ESRB Rating: EVERYONE 10+ with Alcohol Reference, Mild Blood, Mild Language, Use of Alcohol and Fantasy Violence. Visit for rating info.
KINGDOM HEARTS III will be available on January 29, 2019 for North America and Europe, for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
KINGDOM HEARTS III tells the story of the power of friendship as Sora and his friends embark on a perilous adventure. Set in a vast array of Disney and Pixar worlds,
KINGDOM HEARTS follows the journey of Sora, a young boy and unknowing heir to a spectacular power. Sora is joined by Donald Duck and Goofy to stop an evil force known as the Heartless from invading and overtaking the universe.
KINGDOM HEARTS is a series of role-playing games created through the collaboration of Disney and SQUARE ENIX. Since the first KINGDOM HEARTS was released in 2002 for the PlayStation®2, the series has evolved to ship over 25 million units worldwide.

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    *"Coming This Winter"* Ah shit, here we go again

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  4. Zaneurus

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    This better shed some light on that before and after credits scene..

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    I didn’t know skrillex was kingdom hearts fan

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    Me and my friend: *freaking out* Me: Wait- OMG *T E A* Also Me: *BETTER SIT BACK AND BUCKLE THE FUUCK UP, CUZ HERE WE GO*

  8. MrPokemon907

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    Sora for Super Smash Bros...ULTIMATE!!!!!

  9. Qwaffle Kwonk

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    1:05 fun fact the master of masters is voiced by tomokazu sugita who voiced Jonathan joe star in jojo part 1

  10. Lorde Voldemort

    Lorde Voldemort20 orë më parë

    I think the only reason why I stayed to Kingdom Hearts was because of it's music and gameplay, 358/2, KH2 and Bbs were goooooood, I enjoyed them the most plotwise, other games in terms of plot are just *mEhhhhh* 🐐

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    We want japanese dub !

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    Ich sehe dunkelheit wie licht

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    Das mir perspektiven muss irgendwie bei mir sein

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    Sucher nach verständnis und frieden

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    Ich mach alles immer instant bei alles?

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    Simone ich muss wohl fragen stellen un wörter lvl up zu kommen

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    Aqua daten aktiviert? Oder ehrliche meinung von jemanden?

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    Xeni ist wann 18?

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    Hey guys let’s make the story more confusing with this DLC......

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    Ssdd is what it should be called.

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    Maybe in this DLC, Kairi will finally do something!

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    Hmmmm so close for Games Award maybe and posible sora dlc for smash announcement...

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    No info on the price yet?

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    It is mandatory fpr kh characters to fall, fly from the sky

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    Yes it sucks that this trailer spoiled so much but god damn was it LIT and kept me alive the last month before the game released

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    What is this a remix of? Sounds so familiar

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    [MAJOR PLOT SPOILERS] Read at your own risk (for having the plot line spoiled for you at all) Okay. Let me explain for you all (who may be wondering). Sora dived into the rift between at the final hours of Kingdom Hearts 3. Let's *CALL* it the rift between life and death. In a sense, Sora is in place for rewriting events through time. {That would explain Namine at all being in this trailer}. With all that has happened, let's just say that Sora isn't content with the way things are and have been. The title Re:Mind is a nudge at a DEEP point for the Kingdom Hearts series. It's never really Re:Wind, but will always be Re:Mind. ((Even edit itself is illusion)) The Kingdom Hearts series is gonna be shaken u BIG time by this one. #Get excited 9/9/2019 - 999

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    What sora ada naumine talking about?

  32. Flip Flop

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    So like they are making the fights longer and better

  33. Kazuma - kun

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    Did you know that if you cut out 3% of the Kingdom Hearts franchise plot, that 3% would be 97% good enough of a plot.

  34. TTVmonstermuffin

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    OMG the hypeeee

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    sora vs vanitas remnant?

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    When this winter? A. December B. January C. February D. March E. None of the above

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    Se viene ctm

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    Does anyone know what song was used for the trailer? it was so good!!

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    So..... everything that should of been in the base game?

  40. Ēxid •하니

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    My little brother is a big fan of kingdom hearts 3 n gladly he already finished it , i remember he always mumbled to me about kh3 dlc ... Somehow he is actually a cancer patient , something like intestines cancer ? Last week he passed away ..... . I dont ask for sympathy but by watching this trailer made me remind of him , i love u , dainal , may u rest in peace

  41. Gregory Despines

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    *see's terranort and lingering will fight* Me: *rage awakening intensifies*

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    whose ready for the dlc even tho it should all be free and part of the game originally??

  43. Dauon Kim

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    Release Date?

  44. Kyrie Espayos

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    Square Enix:Not yet good enough Me:Please stop there are too many games to handle

  45. HLGToys

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    "Coming this winter" Winter skips for 6 years

  46. Essence Wolf

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    Oh so now we get mechanics we already had in KH2?

  47. Levi S

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    i love the bubbly tune to this song

  48. masterxeon1001

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    does anyone ever die?

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    What ost is this?

