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Week 8 Power Rankings!

Week 8 Power Rankings!

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  1. Scooter Kelly

    Scooter Kelly35 sekonda më parë

    Its about that time 🕚

  2. The Dark Knight

    The Dark KnightMinutë më parë

    Saints 34 Cardinals 10

  3. Edward Kilgore

    Edward KilgoreMinutë më parë

    The Niners are literally missing the both tackles and the most important piece to the office. The full back. Just wait until they come back

  4. Hokies/Cavs At Best

    Hokies/Cavs At BestMinutë më parë

    Falcons- 26 Seacocks- 23 Falcons end their 5 game losing streak

  5. The Dark Knight

    The Dark KnightMinutë më parë

    Rams 27 Bengals 6

  6. ronb2008

    ronb2008Minutë më parë

    Yeah I think this needs to be updated

  7. Hammer 6058

    Hammer 60582 minuta më parë

    0:35 The line was doing fine here and still overthrew.

  8. Aydann

    Aydann2 minuta më parë

    It’ll be a good game I think bills win 24-20

  9. The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight2 minuta më parë

    Colts 18 Broncos 3

  10. Daniel Wong

    Daniel Wong2 minuta më parë

    3rd and 10 can they get a first down inside the.......floated and picked off!

  11. Skye Dragon7

    Skye Dragon72 minuta më parë

    I call Patriots 34-0 in the first quarter! One of the worst teams ever vs. the team that has dominated the NFL for 20 years! Just cancel the rest of the season and give Brady his 7th ring already! The Patriots are 7-0 and in mid-November always kick things to an even higher level! And this year the Patriots have a defense to go with their living legend, who also just got another weapon!

  12. Rob Ferguson

    Rob Ferguson3 minuta më parë

    Broncos 3 Colts 0 lol

  13. Goldy Bobi

    Goldy Bobi3 minuta më parë

    America's game of the week Panthers 28 49ers 24

  14. The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight3 minuta më parë

    Jaguars 31 Jets 17 Darnold won't see ghosts this time, but the Jags defense will still get a score.

  15. jairo lonely

    jairo lonely3 minuta më parë

    Andy Dalton is trying his best I fell bad for him

  16. Steve Abitante

    Steve Abitante3 minuta më parë

    Saints Win 34-24

  17. Johnathan Jenkins

    Johnathan Jenkins4 minuta më parë

    The 49ers have only allowed 20 points or less in all their games. I say that trend continues against a good Carolina Panthers squad 24-13 49ers

  18. Bobby Lee

    Bobby Lee4 minuta më parë

    Cindy stutters a lot.

  19. Mason Mathews

    Mason Mathews4 minuta më parë

    i was really pissed a year ago when he missed that kick but now looking back at it we went 3-4 and made us 9 points....just really bad timing....the lions game on the other hand !!!!!!

  20. jonathan bell

    jonathan bell4 minuta më parë

    Her legs are tightly closed so those dudes don't smell that trout

  21. The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight4 minuta më parë

    Bucs 24 Titans 20

  22. White Mexican

    White Mexican4 minuta më parë

    Im waiting for Baltimore versus New England

  23. Goldy Bobi

    Goldy Bobi4 minuta më parë

    Another L for the eagles, DIE EAGLES DIE!!!

  24. riley vert

    riley vert4 minuta më parë

    Ravens best play should be Marcus Peters 70 yard pick 6. First game with Baltimore for Peters, first INT thrown by Wilson

  25. Hokies/Cavs At Best

    Hokies/Cavs At Best5 minuta më parë

    Panthers- 27 49ers- 24 Cam Newton throws a game winning TD to Greg Olsen

  26. SlipStreamTV

    SlipStreamTV5 minuta më parë

    Who’s here because of the trade?

  27. The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight5 minuta më parë

    Seahawks 37 Falcons 7

  28. The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight6 minuta më parë

    Vikings 40 Redskins 9


    ANGEL MITCHELL6 minuta më parë

    34-24 Packers

  30. The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight7 minuta më parë

    Lions 27 Giants 20

  31. Hokies/Cavs At Best

    Hokies/Cavs At Best7 minuta më parë

    Dolphins- 13 Squealers- 8

  32. GRODT Gang

    GRODT Gang7 minuta më parë

    Panthers will be too easy😂😂

  33. The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight7 minuta më parë

    Steelers 29 Dolphins 14

  34. WesleyParksGaming

    WesleyParksGaming7 minuta më parë

    Don’t listen to these power rankings lmao they are meant to throw yah off when it comes to gambling

  35. John Wozniak

    John Wozniak8 minuta më parë

    Gonna go with MJD here, 20-17 Bills. As usual the offense takes some time to start rolling but goes up 20-6 at the start of the 4th and holds on. Though I really DO want a 37-3 game this year. Bob Foster needs to take the next step for that to happen IMO.

