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Future - Mad Luv (Audio)

Future - Mad Luv (Audio)

3 muaj më parë

Future - Showed Up (Audio)
Future - Gangland (Audio)
Future - 2Pac (Audio)

Future - 2Pac (Audio)

3 muaj më parë

Future - Fetti (Audio)

Future - Fetti (Audio)

3 muaj më parë

Future - Throw Away (Audio)
Future - Codeine Crazy (Audio)
Future - My Savages (Audio)
Future - Monster (Audio)

Future - Monster (Audio)

3 muaj më parë

Future - Hardly (Audio)

Future - Hardly (Audio)

2 muaj më parë

Future - Radical (Audio)

Future - Radical (Audio)

3 muaj më parë

Future - Please Tell Me

Future - Please Tell Me

5 muaj më parë

Future - St. Lucia

Future - St. Lucia

7 muaj më parë

Future - Government Official
Future - Love Thy Enemies
Future - XanaX Damage

Future - XanaX Damage

7 muaj më parë

Future - Shotgun (Audio)

Future - Shotgun (Audio)

7 muaj më parë

Future - St. Lucia (Audio)
Future - Extra (Audio)

Future - Extra (Audio)

7 muaj më parë

Future - XanaX Damage (Audio)
Future - F&N

Future - F&N

9 muaj më parë

Future - Overdose (Audio)
Future - Faceshot (Audio)
Future - Crushed Up

Future - Crushed Up

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  1. EriPages

    EriPagesDitë më parë

    Judge about to sentence: 6ix9ine: Drake didn't do his taxes

  2. Prince C

    Prince CDitë më parë

    Search up Jesse Duplantis “your saying and believing” he’ll be wearing a blue tie trust me he saved me from everything and changed my life bro!

  3. EriPages

    EriPagesDitë më parë

    Shoulda been two songs

  4. King Ni-jel

    King Ni-jelDitë më parë

    I swear I'm gonna be blasting this song at work now 😭🔥😂

  5. Martasticx

    MartasticxDitë më parë

    Soon as the future's part kicks in, I turn the song off.

  6. Albert Ledezma

    Albert LedezmaDitë më parë

    Future, Drake , Migos🔥

  7. Peter Joo

    Peter JooDitë më parë


  8. Agus Bustamante

    Agus BustamanteDitë më parë

    Bro, cuando venís a Argentina?

  9. Chin Teeq

    Chin TeeqDitë më parë

    Drake verse got me turnt up🤪☺️🔥🙌🏽

  10. Jason S p u r l e y

    Jason S p u r l e yDitë më parë


  11. Ce Booh Hlongwane

    Ce Booh HlongwaneDitë më parë

    Drake here reflecting on me

  12. Fierce Eagle official

    Fierce Eagle officialDitë më parë

    2:51 21 hiding the fact he’s drinking Tea

  13. Albert Amos

    Albert AmosDitë më parë

    People: good things don't last Me when drake's verse goes out : yeah yeah

  14. Jrb Vision

    Jrb VisionDitë më parë

    Drake verse go hard, the rest of the song is Ehhhhh.

  15. Dabtrak Music

    Dabtrak MusicDitë më parë

    Dabtrakmusic.com🔥🔥is drake doing trash? Support local jobs

  16. Ob G

    Ob GDitë më parë

    Drake verse stole the whole song no dissrespecting Future but 6 god came threw killing it " Got red bottoms life's gooe".

  17. Bertegue 5

    Bertegue 5Ditë më parë

    Why is this video suggested in this video

  18. M M

    M MDitë më parë

    Drake’s part/ beat was fire!! Is there a longer version??

  19. YoLo Videos

    YoLo VideosDitë më parë

    2020 future goin

  20. Rebico Gino

    Rebico GinoDitë më parë

    Life ist good if you live like Drake

  21. wildoutboy23

    wildoutboy23Ditë më parë

    Damn drake🔥

  22. luwany Amilcar

    luwany AmilcarDitë më parë


  23. l3qit

    l3qitDitë më parë

    Where are the Ufo361 fans?

