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  1. Arunchai Prendpring

    Arunchai Prendpring49 sekonda më parë

    nub chief Pad Kapow is only pork chilli garlic holy basil and a little more spices. No carrot No Baby corn

  2. Jesse Pinkman

    Jesse PinkmanMinutë më parë

    lol you just know the guy got drunk that night and fired everybody after the show left town

  3. Nando Tellez

    Nando Tellez2 minuta më parë

    Proof Gordon Ramsey is a paisa tio with no carbon

  4. Michael D'souza

    Michael D'souza4 minuta më parë

    Gordon means hard-working middle-aged accountant type of budget, not student living in a flat with 9 other people all with hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loans type of budget.

  5. Kira Ging

    Kira Ging6 minuta më parë

    Boi just go to McDonald’s

  6. Max Tax

    Max Tax8 minuta më parë

    No Gordon, you have to put salt in when the water is boiling ad adding oil is useless it doesn't prevent the pasta from sticking .

  7. Cecilia Olguin

    Cecilia Olguin8 minuta më parë

    I like it how they zoomed in on the booty at 0:50

  8. Quineasha Anderson

    Quineasha Anderson18 minuta më parë

    Ohh..I remember her. She did he in her season.

  9. jiang kingfabio

    jiang kingfabio20 minuta më parë

    heard they have a dish that they cook cow shit. try it Gordan Ramsay

  10. Yasmin Annisa

    Yasmin Annisa23 minuta më parë

    That dish is not Malay food

  11. bsrp t

    bsrp t24 minuta më parë

    McDang is dang!! no respect to Gordon

  12. Jesse Pinkman

    Jesse Pinkman28 minuta më parë

    I want the tip. give me the tip. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) _- owner_

  13. Jesse Pinkman

    Jesse Pinkman28 minuta më parë

    I want the tip. give me the tip. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) _- owner_


    GS STUDIO28 minuta më parë

    ผัดกระเพรา เข้าใจมั้ยว่า "กระเพรา" ไม่ใส่ แครอท ข้าวโพดอ่อน และถั่วฝักยาวโว้ย กลิ่นมันคนละทางเลยเว้ยยยยย Real Pat Krapao is No Carrot, Baby Corn & Yardlong beans!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Julian andres Grajales caamaño

    Julian andres Grajales caamaño29 minuta më parë

    No mames la carne se ve cruda, en mi opinion por a Pa otros es jugoso.

  16. bsrp t

    bsrp t29 minuta më parë

    you were supposed to meet Chef Ian and Chep Pom

  17. Imsoong Rai

    Imsoong Rai30 minuta më parë

    Nothing wrong with wanting dessert

  18. Marvin Heuvelsland

    Marvin Heuvelsland31 minutë më parë

    You can't blame it all on the guys. The mother should demand some of the money for the company. She should have learned those guys how to run a business together. The fault is also maybe how they were raised. Maybe they never learned to share or were always spoiled. Sharing is caring, right?

  19. Tae tae

    Tae tae32 minuta më parë

    Im triggered when they put carrot and corn in Padkapao😱

  20. Steve M

    Steve M32 minuta më parë

    Raw disgusting

  21. -cherrychenle-

    -cherrychenle-33 minuta më parë

    something called a cheese, whey, and culture blend wHeRe tHe FoHcK iS tHaT fRoM iN iTaLy?

  22. Panda_Cute

    Panda_Cute36 minuta më parë

    Microwave: *exists* Gordon Ramsay: *O H F U C K M E*

  23. Ryan Neil

    Ryan Neil37 minuta më parë


  24. Isaiah Bamburg

    Isaiah Bamburg38 minuta më parë

    Suprised the black folks didn't go straight to racism. Hahahaha

  25. Blood and Honor

    Blood and Honor38 minuta më parë

    Spam is trash

  26. Jesse Pinkman

    Jesse Pinkman39 minuta më parë

    owner is a lil bitch

  27. Cool Story Bro

    Cool Story Bro41 minutë më parë

    Gordon Ramsay you are somethin' else

  28. MrBusy

    MrBusy41 minutë më parë


  29. MrBusy

    MrBusy42 minuta më parë


  30. Joshua Channing

    Joshua Channing45 minuta më parë

    I couldn't work around that guy. The first time he got in my face, my fist would meet his nose lol and I'd walk away saying, "Bitch, it's just food. Not a Picasso painting". Lol

  31. Abdiel Montanez

    Abdiel Montanez49 minuta më parë

    Nothing more satisfying to me than watching Gordon get passionate while cooking

  32. Aqw Meme

    Aqw Meme49 minuta më parë

    How dare you challenge gordon ramsay to a Shokugeki!!

