Carter is truly half man half amazing and one of the most genuine and humble superstars in his prime. This year will be emotional for VC fans. He got so many people into basketball.

  37. Fox

    FoxOrë më parë

    Holy shit. At 0:25, a fan is wearing a Dwight Howard Lakers jersey. BR predicted Howard trade???

  38. TheBlackPhantomHD

    TheBlackPhantomHDOrë më parë

    Vince Carter is gonna play in 4 decades lol, he should've retired a Raptor

  39. SuperAchillesheel

    SuperAchillesheelOrë më parë

    Lonzo balls is the goat

  40. Mo Abu

    Mo AbuOrë më parë

    That description

  41. FoshoGotFlow

    FoshoGotFlowOrë më parë

    🗣🗣 “OBEDIENCE IS BETTER THAN ... SACRIFICE!!!!” 🤣🤣😂 Had me dead 💀🤣 Yam on that niqqa

  42. Marvin Dixon

    Marvin DixonOrë më parë

    It was just better offense.

  43. Michael DeNunzio

    Michael DeNunzioOrë më parë

    Lmao Maddens rating adjuster gets bad ass music and slow mo intro walk when anyone associated with the game these days would get booed in a crowd hahaha

  44. Joe Does Things

    Joe Does ThingsOrë më parë

    First like

  45. Joe Does Things

    Joe Does ThingsOrë më parë


  46. fawadOo

    fawadOoOrë më parë


  47. Art City

    Art CityOrë më parë

    What's up with the graphic.... it's to dark

  48. Aries Anderson

    Aries AndersonOrë më parë

    This man was committing murder his whole career

  49. john yabs

    john yabsOrë më parë

    This boy gonna be an allstar

  50. Alejandro Garcia-Avila

    Alejandro Garcia-AvilaOrë më parë

    finally some Russ

  51. Deno Mac

    Deno MacOrë më parë

    he is already hurt. smh. let's see how his career pans out

  52. Dan Garcia

    Dan GarciaOrë më parë

    Luka is pretty good at ballin, but it's not hard to tell the guy can't do shit Ina fight. Calm yo self Luka you don't want that smoke.

  53. Daniel Spinosa

    Daniel SpinosaOrë më parë

    Being from Toronto and growing up with the Raptors he’s obviously the reason why I love basketball. I’ve taken more three pointers then slap shots simply because of this man and what he brought us early in his career. THANK YOU V.C

  54. Charles Han

    Charles HanOrë më parë

    Lol what is Trezz doing, clown

  55. bruce zhang

    bruce zhangOrë më parë

    u got to say some of the shots were really questionble choices.

  56. Ayan N

    Ayan NOrë më parë


  57. Toronto Man

    Toronto ManOrë më parë

    best in-game dunker of all time

  58. Alejandro Garcia-Avila

    Alejandro Garcia-AvilaOrë më parë

    Where the hell is Chris Carson!? 1000 yard season and no respect :(

  59. John Straange

    John StraangeOrë më parë

    Bring food with food poisoning

  60. Rafiki The Owl

    Rafiki The OwlOrë më parë

    Trade him to the Lakers!! He deserves a ring and King James can get him there. I’m gonna miss you Vince 🤙🏿 you inspired me so much as a kid and propelled my game just by being you. Thank you 🙏🏿

  61. Chauncy manning

    Chauncy manningOrë më parë

    I died when he turned into the hulk lmfaoo

  62. Reagan Ingram

    Reagan IngramOrë më parë

    Right Knee injury out for weeks he needs to lose some weight and not get injured then we can hype him up.

  63. Pickle WG

    Pickle WGOrë më parë

    Wow just wow

  64. Randy H.

    Randy H.2 orë më parë

    Vince Carter...The last player from the 1990's still actively playing. I was a 16-year old when he was drafted in June of 1998, and now I'm a 38-year old. Talk about longevity. 1/26/2020 will be Vince Carter's 43rd birthday.

  65. Benjamin Serlin

    Benjamin Serlin2 orë më parë

    And he's out for several weeks

  66. ForgotMyKeys

    ForgotMyKeys2 orë më parë

    That was awesome.

