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Australia's China Problem

Australia's China Problem

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  1. Bryan Kho

    Bryan Kho42 sekonda më parë

    US and Australia dealt the same cards? You contradict yourself in the segments of the video following that statement. Most of Australia's landmass is uninhabitable for a start as opposed to the US landmass, not to mention how isolated Australia is. How is that even remotely the same cards? Australia's real problem is that we don't produce anything of note. All we do is export tertiary education, minerals and agriculture. Oh and we incentivize property investment.


    HZH ARCHIVE4 minuta më parë


  3. Anuk Kariyawasam

    Anuk Kariyawasam5 minuta më parë

    “No developed country has gone this long without a recession” Scott Morrison: Hold my beer

  4. husonuso

    husonuso6 minuta më parë

    China will never be able to conquer Australia because the emu’s will always rise up against injustice and totalitarianism

  5. Meg Griffin

    Meg Griffin6 minuta më parë

    Don’t worry everyone, Scomo’s got our back!

  6. Oscar Horsey

    Oscar Horsey7 minuta më parë

    It’s kinda because we have a fucking desert

  7. Kay Bass

    Kay Bass7 minuta më parë

    Australia has made military alliances with the US; and economic agreements with China. At at time of conflict Revelation 11: 18 Australia's economy and trade will be pruned off with scissors. The loss of the Euro Ezekiel 7: 19 comes to Australia immediately, with a fainted currency and collapsed banking system. This comes at the time of WARS and WRATH Jeremiah 25: 24-26 Revelation 11; 18 including the war appearing between the US, Israel, allies and IRAN Daniel 11;44, 45 Daniel 8: 20, 23-25. This war introduces the time of financial meltdown Psalms 46: 6. The present system is OVER Romans 9: 28 with this 'Great tribulation' Matthew 24: 21, 22. "It will come in upon everybody on the face of all the earth" Luke 21: 35. The continuation of mankind is explained in God's word of truth John 17: 17 Daniel 2: 44 Matthew 25: 31, 34 Luke 23: 43. CHRIST arrives; in power and great glory. Matthew 24: 29, 30. Comment about the financial meltdown in Australia was being crossed out by censors until the time came when this thought came to be a part of the general conversation. That is why I was unable to describe the truth from God's word about the financial meltdown Psalms 46: 4-6 which is being revealed by the 'Revealer of secrets' Daniel 2: 28. This is the way a banking system crisis in the EU, which costs the Euro...comes immediately to Australia and decimates the banking system and currency in Australia; as part of a time of general fiat currency collapses. Psalms 46: 4-6 Ezekiel 7: 19 Revelation 18: 17. THIS time is close; and the financial meltdown Psalms 46: 4-6 comes also with wars Jeremiah 25: 24-26 and WRATH Revelation 11: 18. So the WAR appearing between the US, Israel, allies and IRAN [Daniel 11: 44, 45 Daniel 8: 20, 23-25] marks the beginning of this cataclysmic meltdown. Psalms 46: 6.

  8. Ducaso

    Ducaso11 minuta më parë


  9. Peace Prevails

    Peace Prevails13 minuta më parë

    Love from India!


    HZH ARCHIVE17 minuta më parë

    good video. but thumbed down for the incomplete map of china

  11. John Wolf

    John Wolf19 minuta më parë

    THey have no idea how brutal Chinese Domination can be.... but I'm afraid they will be finding out. Soon.


    AbhiRAM YARLAGADDA23 minuta më parë

    Rwanda is real wakanda

  13. Cneq

    Cneq23 minuta më parë

    Kind of forgetting the US told the brits to fuck themselves and the aussies hopped back into their cagies. Without the shackles of a convict mentality it opens the path to progress. Australia was made by chance/good circumstances, the US was founding on pure willpower and the idea to make a miracle happen. The Australian government is held together by nothing and if it wasn't for the incredibly rich mining of coal and other resources this country wouldn't even of progressed this far [and yet they still manage to be in debt]. I'm sure the housing bubble will pop soon and there'll be another financial crisis in the near future [however as long as they keep letting chinese investors buy everything it could last for a long time].

  14. Cneq

    Cneq32 minuta më parë

    Australia? You mean the Peoples Republic of Australia?

