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World's Worst Wedgie?

6 muaj më parë

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Eric just quit Vat19.

Eric just quit Vat19.

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Better than Dude Perfect?

11 muaj më parë

  1. JustTristan- Random Gamer?

    JustTristan- Random Gamer?15 sekonda më parë

    Impossible to hold: That cube Water: Wow, someone surpass me?

  2. Daniel Cooney

    Daniel Cooney19 sekonda më parë

    90$???? Yall smokeing crack!!!

  3. doob doob

    doob doob5 minuta më parë

    I like soggy cereal...

  4. Layla Skiles

    Layla Skiles8 minuta më parë

    Joey should wear a speedo under the shorts in case they do come off.

  5. Septic Boomer

    Septic Boomer16 minuta më parë

    3:10 you had curious, but now I’m invested

  6. Wolf Lybie

    Wolf Lybie24 minuta më parë

    Got distracted that I almost forgot the main reason I clicked on this video

  7. Tong Itinteang

    Tong Itinteang24 minuta më parë

    How'd he know i was in my bathroom?

  8. Biotaku Desu

    Biotaku Desu29 minuta më parë

    Hold up I actually kinda wanted a folding chair tho....

  9. mineta wan boobie

    mineta wan boobie30 minuta më parë

    yalls know that taurine is bull cum right..?

  10. mission impossibru

    mission impossibru37 minuta më parë

    The alcoholic parents😂

  11. sonle

    sonle40 minuta më parë

    They didn’t even hit one trick shots like if you noticed that

  12. Neon Vortex

    Neon Vortex40 minuta më parë

    Video stars 10:34

  13. Derp industries

    Derp industries41 minutë më parë

    Me: sees title Oh no, not you too vat19 DISCLAIMER: this was a joke

  14. KingStickB0i

    KingStickB0i41 minutë më parë

    I want one!

  15. zachary grolla • 5 years ago

    zachary grolla • 5 years ago43 minuta më parë


  16. Va China

    Va China45 minuta më parë

    I havent taken a MASSIVE TURD in 6 months, hopefully plumr will help

  17. Amani Wolfe

    Amani Wolfe46 minuta më parë

    Yeah, Dont mind him just keep recording your video because he is totally not banging a giant spoon in the back ground of your video


    YA_BOI_JOHNAS46 minuta më parë

    Who else has been here since number 1

  19. Pinch of saltiness - _ -

    Pinch of saltiness - _ -48 minuta më parë

    I’m pretty sure people make soap dispenser that do the same ability

  20. Ole Schwedhelm

    Ole Schwedhelm51 minutë më parë

    Who doesn't know the struggle of having to do math with the Euler number e?

  21. VMX KArelyn_08

    VMX KArelyn_0852 minuta më parë

    Perfect for emo kids, and if you somehow wanted to make a bunker with brownie pans.

  22. Siv Ching

    Siv Ching54 minuta më parë

    Danny just help his boss find more money through the view😂

  23. Ohh yeah Yeah yeah

    Ohh yeah Yeah yeah57 minuta më parë

    Did u know that burnt stuff give you cancer if you eat it.

  24. oofer gang 420

    oofer gang 42059 minuta më parë

    Jamie: *CoMe On YoU cAn'T sHrEd MaCaRoNi* 😤

  25. Rockling !?

    Rockling !?Orë më parë

    Plz record the unicorn on a green screen so it can turn into a meme

  26. Max Duran

    Max DuranOrë më parë

    Men, this guys really CAN make a woman happy

  27. SmellyRacoon101

    SmellyRacoon101Orë më parë

    Coming from a chess player, this is trash.

