Jaiden Animations
Jaiden Animations
Jaiden Animations

hey i'm jaiden and i have a sidekick named ari ((he's a brat)) thanks for stoppin by

- i use adobe flash for animating, recommend either Paint Tool Sai or Clip Studio paint to draw, & recently upgraded to a cintiq 27qhd drawing monitor.
- no i don't know any good *free* animating softwares
- if you're looking for a beginning drawing tablet just get the cheapest Wacom brand tablet you can find
- if you're looking for a free drawing program Fire Alpaca is p good (still recommend clip studio tho)

HEY. If you're going to email me, don't ask for an animation, or a profile pic, or a channel banner, or anything like that. I don't do commissions. Please & thank you & tip of the hat & good day mate

(i didn't know people actually read these ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ)

The History of my Hair

The History of my Hair

2 ditë më parë

My Time at "Camp Operetta"
Locked out of my House

Locked out of my House

10 muaj më parë

What my trip to Japan was like
Being the Best/Worst Ever
My Experience with Sports
Ari's Birthday! (again)
Injuries & Being Sick
Living with Ari

Living with Ari

2 vjet më parë

Things I Feel Guilty About
My Childhood Stories

My Childhood Stories

2 vjet më parë

My Opinion on Traveling

My Opinion on Traveling

2 vjet më parë

My Random Thoughts

My Random Thoughts

2 vjet më parë

Parent Stories

Parent Stories

2 vjet më parë

Happy Birthday Ari!

Happy Birthday Ari!

2 vjet më parë

My Strange Trip to Europe
Why I Love/Hate Reality TV
My Instrument Experiences
Things that Freak Me Out

Things that Freak Me Out

2 vjet më parë

My Dog Stories

My Dog Stories

2 vjet më parë

Flirting & My Stories

Flirting & My Stories

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My Opinion on Halloween

My Opinion on Halloween

3 vjet më parë

My School Stories

My School Stories

3 vjet më parë

Thesaurus.com is Kinda Dumb
New Member of the Family!
Crazy Substitute Teachers
The College Struggle

The College Struggle

3 vjet më parë

FNAF 4: Dan & Phil Animated
Speedart: Pokefusion Blazerade
Frozen Yogurt Freak Out

Frozen Yogurt Freak Out

4 vjet më parë

To the Moon (Piano)

To the Moon (Piano)

4 vjet më parë

I'm Totally a Skating Pro
Speedart: Pokefusion Dragonine
Q&A #2: What animal am I?
How to be Stupid

How to be Stupid

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Speedart: Mudkip Evolutions
Speedart: Torchic Evolutions
Speedart: Treecko Evolutions
Dough D-D-Dear

Dough D-D-Dear

5 vjet më parë

I Hate High Heels

I Hate High Heels

5 vjet më parë

Hide and Pee

Hide and Pee

5 vjet më parë

Sneaky Advertisements

Sneaky Advertisements

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JaidenAnimations Intro!

JaidenAnimations Intro!

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  1. Jose Sergio

    Jose Sergio4 sekonda më parë


  2. machina188

    machina1888 sekonda më parë

    There are like, 2 people out of all your subscribers that can actually spell Zigzagoon correctly.

  3. Michael & Kira

    Michael & Kira11 sekonda më parë

    I got my hair cut and THEY WAX IT AND MINE IS DAM THICK.

  4. Sam Gaming

    Sam Gaming27 sekonda më parë

    So fun story, when I was young, I used to have really long hair that like went down almost to my back, even tho I’m a boy, I loved it so much, but then we cut it, a month later, boom, my hair was back and but now it grows half an year so.. 6 months to become long, and I’m like ok. But then the problem.. it falls out, i look at my pillow and its full of hair on it :/,

  5. Yihan Chen

    Yihan Chen30 sekonda më parë

    I once had a hair on my chin so it looked like a single stranded beard 😂

  6. Strawberry IceCream

    Strawberry IceCream31 sekonda më parë

    How Jayden is losing thought of content but i still love this!

