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The 5 Best Useless Life Hacks

The 5 Best Useless Life Hacks

2 muaj më parë

5 Ways You're Cooking Pasta Wrong
Try Not To Die Challenge (React)
Try Not To Get Distracted Challenge
  1. Gracie P

    Gracie P59 minuta më parë

    Is Don Sr. the same Don in Adults React?

  2. MichelleK

    MichelleK59 minuta më parë

    "new year new me" Lucus - 2020

  3. barilocheyo

    barilocheyo59 minuta më parë


  4. Sem Sannen

    Sem SannenOrë më parë

    100 dollar is.... keep scrolling keep scrolling keep scrolling MONEY

  5. Gacha Taylor Cowles

    Gacha Taylor CowlesOrë më parë

    Yay I love this

  6. jman415

    jman415Orë më parë

    “Ill put it on and do it to my wife” LMFAOOO

  7. Anime Lover

    Anime LoverOrë më parë

    Lucas seeing if the money was real was just so funny

  8. Batman587w784

    Batman587w784Orë më parë

    For give me but at 5:59 all I hears was “in this case we have LEGO mincraft sex”

  9. Noe Leon

    Noe LeonOrë më parë

    2:48 that guy laughs like the joker

  10. YKTVwitTrinity

    YKTVwitTrinityOrë më parë

    “i mean at the end of the day... i still lost” 😂😂

  11. Andrew Belanger

    Andrew BelangerOrë më parë

    Jaxon over reacts... like, ALOT!

  12. Tiger Lilly

    Tiger LillyOrë më parë

    1:51 and now for a brief segment of mini theories with matpat.

  13. Micah Melvin

    Micah MelvinOrë më parë

    where do i get me one of those elephants, he was sooo cute omg

  14. majik732007

    majik732007Orë më parë

    0:53 I LOVE how Lucas instantly checks to see if it was real!

  15. Jeremy Ibu

    Jeremy IbuOrë më parë

    i hope them kids look back at this and say omg i was stupied now im a cheapo i got bills to pay 😂

  16. King Tom

    King TomOrë më parë

    Don laughs like the joker

  17. Blitz Gaming

    Blitz GamingOrë më parë


  18. Tarin Jelavic

    Tarin JelavicOrë më parë

    I would have taken the ice cream, giraffe plushie, minecraft lego set and the charmander funko

  19. Elliot J. Daniels

    Elliot J. DanielsOrë më parë

    You should flip this, teens try to guess what their parents spend money on!

  20. Jack Smallman

    Jack SmallmanOrë më parë

    React to ski mask the slump god

  21. Mini_Marauder

    Mini_MarauderOrë më parë

    4:38 Woah, he responded to his dad! The timing on that was really coincidental.

  22. Fe Bleys

    Fe BleysOrë më parë

    Lucas is smart af

  23. Forever geek

    Forever geekOrë më parë

    That one kid over reacts

  24. Di To

    Di ToOrë më parë

    I love these....the kids are so cute and the parents are so

  25. Ian Davis

    Ian DavisOrë më parë

    React to new Eminem album

  26. N i g h t m a v e e e

    N i g h t m a v e e eOrë më parë

    You see, The parents know the kids TOO well and the kids know the parents TOO well. The parents go with what the kid'd want, but the kid's like, well, i need to use the money.

  27. Shaylynn Tull

    Shaylynn TullOrë më parë

    Me: *yells Dilemma by Nelly and Kelly Rowland through the screen like they can hear me*

  28. Cameron Cook

    Cameron CookOrë më parë

    Can y'all please have adult and college kids react to Flatbush zombies headstone or just some of their songs please I been asking for over two years now pretty please

  29. A wild Dannery Appeared!

    A wild Dannery Appeared!Orë më parë

    You guys should do what would my sibling do that will be interesting

  30. Jin Su-Rha Cree Hargrove

    Jin Su-Rha Cree HargroveOrë më parë

    Amulet 3: The Cloud Searchers


    PARTY TIMEOrë më parë

    The parents look crazy but I still feel more sad for the kids

  32. N i g h t m a v e e e

    N i g h t m a v e e eOrë më parë

    Lucas is such a mood. đŸ‘ŒđŸ»đŸ€ŁđŸ˜

  33. Jin Su-Rha Cree Hargrove

    Jin Su-Rha Cree HargroveOrë më parë

    The art institutes

  34. Bli The Kid

    Bli The KidOrë më parë

    Lucas pushing the dog tho. 😂😂😂

  35. kristal Chan

    kristal ChanOrë më parë

    Don you alone won because your son is pathetically stupid because he always takes the most expensive and so in life he will not get anywhere.....