  28. boneless boy

    boneless boyOrë më parë

    on the 7 year anniversary they need to remake this video using the same pen they used in this video... and see if it still works

  29. Wasif Hossain

    Wasif HossainOrë më parë

    I just watched an ad by skipping up an ad :)

  30. Pragathi Ratnakara

    Pragathi RatnakaraOrë më parë

    Hidden in plain sight 10

  31. Eduardo T

    Eduardo TOrë më parë

    Please tell me your not coping again

  32. Eduardo T

    Eduardo TOrë më parë

    Your overrated

  33. Eduardo T

    Eduardo TOrë më parë

    You copy other company's right?🤔

  34. BeefCake

    BeefCakeOrë më parë

    I’m 15, but this shit looks fucking dope

  35. Two little videos

    Two little videosOrë më parë

    I really thought what you said im gonna burn a box with a flashlight was a clue but its just a weird thing you do 😂😂😂

  36. Preston Braun

    Preston BraunOrë më parë

    Danny would be a great bank robber

  37. I don't know what name to pick

    I don't know what name to pickOrë më parë

    it's wholesome when they say their kids will be happy :'')))))

  38. T G.

    T G.Orë më parë


  39. Mugiwara Luffy

    Mugiwara LuffyOrë më parë

    Its plastic

  40. Brooklyn Padron

    Brooklyn PadronOrë më parë

    Omg Danny ate the yellow snow

  41. Ronan Merk

    Ronan MerkOrë më parë

    Why do i find myself watching these videos everytime if i just cringe at how fake it seems

  42. Othermations

    OthermationsOrë më parë

    Who here is Korean like me • I can use chopsticks • Rice 4 life • noodles 4 life • good grades

  43. CyberM [Milan]

    CyberM [Milan]Orë më parë

    "I went to art school" --Hitler- Jamie

  44. Chris Cooper

    Chris CooperOrë më parë

    U did not make them

  45. The Golden BUTT 1572

    The Golden BUTT 1572Orë më parë

    Jamie: now your doing some real damage My brain: NoW tHats aLot oF DaMAgE!!!

  46. Isabelle

    IsabelleOrë më parë

    "Desighned by a Canadian snowboarder-" YOU BET CANADIAN

  47. Rose Hicks

    Rose HicksOrë më parë

    Danny in hidden in plain sight 10 hide somewhere that jamie never goes

  48. Redneck Girl

    Redneck GirlOrë më parë

    Who just came from the bts lol it’s 99.9 % Corey’s falt

  49. Slingshot_58

    Slingshot_58Orë më parë

    I love how Vat19's ad before the video is Vat19

  50. Red-X 760

    Red-X 760Orë më parë

    Kriss kadabra would drink unicorn pee

  51. Julia Hansen

    Julia HansenOrë më parë

    And so it began

  52. J MinGi

    J MinGiOrë më parë

    0:41 I thought touching dry ice burns your skin??? bruh

  53. Krow Exe

    Krow ExeOrë më parë

    I watched the flowtonia ad 69 times and I still can’t find the clue

  54. Elite Official

    Elite OfficialOrë më parë

    Make a sour watermelon

  55. Some Potato

    Some PotatoOrë më parë

    Bruh. What kind of food expires until 1 month? I’ve seen food that doesn’t expire till 2 years. I’ve even seen food at never expires.

  56. Chloe Spencer

    Chloe SpencerOrë më parë

    Flotonia is literally cloud slime

  57. Ez Studios

    Ez StudiosOrë më parë

    Bought this a year ago paint dripped lol

  58. thotiana penis breath

    thotiana penis breathOrë më parë

    such a wholesome ad

  59. The74Bros

    The74BrosOrë më parë

    8:37 wait is that the kool aid man

  60. RLMproductions_96

    RLMproductions_96Orë më parë

    Who else is wondering what happened to the raisens ------------------->

  61. Noah Watson

    Noah WatsonOrë më parë

    Was no one gonna inform me that Jamie drives a Tesla

  62. Carmela Mcwaters

    Carmela McwatersOrë më parë

    Oh my I found him in the video and it legit scared me so bad

  63. Florist Gump

    Florist GumpOrë më parë

    Danny: -puts car in Jamie’s spot” Jamie: *TRIGGERED*

  64. Velvet Pink

    Velvet PinkOrë më parë

    1:26 my fat ass thought he said bread and noodles

  65. FGL legendary

    FGL legendaryOrë më parë

    What is Danny’s last name

  66. just yuan

    just yuanOrë më parë

    me: **puts lil nitro in ajar of gummies** me : **shows to friends** friends: Oh thank you! me: *_AcCiDenTallY eAtS lIl NiTrO guMmy_* friends: *_HAHA TAKE A PIECE OF YOUR OWN MEDICINE! 😂_*