  7. ArchieSucksAtYoutube

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  8. Kermodeii

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  9. Spitfire11511

    Spitfire11511Minutë më parë

    Hair got stuck in my leg and it was an INCH away from sinking into my leg

  10. Ralph C Is Tristaxx

    Ralph C Is TristaxxMinutë më parë

    I don't do anything with my hair so it looks like a half cut coconut lol

  11. Bruce Wanker, The Incredible Sulk

    Bruce Wanker, The Incredible SulkMinutë më parë

    I totally get the whole "i don't know what to do with my hair" thing. My mom would always tell me what would look great on me, even during my teen years, and i just went with it. When the time came to decide my own things, i quickly realised i had no idea what to do with my hair. I tried different hair styles but i would always grow to resent them or feel embarrassed about it. I am 28 and still get stressed whenever i have to get my hair cut because i simply do not know what to say to the hair dresser. I just let it grow out and let gravity do the work for me. I look like some kind of vagrant and it always gets in front of my eyes, but i'd rather deal with that instead of walking around with something that could possibly be even uglier. It also doesn't help that i have really thick and heavy hair, so unless i wash it really well all kind of brushes and combs get entangled in it. I met many people (mostly girls) who said that they would kill for such hair, but i honestly find it a massive bother.

  12. Delirious Chaos

    Delirious ChaosMinutë më parë

    I have "thicc skin" as my personal vampires tell me so I don't get pierced my hairs anymore. But when I was little I used to get it alot... And stepping on bobbers and having to dig in my foot for an hour that was a big part of my child hood.

  13. Eva Sky

    Eva SkyMinutë më parë

    I've dyed the ends of my hair blue, had it like this for two months now without redyeing and it still looks good. I've had blue before tho, and it eventually always fades to green

  14. LouieInTheClouds

    LouieInTheCloudsMinutë më parë

    2:53 as she said this, I looked down and found a hair next to where I was sitting-

  15. Alien Chan

    Alien ChanMinutë më parë

    OUR HAIR IS THE EXACT SAME OML but mine is blonde cough

  16. Carlos Eduardo Pedrini Lira

    Carlos Eduardo Pedrini LiraMinutë më parë

    My hair its the most random thing I just let how it is when i wake up, idc about my hair :p

  17. Ruby Cunningham

    Ruby CunninghamMinutë më parë

    I have an undercut aswell but my reason is my hair is so knoty 😆

  18. marco buchanan

    marco buchanan2 minuta më parë

    Follow Stacey martinez on her ALworks she sings amazing covers

  19. Crafty And Friends

    Crafty And Friends2 minuta më parë

    Jaiden you're AWESOME and I want to be just like you because you really stand out and I want to be an animator just like you! I'm struggling with confidence too and you really help me. You make me smile :D

  20. Chloe Chun

    Chloe Chun2 minuta më parë

    Omg! Jaiden your video is on #2 trending!!! OMG! That’s awesome 👏!

  21. Cynthia

    Cynthia2 minuta më parë

    5:33 only pkmn fans know what it is. *SNOM*

  22. Marycris Dollente

    Marycris Dollente2 minuta më parë

    ON 5:34 is that a freaking pokemon from sword and shield

  23. sho_shot _shoot

    sho_shot _shoot2 minuta më parë

    Lmao on every thing

  24. TacoLord 33

    TacoLord 332 minuta më parë

    Can I get a haircut please

  25. LeemonTree

    LeemonTree3 minuta më parë

    Everyone here's talking about their hairdresser experiences but I've never gone; my mum cuts my hair (no she isn't a hairdresser, she's just done it since i was born and has gotten pretty good at it now)

  26. i like anime

    i like anime3 minuta më parë

    as a guy, is it weird if i want to have your hair?