  36. Power of The noobs

    Power of The noobsOrë më parë

    One:Sailor moon

  37. Moussa Ç

    Moussa ÇOrĂ« mĂ« parĂ«

    2:50 When Mario hits lava in super Mario 64

  38. Samaira Sandil

    Samaira SandilOrë më parë

    Don is so funny like bro

  39. Imma Doc main

    Imma Doc mainOrë më parë

    Molly look like she took some molly

  40. Emily Caterina

    Emily CaterinaOrë më parë

    Don up here sounding like the Joker when he laughs hahahaha

  41. Luis Molina

    Luis MolinaOrë më parë

    React to Eminem’s darkness music video

  42. Sang Nguyen

    Sang NguyenOrë më parë

    I love these

  43. Ace 2000

    Ace 2000Orë më parë

    Do this with the teens!

  44. Our Clouds

    Our CloudsOrë më parë

    Omg the Gauntlet tho â€ïžâ€ïžđŸ‘€

  45. The gaming central

    The gaming centralOrë më parë

    I love these

  46. Elysium

    ElysiumOrë më parë

    2:50 'Joaquin who?!'

  47. InsaneHollie

    InsaneHollieOrë më parë

    Tom just accepted that he’s playing Fnaf every year 😂

  48. Lacie Scott

    Lacie ScottOrë më parë

    Damn i feel old!!

  49. Jayne Granger

    Jayne GrangerOrë më parë

    Don laughs like the joker đŸ˜‚đŸ€Ł

  50. Rachel Copeland

    Rachel CopelandOrë më parë

    Love thisssssss. Definitely want more

  51. Blazer1525 Mine

    Blazer1525 MineOrë më parë

    lucas is adorableeeeee

  52. Mocha Maddie

    Mocha MaddieOrë më parë


  53. QualitySweat

    QualitySweatOrë më parë

    Don reminds me of the dad from my wife and kids

  54. Titoo Dignam

    Titoo DignamOrë më parë

    Sanoses hand đŸ€š

  55. James Flanagan

    James FlanaganOrë më parë

    More Don and Marco please đŸ”„đŸ’Ș

  56. Alfie Owen

    Alfie OwenOrë më parë

    I would spend the whole thing on pc stuff tbh

  57. Mandy M

    Mandy MOrë më parë

    Don's laugh gives me life😄 2:50

  58. Oriana Shi

    Oriana ShiOrë më parë

    I've a suggestion on a challenge you can have the cast do. Well, two suggestions. Remember the Teens vs Real vs Gummy Food Challenge you guys did a couple years back? Do another one, but instead of gummies, you do Pet Food. Either that or a Luck Vs Wasabi Challenge. I don't think you guys did the second one yet. Basically a one-on-one sort of challenge, so two people. On the table in front of them is a small set of sushi, like 3-5. Each sushi has a different amount of wasabi hidden between the rice and the fish, with one having the most amount that may make the consumer scream mercy, and one having no wasabi at all, thus being a safe zone. You can do several rounds of sushi. Points are gained based on luck (getting wasabi-less sushi) or tolerance (little to no reaction to the wasabi attack). That's just about it. In all honesty, I hope to see the second one more than the first.

  59. Johnny West

    Johnny WestOrë më parë

    Really surprised these kids were so budget minded. Much kudos to the parents for this.

  60. robert king

    robert kingOrë më parë

    You should flip it and have the parents go toy shopping and the kids guess! The parents have to shop if they were kids in today's age!

  61. Delia Vazquez

    Delia VazquezOrë më parë

    nice vid

  62. ThatTigerGamerBoyThat PlaysGames

    ThatTigerGamerBoyThat PlaysGamesOrë më parë

    Finally! This is back! I LOVE this series a lot, please do it again Edit: Although it is different than normal, I still like this!

  63. cleo domp

    cleo dompOrë më parë

    Poor kid let him keep all his stuff

  64. Åsa S

    Åsa SOrĂ« mĂ« parĂ«

    1:51 That steak looks so dry. And no sauce.

  65. Roland Kontson

    Roland KontsonOrë më parë

    Nothing bad with choosing expensive stuff - you'll just put back the least favorable item(s), it's not guaranteed that you'd be over budget and you don't know if the next selection is better. I myself prefer one "useful" item over a bunch of stuff.

