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Dolan Twins
Dolan Twins


It's Time To Move On...

It's Time To Move On...

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Switching Lives With Jeffree Star
Ethan and Grayson AFTER SURGERY
The Search For Our New Pet


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9 muaj më parë

Surprising Fans At Their Houses!!


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What Our Tattoos Mean 2
#AskEthanAndGrayson 4
Our New House Is HAUNTED!
We Fought Over A Girl...


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Bye For Now

Bye For Now

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Types Of Fans

Types Of Fans

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Bloopers 2017 !

Bloopers 2017 !

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Awkwarder Question Game!!
Spray Tan Challenge

Spray Tan Challenge

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Road Trip with The Dolan Twins
  1. Keira B

    Keira BMinutë më parë

    low key Gray sounded like Ethan when he was trying to focus the camera in the beginning

  2. WayFastWhitey 203

    WayFastWhitey 2036 minuta më parë

    Still dont know what the statement is

  3. Rachael Louise

    Rachael Louise7 minuta më parë

    If me and my sister did this .. we would literally kill each other 😂😂

  4. Ember M

    Ember M16 minuta më parë

    The one on the left is hotter

  5. Danielle's P.O.V.

    Danielle's P.O.V.21 minutë më parë

    And all my sister does is steal my shoes

  6. Devon_is_here_lol

    Devon_is_here_lol27 minuta më parë

    This comment goes to ALL the 11k people who disliked . . . . GO FUCK YOURSELF

  7. Rachael Louise

    Rachael Louise31 minutë më parë

    When Gray realised he was solving the cage 😂 Not competitive at all eh Grayson ? 😉 And Ethan just bites it 😂 I love this video 🤣

  8. Emily Voithofer

    Emily Voithofer34 minuta më parë

    it’s for the best ! i’m excited for what’s to come

  9. Alicia Lee

    Alicia Lee37 minuta më parë

    Ethan is the wiener

  10. Katelyn Alonso

    Katelyn Alonso42 minuta më parë

    “Your audience is younger than you” Me: •_______•

  11. Amber Rose Miller

    Amber Rose Miller56 minuta më parë

    btw I just had to let go of something dear to my heart too! also E I was in and out of the hospital w. a bacterial infection too wtf. ..had no idea what all you guys were going through. glad you feel better! let's fckn goooooo 😅💘

  12. Christina Johnson

    Christina JohnsonOrë më parë

    They switched and its tripping me out never thought id be this confused

  13. Pappii Acee

    Pappii AceeOrë më parë

    They all faking it 💀

  14. Tatum's Vlogs

    Tatum's VlogsOrë më parë

    I love you

  15. Natalie Malone

    Natalie MaloneOrë më parë

    i am so, so proud of ethan and grayson for expressing their emotions,which is one of the hardest things you could ever do, let alone putting it on the internet. In honour of the dolan twins speaking out and doing something for themselves, and taking time for themselves, i will be starting from the very beginning, 5 years ago, and watch them grow throughout the weeks, months and years. I think everyone would agree with me when i say thank you Grayson and Ethan for giving us the best videos every week, making us always feel better and changing our lives for the better, but just know that All of your fans and even people who are not your fans will always be here to support you no matter what and we don't care if you even take a year off to focus on yourselves. Your mental health is the most important thing, take as long as you need to figure out everything. We love you Ethan Grant Dolan and Grayson Bailey Dolan. Your dad would be very,very proud of you guys, don't doubt that ❤❤

  16. Keemberly Leal

    Keemberly LealOrë më parë

    Why am I crying right now! 😭

  17. Jelitza

    JelitzaOrë më parë


  18. HollowPoint_BMX

    HollowPoint_BMXOrë më parë

    an hour video just to tell us that your not uploading as much? wackkkkkk

  19. sinatraandchill

    sinatraandchillOrë më parë

    I know this an old video but I want to hug 2015youguys so much right now because this makes me so sad. &woah this sort of explains why you guys were sooo nervous in ur recent "no more Tuesday vids" video cuz u might've thought ppl would hate on you like they hated on you in the past&I really hope you guys know now that the ppl who love you&support you&want you to be happy will support you no matter what. It really hurts my heart that ppl were like that in the past cuz ur such sweet human beings. Like the kindness jumps out my dudes. Giving you all the virtual hugs!

