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Hi, I'm Danny Duncan.. I post videos that make me laugh. Hope you enjoy.. Love you guys!
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Bought A New House In LA!

Bought A New House In LA!

10 ditë më parë

Doctor Daniel Saves His Life!
90 Year Old Gone Wild!

90 Year Old Gone Wild!

19 ditë më parë

My Favorite Thing To Do!

My Favorite Thing To Do!

27 ditë më parë

Speeding In Front Of Cops!
I Paid His Rent For A Year!
Stranger Rides In My Trunk!
Football in Hotel!

Football in Hotel!

Muaj më parë

Taking 90 Year Old To The Club!
Not My Best Idea...

Not My Best Idea...

2 muaj më parë

Breaking Stuff At Frat Houses!
Loose Tooth vs Nerf Gun!

Loose Tooth vs Nerf Gun!

2 muaj më parë

Offensive Interview Prank!
Loser Sleeps In The Barn!
Falling With 40,000 Pennies!
Making Random Baby Stop Crying!
Chase Your Dreams!

Chase Your Dreams!

5 muaj më parë

Crashing Golf Carts!

Crashing Golf Carts!

5 muaj më parë

Extreme Tubing Behind Car!
He Wanted To Fight!

He Wanted To Fight!

6 muaj më parë

Jumping Bike Off A Bridge!
Would you do this for $5,000?
I Love My Job!

I Love My Job!

7 muaj më parë

Road Trip in a Tesla! (Part 2)
Road Trip in a Tesla! (Part 1)
Burying My Friend Alive!

Burying My Friend Alive!

8 muaj më parë

Car Surfing with Danny Duncan!
Airsoft Battle Royale!

Airsoft Battle Royale!

9 muaj më parë

My Car Caught On Fire!

My Car Caught On Fire!

9 muaj më parë

Putting Horns On My Tesla!
Putting My Car On The Roof!
Changing A Young Man’s Life!
Broken Sunglasses Prank!

Broken Sunglasses Prank!

10 muaj më parë

Danny Duncan | Best of 2018
I Didn’t Make It!

I Didn’t Make It!

11 muaj më parë

Can You Open This?

Can You Open This?

Vit më parë

Hitting Dingers Off Girls!
My Favorite Thing To Do!
Mowing a Cemetery!

Mowing a Cemetery!

Vit më parë

I Finally Got it!

I Finally Got it!

Vit më parë

Throwing Slugs at People!
Boxing in Public!

Boxing in Public!

Vit më parë

Being an Asshole!

Being an Asshole!

Vit më parë

Meet My New Puppy!

Meet My New Puppy!

Vit më parë

Fortnite Employee Hates Me!
Visiting New York City!
Urban Surfing in Public!
Kissing moms in Idaho!
We Crashed The Car!

We Crashed The Car!

Vit më parë

Hot Tub Drive Thru Prank!
Driving Scooter Into Store!
Road Trip To Las Vegas!
Taped To The Wall Prank!


Vit më parë

Feeding People Corn!
She's Always On Top!
Cops Were Pissed!

Cops Were Pissed!

Vit më parë

Making Kids Cry!

Making Kids Cry!

Vit më parë

Safari Animals In My Car!
Flipping Trucks for Fun!
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    Good video idea. bring Amarillo to kfc and make him puke everywhere. dont have to, just a good idea for the next video. peace brotha

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