  66. HeyitsTay Marie

    HeyitsTay MarieOrë më parë

    Lucas said “sanos “ Hand ahahahah

  67. Carol Lins

    Carol LinsOrë më parë

    I wanna hug lucas so muchhhh

  68. Naoise Watson

    Naoise WatsonOrë më parë

    These people are so bad at speed eating

  69. random suomi

    random suomiOrë më parë

    3:23 I'm Deku

  70. Latina Destiny

    Latina DestinyOrë më parë

    That Gauntlet though.... ❀

  71. Chris Griffy

    Chris GriffyOrë më parë

    Not being able to see the prices ourselves takes part of the decision making from us.

  72. Joshua

    JoshuaOrë më parë

    I love how they both picked the Infinity Gauntlet, mainly cause they hoped to have it themselves lmaoo

  73. MoinSpongii

    MoinSpongiiOrë më parë

    I really liked when they were able to go to the store and pick the stuff for themselves. 😁

  74. EPS5000

    EPS5000Orë më parë

    The previous video where they actually go to the store was more interesting.

  75. ItsElicit

    ItsElicitOrë më parë

    Health Ledger has some competition... 2:50

  76. endog

    endogOrë më parë

    hope they got a new chef....yuck

  77. Mr Taugs

    Mr TaugsOrë më parë

    I like the old format better. Where they were able to go into the store and choose that way.

  78. Jasmin Cortes

    Jasmin CortesOrë më parë

    Lucas is a whole mood 😂

  79. Johannes Life

    Johannes LifeOrë më parë

    07:10 Invite Tom Holland and They're Happy :D đŸŽƒđŸ”„đŸ§ĄđŸ’•đŸ‘€

  80. Hamza Durrani

    Hamza DurraniOrë më parë

    why the fuck do people name their child jr? How insecure do you have to be to do that?

  81. Kilokilo tv

    Kilokilo tvOrë më parë

    React to darkness (eminem) or godzilla (eminem and Juice WRLD)

  82. Jason Putt

    Jason PuttOrë më parë

    Please do a reactive rocketman trailer

  83. JustPandaBear

    JustPandaBearOrë më parë

    Now this. This i can get behind. This was the best thus far.

  84. Baby Doll

    Baby DollOrë më parë

    Lucas: _Hugs the dog_ Also Luke: **YEETS the dog and other stuffed animals into oblivion** 😂😂 He's such a mood and a queen, I love him so much OMG!

  85. Christian Salgado

    Christian SalgadoOrë më parë

    Can you plz do a gameplay of Life is Strange: Before The Storm

  86. nonexistent Amaya

    nonexistent AmayaOrë më parë

    did ary ever not failed and had to eat the punishment food? lmao

  87. Zdaren

    ZdarenOrë më parë

    that kid is gayer than elton john

  88. keegvi

    keegviOrë më parë

    Thats a twist when the daughter starts saying put your legs down

  89. Frenyer Daniel Arellano Rodriguez

    Frenyer Daniel Arellano RodriguezOrë më parë

    I Love Lucas, he is so funny

  90. ToastyBoi

    ToastyBoiOrë më parë

    Sanos *cue intense undertale remix*

  91. Sunny Shine45

    Sunny Shine45Orë më parë


  92. ItsJustKage

    ItsJustKageOrë më parë

    Lucas is so smart ahahah

  93. Mr. SuliMan

    Mr. SuliManOrë më parë

    Lucas is changed

  94. Ivette R

    Ivette ROrë më parë

    YAYY I love these vidss!

  95. Johannes Life

    Johannes LifeOrë më parë

    Marco's Son is sooo cute xD and cool đŸŽƒđŸ”„đŸ§ĄđŸ˜…

  96. Summer Williams

    Summer WilliamsOrë më parë

    Spill your guts or fill your guts

  97. Super Tim

    Super Tim2 orë më parë

    Who is sanos

  98. Lonzetta Marie Andersen

    Lonzetta Marie Andersen2 orë më parë

    So did everyone recognize Lainey from MyMusic? Like my first thought was Scene!!!!

  99. Kareem Walker

    Kareem Walker2 orë më parë

    7:08 #MOOD

  100. Jenna Ramos

    Jenna Ramos2 orë më parë

    The Pepper Ann I missed lol thought it was Doug but he never showed up