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The Business of Ski Resorts

The Business of Ski Resorts

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  1. kzh

    kzh8 orë më parë

    World: ah! China builds a hospital in 10 days! US: I am not impressed at all. World: Why not? US: Guess I can destroy this hospital less than 10 minutes.

  2. LeBrigand

    LeBrigand8 orë më parë

    And now, just two weeks after its completion, that hospital is already leaking and crumbling. Well done! Chinese engineering at its best!

  3. Linnymiddy

    Linnymiddy8 orë më parë

    Catalonia wants to know your location Scotland wants to know your location

  4. Strikehold PIR

    Strikehold PIR8 orë më parë

    Subsidies mis-allocate resources to increase costs for goods and services for political reasons!

  5. Strikehold PIR

    Strikehold PIR8 orë më parë

    Lead in gasoline??? Are you serious...your stretching beyond belief!!

  6. Charles Bruechert

    Charles Bruechert8 orë më parë

    This is such a joke ... Yes American live in the suburbs but the people in NYC and other cities are wealthy ... Take billionaire row in NYC that's wealthy meanwhile out in the burbs we live on middle to low class wages and thats just one example... The America didn't have cities only starting 200yrs ago you mean like when we became a nation and had an immigration boom ? This guy does not know America or anything about it

  7. ThiccNicc

    ThiccNicc8 orë më parë

    Yeah honestly if I’m some future civilization looking at that text I would absolutely ignore it and dig there. No doubt about it. Especially if the whole area is filled with spikes and monoliths. You can’t do something like that and expect it to not just raise curiosity more.

  8. Róbert Balázs Lőrincz

    Róbert Balázs Lőrincz8 orë më parë

    military airspace listening to this at 3:15 NOPE

  9. James The Piano Cat

    James The Piano Cat8 orë më parë

    Possibly Banff : 12:02

  10. Super Basic News

    Super Basic News8 orë më parë

    They had a biological virus center with live bats, 300 meters from ”wetmarket” So I hear do your own research.

  11. Mega Gamer

    Mega Gamer8 orë më parë

    Serbia is one of the oldest but it was part Montenegro

  12. AweSomo84

    AweSomo848 orë më parë

    It’s already breaking down and it’s not a hospitol it’s a detention center

  13. Mokilok9

    Mokilok98 orë më parë

    Are there any videos of this hospital operational?

  14. Christian Knight

    Christian Knight8 orë më parë

    You mean hospital tents with mass dug grave

  15. mgpBLARG

    mgpBLARG8 orë më parë

    Boo hoo hoo, my yuppie sport is being threatened by more moderate winters.

  16. Dustin Cordell

    Dustin Cordell8 orë më parë

    its not a hospital its a glorified tenement with beds you guys buy into propaganda to much

  17. hi sup hello hi

    hi sup hello hi8 orë më parë

    7:16 MRS. OBAMA GET DOWN!!!

  18. Himanshu Singh

    Himanshu Singh8 orë më parë

    Wendover more like Bendover.... Imma head out

  19. M S

    M S9 orë më parë

    The are building a concentration camp rather than a hospital.

  20. Zød

    Zød9 orë më parë

    Im actually kinda surprised they said more about Michigan lol, i thought it was gonna be “Oh yeah, Canada is close to it lol”

  21. John Doe

    John Doe9 orë më parë

    How the FUCK is this channel saying it is OK for Israel to be racist?

  22. HurBrowns !

    HurBrowns !9 orë më parë

    Rwanda.. Wakanda.. Coincidence? No dont think so.

  23. Tapan Das

    Tapan Das9 orë më parë

    I wish chinese will colonies it one day.... Btw if i buy a land here. Technically i have a land in United State?

  24. draqon ofwhitestars

    draqon ofwhitestars9 orë më parë

    DC to NY costs on regular 120$ and not 49$...unless you are buying months ahead in non busy schedule and constantly monitoring...

  25. top 5 everything

    top 5 everything9 orë më parë

    This video was made possible by china

  26. Electric Squirrel

    Electric Squirrel10 orë më parë

    Hey what about 1957 the kysthem disaster is even worse than Fukushima and Chernobyl

  27. CarefreeBDO

    CarefreeBDO10 orë më parë

    why not build a few more hospitals for the rest of 70k infected?

  28. Joyce Sowell

    Joyce Sowell10 orë më parë

    Omg it’s pronounced Kare-Ra-Bas

  29. CorgiSmorgi

    CorgiSmorgi10 orë më parë

    Me: **Waits for Georgia** Him: GeOrGiA sOuNdS lIkE a PlAiN iN JaMaIcA. Me: ...that...that's all you could say?......I-Im just gonna go cry in a corner....

