Captain Disillusion
Captain Disillusion
Captain Disillusion

In a world where the content of digital images and videos can no longer be taken at face value, an unlikely hero fights for the acceptance of truth.

Captain Disillusion guides children of all ages through the maze of visual fakery to the open spaces of reality and peace of mind.

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Quick D: Gyro Drop

Quick D: Gyro Drop

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CD / Interlacing ADDENDUM
CD / Interlacing

CD / Interlacing

6 muaj më parë

CD / Resolution

CD / Resolution

7 muaj më parë

CD / Aspect Ratio

CD / Aspect Ratio

8 muaj më parë

CD / Frame Rate

CD / Frame Rate

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CD / Intro

CD / Intro

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Quick D: Mobile Drone
Quick D: Wall Walking
Quick D: Dancing Phantoms
Gateway to Sedona DEBUNK


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"Beakmallusion" Outtakes

"Beakmallusion" Outtakes

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Quick D: The Method Robot
Quick D: Traffic Dodging

Quick D: Traffic Dodging

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The Mandaellah Effekt

The Mandaellah Effekt

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Cicret Bracelet UPDATE

Cicret Bracelet UPDATE

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Cicret Bracelet DEBUNK

Cicret Bracelet DEBUNK

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Quick D: Viral Kid Stunts
Quick D: Ambiguous Cylinder
The Undebunkable

The Undebunkable

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Quick D: Mirror Ball

Quick D: Mirror Ball

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Quick D: Flying Girl

Quick D: Flying Girl

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Quick D: The Invisible Cut
A Year of Exit Gags - 2015


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Floating City DEBUNK

Floating City DEBUNK

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Time Travel DEBUNK

Time Travel DEBUNK

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Quick D: Anamorphic Bin

Quick D: Anamorphic Bin

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Amazing Water Trick DEBUNK
Mystery Boob Revealed

Mystery Boob Revealed

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Disneyland Ghost DEBUNK

Disneyland Ghost DEBUNK

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Reptilian Bieber-mosh

Reptilian Bieber-mosh

4 vjet më parë

A Patreonizing Announcement
Russian Ghost Car DEBUNK

Russian Ghost Car DEBUNK

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Miss Ping Debunk

Miss Ping Debunk

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Real Phaser Reverse Debunk
Quick D: Fresno Nightcrawlers
Quick D: The Lost Episode


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Quick D: Brusspup Outgeeked
Quick D: Pop-up Videos

Quick D: Pop-up Videos

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"Fantasy Files" Explanation 3D
Pantry Ghost ADDENDUM

Pantry Ghost ADDENDUM

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Randi + Pantry Ghost... Debunk?
Holly + Shark Surfer Debunk
Grey Behind Bush Debunk

Grey Behind Bush Debunk

11 vjet më parë

3 Men and a Baby Ghost Debunk
Man on Mars Debunk

Man on Mars Debunk

11 vjet më parë

Low Passing Plane Debunk

Low Passing Plane Debunk

12 vjet më parë

"Gas Station Ghost" RECUT

"Gas Station Ghost" RECUT

12 vjet më parë

Fire Angel Debunk

Fire Angel Debunk

12 vjet më parë

"Catching Glasses" Explanation
UFO Haiti, the Epic

UFO Haiti, the Epic

12 vjet më parë

Ghost Caught by Dog Debunk
Mirror Ghost Girl Debunk

Mirror Ghost Girl Debunk

12 vjet më parë

Penguin Slap Debunk

Penguin Slap Debunk

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    5:04 Either its my computer or those magnets look... offf

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    *your* right. i liked this video. *You're* evidence to debunking it was brilliant!

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    This is on the level or maybe a lil lower than flat earth lmao

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    I always thought that this was fake, just by the creepy music they added to the video.

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    How did u lean on ur “friend”? He’s a copy of u, but u can’t touch each other because of editing, but then again, ur the master of editing!

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    Hey Captain, you know what's really real and can't be explained by you, is WWE wrestling!

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    0:27 instructions misunderstood my hand is gone

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    Can u debunk A man without reflection maybe a vampire

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    Plot twist: VFX artists traveled back in time and the entire trilogy is 100% CG

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    i like how when he says uncontroversial you see pewdiepie


    INDIGO ANIMATED18 orë më parë

    You know if you cant donate a youtuber that makes games has made a mobile game thats free and gets the ad revenue to team tress so you can actually donate just by playing a game

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    watching this from Dec 7th 2019! you are still going and still awesome! and stupid shit like this is still being posted online! I'm glad you are here to show us "how it's faked"!

  36. SidTheJerkNSFW

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