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Winter storm forecast

Winter storm forecast

8 ditë më parë

7 dead in plane crash in Canada
Dangerous weather hits West Coast
  1. A Bigs

    A Bigs16 sekonda më parë


  2. Josh PaperDragon

    Josh PaperDragon4 minuta më parë

    You cant get more simple and direct than Trump. There is nothing complex about the guy. Dismantle nukes and US will lift some sanctions. If Kim can't understand that then the only choice is massive simultaneous targeted strikes

  3. Marjolein Tomassen

    Marjolein Tomassen4 minuta më parë

    That could have used a bit more charm, as Obama would have done ...

  4. A B

    A B9 minuta më parë

    See if u have a police badge u can do magdumps on the streets

  5. Adam Dominguez

    Adam Dominguez10 minuta më parë

    Cuz jewelry

  6. Cosmmo _

    Cosmmo _11 minuta më parë


  7. Kelly Krause

    Kelly Krause14 minuta më parë

    No F's given. -Kim. Sorry but, I don't really see that we have gotten anywhere with this one.

  8. JD

    JD20 minuta më parë

    Wtf they mean? They dont know who killed the ups driver and the other innocent man. Of course it was the cops. I saw the uncensored video and you clearly see the ups driver trying to get out but cops just keep shooting.

  9. Garfield

    Garfield20 minuta më parë

    I had to check this wasn't the onion at first

  10. jones

    jones21 minutë më parë

    "Abandon all hoax, ye who enter here." ~~ Donnie's Inferno

  11. Kibzy

    Kibzy21 minutë më parë

    I was hoping for a headshot on that hoodlum

  12. Samantha Passuello

    Samantha Passuello22 minuta më parë

    This is too wholesome I may cry “we are throwing you guys a pizza party” 😭

  13. Josh59

    Josh5928 minuta më parë

    They all deserve the death penalty if they don't know who killed them

  14. • Aesthetic Princess •

    • Aesthetic Princess •38 minuta më parë

    At first I was ready to beat up some kids

  15. Pavel Suchkov

    Pavel Suchkov39 minuta më parë

    That is one short appearance, Jeff

  16. Md Shajid

    Md Shajid40 minuta më parë

    when you think that you got the biggest penis > without knowing how big others have :D hhahahahahaha

  17. mike atheist

    mike atheist42 minuta më parë

    Their boss china will allow no aggression, no matter how relations look now, china and America will always help each other out

  18. Jerome Lund

    Jerome Lund45 minuta më parë

    The more noise he makes, the more attention he'll get from Trump. Thus, keeping him on the world stage and legitimate.

  19. CaNCeRNamE

    CaNCeRNamE49 minuta më parë

    Some few bad Cops in whatever kind, are killing the reputation of the hard working officers trying to make the World a better place

  20. Gadsdan

    Gadsdan51 minutë më parë

    Flash observation, cops were using cars, with citizens inside them, as shields. I'm not okay with that.

  21. John Dillinger

    John Dillinger51 minutë më parë

    Omg 🙄 these two nerds are at it again !! Stop 🛑 it’s the holidays !!!!!

  22. kris helfferich

    kris helfferich54 minuta më parë

    Why didnt he make arrangements?

  23. Nemo Krada

    Nemo Krada59 minuta më parë

    They want something, how about we send them Seal Team 6, or a couple hundred cruise missiles?

  24. L Warner

    L WarnerOrë më parë

    Did he come from Africa? No. He is American!!!

  25. erikcarrillo33

    erikcarrillo33Orë më parë

    That's a beautiful uniform and its a good homage to the greatest generation.

  26. Trish H

    Trish HOrë më parë

    He didn’t have the right to shoot. He didn’t attack, no weapon, the officer thought he saw a gun so he shot him 3 times and that guy saying that he had the right to shoot. These people need to know the laws, amendments, and etc. the boy was running away why shoot him end up killing him when he wasn’t the one attacking. Took his life before it could even start 😭😭

  27. Grant Goldberg

    Grant GoldbergOrë më parë

    It would be best if we just nuked North Korea. The guy is the Hitler of East Asia.

  28. Grant Goldberg

    Grant GoldbergOrë më parë

    Ha, ha! FU California! You deserve everything you get.

  29. Grant Goldberg

    Grant GoldbergOrë më parë

    France doesn't yet know their government is in the process of being overthrown. They'll soon know.

  30. Grant Goldberg

    Grant GoldbergOrë më parë

    Sad. That show was probably the only good thing to come out of that government cesspool of a channel.

  31. karen karen

    karen karenOrë më parë

    He always give people sweet smilely face!

  32. Daniel H

    Daniel HOrë më parë

    This is pathetic. They are decades behind the rest of the world, entice them with new technologies etc for what we want.

  33. WalkerBrosFilms

    WalkerBrosFilmsOrë më parë

    You ain’t Gunn a dewwww shiiieeeeeaaaaattt!!!! -Kevin Hart

  34. Regina Phalange

    Regina PhalangeOrë më parë

    John Humphrey, the 2nd lieutenant, was my great-great uncle. I learned from my grandmother (his great-niece) about the story yesterday. I’ve never been prouder.