  67. Jimmy Valencia

    Jimmy ValenciaOrë më parë

    How come the title says kids isn't it weird

  68. ian c

    ian cOrë më parë

    I love your vids

  69. a little bit of Everything

    a little bit of EverythingOrë më parë

    Hans solo

  70. Whiit Whuu

    Whiit Whuu2 orë më parë

    As an Asian. NONE OF THIS IS GROSS

  71. Kirby says poyo

    Kirby says poyo2 orë më parë

    *I'm gonna take this spoon to the bathroom*

  72. joe obama

    joe obama2 orë më parë

    Imagine if he needed that paper at the beginning though

  73. KensaiToon

    KensaiToon2 orë më parë

    Did any other hockey players get mad because he didn’t tape his stick?

  74. xXEstellaXx Star

    xXEstellaXx Star2 orë më parë

    All I can think of is someone suffocating in putty

  75. Poppy McElroy

    Poppy McElroy2 orë më parë

    Am I the only one here that thinks that Ben and Danny look almost the same

  76. I love NASA Sadie Pritsky. Love life

    I love NASA Sadie Pritsky. Love life2 orë më parë

    I have it

  77. mesl mesl

    mesl mesl2 orë më parë

    I almost puked with the foot bath 😂😂😂😂

  78. Luca Nataly

    Luca Nataly2 orë më parë

    Just fire him

  79. alexia blaire mallanta woder land

    alexia blaire mallanta woder land2 orë më parë

    Happy 1milon Sub!?!?!???????

  80. Willahana Music

    Willahana Music2 orë më parë

    Or you could just buy regular paper plates and plastic cups for a much cheaper price with a higher quantity

  81. Sebas Eagle

    Sebas Eagle2 orë më parë

    That pen is gonna lose its ink soon

  82. Zeke Ludlow

    Zeke Ludlow2 orë më parë

    Of corse it's wetter than water since water is not wet.

  83. Toni Battaglia

    Toni Battaglia2 orë më parë

    “U got to moisturize”

  84. Orion Swanson

    Orion Swanson2 orë më parë

    That’s the music in jubilee 1:35

  85. SnapperTapper ZTV

    SnapperTapper ZTV2 orë më parë

    You should do a , find objects in plane site

  86. JacklynPlayez Gamez

    JacklynPlayez Gamez2 orë më parë

    Kara be furry

  87. iiDK

    iiDK2 orë më parë

    Did you buy real wasabi?

  88. Some Potato

    Some Potato2 orë më parë

    That last one is just mean. No wonder your in jail.

  89. Sarah Rivera

    Sarah Rivera2 orë më parë

    Who else died at 0:53 Like if you did too 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

  90. Yeti Boi

    Yeti Boi2 orë më parë

    12:56 when the bug lands on you

  91. Reese Petersen

    Reese Petersen2 orë më parë

    Next time you guys do this you should just leave him to hide all day Like if u agree

  92. xXEstellaXx Star

    xXEstellaXx Star2 orë më parë

    Honestly, I hate edges.. I like the chewy middle

  93. Ryan Flores

    Ryan Flores2 orë më parë

    Video idea : hey fred are you free tonight to watch a movie Fred :of course I'm free this is America and I own lady liberty thinking putty from vat19


    STOOPIDKID2 orë më parë

    Farewell chounzie, Kadaaaaaaaaavera, CoLoRs,and the blue swan... Goodbye Eric

  95. Amberly Gee

    Amberly Gee2 orë më parë

    'On your marks, get set," ad

  96. Azurite Fox

    Azurite Fox2 orë më parë

    I vote that they make an entire channel just for this so it can become an official show.

  97. - thosexoceanxeyes -

    - thosexoceanxeyes -2 orë më parë

    10:57 did anyone else notice jockstrap? 😂

  98. HA5d

    HA5d2 orë më parë

    Can whiskey elements enchant any drink?

  99. Astro Gaming

    Astro Gaming2 orë më parë

    Petition for mr beast to do this as a 24 hour challenge and/or last to leave

  100. ZFD

    ZFD2 orë më parë

    Man, this series is so good!