  36. The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight8 minuta më parë

    Packers 34 Chiefs 10 (Get better, Mahomes)

  37. Brandon Burden

    Brandon Burden8 minuta më parë

    Lamar Jackson scrambling like Michael Vick out there!

  38. Ray Pratt

    Ray Pratt8 minuta më parë

    WTF are the Texans LB's??the middle of the field couldnt be any more WIDE OPEN!!

  39. silved01

    silved019 minuta më parë

    The browns are going really well!althogh i think they should change their goal to 2-14 instead of 16-0

  40. branden8045 theultramangofighter

    branden8045 theultramangofighter9 minuta më parë

    4-2-5 defense vs slow qb 👀

  41. TreyJames 19

    TreyJames 199 minuta më parë

    49ers 21 Panthers 14

  42. Brandon diesel

    Brandon diesel9 minuta më parë

    Lmao NFL never giving the Ravens the love they deserve. That's cool we can stay the underdogs it makes your loss worse for you 😉

  43. Hokies/Cavs At Best

    Hokies/Cavs At Best9 minuta më parë

    Bengals- 24 Wams- 21 Cynthia's favorite prediction score

  44. The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight9 minuta më parë

    Bills 30 Eagles 22

  45. Steven Mack

    Steven Mack9 minuta më parë

    Who the hell made this list and how are the Cowboys in the top 10

  46. WesleyParksGaming

    WesleyParksGaming10 minuta më parë

    They didn’t get “destroyed” by the raiders lol

  47. Hokies/Cavs At Best

    Hokies/Cavs At Best10 minuta më parë

    Chiefs-36 Peckers- 30 Pat Mahomes' imaginary friend lights up the Peckers D

  48. The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight10 minuta më parë

    Panthers 23 49ers 17

  49. Austin Mitchell

    Austin Mitchell10 minuta më parë

    If the cardinals can work as a whole team on both sides of the ball. There gonna be just fine. They just have to do it the whole game thoe

  50. studentofsweetscience

    studentofsweetscience11 minuta më parë

    21-10 Steelers

  51. Chris Faller

    Chris Faller11 minuta më parë


  52. Juan Torres

    Juan Torres11 minuta më parë

    13 - 37 NINERS

  53. Aboni Page

    Aboni Page11 minuta më parë

    Most of these are far from emotional

  54. Jesse Dorini

    Jesse Dorini11 minuta më parë

    That run by Fitzpatrick was something else. Never give up and always try your hardest

  55. Hokies/Cavs At Best

    Hokies/Cavs At Best12 minuta më parë

    Colts-45 Mules- 13

  56. A Thru Z

    A Thru Z12 minuta më parë

    How about power rankings based off how teams are doing RIGHT NOW. *NOT* How good we “Assume” a team is going to be!

  57. Angel Cadena

    Angel Cadena12 minuta më parë

    if texans lose this. it'll never be the end

  58. lamont lovett

    lamont lovett12 minuta më parë

    Falcon fan in this biach! Rise up we shall win.

  59. Rudolph Wilson Jr.

    Rudolph Wilson Jr.13 minuta më parë

    Joe Buck has got to be stopped. His call is just awful.

  60. The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight13 minuta më parë

    Patriots 38 Browns 13

  61. Alvino Alegria

    Alvino Alegria13 minuta më parë

    I just came in to see my Patriots STILL at #1...bye now. #PatsFansOfTexas #PatriotNation

  62. Christian Adjevi

    Christian Adjevi16 minuta më parë

    Fun fact: Kareem Hunt is back

  63. Chase Cook

    Chase Cook16 minuta më parë

    Damn the commentary the atmosphere the weather of this the feel of this game the rivalry all of it was soooo amazing to watch and thats coming from a former giant now bears fan

  64. A Barham

    A Barham16 minuta më parë


  65. S M

    S M17 minuta më parë

    I agree with this, most people don’t realize that the way they rank them is as a whole not by who beat who.

  66. Chase Cook

    Chase Cook17 minuta më parë

    that furcoat of tom NIIIIICE

  67. splashgramz

    splashgramz17 minuta më parë

    Y'all sleep this a easy w for the Panthers ..49ers QB throw too many interceptions...and we gonna sack him like 6 times

  68. Steve Abitante

    Steve Abitante18 minuta më parë

    Giants Win 24-20!

  69. zonzink

    zonzink18 minuta më parë

    The Colts should win as long as they don’t play like they did against the Raiders. Bleh

  70. Mr Artician

    Mr Artician19 minuta më parë

    Can you say, "New England Patriots DY NASTY"? Sure you can! Certainly is a nasty defense.

