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  1. Devi Lisa

    Devi Lisa8 orë më parë

    Colin's criticism is 100% on point about Rodgers. In the 2014 season when Seattle beat Green Bay 36-16 in the 2nd game that year, I heard Rodgers say he doesn't throw at Richard Sherman because Sherman is too good and it's risky. That was the biggest punk move I've ever heard form a star QB. Later that year, Seattle beat Green Bay in the NFC title game, he threw at Sherman once and it was intercepted in the end zone. But what showed me how weak Rodgers was is what he did on his final possession that season (go look it up). After Russell Wilson's incredible 2 point conversion to give Seattle a 22-19 lead (would have lost that game if that play had failed), Rodgers led his team downfield for what should have been the game winning TD. On one play he ran to Seattle's 35 yard line for a first down and Sherman hurt himself and was favoring his shoulder. On the next 3 plays with a chance to get the game winning TD and advance to the SB, Rodgers never once attacked Sherman, never attacked downfield, played it safe for the kicker to get the game to OT, which the kicker did and Russell Wilson just attacked like Rodgers refused to do and that got Seattle to the SB. Rodgers' passive play usually shows up on the road or whenever he's playing a winning team outside of the NFC North on the road.

  2. darkboyztv1

    darkboyztv19 orë më parë

    Real Man,he didn't make any excuses about anything and accomplished his goals

  3. j johnson

    j johnson9 orë më parë

    Guess that Titans run game forgot to get on the bus

  4. Emmanuel Zanders

    Emmanuel Zanders10 orë më parë

    I wished they started in late March or April, give football a little break . People wouldn’t want to see the start of football a week after the biggest football game . Also signing a Colin Kapaernick would bring a bigger draw to the game

  5. Turhan Henderson

    Turhan Henderson10 orë më parë

    '01 Miami? Please stop it.

  6. I.G13

    I.G1310 orë më parë

    He’s a smart Brett farve

  7. TortieGeorge 72

    TortieGeorge 7210 orë më parë

    Dude amen 100%

  8. GhosT sheLLz 75

    GhosT sheLLz 7510 orë më parë

    Andrew is gonna be in the xfl now js lmfao i kid i kid!

  9. Mane Mann

    Mane Mann11 orë më parë

    I like this guy


    CHERNOBYL STUDIOS11 orë më parë

    There is a lot of axing going on in this video. Any trees left?

  11. Shane Gleason

    Shane Gleason12 orë më parë

    "Dad's paying!" I'd love to be friends with people in this chat who can relate to that. 😂😂😂

  12. I've spoken

    I've spoken12 orë më parë

    it's good, people can get jobs :)

  13. dame j

    dame j13 orë më parë

    LeBron has been the best since sophomore of highschool listen to the knucklehead podcast with metta world peace and he will explain

  14. FleetingFrenzy

    FleetingFrenzy13 orë më parë

    This season was a bit of a drag without Luck on the field, and that's just as a fan of football in general. Dude had a presence and his absence is quite noticeable to a lot of us.

  15. pbnaj

    pbnaj13 orë më parë

    Colin, you're a self-made man. you should be telling your kids not to go to college. C'mon you know better than that

  16. Gilbert Washington

    Gilbert Washington14 orë më parë

    I really enjoyed this segment with Chad Johnson and him being so real

  17. Brian M

    Brian M14 orë më parë

    Glad I stopped listening to you "experts" a couple months ago. You guys are trying to talk people out of winning money. I have been killing the book since I stopped listening to the sports "experts." Bunch of clowns picking the Titans points and Packers, some even saying the Packers would win. haha All 4 ESPN commentators picked the Titans to outright WIN against the Chiefs!! How do you keep a jobs talking about football looking that DUMB!! I bet the Chiefs -7.5 and the OVER, both of which you were WRONG about. Thanks for nothing!!

  18. maddog76

    maddog7615 orë më parë

    Jackson is the next RG3..give it time the injuries will start up..He'll start missing whole seasons

  19. Patrick Mills

    Patrick Mills15 orë më parë

    Nick Wright sucks.

  20. Rodo Garcia

    Rodo Garcia15 orë më parë

    2 years later and he’s built a Super Bowl roster , who’s laughing now !

