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How Much Does Apple Pay Me?
iPhone 11 Pro Max Hands On!

iPhone 11 Pro Max Hands On!

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my Beef with Dave2D

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  1. Pallav Desai

    Pallav Desai16 sekonda më parë

    When JM’s videos are way better and detailed than MKBHD!!! Great job man!

  2. Kumulaau

    Kumulaau19 sekonda më parë

    Us: Hey Jonathan, can you ... Jonathan: 🦗 🦗 🦗

  3. Max Lyshtva

    Max Lyshtva33 sekonda më parë

    Just give it a like for the intro and that magic trick at the start

  4. rohit c

    rohit c2 minuta më parë

    House apple vs house Samsung vs house huwaei vs house one plus vs house google !

  5. Biswajit Basu

    Biswajit Basu4 minuta më parë

    “12 megapickle sensor “ around 12:00 mark not sure if it was an easter egg :) awesome review as always

  6. Cormac Ennis

    Cormac Ennis5 minuta më parë

    Got the iPhone 11 in black😍

  7. Ματέο Κράστα

    Ματέο Κράστα5 minuta më parë

    Rest in pieces 😂

  8. Jack Hallauer

    Jack Hallauer10 minuta më parë

    I honestly don’t think the ”Pro” name is an issue. They aren’t charging any extra for the Pro over the Xs’, they still start at $999 and $1100. It’s really just a new naming scheme to simplify their lineup.

  9. Jesse Ambrose

    Jesse Ambrose13 minuta më parë

    People are so ignorant to buy a iPhone. Of any model. They are over priced pieces of trash with parts that are so cheap and poorly manufactured. They have the least functionality of any flagship and will always be under the rest when it comes to functionality. They break the first time you drop them. They are proprietary to apple and has little customization. Why do people with high egos like iPhones while the smart ones get Samsung or Huawei. Apples first computer sold for retail $666.00 they been a ego marketing trash product since day one And makes no innovation of any kind.

  10. Anthony Flores

    Anthony Flores13 minuta më parë

    The Telephoto lens is loved as a parent. It is fantastic being able to zoom in optically and get some great photos and video of little people that are usually just a bit too far for a normal lens.

  11. Amaan Siddiqui

    Amaan Siddiqui15 minuta më parë

    John's videos are getting better everyday

  12. Ailee Kim

    Ailee Kim17 minuta më parë


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  14. Two Minute Papers

    Two Minute Papers17 minuta më parë

    This review was next level. The comparison against the ARRI goodness. The power of computational photography (and possibly the neural engine) is just stunning.


    DHRUMIL PATEL18 minuta më parë

    awesome review dude

  16. iamdr3mer

    iamdr3mer18 minuta më parë

    I want your t shirt

  17. Godfrey Leung

    Godfrey Leung18 minuta më parë

    slofie slofie slofie slofie slofie slofie slofie slofie slofie slofie slofie slofie slofie slofie slofie slofie

  18. iAli

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  19. unknown 5253

    unknown 525320 minuta më parë

    Can someone pls comment the lyrics of lootes music video in the start

  20. Young Dab-A-Roosa

    Young Dab-A-Roosa21 minutë më parë

    Apple should've put a 4X telephoto camera on the back instead of 2X smh

  21. Nam3less

    Nam3less22 minuta më parë

    This years iPhone is ugly but those cameras make me want it and I am an Android nut :D

  22. Natsu Dragneel

    Natsu Dragneel22 minuta më parë

    11:57 "there's technically a 12 mega pickle censor" lol

  23. roadrunner76b

    roadrunner76b22 minuta më parë

    Definitely a good upgrade, but not good enough to leave the X just yet. Maybe next year

  24. Manomay Gadiyar

    Manomay Gadiyar25 minuta më parë


  25. Oscar Cooke-Abbott

    Oscar Cooke-Abbott25 minuta më parë

    Well that was an obnoxious opening, no offence.

  26. Roger Joseph

    Roger Joseph25 minuta më parë

    Literally the best video on this subject matter. Good job. I already bought the phone (MAX) but this is a very very well done vid. Made me a Fan again. :)

  27. noah

    noah25 minuta më parë

    Full force

  28. Keeny Newton

    Keeny Newton26 minuta më parë

    brilliant review, all the important details with the relevant back information. loved the EP as the intro..