  30. Igor Jin

    Igor Jin10 orë më parë

    China builds hospital in 10 days. Others be like : COMMUNISTS , NO HUMAN RIGHTS, POOR QUALITY. REEERRREEEEEEEEEEEEE

  31. Himanshu Shekhar

    Himanshu Shekhar10 orë më parë

    Just propaganda to diver the government attrocities on corona virus whistleblower

  32. Alien With Internet Access

    Alien With Internet Access10 orë më parë

    These rioters are lucky that these are not Chinese police. These idiots should stop blaming the police fucking for everything

  33. John Mehaffey

    John Mehaffey10 orë më parë

    I just hope that someone who lost loved ones on these flights get a good honest lawyer ( please don't laugh) and take the FAA and Boeing for a lot of money it's the only language they understand

  34. Mitchell Wilkin

    Mitchell Wilkin10 orë më parë

    Imma go test that bit about being gay in UAE

  35. _MRA _

    _MRA _10 orë më parë

    I despise China and their policies and what they’re doing to the Uighurs and anyone who opposes them. But you can’t lie, they’re gaining allies in the smartest way as opposed to the US and UK who just set up military bases that occupy countries.

  36. Caesar Vespasian

    Caesar Vespasian11 orë më parë

    LOL They are very lucky to be a US colony, otherwise the place would be another backward native-ruled third world hellhole

  37. Terry Wong

    Terry Wong11 orë më parë

    This video is not reflecting all the truths of what happened during the contruction process, wokers are infected with the virus due to poor hygiene. Moreover, after 5 days of the opneing of the hospital only 86 beds are available for use. I've been a fan of the channel beacuse of it's informational videos but this seems more like a propagenda from China to me.

  38. John Metzger

    John Metzger11 orë më parë

    Cockroaches always survive

  39. Autumn Leaf

    Autumn Leaf11 orë më parë

    Did you guys forget the news that it collapsed 10 days afterwards? Read the news. The rain entered the building, and frosting caused expansion and destroyed the buildings already.

  40. Joseph Van

    Joseph Van11 orë më parë

    Skiing was at its best in the 1960s and early 1970s. No terrain parks, no hostile out of control snowboarders, lift ticket prices that most people could afford, long skis that required skill to master but that made beautiful arcs in the snow. And form-fitting skiwear of the time that made everyone feel like Suzy Chaffee or Stein Ericksen. Oh, to have those days back again.

  41. Marco

    Marco12 orë më parë

    hello bill!

  42. SMG Scorpion

    SMG Scorpion12 orë më parë

    1. The so-called "Debt Trap" has been debunked, it doesn't exist. It was fabricated by the West's "experts" in a wee attempt to discredit China. 2. China didn't dictate the trade terms with Africa, instead gave them fair trade. 3. China built a lot of hospitals, labs, schools, universities, libraries..etc. in Africa, sent many professionals in those fields to Africa to train the people there to become professionals. They now have many more doctors, nurses, engineers, IT professionals than ever before. What the hell has the West done for Africa? 4. China built them sewage systems, concrete apartment buildings, houses, gave them clean water, clean bathrooms in remote areas. Meanwhile the Bill Gate's Foundation is still talking about how to design a cheap, smart toilet for the African people. LMFAO.... 5. This video is filled with bitterness and nothing actually positive.

  43. Ice

    Ice12 orë më parë

    The readjustment system is just very lazy. And this is the same company which made the 787 dreamliner and the 747 which has served for many years...

  44. regular irregular

    regular irregular12 orë më parë

    2:15 Kazakhstan🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿

  45. Miki Flokster

    Miki Flokster12 orë më parë

    China builds US destroys, simple as that. Maybe this is why everybody love China and no one like US.

  46. Alex ander

    Alex ander12 orë më parë

    im just speechless! i think china will conquer this virus soon !

  47. Jessicas vlogs

    Jessicas vlogs12 orë më parë

    Me: *looking for Ireland* me : yay I found it 😄 Him : ramdomly starts talking about sports Me : of all things you could've talked about I just has to be that doesn't it *sigh* (I hate sports )

  48. imjustsaying tho

    imjustsaying tho12 orë më parë

    Yahhh, bullshit! This wasn't an accident spontaneously materialized in the local exotic goods market. That marketplace was too easy , too convenient. The authorities just scapegoated the most convenient place around. This is a biological weapon, intentionally developed to sweep through contemporary human settlements. Take care everyone. And good luck. We're gonna need it .

  49. Jessicas vlogs

    Jessicas vlogs12 orë më parë

    Uhhhh.... what about Ireland ...... ok ..... I know we're small but still 😔

  50. stuthedog animations

    stuthedog animations12 orë më parë

    Oh let's not forget the fact that Australia is still on fire

  51. Justin Zhang

    Justin Zhang12 orë më parë

    come on, u just make a shit-like video.