  21. Matt Cornie Castrodes

    Matt Cornie Castrodes15 orë më parë

    Stephen curry Thompson,cley Irving Harden Durant Lebron Antetocompo. sorry if its wrong spelling

  22. Lukas Kott

    Lukas Kott15 orë më parë

    Ought to compare basketball to hockey....82 games vs. 82...grueling playoffs...yet the superstars play EVERY night in with broken bones, lost teeth, stitches during the game. The reason basketball ratings are down is 2-fold...Long, long season (like hockey and unlike football) but a league of superstars who take game after game off and go on IR when they have a headache. Hockey must improve the television viewing for the average fan, granted.....but once you experience it in person, you're hooked. In hockey, game action is fast and 100% of the clock is game play vs. football with about 20-25%. Plus after playing hockey for 2 decades you can still function as a normal human being.

  23. Dean Jacobsen

    Dean Jacobsen15 orë më parë

    Colin "redundant" Cowherd

  24. Oliver Emsick

    Oliver Emsick16 orë më parë

    Hand checking hasn’t been legal since 03 04 ... hand checking isn’t a thing

  25. Leonardo Braynen

    Leonardo Braynen16 orë më parë

    But Colin can u explain how Jimmy G, how San Fran won with Jimmy G throwin just 8 passes all game?? Jimmy G didnt throw any BIG CUTS Colin and yet they won the game. RBs rushed for over 250yds of offense and accounted for 4tds. Or am i missing something?

  26. Omega J

    Omega J17 orë më parë

    He called it, and he's on point.

  27. rockergawd

    rockergawd17 orë më parë

    this did not age well!! this Rich guy is a hack!!

  28. Sampleador

    Sampleador17 orë më parë

    Early this year "garopolo is inmature dating a pornstar "

  29. Blake Heptinstall

    Blake Heptinstall18 orë më parë

    I hope the xfl flops horribly.

  30. Dylan England

    Dylan England18 orë më parë

    Miami will be the most improved team not Denver

  31. Indy Chiefs

    Indy Chiefs19 orë më parë

    College = debt The furthest we can backpack is a mile across campus to the lecture hall

  32. Indy Chiefs

    Indy Chiefs19 orë më parë

    Your daughter sells socks

  33. Richard DeCredico

    Richard DeCredico20 orë më parë

    Anyone here after the Chiefs just won the AFC with Mahomes?

  34. Rap Sure Records

    Rap Sure Records20 orë më parë

    The paulie malinaggi of

  35. Robert Delgado

    Robert Delgado20 orë më parë

    Who’s watching this now!!!!!

  36. bill conklin

    bill conklin20 orë më parë

    Just blather. Just opinions. Next year it will be “LS Who?”

  37. EvanChaseOfficial

    EvanChaseOfficial20 orë më parë

    This guy really thinks he’s got it all figured out for young people lol comical

  38. Jojo Smith

    Jojo Smith21 orë më parë

    Garoppolo is 19 in terms of passes attempted in the regular season. Out of the 22 post season QBs, he is listed at 11... he threw for 8 passes in the last game. Would you want to depend on Jimmy G if the running game failed?

  39. Kris B

    Kris B21 orë më parë

    I really hope this works and other sports copy it because sports are boring right now. There are no rivalries, cindarella stories, sports history moments. It's just a bunch of rich guys going through the motions to collect a paycheck.

  40. Agent_WestCoast A

    Agent_WestCoast A21 orë më parë

    Well Andy Reid's Superstar QB got him the win.

  41. Charlie Brown

    Charlie Brown21 orë më parë

    I always hated KaeperDick!!!!!

  42. Huey Le

    Huey Le21 orë më parë

    The last part was funny...he said, "When we lose, it's basically...they don't like us"🤣😂🤣

  43. Husni Samara

    Husni Samara21 orë më parë

    There is nothing boring about a Patriots comeback on the falcons and there is nothing boring about an Interception on the 1 Yard line when Marshawn Lynch is in the backfield...and it isnt boring when Brady throws for 500 Yards and loses against the eagles! Bruuh this Dynasty was faaar from boring

  44. Paj Pob Tsuas

    Paj Pob Tsuas21 orë më parë


  45. Google user

    Google user21 orë më parë

    Is it just me or Jimmy looks like he looks like he could play superman on the big screen he looks like Christopher's Reeve Italian cousin.