  67. kwstas kwsta

    kwstas kwsta2 orë më parë


  68. Crypto Agent

    Crypto Agent2 orë më parë

    Android Zion

  69. Chauncy manning

    Chauncy manning2 orë më parë

    Even when my saints whooped that ass who dat

  70. Luis Vazquez

    Luis Vazquez2 orë më parë

    Yo seré una leyenda en el básketball

  71. Mike Jones

    Mike Jones2 orë më parë

    Already the best power forward in the league.

  72. Castro

    Castro2 orë më parë

    Who is this guy????

  73. King Bradberry

    King Bradberry2 orë më parë

    You know this dude has a big ass dick imagine seeing that shit in the locker room I'd probably faint seeing that shit

  74. Rambo Luib

    Rambo Luib2 orë më parë

    Man, how I wish Vince won even just 1 ring. This guy is so humble.

  75. Loyal Philly fan

    Loyal Philly fan2 orë më parë

    Zion is the NBA Khalil Mack

  76. Abu Saeed

    Abu Saeed2 orë më parë


  77. Jackisback !

    Jackisback !2 orë më parë


  78. VC Versace Gruvy

    VC Versace Gruvy2 orë më parë

    Mcw hatin cuz this dude a bust and white mamba better than him

  79. Russel Westbrook

    Russel Westbrook2 orë më parë

    This video makes me cry

  80. DarkPope666

    DarkPope6662 orë më parë

    Who the fuck could "lock up" Harden, idiot...

  81. Montana Jarvis

    Montana Jarvis2 orë më parë

    If you city people call that fighting then you have never seen a real fight that’s called being gay where I’m from

  82. Top HighLiteZ

    Top HighLiteZ2 orë më parë

    Makes you see how fast careers come and go, yes it was a lot of years and he is still playing but I remember those early 2000s days like yesterday. We always gotta enjoy great athletes even if they are on rival teams.

  83. Tre Ng

    Tre Ng2 orë më parë

    1 more year. 1 more year. 1 more year

  84. Ona Ebodaghe

    Ona Ebodaghe2 orë më parë


  85. Loyal Philly fan

    Loyal Philly fan2 orë më parë

    If he made that game winner against philly he could’ve been kawhi before kawhi 😂


    D WADE IS THE GOAT2 orë më parë

    The only player to play 1 or more games in 4 different decades


    D WADE IS THE GOAT2 orë më parë

    Man the last player of his era 😭😭😭😭

  88. Loyal Philly fan

    Loyal Philly fan2 orë më parë

    Raptors need to bring back those purple jerseys 💯

  89. Мысли Одного Баскетболиста

    Мысли Одного Баскетболиста2 orë më parë

    Great MAN!

  90. Bob Griffey

    Bob Griffey2 orë më parë


  91. Ya Boi

    Ya Boi2 orë më parë

    Dam y’all can’t wait till he retires huh

  92. Adam

    Adam2 orë më parë

    Number one pod I look forward to each week, but bro... Lefkoe... the interrupting can get BRUTAL. We're trying to get the Sharp nuggets!

  93. Jared Martin

    Jared Martin2 orë më parë

    I think he tried to fake a pass which is even easier to bite on than a shot and he didn’t fall for it at all 99 Defensive IQ Kawhi did everything he could do and Luka just hit a fade-away

  94. Tray Ezim

    Tray Ezim2 orë më parë

    This is a fake title he did not put any move on Kawhi he did not fake come out whatsoever as a Defender he defended the shot as well stop making corny clickbait LOL

  95. T J

    T J2 orë më parë

    no one comes close to vince carter

  96. Stephen Yee

    Stephen Yee2 orë më parë

    Luka uses Ball Fake.... It's not very effective.

  97. Fatherkamp

    Fatherkamp2 orë më parë

    He like “nigga I’m better and blacker than you and I’m only a rookie”

  98. jumongwu

    jumongwu2 orë më parë

    I got high expectations from this kid, he wants all that smoke.


    KBOLA GAMING2 orë më parë

    Roty👀👀👀👀👀 a walking bucket

  100. Pokemon MAN

    Pokemon MAN2 orë më parë

    Always the huge and scary centers are the most peaceful 😂✌