  52. Afrocanuk

    Afrocanuk12 orë më parë

    Laws allowing freedom of speech & freedom of expression are way overdue for revision. It is these very laws that are at the foundation of the pornographic & many other industries promoting violence, dishonest gain & many other unwholesome behavior.

  53. Host Mo Berry

    Host Mo Berry12 orë më parë

    Looks depressing..... Is there a hospital or a police station?

  54. Ghost

    Ghost13 orë më parë

    This comment section is 90% memes, 10 actual comments.

  55. Tree Bark

    Tree Bark13 orë më parë

    Dont be rediculous. Its a marketing stunt. When the worker handed over the hospital, only 85 beds or so can be used. It lacks equipment and so forth, not fully functioning basically its just an empty shell. Also did you realise the window have metal bar cover all over it. Its to prevent patients escape! Also the army is "monitoring" the whole hospital. Its a concentration camp. So that you will die there and not roar around. They're not expect to cure anyone.

  56. Trail Hound

    Trail Hound13 orë më parë


  57. PineApplePen

    PineApplePen13 orë më parë

    Africans don't *OWN* shit! All of your new fancy buildings, railways, malls, ports, bridges, roads, and even your African Union HQ etc are bulit by the Chinese with Chinese imported labour and financial by the Chinese. Meaning not only do they own the infrastructure but also your development. Instead of coming to bring you knowledge and train Africans on how to do these things your goddamn self, they keep offering new projects to the point you can't pay them back thus they take away your trading port(s) or claim your resources for an amount of repayable years that benefit them. Aka, a debt trap. Its so bloody obvious even a 10 year old could see it.

  58. Jimmy Cincinnati

    Jimmy Cincinnati13 orë më parë

    In Comunist China, Dormitorium Is Called hospital.

  59. solar clapson

    solar clapson13 orë më parë

    You mean taxpayer-funded government subsidies?

  60. Jeremy Patrick Jo

    Jeremy Patrick Jo13 orë më parë

    Still...Wakanda foreva!

  61. mayur j

    mayur j13 orë më parë

    Why can't teams buy a plane of their own? Just asking because i thought having your own charter plane would solve majority of the problems..

  62. Ahmet C. Ay

    Ahmet C. Ay13 orë më parë

    AtlasGlobal is now bankrupt.

  63. Gold 999

    Gold 99913 orë më parë

    China : Built a high-speed trains across nation (even to neighboring nation)

  64. Native European

    Native European13 orë më parë

    better understanding then yourself of China. China is a communist country were there peaple are slave's to the Chinese Communist Party 🇨🇳. They are indoctrinated with propaganda and misinformation. They worship Mao Zedong regardless of him having more blood on his hands then Hitler and Tojo combined. They will be punished by the state for not summiting to the CCP and will be detained to be re-educated. They are by design homogeneous yellow supremacists who truly believe they are victims if anything gos wrong because China is a godly amazing country and are easily persuaded like lemon's. They did more to contain the truth of Corona Virus then save there peaple to prevent embarrassment.

  65. Brian

    Brian13 orë më parë

    concrete doesn't dry. It "sets" which just means cures or a chemical reaction happens

  66. Max Rovensky

    Max Rovensky14 orë më parë

    AirAsia is super cheap to fly buy they'll soon start charging you extra for breathing

  67. John Zimiskes

    John Zimiskes14 orë më parë

    This would be hilarious if the CCP wasnt responsible for the virus creation.

  68. CHill TACtics

    CHill TACtics14 orë më parë

    Bro who the fuck uses fuckin trains....

  69. Lance Ward

    Lance Ward14 orë më parë

    China in a war. Would have to take out, Pine Gap.. Wake up, oz is being conned.. China is smarter and far more ruthless.. Bye Bye Aust..

  70. pranav r

    pranav r14 orë më parë

    when Europeans can destroy, why can't they develop Africa?

  71. Max Rovensky

    Max Rovensky14 orë më parë

    5:12 as a Russian, I have a massive issue with using the phrase "Russia is prospering" 😂

  72. Afrocanuk

    Afrocanuk14 orë më parë

    China is already manufacturing cell phones & cars in parts of Africa.

  73. Saint Medusa

    Saint Medusa14 orë më parë

    Africa the land is very rich with resources, the issues is the people that live on that land....... They don't perceive VALUE the way the rest of the world does. They don't value themselves, time, money, land, health, sanitation, etc.