  46. ScoDucks2020

    ScoDucks202021 orë më parë

    Did he say USC? Haha haha 52-6 52-6 52-6 52-6 52-6 I can do this all day

  47. CohD3

    CohD322 orë më parë

    This is disrespectful to miles, acting like he’s saquans little brother. You can tell it bothered miles too

  48. Helio Duarte

    Helio Duarte23 orë më parë

    Why is the guest so far away? The optics of this looks odd. It's like Cowherd is talking down to Luck.

  49. James Van Baars

    James Van Baars23 orë më parë


  50. Tom Brady

    Tom Brady23 orë më parë

    Who’s ready for SuperBowl Lethal Weapons ??

  51. Dan Meade

    Dan MeadeDitë më parë

    playees can make more in the CFL and have a pipeline into cfl. just wait until the xfl tries to poach a nfl draft choice or front line player the nfl will ban any player with xfl from the nfl

  52. vambo13257

    vambo13257Ditë më parë

    dweeb alert

  53. MR Jack

    MR JackDitë më parë

    I live in Houston and had no idea there was training camp going on here. Like the AAF tried to do, if they can make this league an option for college-aged players to play professionally, this will get some attention. However, if NCAA starts letting players get some money, then going to a college will always be a better option, especially for the really good players who can go to top ranked schools. Schools like Alabama probably get more ratings than most XFL games will. Schools like Alabama probably have equal if not better facilities than XFL players will have access to.

  54. Freddie Ritter

    Freddie RitterDitë më parë

    So much for your bold prediction! Chiefs Superbowl Bound baby

  55. Ryan Platt

    Ryan PlattDitë më parë

    35 - 24 - I'd come in and play with the Tennessee ALworks expert fans - but, I'd rather let you drown in your tears.

  56. Edmond Kemper

    Edmond KemperDitë më parë

    LeBron got drafted by Cleveland, if he got drafted by the bulls or Lakers he would have 6-8 rings, no question

  57. Arvind Talukdar

    Arvind TalukdarDitë më parë

    Saying all those things about the patriots like it’s boring is very disingenuous. The patriots went to the super bowl 10 times in 20 years and won 6 with one qb. Unless the rules dramatically change, nobody is doing that. You know how they did it? They outsmarted the salary cap. Mahomes is a phenomenal player but he is going to bust the cap. In KC, there is no “home town discount”. If the chiefs win, everyone is going to want to get paid, and the composition of the team will change. At that point your coaching and drafting have to be creative. It is unbelievable what the patriots did.

  58. Jessie Mcbride

    Jessie McbrideDitë më parë

    It all adds up two a super bowl ring !!!

  59. Jessie Mcbride

    Jessie McbrideDitë më parë

    I concur

  60. richard crombie

    richard crombieDitë më parë

    Tennesee, Another loser, still 0 for 2020

  61. Steve

    SteveDitë më parë

    If the Chiefs beat Tennessee they'll be the 49ers.

  62. Jordan Ott

    Jordan OttDitë më parë

    Kyle shanahan offense isn't meant to when quarterbacks mvps but Matt Ryan wins the mvp when he's his OC.

  63. Luke Saulter

    Luke SaulterDitë më parë

    Joe Burrow is Joe Burrow. Lol. God please stop these freaking comparisons.

  64. Kade Morgan

    Kade MorganDitë më parë

    wtf... of course Cowherd doesn't think Burrow is a #1 pick.

  65. felix thekid

    felix thekidDitë më parë

    We’ll do better next year Trevor don’t worry bout it

  66. Francky Leo

    Francky LeoDitë më parë

    Tannehill ain't looking so weak anymore now is he?

  67. George Thimakis

    George ThimakisDitë më parë

    K.C. and Packers would be a remake from the 1st super bowl idk how he missed that one for the movie poster lol

  68. John Denver

    John DenverDitë më parë

    Still salty he put up big money against Tennessee last week. Lol

  69. Chuck Yufarley

    Chuck YufarleyDitë më parë

    All scrubs. Can't wait.

  70. wallace mackay

    wallace mackayDitë më parë

    True, the ball has a proper feel.

  71. James Kirk

    James KirkDitë më parë

    please, please someone trade with the bungles for burrow,, terrible org. will ruin his career.