  27. Chandlar Bigelow

    Chandlar Bigelow3 minuta më parë

    I've been perfect About a month ago

  28. Geetanjali

    Geetanjali3 minuta më parë

    Is anyone here because this was there in their recommendations??? 🙄

  29. sushi boy

    sushi boy3 minuta më parë

    my mom wouldn't let me have a haircut for atleast 3-4 months cause my hair is naturally straight -im not straight-

  30. Jesus Torres

    Jesus Torres3 minuta më parë

    Did anyone else get reminded of domics video, especially the moving out part😂-ily Jaiden

  31. アギレラJoel

    アギレラJoel3 minuta më parë

    There are just 3 people that know how to cut my hair but one is mostly of the time drunk so I'm afraid about my hair and my life, the second one... Well she's nice but it's to expensive and the last one is my favorite but she's moving this month so I'm kinda worry about what I'm going to do. I guess I'll cut it one last time with and f*ck it I'll paint it, it may be fun xD

  32. alici lloret

    alici lloret3 minuta më parë

    Seizure in a cup

  33. Alinkssa

    Alinkssa3 minuta më parë

    Pro tip- Dont wash your hair daily. 1-2 times a week, with dry shampoo other times. Makes it last waaaaaaaaaaay longer. I go about 6-7 months liek that before I really need it redone. Doing that though? Dyed hair is HELL to maintain always .-.

  34. Deadly Ponys

    Deadly Ponys4 minuta më parë

    Me and my brother also have dummy thic hair lol In fact we have to go to our local hair salon once every 2-3 months just to thin it! Also i'm a girl but i don't have long hair like most girls do, in fact i have a boy haircut because i think having long hair is TOO MUCH WORK!! Also i can style short hair more then long so it's a win-win situation!

  35. Jun Sun

    Jun Sun4 minuta më parë


  36. Shoto_ Draws

    Shoto_ Draws4 minuta më parë

    My Bird Ari Flew away :(

  37. J H

    J H4 minuta më parë

    You called Teriyaki a dude even though he is a female idiot

  38. Thetreeboy

    Thetreeboy4 minuta më parë

    But I like em big! I like em chunky! I like em *T H I C C*

  39. Irene Duncan

    Irene Duncan4 minuta më parë

    I have really long hair . Also I hate it it gets in my way a lot😅

  40. Xcookie X

    Xcookie X4 minuta më parë

    I ship it 😂


    XENOCIDE4 minuta më parë

    I thought boyinaband made this my looking at the thumbnail

  42. Sh00k As Heck

    Sh00k As Heck4 minuta më parë

    “No i’m fine, I like being average and having no attention grabbing features”

  43. Cømmit Støp

    Cømmit Støp5 minuta më parë

    3:36 lookin like a killia kill episode rn lol. (Anime series reference)

  44. sheamus

    sheamus5 minuta më parë

    My hair is super thick too, my stylist aka sister uses thinning shears, and it makes a world of difference.

  45. jam izza best

    jam izza best5 minuta më parë

    Hayyyýyyywhjiehrjdjeb3jejb3bieg3joemeievewhw9xu2pw82iw I was bored so i smashed random buttons ●^●

  46. InkImpa

    InkImpa5 minuta më parë

    Don’t worry Jaiden, I once pierced myself with one of my hairs when I was a kid

  47. Joy Doke

    Joy Doke5 minuta më parë

    komodo dragon jeez...

  48. Diana Barkovska

    Diana Barkovska6 minuta më parë

    That's the opiate of me I do something and then be like Nah I'm just gonna do this later

  49. Maya 7

    Maya 76 minuta më parë

    I was at the salon when I was 8/9 and uh-The lady cut my hair like this: -_ Like...lopsided. One side was a bit shorter

  50. Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto Uzumaki6 minuta më parë

    Mom:When do you want to dye your hair Kid:I dont wanna die

  51. Bossatron 4

    Bossatron 46 minuta më parë

    I love your vids but we’re you did the character dancing saying you had fun it looked like the nazi symbol Love your vids

  52. Ram The Ternatean

    Ram The Ternatean6 minuta më parë

    Oh god it's _edgy_ *_Jaiden_*

  53. Fox and Alex

    Fox and Alex6 minuta më parë

    omg mr.beast add i want that every day of meh life

  54. Bastardly Joe

    Bastardly Joe6 minuta më parë

    I've been pierced by hair before.