  33. random person

    random person49 minuta më parë


  34. random person

    random person51 minutë më parë

    Fight me, you bastards.

  35. sarah mka

    sarah mka52 minuta më parë

    LeT me SmeLL yOuR sHoEs

  36. William Fessaha

    William Fessaha56 minuta më parë

    The guy that served the vegetarian, pork sauce, did the right thing. Don’t know what happened with that lobster.

  37. Babila Dinga

    Babila Dinga56 minuta më parë

    Why did they recommend me this. It’s like watching a doctor perform surgery. Makes you question if he ever nesses up 😂

  38. nbrissette123

    nbrissette12356 minuta më parë

    I see green on that board Gordon

  39. Bryan Douglas

    Bryan Douglas56 minuta më parë

    Does curing it mean it is safe to consume?

  40. MelbGurl3162

    MelbGurl316258 minuta më parë

    I love how you go back to basics with cheap meals that would taste like a million dollars, Thank you for sharing some great idea's. You inspire me.

  41. InfiniteHyped

    InfiniteHyped59 minuta më parë

    Comment Section: *ShE Is GoRDoN RaMsEY's SiDE chIcK* Gordon's Wife and Children: *are we a joke to you?*

  42. Cindy Villacis

    Cindy VillacisOrë më parë

    I would love to meet him but don't want him to taste my cooking! If he does I will cry from the insults.

  43. Michael Lee

    Michael LeeOrë më parë


  44. Ayyy lmao

    Ayyy lmaoOrë më parë

    Lord give me strength, from the thumbnail I thought all the white powder on the chicken was mold.

  45. GL1TCH the void wanderer

    GL1TCH the void wandererOrë më parë

    Cake: in worth 74 bucks Me: no your not its not even fullbits just half Cake: but I'm good

  46. Bill Ross

    Bill RossOrë më parë

    Gordon: anyone one hungry for some ribs? Soldiers: proceeds to show up to the barbeque driving an armoured vehicle

  47. Zay Zay

    Zay ZayOrë më parë

    What kinda budget this

  48. MumboJucio

    MumboJucioOrë më parë

    Am i the only one that laughed when it showed the chef under the sink

  49. Hello god it’s me Daniel

    Hello god it’s me DanielOrë më parë

    But, but. Alpacas don’t lay eggs

  50. LA to Hawaii

    LA to HawaiiOrë më parë

    Cheap dish... (uses $50 of saffron) lol

  51. Oscar Rivera Mendoza

    Oscar Rivera MendozaOrë më parë

    Take that piece of meat to the veterinary, it could be alive again : p

  52. 星撮影

    星撮影Orë më parë

    No I've held a puffin before and I wouldn't kill one ...well not yet

  53. paragontethras

    paragontethrasOrë më parë

    "hes playing old, and hes got legs like a gladiator" sjshsfafaga

  54. Altemimi123

    Altemimi123Orë më parë

    The mushrooms were burnt to shit it was full of charcoal

  55. Propel 2015

    Propel 2015Orë më parë

    All that effort just to boil a single crab and eat it with mayonnaise.

  56. Underrated Critic

    Underrated CriticOrë më parë

    Why does Gordon put his thumb over the spout when pouring a liquid?

  57. qwerty989898989898

    qwerty989898989898Orë më parë

    Lamb and saffron? Wtf type of budget food is this

  58. Pedro R

    Pedro ROrë më parë

    “Do not lift that lid up” *zooms in on fingers wanting to lift the lid up*

  59. Tika Transitions

    Tika TransitionsOrë më parë

    Satisfying to watch ... definitely going to try this weekend 😍

  60. TLBA Judas

    TLBA JudasOrë më parë

    Look, Gordon, we all know what you're up to, getting your cute chef to come on camera and vigorously stir things. And I appreciate it. Thank you.

  61. Sven The Dog

    Sven The DogOrë më parë

    Smells like Christmas

  62. Seraphir

    SeraphirOrë më parë

    Gordon you fucking bourgeois TWAT Saffron on a budget? A BUDGET????

  63. TalkingToMyself

    TalkingToMyselfOrë më parë

    I kind of felt for the chef more than anyone. To be beat down like that when you’re working for the boss from hell must suck. No hate on Gordon but god, his face just made me sad.

  64. Edward Jhon

    Edward JhonOrë më parë

    *That Military guy looks like Australian legendary Cricket player Ricky pointing !* 👀😅

  65. Derek Bunyak

    Derek BunyakOrë më parë

    So this is eating on a budget for rich people. Gotchya.

  66. Manuel Pacheco Martin

    Manuel Pacheco MartinOrë më parë


  67. Zarenツ

    ZarenツOrë më parë

    *Steve Dickson*

  68. Caramandunga

    CaramandungaOrë më parë

    Where are the stock pots goddammit!?