  72. Pablo Wilkano

    Pablo WilkanoDitë më parë

    Joel Klatt hated on LSU all year

  73. Blackjack115

    Blackjack115Ditë më parë

    Egg all over Alexi's face. LMAO 😂😂😂😂

  74. miro d

    miro dDitë më parë

    Colin “who gives a rip” Cowherd A lengend wit that motto

  75. develon Anthony

    develon AnthonyDitë më parë

    Kenyon how can harper stay in front of curry harper would be pn skates plus you have picks screens etc.

  76. Arthur James

    Arthur JamesDitë më parë

    Here we go again about Garrapalo not being "THEE" quarterback.. 🙄

  77. Mike Daniele

    Mike DanieleDitë më parë

    There is no one player on any team that is bigger than the TEAM!!

  78. Jack Sock

    Jack SockDitë më parë

    Ok, Boomer.

  79. Chris Wood

    Chris WoodDitë më parë

    It might have been nice if the NFL had told the teams and the fans that the catch rule was going to be different for that Super Bowl before the game though.

  80. Charles Martino

    Charles MartinoDitë më parë

    The statistics show that the home teams will win. The 49ers will win the super bowl. Bet the over in all three games.

  81. thedudeman2005

    thedudeman2005Ditë më parë

    This is the best take.

  82. justin higgins

    justin higginsDitë më parë

    Eww for KC being the next dynasty, however they are very dynamic and exciting and I can see your point. On the other hand who cares about Nick Wright. If KC losses today how about giving an enormous amount of credit to Mike Vrabel and the Tennessee Titans and stop looking for excuse to put the “media darling” in the mud. It’s ridiculous. YES!!! I totally completely agree with your outlook on Jimmy G and fantasy football. Absolutely sick of fantasy football “nerds” trying to say what good play is. STOP IT!!! It’s utter and complete nonsense.

  83. justin higgins

    justin higginsDitë më parë

    HOU was up 24-0 for a completely faulty reasons. If any other team in the AFC playoffs was up 24-0 on KC they don’t likely lose. That’s clear. The scoreboard said 24-0, but realistically it was 14-0. It was a very manageable comeback. Not as impressive as y’all are making out to be.

  84. BlackSuave44

    BlackSuave44Ditë më parë

    Ahhhh. Let's revisit this. How did things turn out?? They left Romo on the bench. Team has gone nowhere. Only has one [lackluster] playoff win. OC is gone. HC is gone. virtually all the skill players minus Elliott is gone. No playoffs two of the last four years. They greatly improved without Romo. Oh, wait.

  85. Brimstone

    BrimstoneDitë më parë

    are they changing the opening kickoff from the last XFL? I remember it cause the two players that had to go after the football and first time, one player broke his leg trying to get the ball

  86. John Wise

    John WiseDitë më parë

  87. vanja gajic

    vanja gajicDitë më parë

    That opening soliloquy was way too long just so he could say Aaron isn’t safe lol

  88. David Tesso

    David TessoDitë më parë

    I dont know why Bill Burr even sits in the same room with this CLOWN

  89. TD Sports Cards

    TD Sports CardsDitë më parë

    I'm liking the movie title matchups

  90. TheBent139

    TheBent139Ditë më parë

    Schlereth has probably earned by more commentating than he made as a player.

  91. Ralphie Cifaretto

    Ralphie CifarettoDitë më parë

    Lolol, he tries not to root? Isn't that Tom Brady's man goo dripping down your chin?

  92. Tony Rose

    Tony RoseDitë më parë

    Andrew Luck is a beautiful girl?

  93. Kaleb Ward

    Kaleb WardDitë më parë

    If baker licked Colins face more he’d like him

  94. UPstater5.9

    UPstater5.9Ditë më parë

    hes gonna be special! FLY EAGLES FLY

  95. George Garner

    George GarnerDitë më parë

    What a bunch of nonsense

  96. DjSegwon

    DjSegwonDitë më parë

    Place ya bets!

  97. Tay Music

    Tay MusicDitë më parë

    VCU was actually a pretty damn good team for years to come after that too, just saying. You got a little ahead of yourself

  98. Brittany Garrison

    Brittany GarrisonDitë më parë

    GO BIRDS!!!!!! Great season Boobi.

  99. Bud Lee

    Bud LeeDitë më parë

    I will go to my grave knowing Tom Brady knew Troy Aikman's balls were deflated .

  100. Adam O

    Adam ODitë më parë

    I'd run as fast as Henry if I had a big dookie on my back I was trying to escape