  55. Out of Date Grape Guice

    Out of Date Grape Guice6 minuta më parë

    Heh. Same, my hair's a mess

  56. LeighK

    LeighK7 minuta më parë

    Ah yes, I know the struggle of maintaining hair color, I was cursed to have cherry red hair for at least 3 and a half years.. I loved it.. but a natural brunette is my go to now 👍

  57. GPAngel

    GPAngel7 minuta më parë

    My hair goes out of control within an hour. Yeah i am a guy just in case. But i live in florida which is humid as hell meaning if i step outside for even a second my hair will start to become a literal bush. I like having semi long curly hair but at some point it just gets unmanageable unless i use cream anda brush to hold it over and sweep it to the right a bit.

  58. Hasham Ahmad

    Hasham Ahmad7 minuta më parë

    Next title: HiStOrY oF mY pHoNe!

  59. Piibbles ღ

    Piibbles ღ7 minuta më parë

    I dyed my hair a maroon colour and RED HAIR IS SO HARD TO MAINTAIN I couldn't wash it for 3 days after it was dyed and could only wash it every 3-4 days. But my hair would get greasy every 2 days... Eventually I stopped giving a crap and washed it every day agai. I'm blonde right now but man, I want to have real hair.

  60. Sircharles Weatherspoon

    Sircharles Weatherspoon7 minuta më parë

    I looked in the description about one of his videos I'm making the song of Jaden I got video I got a Sprite cranberry add and I thought it was the song

  61. crazyhat15

    crazyhat157 minuta më parë

    Jaidens running out of idias

  62. Marc Grocott

    Marc Grocott7 minuta më parë

    Once one of my (long) hair went through my finger (I'm a boy and I have very long hair like Dave)

  63. Becky

    Becky7 minuta më parë


  64. Sashimi

    Sashimi7 minuta më parë

    If you do it yourself it doesn't cost that much lol

  65. Blue Balloons

    Blue Balloons7 minuta më parë

    I hate my hair, it's really curly so it always looks short, I cant just do simple hair styles cause it's either too hard in my hair or it doesn't look good cause it's so curly and whenever I try to straighten it, it just goes frizzy and puffy and not straight...

  66. DangerDrive

    DangerDrive8 minuta më parë

    I cut my hair but never actually styled it too much Just regular hair

  67. Vijan Hussein

    Vijan Hussein8 minuta më parë

    I have tic hart, sow I understand it wan some of it falls down

  68. Scrollreader 124

    Scrollreader 1248 minuta më parë

    My doggy girl Sadie sheds ALL the time, so i get the occasional hair piercing.

  69. William Smith

    William Smith8 minuta më parë

    I have been pirced by a hair strand

  70. Not Jazz

    Not Jazz8 minuta më parë

    Omg the first time I died my hair I didn’t know I should wash my hair with cold water :/ so it faded fast but I’m back to my normal color so yea :) Edit probably don’t care but the colors I did was blue and green,turquoise,purple,purple pink,red,lastly dirty blonde

  71. Nemlol Rawrlawl

    Nemlol Rawrlawl8 minuta më parë

    The great thing about having the purple hair I did recently is that it stuck around for a very long time.

  72. The Jaxson Video Blog

    The Jaxson Video Blog8 minuta më parë

    I have been pierced by a hair strand. Basically, this entire video also applies to my life with the exception of that you mom is not my mom, we aren't siblings, Jaiden.

