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Fugitive couple apprehended!
  1. Lash LaRue

    Lash LaRue10 sekonda më parë

    I accept that Iran almost certainly bears direct responsibility, but the Trump admin. is also indirectly responsible for having left the Iranians with little recourse after having unilaterally abandoned the nuclear agreement. But f*ck the Saudis. MBS and his salafist wahabi zealots sponsored the 9/11 hijackers. Let them burn for what they did to Jamal Kashoggi.

  2. richard wilmot Ph.D

    richard wilmot Ph.D11 sekonda më parë

    Did the Saudi Sodomites do it to themselves? SODOMY ARABIA Yes it is Friday and so those long lines of young men robes up around their waists, on their knees, pants down around their ankles, mouths open and wearing the Kings bejeweled knee pads spill out of the narrow streets and alleys of old Riyadh, blocking traffic... . Sodomy is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia, but gay life flourishes there. Why it is “easier to be gay than straight” in a society where everyone, homosexual and otherwise, lives in the closet

  3. aaron begon

    aaron begon13 sekonda më parë

    Child gets shot but nobody will go to the police to report suspects... those same people are the ones complaining that police are unable to solve the crime

  4. ANB ZCMB16

    ANB ZCMB1615 sekonda më parë

    Nice to see a teacher and students on the same page..

  5. Me ! Oey

    Me ! Oey21 sekonda më parë

    In china. When I m tots. I left my friend behind before migrant to different country. I promised him to buy one truck toy for him. I left. We same adult now. But he already passed away. He got shoot by the police because of his crime in the street 😢. Before meeting him yet. My mom told me.

  6. Lil Prize

    Lil Prize22 sekonda më parë

    Why hasn’t he been put in a death sentence yet? Or is he already gone?

  7. Susan Gialano

    Susan Gialano32 sekonda më parë

    It’s always Indian Doctors here in the us from India where is us doctors ?

  8. Mr G

    Mr G35 sekonda më parë

    Fake headline. US is a war monger. Accusing and finding any reason to attack and plunder Iran for its resources.

  9. Kamisa Chan

    Kamisa Chan36 sekonda më parë

    These mfs are EVIL

  10. Alex Campbell

    Alex Campbell39 sekonda më parë

    She said "I love you " she doesn't even know him.

  11. Missilanious

    Missilanious44 sekonda më parë

    So Houthi rebels in Yemen are Iranian now? Looks like ABC wants this war and will lie to the public at the same time.

  12. cat Stapleton

    cat Stapleton48 sekonda më parë

    Director ego loves power

  13. arturo delfavero

    arturo delfavero54 sekonda më parë

    Ha Ha Ha!!! the lying dick head Democrats just cant stop lying.

  14. David Smith

    David Smith55 sekonda më parë

    Troll parade The trolls go marching on

  15. Kari Brown

    Kari BrownMinutë më parë

    I am in tears.... I can only imagine how stressful that job is, but this was NOT the call to lose your patience. How does she sleep at night? This woman deserved instruction and more than anything - COMFORT in her last moments on this earth. Can you imagine if this was HER mother? Or sister? Shame on you!

  16. Igor Sulejmanovic

    Igor SulejmanovicMinutë më parë

    You cant even walk on the street anymore

  17. amina jones

    amina jonesMinutë më parë

    U can't cross that line fuc those imates bum ass their n there 4 reason

  18. Charleswood5

    Charleswood5Minutë më parë

    she'd have to know how to tackle and stuff on kickoffs and if a kick is blocked


    EMDAD CHOWDHURYMinutë më parë

    Loving family 💙

  20. ÁLPHAΩ

    ÁLPHAΩMinutë më parë

    What is the definition of mercenaries : Fighting someone else Wars for money . join the United States Army And become a mercenary. :)

  21. 44 magicpanda

    44 magicpandaMinutë më parë

    I mean I respect your rights you can carry but these guys are just douchebags fr😂😂

  22. dee kabzee

    dee kabzeeMinutë më parë

    He should be charged for emotionally distressing his wife and causing her mental disorientation.

  23. Marleise Rashford

    Marleise RashfordMinutë më parë

    Old news..... RACISM is taught by evil racist parents. But BLACK n BROWN people will continue the fight.

  24. terrorizer NELA

    terrorizer NELAMinutë më parë

    That's crazy that mother should hate that little bitch for almost the rest of her life fr.