  15. John

    John32 minuta më parë

    I think the US has a serious aircraft carrier problem the allied countries might need to do an intervention US: no I don't I can stop building any time I want

  16. joshua martin

    joshua martin33 minuta më parë

    Largest inland city is alice springs at 24k Not enough research man 24k is a town not city and population 400 ks or 260 miles exceed 60 k in many spots

  17. JettoGospel

    JettoGospel34 minuta më parë

    bizzare love triangle

  18. Paul Johnson

    Paul Johnson36 minuta më parë

    Irregardless if what some comments say... From Dictionary.com “The bottom line is that irregardless is indeed a word, albeit a clunky one. That said, to avoid the wrath of your grammar-loving friends, it’s safest to avoid using irregardless altogether.”

  19. Adventures with Frodo

    Adventures with Frodo40 minuta më parë

    You seem to be slightly clueless to the point of sending prisoners to the supposed penal colonies. Most the people were not sent to the penal colonies because the were horrible criminals but colonies were just that a colony and British sent many minor or even innocent people to a colony for colonization.

  20. YouCan’t HandleTheTruth

    YouCan’t HandleTheTruth42 minuta më parë

    Per Greta you guys are screwed in a mere 12 years time. Better start making your way in land......”How Dare You!!!!!”

  21. Freikorps Formosa

    Freikorps Formosa44 minuta më parë

    Duh Chinazis

  22. Stickman

    Stickman45 minuta më parë

    It's hundreds of times worse than this video makes it out to be. Aus could move trade and students elsewhere but couldn't recover from the damage Chinese ownership and influence would cause if they did.

  23. matthewweaverworks

    matthewweaverworks50 minuta më parë

    🖕🏽🇨🇳! 🖖🏽🇭🇰🗽.

  24. Dark Madder

    Dark Madder54 minuta më parë

    @11:05 “irregardless” is not a word. You’re looking for “regardless”.

  25. Peter J Salazar

    Peter J Salazar57 minuta më parë

    Just when I had forgiven you for disparaging pineapple on pizza all those months ago, you pull an "irregardless:. Bruh.

  26. John

    JohnOrë më parë

    Bruh we're like a couple years away from another wolrd war as soon as the US realizes it can't win an economic war it'll do what it does best war then do what it does second best and make a movie about it lol god damn war movies are some good stuff can't wait

  27. MrHungry

    MrHungryOrë më parë

    We need Eric Cartman

  28. montork

    montorkOrë më parë

    Everyone has a problem with china

  29. Junior Jetseter

    Junior JetseterOrë më parë

    The more military bases USA has overseas of which the public doesn't know the better & safer I feel about the future of the whole world. They provide the best jobs for our young people. I love when people talk that Earth is a sphere definitely not flat. Flat earth theory gives me stomach flue & I vomit comet or get explosive diarrhea.

  30. m m

    m mOrë më parë

    What ? Not about bricks? Darn

  31. Zain's Tech

    Zain's TechOrë më parë

    Chinese Students selling Aussie goods like Baby formulas back to China. Many were running warehouses and caught.

  32. Will _

    Will _Orë më parë

    “If you want to help Africa ...” Why don’t they help themselves since that’s what 99% of the world super powers did?

  33. Nick F

    Nick FOrë më parë

    2:00 Dealt the same cards? WTF are you talking about? America is in the most prime real estate in world. It's in the middle of Asia and Europe with ocean ports connecting. Also has extremely more resources than AUS. You need lumber for buildings and USA has a whole lot more.

  34. whez08

    whez08Orë më parë

    did the Chinese outnumber the kangaroos yet?

  35. odeis5

    odeis5Orë më parë

    hey, know what I wanted to hear about, the china problem, NOT SIT THROUGH A FUCKING HISTORY LESSON YOU ASSHOLE!!!

  36. The Flipped Classroom

    The Flipped ClassroomOrë më parë


  37. The Flipped Classroom

    The Flipped ClassroomOrë më parë


  38. Sicknasty

    SicknastyOrë më parë

    I went on one of these trains and first class is literally just 20 dollars in USD.

  39. Eisen Heim

    Eisen HeimOrë më parë

    *Fuck China*

  40. Junior Jetseter

    Junior JetseterOrë më parë

    Good news is that "4 big ones" USA, Australia, Canada and the Western Europe have a good relationships. I spent 6 months on Great Barrier Reaf diving & All the way From New Castle, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns the many Islands really beautiful country.

  41. Wayne Martin

    Wayne MartinOrë më parë

    Trading with China is like trading to a slaver, yes you can get rich but to go against your core ideals is wrong. Australia have fought numerous times to oppose communism and over throw dictator. Australia's fight for Freedom and Human rights is what makes us Australian.

  42. srbija13

    srbija13Orë më parë

    Great video! Thanks.

  43. Joseph Scott Morgan

    Joseph Scott MorganOrë më parë

    No imminent domain?