  29. Sid Sid

    Sid Sid27 minuta më parë

    I’m waiting to see how this phone stacks up against the Pixel 4

  30. Danny B

    Danny B28 minuta më parë

    Morrison is getting more Pro as well, inviting and having experts in his videos just like The History Channel. The 3D touch expert was very knowledgeable😀

  31. B. Sisko

    B. Sisko29 minuta më parë

    great video, now I have to buy the TV

  32. 5th Element Entertainment

    5th Element Entertainment29 minuta më parë

    I've been using Samsung since 2004. I placed my pre-order for the pro max on Tuesday. I'm really nervous but this video has helped ease some of it.

  33. Marius Hanssen

    Marius Hanssen30 minuta më parë

    Great review! Definately agree with you on the ultrawide overall being more useful for mobile photography. I find myself wondering if maybe you could do some more portraiture when comparing the 52mm to the rest(when comparing zoom to wide)? All your comparisons here are great, but the difference in perspectives/lens distortions is usually quite big. Wide angles tend to distort faces in unfavorable ways. That's where 50mm tends to shine imo, and it's why I'm choosing and iPhone with a telephoto lens.

  34. Rumil Bautista

    Rumil Bautista30 minuta më parë

    Trevor Wallace tho

  35. Tom Viken

    Tom Viken30 minuta më parë

    This was a damn good vid! Nice job!

  36. Bikal Prajapati

    Bikal Prajapati32 minuta më parë

    So iphone 11 pro or iphone 11 pro max to go for?

  37. Stefan Nio

    Stefan Nio32 minuta më parë

    Has anyone upgraded to a smaller screen iphone from the plus sized ones? I have a 6s+ and wanting either an 11 pro or 11 pro max (lets say i’ve already ruled out the iphone 11), i really wanna save the extra dollars by going with the iphone 11 pro but might regret not choosing the 11 pro max cuz im used to the larger screen. Any advice?

  38. Beautiful Conversation

    Beautiful Conversation35 minuta më parë

    Not what we thought you meant by three bangs in a day

  39. Rue Leonheart

    Rue Leonheart37 minuta më parë

    They made the iPhone thicker so next year, they can make it thinner again and mention it in the keynote.

  40. Rubin Chen

    Rubin Chen42 minuta më parë

    you know whats really mind blown! Why you look so much better on video than in pictures LOL

  41. Daniel Hough

    Daniel Hough42 minuta më parë

    Mega pickle

  42. Mikat

    Mikat43 minuta më parë

    I'd never buy an iPhone because of the software but man do I appreciate Apple's hardware, the 2020 iPhone is gonna be a smackdown when they add usbc, remove the notch and hopefully add a promotion display. This kind of innovation helps every consumer because even if you're not directly buying that product, someone else will try to one up them

  43. Kera Kay

    Kera Kay44 minuta më parë

    Can't wait to use them Mega pickles😂

  44. JordyHimself1

    JordyHimself144 minuta më parë

    11:57 MEGA PICKLES

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    Rohit Singh45 minuta më parë

    Tshirt link

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    R.machado47 minuta më parë

    Oh my god that intro . Crazy good editing

  47. William R.

    William R.49 minuta më parë

    Oh wow its here already huh another one has dropped sheesh get ready people lol

  48. alextheromanian

    alextheromanian50 minuta më parë

    I’m not upgrading but wish I had the pro max to shoot night time ski photos and video

  49. Roger Den

    Roger Den50 minuta më parë

    You don't know how to make videos and you need to learn first from

  50. yodaisgod2

    yodaisgod250 minuta më parë

    Please don't do that type of intro ever again.

  51. kamal azizi

    kamal azizi53 minuta më parë

    sick intro!

  52. Karl A.M.

    Karl A.M.53 minuta më parë

    Awesome video, big 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  53. Kunal Abraham

    Kunal Abraham53 minuta më parë

    A 23 minute video? Here we go again. Jonathan promoting all things Apple. ? Be prepared for a lot of Apple centric videos over next few months.

  54. StrikitRich

    StrikitRich54 minuta më parë

    Was comparing the 11 Pro Max in midnight green to the 11 Pro that was grey and I could not see any difference in color in the store lighting. I questioned the sales rep and he swore there was no mistake.