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  51. boh

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    I met the saga thanks to this trailer, I watched it from my grandfather home where it was cold (it's on the hills) I was under the covers on the armchair and I watched this trailer as soon as I saw him:Wow Disney characters and cool weapon. And after I said :Why I don't see what he speaks. And I fall in love with it. I knew on January and the first of February I buy 1.5 2.5 and I played in chronological order. A little while ago I finished ddd (2.8). And still today I think if I had never seen this trailer and I would not have fancied this splendid saga. Sorry for my bad english I hope you enjoyed my story, bye May your heart be your guiding key..

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    What theme is this

  53. Eighth Note

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    Someone could explain what's going on? The past is happening without Sora?

  54. Eighth Note

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    we're finally discovering why Xehanort is remarkably important.

  55. illia 123 gamer

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    ‌when come language English?

  56. Geek Gamer Totem

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    No FF characters and history passing this game

  57. Dillard Elliott

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    I would not be mad if the first dlc just beefed up the original story a bit.

  58. hershalvalor

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    Even though i haven't played the game i still feel the need to ask if i missed something

  59. こあ。

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    やっとか!!!これはまってましたよ!?!? 使えるキャラ増えるねぇ

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    Thank God I didn't watch this before playing the game. Smh, it spoils literally the whole game!

  61. geoff gittos

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    seriously this can't be real

  62. Jonathan Wilson

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    Oblivion - Dark Form...hippity hoppity, let's beat them properly. 🤗😈💜

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    This looks so great!

  64. alida flus

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    Sea Salt Trio against Saïx? IM HERE FOR IT!!! We also get to see more of Namine. FINALLY!

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  66. Konstantin Zarski

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    Gerade keine lust auf ne zise

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    For a DLC they should have characters from Descendants that would be so dope! And A Story as well 😉💡🔥

  68. TinyboxTim

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    SO MUCH CONTENT!!! I can’t wait!

  69. Tyler Ventura

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    yeah what wait is this exactly a retelling of the endgame?

  70. Yasser Boudaoud

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    writers: so what about kairi developpement ? Square Enix: Yes

  71. OddLunatic

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    I love a song that gives me goose bumps.

  72. Zyx Luz

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    Although I'm really F****** EXCITED for this, you know what would be even better? The collections on xbox one. Everyone who played KH3 on XBO should be able to play the other games. That and both my PS2 and PSP are broken, so I can't go back to KH 1, 2 or BBS

  73. Rebecca Meyer

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    They work so hard on this game! What they REALLY NEED, is to start making some of that sea salt ice cream and sell it world wide.

  74. Mathew Rower

    Mathew Rower3 ditë më parë you guys just rewrote the ending with more bells and whistles added to it. And you're charging for it?

  75. xoobo vola

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    KH3 DLC: Lets eat some ice cream, we're best friends 2050: You are right Both: Hahahahahahaha

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    Meh....KH3 was so dissapointing I cant get excited about anything game related anymore

  77. Sean-allen Neal

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    this is all i ask for in kingdom hearts but the last thing on my list is MAKE A CRITAL MODE SO IT CAN BE HARDER MAN LOL!

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    Ich bin lenas baby?

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    Forbidden allianzen? Why ? Who wants that?

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    Yenia ich mzsste lächeln auf stehbilder?

  81. Éon Phinxon

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    ... okay I believe you.

  82. monika laosi

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    Kingdom Hearts trailers: Come for the sliver of a chance you'll get a hint of understanding where the story's going, stay because the fight scenes look cool.

  83. Masterxl MVs

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    "Mr. Nomura, can you make us a trailer for the upcoming DLC that's straightforward and simple enough to understand?" "I can definitely make you a trailer."

  84. Squizzers

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    This shit makes no sense. Why is nomura so fucking cryptic

  85. JaeToExtra25

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    Hearing their voices in Japanese now makes me creeped out to listen to them in English and their mouths move differently to the things their saying💀

  86. Joshua Pickles

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    the worst game in the KH series

  87. Dylan Valentine

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    So do we have to wait another 13 years to find out what the secret ending was about?

  88. Toshi

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    Those combo attacks though

  89. Chris Angler

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    Just give us our damn Coliseum back

  90. Cloud S

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    I'm only here because I thought that was Aya Brea in the thumbnail

  91. maltese 84

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    Why are European blue-eyed blonde girls so hot-looking(like Namine)?

  92. Chris Wong

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    They should rename it as Kingdom Hearts III --| Ret / Con : 3.15159 |--

  93. Cesar Fernandez

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    In the famous words of RuPaul: “Meh.”

  94. Elesa Brooks

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    Demyx is the Master of Masters confirmed

  95. TwilightEspeon

    TwilightEspeon3 ditë më parë

    Naminé up here looking absolutely stunning per usual. She's beautiful in the in-game character model. One of the best transitions.

  96. BladeKnight 23

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    Did anyone notice how the Lingering will was using Terras Earthshaker this time in the trailer🤔🧐.

  97. jemi gedinal

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    i fell something missing in kingdom hearts 3. hope this part can fill that missing

  98. Boxieparty Firedog

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  99. Chad Beezy

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    Lol whatever thanks for sacrificing KH3 for ffxv and 7 remake I’m sure it was worth it

  100. mixio hili

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    Huh. So it seems when Kairi was lost, Namine went to Sora’s heart. Interesting. Dang it, Sora, your heart really is a hotel.