  71. RickChavo

    RickChavo19 minuta më parë

    Some of you Cardinal fans are getting real bold now that y’all won 3 straight. Just a reminder that the 3 teams y’all beat have less wins combined than we do lol. I respect y’all and hope this is a good game but I don’t see us losing at home, especially if Kamara is back.

  72. Rich John

    Rich John19 minuta më parë

    Doug Marrone is a joke. He can't coach and while I'm at it, the damn owner of Jacksonville (Shad Khan) is a bigger joke. All those years we never had a decent QB (David Garrard, Byron Letfwich, Blain Gabbert, Chad Henne, and Blake Bortles). Now, we finally have good QB's (Nick Foles and Gardner Minshew), but the coach we have sucks ass. This organization has no clue what the hell they're doing.

  73. Moonman

    Moonman19 minuta më parë

    Tryna Spot EDP in that crowd

  74. Mike

    Mike20 minuta më parë

    RIP the browns

  75. jaden teel

    jaden teel20 minuta më parë

    Shut down McCaffrey we win

  76. Fast Furious

    Fast Furious21 minutë më parë

    Cats will be meowing not roaring after the beat down.

  77. John Barone

    John Barone21 minutë më parë

    I'm a Giant's fan but I'm going with the Lion's in this one. Giants are a mess! Pat Schumer is a terrible head coach also. Please Tom Coughlin come back!!

  78. Mike Van Suilichem

    Mike Van Suilichem21 minutë më parë

    This game is irrelevant. The Lions have once again had a season decimated by the #NFL. The blatantly rigged officiating of historically bad teams like the Lions is disgusting. The #NFL should be ashamed. But they are not. The decision makers of the #NFL are not good people.

  79. j_ titan

    j_ titan22 minuta më parë

    TitanUp! ⚔️

  80. Victor Oladipo #indyismycity

    Victor Oladipo #indyismycity22 minuta më parë

    Need to get after Flacco and it should be a W, he lacks pocket presence but if you don’t get to him he can definitely throw the ball around

  81. Luis Montes

    Luis Montes22 minuta më parë

    i will never take a woman seriosly when it comes to sports. they are only eye candy.

  82. zonzink

    zonzink23 minuta më parë

    Redskins are gonna make Cousins look like a superstar.

  83. zonzink

    zonzink24 minuta më parë

    Bills defense will keep Wentz in check

  84. BrakeHorsePower92

    BrakeHorsePower9225 minuta më parë

    What finger will Brady put his next ring on, I wonder.

  85. Petone Suaava

    Petone Suaava26 minuta më parë

    The cowboys at 7 🤦‍♂️

  86. AustinSBL306

    AustinSBL30626 minuta më parë

    I’m not going to say or post a score. All I can is, Seattle will destroy the Falcons without mercy.

  87. adam potter

    adam potter27 minuta më parë

    My guy is still sleeping on the Niners smh

  88. TheBallsKicker

    TheBallsKicker27 minuta më parë

    so much salt from Patriots fans

  89. Euro Guy 85

    Euro Guy 8528 minuta më parë

    Who’s here after he became Patriots’ 4th QB?

  90. troy combs

    troy combs28 minuta më parë

    I love learning football scheme from Brian ! Thanks

  91. JuicyFruit 1207

    JuicyFruit 120728 minuta më parë

    I hope to be as good a defensive tackle as Aaron Donald

  92. Theo Schommer

    Theo Schommer29 minuta më parë

    Those uniforms are DISGUSTING

  93. gor9027

    gor902729 minuta më parë

    Mayfield leads the league in picks and now he has to face the best defense. Yeah this will be an ugly game. Pats by at least two touchdowns (again).

  94. Antonio Reynolds

    Antonio Reynolds29 minuta më parë

    Let's go 9ers

  95. essel23fly

    essel23fly30 minuta më parë

    To be fair Patriots have played mostly trash teams. Cleveland has a chance

  96. OneWay Global LLC

    OneWay Global LLC31 minutë më parë

    Ok so now where are there jets highlights plz??

  97. X2 Kings

    X2 Kings31 minutë më parë

    Would not be suprised at either outcome. Hope 49ers win tho. 2 good teams. i think Panthers are better without Cam.

  98. Henry Adkins

    Henry Adkins31 minutë më parë

    49er's aren't number 2 anymore? :'(

  99. Angel Hernandez

    Angel Hernandez32 minuta më parë

    This guy sounds like Kevin from the office just speaking a little faster 😂😭

  100. Stan ezen

    Stan ezen33 minuta më parë

    My falcons are asscheeks