  55. Landon Affo

    Landon Affo55 minuta më parë


  56. imicca

    imicca55 minuta më parë

    18:40 this is annoying feature, and there is no way to turn off. just unnecessary and creates confusion of what you are actually taking photo of

  57. David Almeida

    David Almeida57 minuta më parë

    such a great video !!!! CONGRATS !

  58. isinox

    isinox59 minuta më parë

    slowfies you mean?

  59. Peter Ming

    Peter Ming59 minuta më parë

    I’m sure the video on this 11 would be amazing. I love taking videos on 4K/24 to give that cinematic feel and only iPhone gives you this ability. Not one android device that I have or had have 4K/24, they go straight to 4K/30 and up to 4K/60. My shiny Note10 is sobbing quietly at the back.

  60. imicca

    imiccaOrë më parë

    "i dont care about telephoto" "2x zoom is less useful" I understand that reviews get hard boners from wide angle lenses but do I really have to defend and explain use of telephoto? No you cannot "jUsT wALk cLoSeR" to subjects sometimes especially if you are taking videos and did you forget the natural background blur and depth effect that occurs when using zoom camera? This is WITHOUT portrait mode I am talking about

  61. Tricia Alexa Mauricio

    Tricia Alexa MauricioOrë më parë

    How can i watch a 23 minute video without gettin bored? Thanks for the awesome review! ❤️

  62. Chris Gonzo

    Chris GonzoOrë më parë

    So it's more pro than non-pro but it's almost pro?

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    Ankur GaurOrë më parë

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    Rahul DeepakOrë më parë

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  65. NEW OctanGaming234

    NEW OctanGaming234Orë më parë

    Don’t buy it if you have XS wait for 12 or 13

  66. Cannot think of a Name

    Cannot think of a NameOrë më parë

    Damn that video quality .

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    imiccaOrë më parë


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    Leandro Perez HernandezOrë më parë

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    Debabrata AcharyaOrë më parë

    Watching this on my iPhone 12. You guys should skip the 11 and wait for this.

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    Apoorv BhatiaOrë më parë

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    JedOrë më parë

    You're the most cleanest, visually apealling tech reviewer that i've seen, every video is an eye candy! love some more! Great job man!

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  78. Eska

    EskaOrë më parë

    the new highkey mono, why tf is it not a ios13 feature, isnt that JUST software and they change the black with a white background ??

  79. Elliott Lockwood

    Elliott LockwoodOrë më parë

    Great video as always! Also, nice singing and playing and such, musicians... even though I think "performance faces" 15:03 ... are ridiculous. :)

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    Melvin FreemanOrë më parë

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  82. Tim VeePee

    Tim VeePeeOrë më parë

    There is nothing pro about this phone. It just catching up to features other phones have and one of them call their phones pro. If any phone deserved the pro moniker, it would be the Note and it doesn't have pro in the name. When you consider the missing things like a faster refresh rate display, no reverse wireless charging, bonus Type C, still boxed with cheap headphones, sub 4000 mah batteries, and more; the fact Apple is trying to hype pro is such BS. There is nothing pro about the phones but the Apple zealots have to make it seem so. Welcome to 2015 iPhone 11.

  83. Ryan G

    Ryan GOrë më parë

    I haven’t watched this channel for a couple months, and Wow. I am so impressed by the production quality of this video. It looks like it was produced by a multimillion dollar studio. Great work! I will definitely be coming back for videos a lot more frequently.

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    MW2mostwantedOrë më parë

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    ekwandahor wagyaOrë më parë

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  87. Kelly Hamilton

    Kelly HamiltonOrë më parë

    Here me out lightning iPhone 12 for the average person but USB C on the iPhone 12 pro

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    Timmy RittersbacherOrë më parë

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    Shawky AhmedOrë më parë

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    Etherias Natsu DragneelOrë më parë

    so far you did the best review of the new Iphone :) thx for the effort. MKBHD should tune in sometimes! Still waiting for Linus...

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    Glenti VlashiOrë më parë

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    Xerxes KhambattaOrë më parë

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  93. Gadgetdad

    GadgetdadOrë më parë

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