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Boeing's China Problem

Boeing's China Problem

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How to Stop a Riot

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Every State in the US

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How Maritime Law Works

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How Budget Airlines Work

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How to Create a Country

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A Map Geek's Tour of the World
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    Those suburbans are dope af

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    Lembrei do filme o grande milagre.

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    Love the Avalon picture at 10:32, taken in beautiful Morro Bay, CA!

  5. fatrotry

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    Sorry but the joy and cheer privilege of being in fucking space would make me not give a shit about having to eat ice cream or whatever other food. Some monks live on a bole of rice a day and are happier than the average person. You must be weak as fuck to crave ice cream when y're in fucking space.

  6. Vedraj r.m

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    40,000 pounds is not 6.3Kg

  7. James Collins

    James Collins26 minuta më parë

    Again .... a Chinese Communist mentality of stealing other people’s technology to make themselves successful.

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    Please make a video on logistics of movie making..for example all aspects of avengers,from star cast to planning to VFX pipeline

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    China is a separate planet, the want to build everything

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    Some facts for your information only

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    1:10 where is Asias graph

  12. Michael Lally

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    It's a trade off. I flew from Denver to Charlotte, NC a few days ago with spirit airlines. It was a pretty bad experience. But it was also $102 including checking my bag.

  13. Mak1

    Mak148 minuta më parë

    Sorry, dude! but a lot of facts which you mentioned are wrong.

  14. Mak1

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    But don't forget above all India alone is having 27% of poverty of the world

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    China is a good market for Test and Computation PMA Replacement Articles.

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    1:35 São Paulo*

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    Yet Kennedy was shot in an open-top car?

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    One word.... Crap

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    Wonderful video. Just want to add that FFP (Fresh Frozen Plasma) got a shelf life of one year.

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    This rally hellps people who have or want a career in policung and forces.

  24. cujoe Mblakka

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    A constellation on Mars could map and reveal a lot about be it's resources, that could transelate to a money making industries, as soon as we figure out the habitat, the transportation, and other logistics.

  25. Darth Plagueis

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    i hate China but i like that they challenge the US when it comes to power, The US always think they can get away with everything so someone needs to put them in their place

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    2:56 ramp meter onto I5 in Seattle, WA.

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    You're wrong. The max is TOAST.

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    No crew on the moon and no crew on mars- keep trying. Try the lottery like 6/49 played once a month drawing or once a year drawing.

  29. Cheese it

    Cheese it2 orë më parë

    I visited barrow for a week as part of an educational grant where we observed the schooling conditions and techniques of the teachers. I got to go everywhere from a middle school basketball game to the ice on top of the Arctic Ocean. ASK ME ANYTHING!

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    Nuclear Poison is good for you.

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    This is very enlightening. Thank you

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    I wish we could be put to sleep for the duration of the flight instead of sitting in a seat for as long as about 19 hours being bored!

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    Too bad they misspelled 'probrem'

  34. Dominique Charriere

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    Russia never invaded Crimea. Crimea has been Ucranian only 70 years in 2500 years of history. Crimea is full of Russians, almost no Ucranians live there. These Crimean Russians prefer to be Russian than Ucranian.

  35. Don Ogoobo

    Don Ogoobo3 orë më parë

    The world used to listen and take clues from the US FAA in most matters having to do with aircraft operation. BUT, now after the 737 MAX debacle, they showed just how deep they were in Boeing's pocket. (By allowing Boeing to fix and regulate them self) The Chinese FAA will now be the world respected regulatory organization for aircraft.

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    When you say Africa, you mean Kenya?

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  39. Hardtop Harry

    Hardtop Harry3 orë më parë

    Very informative. Thanks for this. I have often wondered how the canals worked - very similar to the small canals in England - I found it difficult to conceive of the scale. Thanks for this great production. I would be very interested to know how the canals served shipping during the world wars. A future project perhaps?

  40. Antoine Eric

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    China is playing Boeing againt Airbus and Airbus against Boeing.

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    Im American and even I'll say the US military flexes a lot on every other country

  42. Fred Stiening

    Fred Stiening3 orë më parë

    Not every container headed to the interior of the United States is going through New Jersey. A large chunk of the traffic goes to Chicago. A flat map hides that the distances are much shorter up North than at the equator. On top of that, going nonstop at 70 mph cuts weeks from transit times, even though it means offloading containers and reloading them on ships on the East Coast

  43. Jlassi Jlali

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    Boeing doomed herlsef i mean i watch a documentary that People work with Boeing refuse flying in that plane! because they know how much it is not save! God i watch some documentary about Boeing plane accident! but what make WTF in contract with country they have No right to blame Boeing if the accident was because the plane not the pilote! LOL

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    99% of scientists agree,, up from 97% (a study by a cartoonist) Especially if anyone that disagrees is fired

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    Yes China has come a long way. Their manufacturing sector has done very well. Some of their products are top notch, but some other things are still junk. With all the progress and economic success why is it that people aren't immigrating there in large numbers? Could it have anything to do with how the government keeps a heavy hand on it's people? Look at what's going on in Hong Kong.

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    This "help" is not free. China owns huge amounts of mineral resources now in Africa and one day will control all of Africa's minerals. Belgium built Africa up and then gave them their country back. China is just going to take and keep.

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    Hey this video is good and all, however Siberia is smaller than shown, as хАбаровск край and Приморский Край are both part of the Russian Far East, and not Siberia

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    William Limarjo10 orë më parë

    Boeing has worked with US Military and gets so many contracts so far. So does Huawei, get so many contract both from PLA and Chinese Government. US plays Huawei Card. China plays Boeing Card. What us the different?

  80. Arl Tratloandletmealonewithureshitads

    Arl Tratloandletmealonewithureshitads10 orë më parë

    longest airtime for me was just over 26hrs, from North Germany, via Frankfurt-Singapore.Auckland... longest time in a airplane was 16hrs, in a MD-11 from KLM, Amsterdam-Lima, with fuel stop on Bonaire ( Dutch Antilles), longest fligth was also Amsterdam - Lima 14.5hrs in a 777( if i remember right).. best flight was in Singapore and Lufthansa A380, worst in a 767 between Paris and Philadelphia... dont ask, best food also Singapore and LH, Airfrance and KLM close behind... i flew from Cuzco to Lima, 45 mins in a airplane and i have no idea what type it was... most scary moments was, 1# the moment we was on the tip our right wing, and having the touch down 5 secs later ( on my very first flight) in Paris 2# the moment we droped 400ms in a airhole over Belguim.. 3# watching the runway we was suposed to land, from the seat next to the ile in a 767, ca the last 1 minute of the approach to the first wheel touching the runway... sidewinds.. first ever applauding in a airplane for me.... that pilot knew what he was doing... 4# flying from Paris to Philadelphia with Airfrance, its December 2001, chatting in the transfer bus stoped everytime, when it approached a United Airlines plane ( AF and UA have a cooparation), but started again after passing it... 1 day later they arrested the guy on a BA flight with the shoe bomb, also all German aiports there close because of heavy snowing.. i didnt saw a single snowflake for 2 months...

  81. Anon ymous

    Anon ymous10 orë më parë

    What a living legend! Guys we should be proud to live in the same century as him. Hope more people would join him in the process of taking humanity to next giant leap.

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    This ALworks channel is sponsored by China

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    This is actually pretty true. China is pretty much surrounded by hostile powers

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