  35. Kenzie Brooke

    Kenzie BrookeOrë më parë

    This upsets me so much because all she wanted was a hot meal and theres a video of a 5 year old boy screaming the entire time on an 8 hour flight and they did NOTHING!!!

  36. Kevin Bond

    Kevin BondOrë më parë

    He could be our best ally if we go to war with china

  37. Zhiyang Lu

    Zhiyang LuOrë më parë

    Dear Apple, this man has better vision and hearing than your Tim Cook.

  38. genocide amerika

    genocide amerikaOrë më parë

    Typical Yankee imperialist propaganda

  39. relevent Hurt`

    relevent Hurt`Orë më parë

    How many tigers do they got?

  40. strange love

    strange loveOrë më parë

    nato is bs

  41. Asiane Yang

    Asiane YangOrë më parë

    Why is he allowed to lived to 93?

  42. jmarcuc

    jmarcucOrë më parë

    There are 8 articles of impeachment they could hold him accountable for, but clearly abuse of power should be apparent to any fair minded individual.

  43. van le

    van leOrë më parë

    i am Vietnamese. i totally support Trump. the whole asia will support Trump. pelosy democrats is doing very bad thing against Trump. very very bad stupid selfish action against Trump. only Trump can make china bankcrupt and disappear from east sea. china uses american money to build military bases in east sea and they try to kick america out of east sea. and Trump is doing greatest things for asia and the World. east sea must belong to every nation.

  44. tom miller

    tom millerOrë më parë

    Can you imagine this guy saying this to Trump? Fits Trump to a tee.

  45. I l

    I l2 orë më parë

    Stupid fat guy, hasn't learned

  46. shsv81661

    shsv816612 orë më parë

    He’s a fortunate man

  47. Nyle Lynn

    Nyle Lynn2 orë më parë

    So wonderful!

  48. Destruction Z

    Destruction Z2 orë më parë

    President Trump said the majority of Isis fighters are France.

  49. Supersonicsped

    Supersonicsped2 orë më parë

    Everyone put f in the chat

  50. Soren Axelson

    Soren Axelson2 orë më parë

    Nice kim... you have joined nuclear gang. Simultaneously the most useful and useless weapon you can acquire.

  51. Bad Cattitude

    Bad Cattitude2 orë më parë

    He looks like he ate the horse he was riding the other day

  52. Joe Mamma

    Joe Mamma2 orë më parë

    Cops are now using civilian cars and the occupants of said cars as shields??

  53. Tallacus

    Tallacus2 orë më parë

    Concessions from the US? Well even living the high life, the communist leader looks for a handout...SMH

  54. James Yarch

    James Yarch2 orë më parë

    How many of these people turn their nose up at good paying low prestige jobs or are unwilling to relocate to flyover country where degrees are a little more rare and cost of living is cheaper. I know, I know, you didn't go to college to work in plumbing or HVAC.

  55. Michael

    Michael2 orë më parë

    Now this is epic

  56. Power Sonic

    Power Sonic2 orë më parë

    @ CBS , your reporter Manuel Bojorquez asked a very dumb question to the former police chief Manny Orosa . Any sane person would know that even if the suspect is shooting at you , law enforcement cant just return fire indiscriminately just to neutralize the threat because other lives are placed in grave danger and the the y are more likely to make the situation worst by killing innocent people . ALWAYS BE SURE OF YOUR TARGET AND WHAT IS BEYOND, BEHIND and BESIDE YOUR TARGET .

  57. Joe Shmo

    Joe Shmo2 orë më parë

    He's holding out for a lifetime supply of twinkies

  58. Bryan-Michael Dungee

    Bryan-Michael Dungee2 orë më parë

    Hw tf can you be afraid of someone that is running from you? If your that scary how does the department now pick up on that before hiring him? Cops always use that excuse for black and brown men...

  59. ms 2

    ms 22 orë më parë

    Both crime clowns agree in crime to sel us for stupid all of us were doing it

  60. lee harry

    lee harry2 orë më parë

    A lot of hot air by the desperate Democrats. When God appoints a man like Trump, his enemies are just knocking their heads against the Wall. Watch my prophecy. Trump will serve out his full 2 terms and USA will prosper under his Presidency.

  61. Professor Mexican

    Professor Mexican2 orë më parë

    You can't squeeze a quarter out of a nickle just remember that

  62. Maya Silliman

    Maya Silliman2 orë më parë

    Here we are at sunny CBS fake news, joining CNN, MSNBC, ABC not to forget The Washington Post, et al.....can't wait for the day you all go down with the ship, the ship of fools!!! MAGA 2020

  63. Chace Mobbs

    Chace Mobbs2 orë më parë

    Juan Perez is a GOD DAMN Liar

  64. Wojciech Zgodowski

    Wojciech Zgodowski2 orë më parë

    Florida law allows gun owners to have guns in vehicles only owned by them within the state grounds with proper procedures. But since the UPS truck is owned by ups. That's a no no. And such companies have policies in reference to CWP weapons in their vehicles. So the driver was prevented from staying safe because of the laws and policies.