  25. Jordan Dymiter

    Jordan DymiterMinutë më parë

    That’s horrible horrible wicked demonic company

  26. Nicholas Pompeii

    Nicholas PompeiiMinutë më parë

    The only triple Axel I care about is Tonya Harding's

  27. M Tio

    M TioMinutë më parë

    Wild Wild West here. What a shame. If you’re trained, focused and steady, all you need is 1 bullet

  28. Tom Jedusor

    Tom JedusorMinutë më parë

    fuck Arabi Saudi.

  29. Jake Mars

    Jake Mars2 minuta më parë

    I've been locked up for being a dickhead while I was drunk, she should be, too. But she's a girl, so they don't get locked up right.

  30. Chris Land

    Chris Land2 minuta më parë

    Are these people the best America has to offer? Democrats have lost there way! History! Job 8:8

  31. Kay M

    Kay M2 minuta më parë

    Wtf... she was found not can they change the Fucking verdict?!!

  32. dolomite Rydah

    dolomite Rydah2 minuta më parë


  33. Frenzcion Soup

    Frenzcion Soup2 minuta më parë

    These ABC channel is cunningly and IMPLICITLY calling for DIRECTLY ATTACKING * IRAN ... with MALICIOUS intention of intentionally raising oil price. USA is behind all these SAUDI OIL Field attacks, because for the last 6 years, USA is sneakily has become the #1 and the BIGGEST * OIL exporting nation by far, not Saudi. ~ Remember this fact. USA is benefitting greatly in higher oil price to fuel its murican THIRST for WAR against humanity everywhere globally.

  34. John Lindauer

    John Lindauer2 minuta më parë

    Another disgraceful story from a once-great newspaper that can no longer be trusted.

  35. Crystal allen

    Crystal allen2 minuta më parë

    I’m trying to figure out how they thought this was appropriate!

  36. Thirteenth Tribe

    Thirteenth Tribe2 minuta më parë

    Their inner companions recognized one another. Both will return to bright white light, Fire, Son of Man. The Nazarene. Jesus. You don't remember yourr inner Angel? Awaken.

  37. XShadow _KunshuX98

    XShadow _KunshuX982 minuta më parë

    God bless America

  38. Maria Dowler

    Maria Dowler2 minuta më parë

    All your lawmakers hold duel Israeli passports, they all hold shares in the weapons industry, their only allegiance is to the israeli war machine, Israel is too clever to put its own soldiers at risk but is quite happy to see your children coming home in body bags. Israel will not rest until they take over the entire Middle East as they consider it their property, why is your pathetic excuse for a president bending over backwards to support Israel and Saudi Arabia !!?? It's nothing to do with oil as you've now got both the Palestinian and golan heights oil fields for yourself too, your being fed lies and untruths in order to pull your children into a war purely for Israel's benefit.

  39. Andrianna Ammarell

    Andrianna Ammarell2 minuta më parë

    Thw girl is s really bad actress even though shes little

  40. JeevesReturns

    JeevesReturns3 minuta më parë

    One less turd

  41. Matt 'Caster

    Matt 'Caster3 minuta më parë

    That's a lot of balls this man has.

  42. XShadow _KunshuX98

    XShadow _KunshuX983 minuta më parë

    No competition for Trump

  43. historicrecord

    historicrecord3 minuta më parë

    Iran fired cruise missiles at Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is scared to publicly accuse Iran . Afraid to fight it's own battles

  44. Michelle McCollough

    Michelle McCollough3 minuta më parë

    omg I hope that every one received multiple sorry's.and every one is ok now

  45. x30n Garc

    x30n Garc3 minuta më parë

    Fuck black people

  46. prancing around the elephant

    prancing around the elephant3 minuta më parë

    War is 24/7 no breaks, one soldier get's his 12 hours in and tags out with a fresh soldier on his way to replace him while he gets his rest. If McDonalds can be 24/7 why can't our military? We could operate like an orchestrated marathon.

  47. Catherine Campbell

    Catherine Campbell3 minuta më parë

    Trump can’t cover your butt for long! 🙄

  48. Salvadorean Mapper

    Salvadorean Mapper3 minuta më parë

    I was 2 when he died

  49. Herpeslip Herpeslip

    Herpeslip Herpeslip3 minuta më parë

    Surely this was tried as a hate crime. No? Oh well. Nothing to see here folks. Had White men done this to black men it surely would've been a hate crime.

  50. Bd from the 213

    Bd from the 2133 minuta më parë

    Lmfao why are people so shocked? My heart melted but it’s the comments that made the topic of race pop into my mind. Are you all surrounded by racism or something? Or do you all surround yourself with petty garbage and your sense of reality is twisted? Racism exists but not to the point where you should look at this and automatically think about racism. Lol tf😂

  51. Kirk Thomas

    Kirk Thomas3 minuta më parë

    Only the liberals would want to impeach a Supreme court justice on a whore's whisper!