  44. Ashley Watt

    Ashley WattOrë më parë

    Did you just say "irregardless"? Mate. GTFO.

  45. super X

    super XOrë më parë

    One nuked and this territory is toast.

  46. Issac

    IssacOrë më parë

    well, just stop doing business with China.....

  47. That's an Elephant _

    That's an Elephant _Orë më parë

    China is increasingly becoming the enemy. If we stop ties with China, we could just need help from other nations.

  48. Azzam Supardi

    Azzam SupardiOrë më parë

    Malaysian Team 12:58 #Asian

  49. Hernz O

    Hernz OOrë më parë

    Ending note use Shopify and drop Ship from China lol

  50. Rat King

    Rat KingOrë më parë

    The world has a China problem

  51. Red Neck

    Red NeckOrë më parë

    I love Australia! There's a place called Hallstatt, it's very beautiful, i'd like to go there one day.

  52. Run

    RunOrë më parë

    Fuck China

  53. Ian Addis

    Ian AddisOrë më parë

    Hong Kong: "Lets be independent." China: "Oh I don't think so."

  54. Alessandro Rodríguez

    Alessandro RodríguezOrë më parë

    Ew China.

  55. Lucky Wamanker

    Lucky WamankerOrë më parë

    5:28 "Nearly 3% of Australia..." Shows 33%

  56. manifestgtr

    manifestgtrOrë më parë

    Don’t worry, Australia. We got your back if China ever screws you over 🤙

  57. webnothing

    webnothingOrë më parë

    Lol China will have a very hard time with Australia if it thinks it can manipulate politics here. Hypothetically If we had direct Chinese political influence here, we would probably shit the communists to tears. The problem China has is that India and emerging African economies are growing customers for Australian resources. Australia is also a big service economy with some of the best expertise in the world.

  58. Marc

    Marc2 orë më parë

    China is developing Australian economy. This guy: "No, too risky. Why would u do that Australia? Why develop ur economy when u can fall with the West? "

  59. William R

    William R2 orë më parë

    The U.S. needs to stop wasting money on that High School science experiment(ISS) and let it burn up in the atmosphere.

  60. Will Qin

    Will Qin2 orë më parë

    One day, in the future, Brexit is caused by China.

  61. J.P. Jordan

    J.P. Jordan2 orë më parë

    11:04 hate that wannabe word

  62. Vladiatör Amöndinejad

    Vladiatör Amöndinejad2 orë më parë


  63. Nam Khanh Ng

    Nam Khanh Ng2 orë më parë

    Oh Australia, kick off the chinese, they INVEST TO INVADE!

  64. FurIouS

    FurIouS2 orë më parë

    I live in a estate that is supplied by a company based from china with the backing of the china gov to supply the estate with a Fibre to the home connection. This company "Redtrain Networks"(Formally CNT Corp- China National Networks) are dodgy as all hell, they don't fix network issues, threaten people with letters from their lawyers and "blacklist" people from the network if they complain about how poor the network is.

  65. Kong Thai

    Kong Thai2 orë më parë

    They shut the airlines in Europe to prevent bigger losses in the recession planned in 2020. The assets will be managed by asset management companies and GUESS who will be strong in 2022. 🤣😋

  66. Jack Dolah

    Jack Dolah2 orë më parë

    Ew stay away from Australia you commies

  67. MrScrappy562

    MrScrappy5622 orë më parë

    Next video: United States Mexico problem

  68. prajeesh nair

    prajeesh nair2 orë më parë

    Loved the info Thanks

  69. Ferdinand Cesarano

    Ferdinand Cesarano2 orë më parë

    11:02 - There is no such word as "irregardless". The word you wanted there is either "regardless" or "irrespective".

  70. Grant Cogburn

    Grant Cogburn2 orë më parë

    Say irregardless one more time, please. irregardless irregardless irregardless irregardless irregardless irregardless irregardless

  71. Chen Jiayi

    Chen Jiayi2 orë më parë

    That’s how capitalism works. No one points a gun at your head and force you to sell it. If your system is corrupted, that’s your problem.

  72. jody b

    jody b2 orë më parë

    well its easy to mock slo-mo morrison, the man is an utter joke!!

