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  1. Devilgavin24

    Devilgavin24Minutë më parë

    0:06 Hey! Is that TKO?

  2. Jed Ingham

    Jed Ingham2 minuta më parë

    I think we all know what platform have the most skilled gamers.. Mobile gamers.

  3. kmiranda322

    kmiranda3225 minuta më parë

    The noobtube

  4. Sub Vike

    Sub Vike11 minuta më parë


  5. S 2 da 685 11.12.11

    S 2 da 685 11.12.1111 minuta më parë

    This will only get better believe that !

  6. Yuval

    Yuval13 minuta më parë

    40mm would literally do nothing to a warrior or bradley or whatever that thing is.

  7. Mr original79

    Mr original7915 minuta më parë

    Bo4 vibes

  8. Daniel328

    Daniel32816 minuta më parë

    Robert says his line differently in this trailer.

  9. Storm

    Storm16 minuta më parë

    Why do they never tell us what time the beta starts?

  10. Srath

    Srath16 minuta më parë

    *After all these years I can finally play against the xbox trash talkers in school I'm hyped!*

  11. Damned Prophet

    Damned Prophet20 minuta më parë


  12. clacksta clicky

    clacksta clicky21 minutë më parë

    The games f%cking amazing

  13. Красный Колпак

    Красный Колпак22 minuta më parë

    Seriously Angry Russians

  14. qrivate

    qrivate23 minuta më parë

    This game is a cancer campfest

  15. CloudMcRip

    CloudMcRip24 minuta më parë

    Just let the console players opt out pc players from crossplay and everyone will be happy.

  16. Lord Vans

    Lord Vans25 minuta më parë

    Guy seriously stop subscribing to me because I have no choice to subscribe back

  17. BossX -Cisco

    BossX -Cisco25 minuta më parë

    So this new mw is a reboot or something?

  18. YoungGonDa125

    YoungGonDa12526 minuta më parë

    Wish we could get to use the scar kilo etc

  19. MR. JAGamer

    MR. JAGamer27 minuta më parë

    Do you need psp for play the game

  20. f off

    f off27 minuta më parë

    They should add a mode called console wars

  21. Dr. Evolution

    Dr. Evolution27 minuta më parë

    Played quite a bit this past weekend. Got to the 20 level cap. Really enjoyed it. Been away from these type of FPS games for awhile. Brought back some fond memories.

  22. F1st FPS

    F1st FPS28 minuta më parë

    If they adjust the super slow ADS/sprint out speed and make players more visible, especially campers hiding in corners, I think this will be one of the best CODs ever. Please don't make this a game that rewards campers more than those who prefer to run and gun. Thanks 👍🏼✌🏼️

  23. CR0W

    CR0W28 minuta më parë

    The game that will start a real console war.

  24. Daniel R

    Daniel R29 minuta më parë

    Came back in 2019 just to make sure I’ve disliked the video

  25. TUMPOV

    TUMPOV30 minuta më parë

    The game is ok but the players are the reason I will not be buying this game

  26. Juan De La Visitacion

    Juan De La Visitacion30 minuta më parë

    The in-game fonts are too small to read the description of weapons and attachments wish there was an option to adjust them

  27. Best 104

    Best 10430 minuta më parë


  28. Lowie T

    Lowie T30 minuta më parë

    0:15 I don't know what this is but I don't like it.

  29. BoSsGaMeR

    BoSsGaMeR31 minutë më parë

    They should have squad streaks that your squad in ground war can earn streaks together like once your squad of 4 per say reach 35 kills all together you can call in paratroopers (cooler name can be added)

  30. NewUAV

    NewUAV31 minutë më parë

    Give us the normal call of duty mini map too many campers

  31. UpbeatTrombone

    UpbeatTrombone31 minutë më parë

    Hilarious how this garbage didn’t get a million views, really says a lot about this awful game.