  24. Aydın Ibin

    Aydın IbinDitë më parë

    Küfür etsem de anlamaz mallar

  25. NOOB _JOF

    NOOB _JOFDitë më parë

    life is good

  26. Kevin Bergé

    Kevin BergéDitë më parë

    1:35 all the mechanics have already taken this famous bumper

  27. KT Game

    KT GameDitë më parë

    he tried to do another sicko mode

  28. Jager is Ez

    Jager is EzDitë më parë

    1:06 when you don't know what to do so you watch a ALworks video and a Indian man shows you the simple mistake

  29. king nk

    king nkDitë më parë

    Hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  30. Jager is Ez

    Jager is EzDitë më parë

    1:06 when you don't know what to do so you watch a ALworks video and a Indian man shows you the simple mistake

  31. Merstrand

    MerstrandDitë më parë

    1:39, yo what's Obi Wan Kenobi doing in the drivethru

  32. Jenn Koko

    Jenn KokoDitë më parë

    I can't say praise him be enough...:)

  33. jay hood

    jay hoodDitë më parë

    Been so fuck up when listen to this shit 9n erks klopin cant rember shit some train wreck bud smh those where days

  34. OneBoy

    OneBoyDitë më parë

    I found out this is a little bit like NF's "when I grow up "

  35. Brad Wenhold

    Brad WenholdDitë më parë

    Yo I’m not gonna lie drake part was lowkey fire ash

  36. Linkman

    LinkmanDitë më parë

    this song makes me want to send my teacher to detention

  37. Linkman

    LinkmanDitë më parë

    I showed this to my dog He meows now

  38. Legend Fish

    Legend FishDitë më parë

    I showed this to myself Now I just stole my kid’s recorder and play this

  39. Blk Angel

    Blk AngelDitë më parë

    Best Rapper alworks.info/videos/aXKLLTh3r7k-video.html

  40. B Roy

    B RoyDitë më parë

    *Hey! 🔫🔫🔫 I lives there*

  41. lynsy marie

    lynsy marieDitë më parë

    Lmfao I can’t with this video 😆😆😆🤝😏

  42. Kevin Minda

    Kevin MindaDitë më parë

    Future is a future / Drake the best C

  43. Thằng Bạn Lang

    Thằng Bạn LangDitë më parë

    hay qua nen dk trc

  44. Killa Codeine

    Killa CodeineDitë më parë

    If you like this you won’t get shit and nothing will happen.

  45. Aaliyah Davis

    Aaliyah DavisDitë më parë

    wow girls fully clothed and the video is still good lol

  46. D'metrix

    D'metrixDitë më parë

    “Working on the weekend like usual “ I felt that 😭

  47. jay are

    jay areDitë më parë

    Damn. This would been even more fire is #Torylanez woulda dropped his own verse on it 💯

  48. Erin emmanuel jacob

    Erin emmanuel jacobDitë më parë

    This song makes me wanna tell the barber that I hate my haircut

  49. paddy35 Outdoors

    paddy35 OutdoorsDitë më parë

    he sucked

  50. Joshua Pichardo

    Joshua PichardoDitë më parë

    Demasiado alto !!!!!!! Increíble mezcla de tonos!

  51. Abdirisaq Ali

    Abdirisaq AliDitë më parë


  52. Ivo Zamunu

    Ivo ZamunuDitë më parë

    Workingon weeknds like usual💪

  53. Mr Mhango

    Mr MhangoDitë më parë

    Who’s working this weekend? 🙌🏿💪🏿

  54. Leon Engel

    Leon EngelDitë më parë

    2:49 why is 21savage drinking all the lean out of the dispenser again? He needs to pay like all customers do pls

  55. Marlowe D

    Marlowe DDitë më parë

    27 ou’s

  56. muptela alsancak

    muptela alsancakDitë më parë


  57. REMANE

    REMANEDitë më parë

    Nobody Gonna Talk About 21 Though😂

  58. Mistah Shine

    Mistah ShineDitë më parë

    @Future bruh what you did to them cheeseburgers, mane?! Flipped over onto the CHEESE SIIIIDE?! NIGGA THE CHEESE SIIIIIDE?! Y'all too good w/ the concept and direction in this video. I'm lovin' this and LIFE IS GOOD!