  73. professional labelmaker

    professional labelmaker2 orë më parë

    wendover: *makes a 12 minute, well-produced and researched video about Australia wendover: *says literally one word that people don’t like the comments: iRREgaRDless iSN’t a WOrD

  74. PigquackDoesGaming

    PigquackDoesGaming2 orë më parë

    You pronounced Scott Morrison wrong, you're meant to say it as "scomo"

  75. cs40660

    cs406602 orë më parë

    Every foreigner that tries to speak on Australia always says we need to be hostile to China fuck that. If we side with China our economic gains would be on an entirely different level. The balance of power is shifting back to Asia like it always was and we need to accept this and prepare for future endeavours

  76. cindyluper

    cindyluper2 orë më parë

    The same's happening in Argentina. They have a military base here in the south and came to an agreement with the president to invest in nuclear power, I assume in the south also.

  77. Rick Liu

    Rick Liu2 orë më parë

    Well sounds more like the western societies can't cope with a country which has a different system, if China doesn't want to be one of them, then it's evil. Democracy is not the only way , have a little bit fucking respect!

  78. Mind of a Black Moderate Conservative

    Mind of a Black Moderate Conservative2 orë më parë

    If the NFL wanted to put a team over a large ocean, there would be a team in Honolulu by now......

  79. Roshan Chachane

    Roshan Chachane2 orë më parë

    Wendover: Australia isn't a Super Power Emus: Are we a joke to you?

  80. Steven Stetler voting for TRUMP 2020

    Steven Stetler voting for TRUMP 20202 orë më parë

    COMMUNISM at it's finest , conquering USA without a shot being fired

  81. David Y

    David Y2 orë më parë

    Ha, replace Australia with Canada and it's the same thing.

  82. Daniel Ren

    Daniel Ren2 orë më parë

    0:34 it doesnt tho

  83. Rafael Galindo

    Rafael Galindo2 orë më parë

    When I retire, I'm heading to New Zealand.

  84. Forrest sos

    Forrest sos2 orë më parë

    Watching a space station horror movie on the international space station seems quite fun.

  85. Luis Villa

    Luis Villa2 orë më parë

    Useless land please see las vegas & Phoenix, but really everything in Australia is stupid expensive compared to USA

  86. Jason Shen

    Jason Shen2 orë më parë

    "any of these three countries would have a significant home field advantage" Radar, satellite, long range missiles, bombers...etc: am I a joke to you?

  87. Matt Kennedy

    Matt Kennedy2 orë më parë

    I guess whoever made this video is American for the American focus. Should compare Australia to Canada for a closer comparison


    BIG HUNGRY2 orë më parë

    They got rid of all their guns...just like China planned.

  89. krom

    krom2 orë më parë

    Australia's problem like most of the world which is Jesuitism, which is destroying the UK and America.

  90. suicine94

    suicine942 orë më parë

    India good English? Lol

  91. PGT Film and Design

    PGT Film and Design2 orë më parë

    Sorry, i'mma correct you there. The Liberals (lead by Scott Morrison) are entirely to blame for our massive dependence on chinese mineral exports. They're also conducive to the housing crisis by allowing capital gains tax and negative gearing rollbacks to essentially entice chinese developers to come to the country. You need to watch FriendlyJordies, @Wendover Productions, and get a good idea as to who's really calling the shots here. Here's a hint. It's the same media company that's controlling the Republicans.

  92. David Brackin

    David Brackin2 orë më parë

    you have to be bloody joking Wendover Productions.what cereal box did you get your research from?ffs most of this is just total crap.next time research the subject.D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F.!

  93. ngu0061

    ngu00612 orë më parë

    So what you're saying is that Australia is pretty much Blizzard.

  94. steevan wong

    steevan wong3 orë më parë

    China : Not Enough minerals ....

  95. Jonathan Eleven

    Jonathan Eleven3 orë më parë

    can you explain Canada's USA Problem?

  96. Caged63Man

    Caged63Man3 orë më parë

    There was no founding of the United States as much as a lost fool called Columbus whom was a shitty navigator and criminal

  97. Kevyn Vieira

    Kevyn Vieira3 orë më parë

    10000 comment

  98. Kevyn Vieira

    Kevyn Vieira3 orë më parë


  99. incendie21

    incendie213 orë më parë

    Australia should just sell their land to China. Its mostly empty anyways.

  100. Leanne Blake

    Leanne Blake3 orë më parë

    But your right , If The American War Of Independence , Well ? . Dirk Hartog & his fellow Dutchmen landed on the Western Side Or the State Of Western Australia around 1616. As for The 1st Fleet Of Convicts Arriving in 1778 , NO ONE really knows' who they are they were Prison Numbers , just like today ? Could have been Criminals of War. Eg. American & of coarse Irish Catholics.But today a INTERESTING FACT: More Greeks live in the Australian State Of Victoria than in Athens.