  32. Jacobi2802 1

    Jacobi2802 131 minutë më parë

    Yo what day does Xbox get beta access for pre order I need to play the game now😭😭

  33. D K

    D K33 minuta më parë

    Camp fest round 2 pls fix you're pizza

  34. Easy Outlaw Skate Shop

    Easy Outlaw Skate Shop33 minuta më parë

    The maps were the biggest let down I've seen, the spwans are HORRIBLE, it was spawn die spawn die. The camping was the worst ive ever seen in any COD there's been.

  35. Imposter

    Imposter33 minuta më parë

    Will the full game have noobtubes? 🤔🤔🤔

  36. TJP Real

    TJP Real33 minuta më parë

    When can I play the beta if I have not pre ordered ?

  37. Kakashi

    Kakashi37 minuta më parë

    Junge, Killer Game alde

  38. WeebGamer 24/7

    WeebGamer 24/739 minuta më parë

    Now we all can unite my brothas GAMING FOREVER

  39. Generation Sensitive

    Generation Sensitive40 minuta më parë

    So can i play it even though i havnt bought the game yet? If not then why is it called open beta

  40. DURP16

    DURP1641 minutë më parë

    I would get the game only if it has a campaign.

  41. The Enki

    The Enki41 minutë më parë

    Where are the frickin tents in this trailer?

  42. Anders Martin

    Anders Martin42 minuta më parë

    Umm SAS group

  43. Sermal123

    Sermal12343 minuta më parë

    Can i run this cod with a gtx 1050ti and 12gb RAM? :,v

  44. REED E BOY

    REED E BOY45 minuta më parë

    200$ well spent.

  45. Alexis Oropeza

    Alexis Oropeza45 minuta më parë

    Why didn’t they show the campers in every corner hiding ?

  46. Herz Wolf

    Herz Wolf46 minuta më parë

    Когда предзагрузка

  47. Nate Mccully

    Nate Mccully47 minuta më parë

    They said infinity was the biggest crossover event in history

  48. Danny Boy

    Danny Boy47 minuta më parë

    Is there going to be cross play on beta?

  49. Keen Observer

    Keen Observer54 minuta më parë

    “Open beta” still have to preorder

  50. Y__Y

    Y__Y55 minuta më parë

    Why closed beta 💔💔

  51. Cletus da Fetus 856

    Cletus da Fetus 85655 minuta më parë

    I can’t wait till Thursday again..this past weekends beta was sick!!!!

  52. Kori_ Marz

    Kori_ Marz55 minuta më parë

    Aint nobody move in this game

  53. Cletus da Fetus 856

    Cletus da Fetus 85656 minuta më parë

    What killstreak is that quad in the last scene? Battle royale confirmed??

  54. Fred pannekoek

    Fred pannekoek57 minuta më parë

    enter 'sandman'..

  55. N1njaPig

    N1njaPigOrë më parë

    Atleast they brought the minimap back so people camp less. Lol! I've never seen so many people camp in a CoD at once. People in Rainbow Six siege move around more than these CoD players in all honesty. Haha!

  56. Smart Brains

    Smart BrainsOrë më parë

    For the love of cheese remove the mini map

  57. Gabriel Ruiz

    Gabriel RuizOrë më parë


  58. Maximoff

    MaximoffOrë më parë

    Nice recommend this brought back memories

  59. bosshaft vevo

    bosshaft vevoOrë më parë

    Call of duty is the best game ever

  60. Talon Yearta

    Talon YeartaOrë më parë

    XBOX too!!??

  61. Tadddius

    TadddiusOrë më parë

    Вы все всё равно скоро сдохнете.

  62. Xenomorph

    XenomorphOrë më parë


  63. Andres Zambrano

    Andres ZambranoOrë më parë

    Name of the music please?

  64. Fiery Shadow

    Fiery ShadowOrë më parë

    0:15 Bruh is that the AW threat grenade????

  65. NornIron

    NornIronOrë më parë

    Was there a preload for the PS4 beta and if so how long?