  59. Fernando Sato

    Fernando SatoDitë më parë

    wubba lubba dub dub

  60. Amr Chahboune

    Amr ChahbouneDitë më parë


  61. daniel elbazTM

    daniel elbazTMDitë më parë

    Thay just reminds me to get a job

  62. Honeybabiee

    HoneybabieeDitë më parë

    So we gonna be okay with two different songs mashed together. Great collaboration! team work made their dream work. On the note side I’ll always stop listening to the song when drake verses end🙃

  63. Master Re X

    Master Re XDitë më parë

    #The Re X

  64. Eran Brawer

    Eran BrawerDitë më parë

    when ur life is so good u make song about it

  65. Master Re X

    Master Re XDitë më parë


  66. Sparkle eva

    Sparkle evaDitë më parë

    21 savage would of killlled in this he should of been featured

  67. Keyonah Archer

    Keyonah ArcherDitë më parë

    future did better than drake

  68. Daniel Junior

    Daniel JuniorDitë më parë

    Future is the father of desiigner

  69. Shinin Qim

    Shinin QimDitë më parë

    young trapper can't fight with future, fight with just past

  70. Alexander Frederiksen

    Alexander FrederiksenDitë më parë

    First 1:30 min is the best part...

  71. Douglas Santos

    Douglas SantosDitë më parë

    Life IS good ! 🙏

  72. Sunshine Soul

    Sunshine SoulDitë më parë

    when future comes in .......yum.

  73. Sunshine Soul

    Sunshine SoulDitë më parë

    i love when these two link uppp

  74. Δάφνη Ιωαννίδου

    Δάφνη ΙωαννίδουDitë më parë

    he seems to be a child in front of HER <3 DA QUEEN, BITCHES!!

  75. Kermit the Frog

    Kermit the FrogDitë më parë

    When I Grow Up-NF

  76. MaxGainz 88

    MaxGainz 88Ditë më parë

    2:50 ( 21 savage )

  77. Madam President.

    Madam President.Ditë më parë

    "We be working at McDonalds but life is good."

  78. GOLOM KING45

    GOLOM KING45Ditë më parë


  79. lar sky

    lar skyDitë më parë

    Still same mumble rap flow and still cant understand a single word

  80. Jagjeet Binning

    Jagjeet BinningDitë më parë

    is lil yathcy in this video

  81. on LEE

    on LEEDitë më parë


  82. Sean Oliveira

    Sean OliveiraDitë më parë

    Future fkin ruins this shit. They had to stop the whole song and completely change the beat so he could attempt to rap on it.

  83. Bocar Ba

    Bocar BaDitë më parë

    Dope song! Future kilt it 🔥🔥🔥... idk who tf r these folks in theses comments!

  84. LOST Kerem

    LOST KeremDitë më parë

    These are real rapper

  85. Andres Brakke

    Andres BrakkeDitë më parë

    is there a drake version only ? cant understand shit when other dude is on second part

  86. Miles Hamblen

    Miles HamblenDitë më parë

    This is trash...

  87. amel kahric

    amel kahricDitë më parë

    0:20 6ix9ine: @irs

  88. kalani castro

    kalani castroDitë më parë

    Drake: "Havent done my taxes, im too turnt up." IRS: *STAY RIGHT THERE*

  89. Saadaq Abdi

    Saadaq AbdiDitë më parë

    Life is good I am from Somalia 🇸🇴

  90. Charles Brown

    Charles BrownDitë më parë

    drake is a bitch, but def a better actor.

  91. talbi youness

    talbi younessDitë më parë


  92. Wassim mca

    Wassim mcaDitë më parë


  93. Daddy Ski

    Daddy SkiDitë më parë

    What this album name

  94. minte igi

    minte igiDitë më parë

    the video clip is stolen from "NF-WHEN I GROW UP" RYT

  95. NiCKKx4

    NiCKKx4Ditë më parë

    Funniest part is Drake's "Whaat" at 3:07

  96. Arthur 76

    Arthur 76Ditë më parë

    Future:Ghusydyychhshsystg Woah Me:I felt that

  97. TheLostDefault

    TheLostDefaultDitë më parë

    Someone 2020 ?

  98. MisVicky19

    MisVicky19Ditë më parë

    Drake 🔥 🔥 🔥

  99. zack ADJ

    zack ADJDitë më parë

    Life is good bro , you are rich end me ¡

  100. Star Thomas

    Star ThomasDitë më parë

    thiis cuz tempo.. right here! 2020 tight lit , ft. Doe Beezy free band gang" need a remix to ths