  52. Luke Jackson

    Luke Jackson3 minuta më parë

    That guy's left EYE Has CROSSED Over LOL.

  53. David Hynes

    David Hynes3 minuta më parë

    Iran sabotage 4 oil tankers, shot down a US drone, and now attacked 2 Saudia OIl refineries. Its time to take Iran to the cleaners.

  54. amina jones

    amina jones3 minuta më parë

    Damm u coulda got a fake NIGGA on the street 2 tellu how good u look❗fuc that my JOB IS MORE IMPORTANT

  55. James Grancio

    James Grancio3 minuta më parë

    Why is that they said we where the biggest so why do we have to pay higher price at the pump

  56. J Swett

    J Swett3 minuta më parë Here's the real story for those who don't like FAKE NEWS.....if you love being lied to, keep watching trash 'news' outlets like ABC....

  57. Alex sustaita

    Alex sustaita3 minuta më parë

    I wish they had a more brutal death penalty for those heartless types of psychopaths

  58. Rhyme& Reason

    Rhyme& Reason4 minuta më parë

    Can you believe the Trump Administration when Trump has lied to us 13,000 times and has demanded his subordinates lie for him?

  59. Dxxx

    Dxxx4 minuta më parë

    Poor man getting deported when hes so old just leave him be... also didnt they say he was a gaurd? He probably had to be because he couldnt get alot of money so

  60. Paul Mccarthy

    Paul Mccarthy4 minuta më parë

    CIA mossad the Jesuits the IMF hand controls the world is manipulating the s*** in the middle East. Once again like always

  61. James Doermann

    James Doermann4 minuta më parë

    We can’t believe a word anybody says! For all we know the Saudi’s did this themselves paid somebody just to get the price of oil up it will help them and Iran! We need to steer clear of this desert oasis of Deceit

  62. Col. Harlan T. Cornstarch

    Col. Harlan T. Cornstarch4 minuta më parë

    Glad the guy wasn't killed but I believe big cats and other dangerous animals were put on earth to be admired from a distance not "trained" for entertainment.

  63. Andrianna Ammarell

    Andrianna Ammarell4 minuta më parë

    Honestly i thought that the brown skinned doll was prettier

  64. Coco Vallis

    Coco Vallis4 minuta më parë

    The US will do whatever it takes to go to war it seems. The US government needs to put more money into alternative methods like electric cars etc. However, the same people that back the US government are the same people that want to control all the oil in the world, even if that means taking over countries by going to war. The US have been wanting to take over Iran for years now. The US needs to stay out of this!

  65. Mik H

    Mik H4 minuta më parë

    It was Yemen, not Iran. Yemen claimed responsibility, Iran did not do it. The US is full of shit, Gulf of Tonkin time again. 90% of people will just believe whatever is on the news.


    AINT NUN BUT A G THANG4 minuta më parë

    Man fuck that shit, if he didnt mean to still charge his ass with destruction or manslaughter he admitted to fuckn that boat up that's why she died weather he meant to kill her or not I think he did just cause his granpa dies a month before his mother is killed cause of him putting holes in that boat. Either hes unlucky or guilty that this has happened cause he was eating with his granpa the same night his granpa was murdered and has no solid alibi and for his mothers disappearance he has no solid truth except the way she died and that's cause of him drilling wholes in that boat. Hell no man just cause of his mental issues hes not arrested? Wow fuck that has gonna do this his whole life until the laws get strict on him man. Spoiled lil punk man. He seems like he did it if you watch every one of his interviews sometimes he says I'm done talking when asked about a house search in his moms home if I'm someone that didnt mean to hurt my mother and didnt know how it happened than I'm gonna answer everything and want the answers to keep going until its solved. Hes a lil punk man no lie spoiled wit money his whole life. Arrest him for manslaughter at least cause that shit with his mom was his fuckn fault she even texted her friend or sister saying if I dont answer at noon call the cops. Come on now them 2 al oi ne and she send that and hes still not arrested? Fuck that shit.

  67. Gyarren

    Gyarren5 minuta më parë

    Now this... This is how everyone should be, all the time! All the best to these little guys!

  68. Yorukon3

    Yorukon35 minuta më parë


  69. Edward Fleming

    Edward Fleming5 minuta më parë

    "Locked, and loaded"? Is Trump suggesting actual military experience on his part?