  66. Aaron ExalTeD

    Aaron ExalTeDOrë më parë

    Black Ops 4 is the worst call of duty of all time.

  67. Krush

    KrushOrë më parë


  68. Itz Shortz

    Itz ShortzOrë më parë

    Can’t wait for it come to Xbox

  69. whitefeather

    whitefeatherOrë më parë

    After the last four games with lies, lootboxes, and pay to win in blackout. I am hoping that this time you'll get it right. But I'm not holding my breath. I will not buy your game until it's been out at least six months to see what is going to be done with it. Especially with microtransactions and the dlc's. You have l9st my trust as a company and this is someone who started playing with CoD 2. Last chance Activision, last chance.

  70. K1Kaos

    K1KaosOrë më parë

    Cant u disable crossplay? Cuz I sure dont want to be around when pc players get their mod game on, unless... It benefits me

  71. Brand65

    Brand65Orë më parë

    Is the beta download up yet for Xbox one?

  72. YOU ARE

    YOU AREOrë më parë

    «Bad maps design» (I mean the small ones)

  73. NinjaTJ04

    NinjaTJ04Orë më parë

    One day before we all go raid Area 51. This is practice

  74. DAG81Games

    DAG81GamesOrë më parë

    How BAD are the micro transactions in this game? Play the alpha played the Beta love it But if there's horrible micro transactions I'll cancel, You need to tell me before launch

  75. nightxxmare gamer

    nightxxmare gamerOrë më parë

    Lets go Boisssssssssss!!!!!!

  76. Scorpion Gaming

    Scorpion GamingOrë më parë

    I need someone to reply if I pre order it do we get it earlier instead of the 25th and do we get any exclusives?

  77. SirButts The4th

    SirButts The4thOrë më parë

    Call of Duty: Camping Warfare

  78. itsLitGamesTV

    itsLitGamesTVOrë më parë

    How about like a Xbox vs PS4 player mode.

  79. anders hauge

    anders haugeOrë më parë

    This looks like bf wannabe. Idk whats going on anymore, and idk if this is cod so night not cop

  80. Jebfrombritain

    JebfrombritainOrë më parë

    I don’t get it people are complaining about camping have you guys never played other games they all have campers

  81. WyattEntertainment

    WyattEntertainmentOrë më parë

    trash you scammed me in cod ww2 you deleted my 4 months of progression in the game and i had to start all over i never touched it since

  82. LW

    LWOrë më parë

    when starting preload?

  83. Gieza -

    Gieza -Orë më parë

    Favorite cod 💯

  84. YaboiXray

    YaboiXrayOrë më parë

    This game is gonna wake up all the Xbox 360 avatars after 7 years

  85. Rafael Gómez

    Rafael GómezOrë më parë


  86. elhitman1996

    elhitman1996Orë më parë

    KICK AFK PLAYER omfg i get 1 or 2 afk player in my team everything

  87. Itriyum

    ItriyumOrë më parë

    Call of Uav Modern Camping

  88. Uncle Izya

    Uncle IzyaOrë më parë

    And you still can't play in Russia, I guess?)

  89. CloudStrifeh2003

    CloudStrifeh2003Orë më parë

    (Hope anybody gets the reference) Battlefield: I've been waiting for you Modern Warfare. Battlefield: You know that i control the FPS world. Battlefield: It's foolish to come against me! Battlefield: Now you will feel true PAIN! *Releases BFV* *Everyone hates BFV* Battlefield: *DICE starts to fix up the game* Only i have DICE to rule the FPS world. *Modern Warfare destroys Battlefield* Battlefield: If i go down i'm taking you with me!

  90. Tacticool Operator

    Tacticool OperatorOrë më parë

    One day after my birthday, cant wait!

  91. Frozen Fire

    Frozen FireOrë më parë



    BOLT ACTIONOrë më parë

    It’s been such a long time that I’ve enjoyed a cod this much.

  93. Евгений Забродин

    Евгений ЗабродинOrë më parë

    Везде кроме России ... спасибо бл~