  69. rslife

    rslifeOrë më parë

    looks amazing

  70. Ry Guy

    Ry GuyOrë më parë

    Kid gave a really convincing don’t go at the end lmao

  71. Arturo Verdin

    Arturo VerdinOrë më parë

    Condom Ramsay

  72. Niko Alfio

    Niko AlfioOrë më parë

    I see a lot of arguing about saffron, and honestly, maybe it's *not* that expensive for what you have to use - but the fact is, I could spend that money on a bottle of spice with little to no nutritional value, or I could spend that on at least one whole meal. I know which one I'm gonna pick.

  73. Jessiedee Mark Gingo

    Jessiedee Mark GingoOrë më parë

    cooking with Gordon Ramsay Gordon: *pls secure the olive oil

  74. Julius Rivera

    Julius RiveraOrë më parë

    The color is black red so creepy

  75. Jiarui Ye

    Jiarui YeOrë më parë

    i should be studying for finals but 3 am: piggy, here piggy piggy piggy

  76. no

    noOrë më parë

    He’s just saying this to win diversity points. This guy is faker than stripper tits.

  77. Twisted Individual

    Twisted IndividualOrë më parë

    Looks fine to me..... 🤣

  78. Kat Love

    Kat LoveOrë më parë

    Budget? Saffron is the most expensive spice second (maybe first) to vanilla. You bitch. 😂

  79. ID: 250568865 secreto

    ID: 250568865 secretoOrë më parë

    Desliga o freezer the Night, kkkk

  80. Ron Booker

    Ron BookerOrë më parë

    What a pompous twit....there was nothing "budget" about any of these meals. Just imagine what the non-budget meals in his course are like. GTFOH

  81. J Pennington

    J PenningtonOrë më parë

    GR isn't a Chef. He's a Kitchen Jedi Master

  82. 1 HUNNA

    1 HUNNA2 orë më parë

    9:42 A wheel for that bike, so I can get tf outa here💀💀

  83. Voice Of Manora

    Voice Of Manora2 orë më parë

    Sawasdee ka......_/\_....

  84. justin mcknight

    justin mcknight2 orë më parë

    "Nothing worse than a coleslaw where you can't identify what's in it."

  85. Kinsley

    Kinsley2 orë më parë

    Gordon both does not like condoms and has three children

  86. Dwayne Cr7 YT Family YT

    Dwayne Cr7 YT Family YT2 orë më parë

    Me doesn’t look bad Gordon Disgusting Me nasty ass hell

  87. David Anderson

    David Anderson2 orë më parë

    wasted a lot of meat for the sake of it being "pretty"

  88. Francisco Jijon

    Francisco Jijon2 orë më parë

    When gordan ramsey was talking to her at the end she was like I fucked up

  89. Steve Block

    Steve Block2 orë më parë

    4:57 , he had me at fresh parsley

  90. Probe Process Servers Esq

    Probe Process Servers Esq2 orë më parë

    That got damn place with the mouse at the front door I would never eat there. Jeans cuisine with the dry ass pork chop I will never eat there. Can't trust restaurants stop eating there

  91. Tommy Hui

    Tommy Hui2 orë më parë

    If i was there i would've convinced gordon to hand me over chief mike. Chief mike has been a good pal of mine for many many years. He had service me well!!! That's a horrible way to end chief's mikes career!!! Like or dislike Chief Mike give it a thumbs up or down. Love and/or hate Chief Mike comment!!!

  92. Phei Hafwen

    Phei Hafwen2 orë më parë

    0:41 Ummm

  93. efil4saaggin

    efil4saaggin2 orë më parë

    First question, whose budge are we talking cause his budget is probably more than mine.

  94. Stryker Ramirez

    Stryker Ramirez2 orë më parë

    I gotta watch this whole scene after he sends her home 😂

  95. Iverson Paul Alay

    Iverson Paul Alay2 orë më parë

    Gordon Ramsey: this is how you make perfect rise Asians: pathetic

  96. Grant Johnson

    Grant Johnson2 orë më parë

    I was saddened when Mia said she has a bf😔

  97. Cheapskate Coins

    Cheapskate Coins2 orë më parë

    Hmm...$425 an ounce for Saffron, and around $14 per pound for lamb...He must mean cooking with a surgeon's budget.

  98. Pat Rix

    Pat Rix2 orë më parë

    Kitchen people are sociopaths anyway

  99. knightdrako

    knightdrako2 orë më parë

    Ah yes. A budget meal for those who earn $100k a year.

  100. Sparqfire

    Sparqfire2 orë më parë

    gorden’s channel is the videos i watch before eating Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.