  70. David Smith

    David Smith5 minuta më parë

    I stand with you

  71. Yorukon3

    Yorukon35 minuta më parë


  72. Paul Mccarthy

    Paul Mccarthy5 minuta më parë

    Oh shit, they're going to pump this s*** down of all the sheeple who watched news thinking it's real. I wish people would wake the f****** take their noses out of their phones. Look around and ask themselves wait what is really going on around here 😂

  73. Joe Munoz

    Joe Munoz5 minuta më parë


  74. XShadow _KunshuX98

    XShadow _KunshuX985 minuta më parë

    Trump 2020

  75. XShadow _KunshuX98

    XShadow _KunshuX985 minuta më parë

    look at all these children that don't relies that a gun can stop a mass shooting faster than it can start one

  76. hatter2mad

    hatter2mad5 minuta më parë

    She felt disrespected 🤷🏽‍♂️ she had every right to feel that way....

  77. Jack pine Savage

    Jack pine Savage6 minuta më parë

    "Well, Mr. President, it's looks like the economy is headed for a recession." "I know what we'll do!" Lets start a war with Iran!"

  78. Holyshades

    Holyshades6 minuta më parë

    Let him finish speaking. He never even had a chance to express a complete thought.

  79. sad valentine

    sad valentine6 minuta më parë

    One word -Florida-

  80. 46vblondie

    46vblondie6 minuta më parë

    The Saudis will do ANYTHING to raise oil prices! This is so transparently contrived!! I don't believe Iran is involved. Fake attack.


    SPIDERNINJABOY6 minuta më parë

    I live in a small town in Kansas and actually out in the country. We have multiple guns for defense and I don't think anyone has had a home invasion here. nobody is stealing my xbox. I'll kill him with me revolver.

  82. Rhyme& Reason

    Rhyme& Reason6 minuta më parë

    IDIOT Trump caused this mess by unilaterally withdrawing from a treaty and applying sanctions when Iran was in substantial if not complete compliance with. Next time you fill up your tank thank Trump for the big increase and hope he doesn't get your kid killed over his ego....

  83. John Leddy

    John Leddy6 minuta më parë

    Three big men against a little girl WTF!!!!

  84. manguy2000

    manguy20006 minuta më parë

    Was that one white kid? Where's the diversity? Oh wait.. That only applies to white majority scenarios..

  85. 46vblondie

    46vblondie6 minuta më parë

    The Saudis will do ANYTHING to raise oil prices! This is so transparently contrived!! I don't believe Iran is involved. Fake attack.

  86. SeaEmE

    SeaEmE6 minuta më parë

    1:45 His hearts pointing because he is morbidly obese

  87. Todd Tappin

    Todd Tappin6 minuta më parë

    Good for him

  88. Linas

    Linas7 minuta më parë

    That bitch deserved to be killed.

  89. Audrey Jefferson

    Audrey Jefferson7 minuta më parë

    Wooden teeth?

  90. kayla laskey

    kayla laskey7 minuta më parë

    hate these people

  91. Paul Mccarthy

    Paul Mccarthy7 minuta më parë

    First of all is supposed to come for the houthi rebels in Yemen. Buy drones by the way. Now their missiles from Iran, wait, huhhh! Everybody be aware of the deception. Proxy wars to come. Israel with their isis militants or Iran with their Hezbollah militants. Same game same story.

  92. Van13sina Van13sina

    Van13sina Van13sina7 minuta më parë

    I don't think Iran is responsible but Israel and the media will blame Iran anyways so this is nothing new . In any case its clear Iran wasn't responsible

  93. MrPlankinton

    MrPlankinton7 minuta më parë

    Fredo !!!

  94. Mad Dawg

    Mad Dawg7 minuta më parë


  95. Joe Costner

    Joe Costner7 minuta më parë

    maybe if the people werent screaming

  96. Samba Warrior

    Samba Warrior7 minuta më parë

    The tanker wasnt enough the world didnt whats next? Oh yeah, iran flew dro...i mean, iran launchest cruise missiles at saudi oil refineries! Iran cant afford a war. America however have been looking to attack iran for ages. Look up Gen Wesley clark 7 nations. They took out iraq, they took out libya, they have been trying to take out syria, and they are trying with iran.

  97. C_Wonder

    C_Wonder7 minuta më parë

    a lot people in California drive without auto insurance, let alone extinguishers

  98. sunset tech

    sunset tech7 minuta më parë

    The story sounds much better with her voice on mute

  99. The Art Z Scientist

    The Art Z Scientist7 minuta më parë

    I hope they get him this time!

  100. LANDON Scibilia

    LANDON Scibilia7 minuta më parë

    RIP true