  73. Riley Caron

    Riley Caron8 minuta më parë

    I wonder what style/color would look good on me

  74. Jared Smith

    Jared Smith8 minuta më parë

    You can hide a lot of things in brownies.😉

  75. Alt Med

    Alt Med8 minuta më parë

    Almost every day whenever i run my hand through my beard i get tiny hairs stuck in my finger tips and have to struggle to pull them out so I'm amazed to hear that someone has gone through the same thing even just once

  76. Emma Jane Stevenson

    Emma Jane Stevenson8 minuta më parë

    I know I know I have an UNder cut, relly thick layers of hair and I dyed it multiple times So you and I are quite a like :)

  77. Lucy Randoms

    Lucy Randoms8 minuta më parë

    When I was about 5 I ran around my dad's room bare foot after he got his hair cut and all the tiny TINY hairs just cot stuck under my skin and it was really painful :'))

  78. Typical3D

    Typical3D9 minuta më parë

    1:48 is what everyone needs

  79. Loopyprawn

    Loopyprawn9 minuta më parë

    This is adorable.

  80. Nicolette Addams

    Nicolette Addams9 minuta më parë

    I was a colorist at my family salon for a few years. The hair through the skin thing happened to me occasionally, BUT NO ONE ELSE. My grandmother and aunts all say I'm just delicate. 😅

  81. Slayer-x GG

    Slayer-x GG9 minuta më parë

    2 on trending!!!!! Whoooo!!

  82. Shadow247night

    Shadow247night9 minuta më parë

    Sh*t .... I just realized... What am I gonna do if my mom decides one day she isn't going to cut my hair for me.

  83. Clevelandsammmie _

    Clevelandsammmie _9 minuta më parë

    If you love Pokémon you should do more videos about it

  84. bhpowerup

    bhpowerup9 minuta më parë

    The laws of Equivalent Exchange are you been looking at Fullmetal Alchemist

  85. Izuku midoriya [battle for bfda and mha]

    Izuku midoriya [battle for bfda and mha]10 minuta më parë


  86. Gigaheart

    Gigaheart10 minuta më parë

    I stepped on a coarse hair and it went into my foot a bit.

  87. Thanking Every Subscriber

    Thanking Every Subscriber10 minuta më parë

    Do people honestly just keep making videos untill someday randomly your videos get suggested?

  88. Potterhead Nerd

    Potterhead Nerd10 minuta më parë

    “Are my other friends gonna do it?” *THUMP* I died at that part lmao 😂

  89. Jim Rakestraw

    Jim Rakestraw10 minuta më parë

    #2 on trending congrats

  90. Chums

    Chums11 minuta më parë

    Dense hair people rise.

  91. Daniel Barclay

    Daniel Barclay11 minuta më parë

    I have natural thick red hair that is one of the rarest shades in the world and allegedly people will sink thousands into getting their hair to look the shade my hair is naturally but they can never get it quite right

  92. Olivia and k boy vlogs

    Olivia and k boy vlogs11 minuta më parë

    Did maths and find out jaiden is 22. I knew before this but I needed to check.

  93. Eli Quagliata

    Eli Quagliata11 minuta më parë

    Hair has stabbed me more than I want to admit

  94. Varlshunger

    Varlshunger11 minuta më parë

    My hair is super hard and sharp, when I shave my hair, the little bits of shaved hair stick into my back and sides and stick out of me like a porcupine

  95. KrakenKid Sbs

    KrakenKid Sbs11 minuta më parë


  96. Gach'Em

    Gach'Em11 minuta më parë

    WELL guess what? I once got one of my brothers thick hair stuck in my foot when I was doing cartwheels

  97. Izuku midoriya [battle for bfda and mha]

    Izuku midoriya [battle for bfda and mha]11 minuta më parë

    1:00-17:01 jaiden is cool she knows what the girls opinion on chocking

  98. Prorengirl 123

    Prorengirl 12311 minuta më parë

    5:11 Is that a full metal alchemist reference?!

  99. Asamiii Chan

    Asamiii Chan11 minuta më parë

    I once drew her hair

  100. Black Eye

    Black Eye11 minuta më parë

    Before haircut: 👧 After haircut: 👧 (Female edition)