  74. LiangHuBBB

    LiangHuBBB14 orë më parë

    you see these rooms in that hospital, no equipment or anything at all, no doctors anywere around the finished hospital, just army ppl get caught and die in there without any treatment, its raining everything is wet in these rooms, the hospital is just a massgrave, you get in you wont survive. pplwake now check out guo miles, newsmonger and koreana jones for real news

  75. Tapan Das

    Tapan Das15 orë më parë

    Congratulate me. I will be able to fly all over the world very soon. I'm so happy Microsoft flight simulator is releasing in 2020😂

  76. brindaraka tv

    brindaraka tv15 orë më parë

    At 11:03 pause video and you see video moves Edit : only when you are reading comments See video suddenly you will observe

  77. ҳҲ̸Ҳ̸ҳ

    ҳҲ̸Ҳ̸ҳ15 orë më parë

    In india , nothing is being done unless it affects brahmins if anythig affects OBC/ST/ST/minorities , they would have themselves created extermination centers to kill rather than building hospitals .

  78. brindaraka tv

    brindaraka tv15 orë më parë

    What? I pay 5$ for 800km(in India) sleeper non AC and 10$ sleeper AC I still think price can be lowered 😛😛😛

  79. CyLo

    CyLo15 orë më parë

    Great week breakdown

  80. Phil Leotardo

    Phil Leotardo15 orë më parë

    U.S solved problem by putting nuclear waste into bombs...

  81. Tapan Das

    Tapan Das15 orë më parë

    There is one solution. China should just colonies Australia. Their Papa England doesn't have muscle to protect them😂

  82. GyroCannon

    GyroCannon16 orë më parë

    We'd be so screwed in the US since having multiple companies / state agencies coordinate would mean a crap ton of deadlock or bottlenecks. Even within a company, there's a lot of "Oh that's not my department" bs that slows everything down

  83. Chen Kui

    Chen Kui16 orë më parë


  84. fans kosovo tv

    fans kosovo tv16 orë më parë

    To build the hospital maybe they took so many workers (2M maybe).Thats my idea

  85. Teck Hoh Ng

    Teck Hoh Ng16 orë më parë

    Building a hospital in record time is laudable.But, more importantly containing the virus from spreading is of paramount importance.

  86. Fedor Tarasov

    Fedor Tarasov16 orë më parë

    "So will the west fall" sound like Soviet union will be back

  87. sam coops

    sam coops16 orë më parë

    This didn’t age well 😂

  88. Lisa Lewis

    Lisa Lewis17 orë më parë

    UK is not a country it's a group of country's with Wales, Scotland, England and North Ireland

  89. Barbara Carbone

    Barbara Carbone17 orë më parë

    Very interesting. I'd love to hear from the residents themselves. I remember a TV show that took place in barrow. I forget the name. Quite a town. Thanks much.

  90. Richard Fang

    Richard Fang17 orë më parë

    This mans predicted the corronavirus

  91. Brent z

    Brent z17 orë më parë

    Whats funny and sad about America is that we all know why our crime rates are so high yet we have to pretend to not know why are crime rates are so high. Americans are more offended by hearing who committed the crime than the actual crime that happened.

  92. Whoop

    Whoop17 orë më parë

    I love the effectiveness of factories. We might see tall buildings built in days in poor places in Africa in the future

  93. Yoda

    Yoda17 orë më parë

    The hospital's warranty expires next month, it does.

  94. Ahmer Imam

    Ahmer Imam18 orë më parë

    here in toronto, they started construction on kennedy station to expand and improve it or whatever, when i was 17. i'm turning 23 in a month and it's still a mess, traffic's always a mess around the area.

  95. 邵邵世怀

    邵邵世怀18 orë më parë

    Africa is rich in resources, but it is poor. It has no such ability to develop resources. Except for China, who can help them? Does anyone want to help them? Western nations will only plunder. Our cooperation with Africa is mutually beneficial. In the future, we will give more hospitals, schools, factories, high-speed rail, highways, various infrastructures, and even 5G to Africa. Africans also want to have a modern, high-quality life like white people Are they not worthy? What have western countries done for Africa for centuries? What to bring to Africa? Loot resources and leave war, plague, and famine! They don't care! What is the use of so-called human rights and freedoms if the most basic survival is not guaranteed? We do not export revolution, slavery, or robbing. The cooperation with Africa is completely a win-win situation. Africans, please remember that race is only divided by color and there is no high or low. This is your last chance. If you do not seize this opportunity, in the next few hundred years, Never again

  96. oks now

    oks now18 orë më parë


  97. Ricky Hansen

    Ricky Hansen18 orë më parë

    Time is money, plain and simple.

  98. Emeraldzplayin

    Emeraldzplayin18 orë më parë

    meanwhile the renens station in switzerland has been many years they're "updating" it but they barely did anything

  99. Feelthefx

    Feelthefx18 orë më parë

    I had a one in 6 chance of being born in China. Thank God I wasn't.

  100. 弦誠李

    弦誠李18 orë më parë

    U can you to do,no then say nothing.(a saying )