  65. Dan Barrera

    Dan Barrera2 orë më parë

    Shouldn't have shot at the ups truck , keep distance and call air support. Once the autopsies are conducted I hope the bullets that killed the 2 innocent men were not fired from the firearms of the officers

  66. Daniel Pryor

    Daniel Pryor2 orë më parë

    Trump better make a move if not he lied that American people come first do what you need to do before you put the whole world live a risk don’t vote for trump

  67. Jesse Ortega

    Jesse Ortega2 orë më parë

    Send them directly to trump

  68. Kristen K

    Kristen K2 orë më parë

    i used to be into conspiracy theories but then I grew up.

  69. Montello 90

    Montello 902 orë më parë

    This is just one area. There are areas in AZ, NM and CA that are being done. It isnt about 2000 miles just key areas. The libs wantyou to think that is what it is.

  70. Sam Christenson

    Sam Christenson2 orë më parë

    Could there be a nuclear war?

  71. Julia Katsman

    Julia Katsman2 orë më parë

    "On the road, without ice cream, in Miami." XD

  72. Felicity smoke

    Felicity smoke2 orë më parë

    He has my for president election

  73. D lion

    D lion2 orë më parë

    About California, the state has a debit to pay that was caused by Hollywood artifical and unethical productions. These natural events have something to do with it. When a large organization takes advantage of someone blessed by God they will pay in ways they never tought possible. It will be a good idea for the people in the film industry to come clean.

  74. pork n beans

    pork n beans2 orë më parë


  75. Adam, Monica Clark, Mosqueda

    Adam, Monica Clark, Mosqueda2 orë më parë

    Kim is making it sound bad trump and him actually have a plan! Kim is going to give info to trump in return for lifting more sanctions!

  76. pork n beans

    pork n beans2 orë më parë


  77. 2 D

    2 D2 orë më parë

    White aint right

  78. DL

    DL2 orë më parë

    Look at him get bigger each year while the rest of his country starves.

  79. systematic self organization

    systematic self organization2 orë më parë

    nuke Korea and get diariah

  80. Storm Rider

    Storm Rider2 orë më parë

    6300 Americans lose their homes every day. How is it better?

  81. Tim Dakis

    Tim Dakis3 orë më parë

    R.I.P Caroll Spinney 1933-2019. He did a very good job as Big Bird and Oscar all those years on Sesame Street 1969-2019. We're all gonna miss him alot.

  82. Frederick Alfredo Cabral

    Frederick Alfredo Cabral3 orë më parë

    Whatever the police said they didn't handle the situation. Now we have to innocent victims lose their lives because of police officers didn't make right decision.

  83. Moise Gustave

    Moise Gustave3 orë më parë

    Your local mailmen, ups, and amazon truck drivers are in need of prayer.

  84. Andy Rivera

    Andy Rivera3 orë më parë

    I’m pretty sure if North Korea was in ww2 they will get flatlined

  85. Andy Rivera

    Andy Rivera3 orë më parë

    Lol we survived ww2 on the Germany attack what makes you think u winning this war

  86. SSJvegito501

    SSJvegito5013 orë më parë

    Can't believe we got the stupidiest president on earth.

  87. neal6473

    neal64733 orë më parë

    Kind of like myself I have a great grandfather born in 1868.

  88. Andrea Butts

    Andrea Butts3 orë më parë

    Praise GOD! We need this a lot more to stop this nonsense. I am surprised at the number of years he got. Normally they get a little slap on the wrist 2 months 3 months 1 year.

  89. Ricky Bobby

    Ricky Bobby3 orë më parë

    The don is the king of misdirection

  90. Jahz D

    Jahz D3 orë më parë

    This is what happens when American police are trained by Israeli soldiers.

  91. BrighT L0rd

    BrighT L0rd3 orë më parë

    Sigh.. Smh...

  92. dryjuice

    dryjuice3 orë më parë

    this is so tragic. some people just value human life so little..

  93. JENDALL714

    JENDALL7143 orë më parë

    A man with no forgiveness in heart, life worse punishment than death.

  94. Jose Becerra

    Jose Becerra3 orë më parë

    To much damn fortnite

  95. Bella Dancerella

    Bella Dancerella3 orë më parë

    I wonder what states will vote for democratic president race in 2020?

  96. Jen

    Jen3 orë më parë

    I miss you Caroll. Rest in peace and fly free. Jeni Rizio, friend of Caroll and Debi <3

  97. Katheryne

    Katheryne3 orë më parë

    1:34 the reason they got kicked off was because it was a karen

  98. stuff

    stuff3 orë më parë

    l guess, I'm moving back to mexico anybody wanna come?

  99. Mag

    Mag3 orë më parë

    North Korea ,the losers of the Planet Earth.

  100. John Chan

    John Chan3 orë më parë

    Your people are starving and your main focus is on missiles.