  20. Kristen K.

    Kristen K.Orë më parë

    I have the hole phobia too it’s awful

  21. Galaxyy x

    Galaxyy xOrë më parë

    23:47 Stop smiling at me like that 😂😂

  22. Kaitlyn Slack

    Kaitlyn SlackOrë më parë

    Whoever gave this video a down thumb fucknig sucks

  23. Chelly Danielle

    Chelly Danielle2 orë më parë

    This is my first time watching a Dolan twins video. Just subscribed.

  24. caroline thornton

    caroline thornton2 orë më parë

    I love how funny Ethan and Grayson are. There just the best youtubers ever. :)

  25. Oliver Queen

    Oliver Queen2 orë më parë

    This is a nightmare

  26. Games With JC

    Games With JC2 orë më parë

    Ima miss gray and E

  27. Games With JC

    Games With JC2 orë më parë

    If u guys love the Dolan twins soo much hit the like button

  28. Elizabeth Mion

    Elizabeth Mion2 orë më parë

    They are going to be the BEST dads😭

  29. Mangotrocity

    Mangotrocity2 orë më parë

    I used to be obsessed with backugon (I have no idea how to spell it though) 😂 But I had so many of them I loved them so much, webkinz too

  30. Nina Khamile

    Nina Khamile2 orë më parë

    also, i love shane, but this video wasn’t about him being a “therapist” it was about ethan and grayson starting a new chapter of their lives, and coping with things they completely avoided in the past. i don’t understand why no ones talking about that but honestly i love you guys.

  31. Nina Khamile

    Nina Khamile2 orë më parë

    i just wanna hug them 🥺 i’ve been going through so much recently & honestly this just reminded me that i’m human, and i should do things for me and not always be so worried about everyone else.

  32. SnapShot83

    SnapShot832 orë më parë

    Been following for a while, watching your content and weekly videos. I am excited to hear about the new adventures and projects to come. This feels like a natural progression and look forward to seeing more of the real Dolan Twins, the ups, the downs, and everything inbetween. Remember to also take time to yourselves, live your life, make content you are proud of, and enjoy the process.

  33. Elena R.

    Elena R.3 orë më parë

    miss keisha!

  34. klutzybrat

    klutzybrat3 orë më parë

    the way these boys move their hair through the video has me dead, they don’t kno wat to do w themselves 😂

  35. Patricia Taggart

    Patricia Taggart3 orë më parë

    Ya guy's crack me up ! ! Love it ! 😊 💋 🐾 🐾 LOVE ✌

  36. maliah kyrel

    maliah kyrel3 orë më parë

    the last few minutes seeing their genuine smiles made sent my heartttt 😣❤️

  37. klutzybrat

    klutzybrat3 orë më parë

    7:08 🤣🥺

  38. Leslie Ledezma

    Leslie Ledezma3 orë më parë

    Dang everyone ignored the fact that Ethan lowkey chocked Grayson in the beginning

  39. Sharyae Goffin

    Sharyae Goffin3 orë më parë

    omg... it’s a one hour video ; like finally 😒

  40. Kelin Perez

    Kelin Perez3 orë më parë

    Nolan.....what....the ....fuck... 😂😂😂

  41. Isabella

    Isabella3 orë më parë

    nobody: Ethan at round 7: 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  42. Kelin Perez

    Kelin Perez3 orë më parë

    I love you guys I miss you so much!!!! 😢😢💟💟💟💙💙💚💚 first Tuesday without you guys

  43. Angie Gomez

    Angie Gomez3 orë më parë

    The whom party.. uh... didnt seem like an umbilical cord to me...

  44. Sierra Vera

    Sierra Vera3 orë më parë

    All I hear are two northern grandpas 😂😂😂😂

  45. Patricia Taggart

    Patricia Taggart3 orë më parë

    LOVE 💋 🐾 🐾

  46. Baby dolls’ Stuffy’s and more

    Baby dolls’ Stuffy’s and more3 orë më parë

    My brother tried to put me in a suitcase before I start freaking out punching at the suitcase on top I’m very claustrophobic

  47. Jennifer Perry

    Jennifer Perry3 orë më parë

    i like pizza but i dont like pinaple

  48. Katie

    Katie3 orë më parë

    The fact there was no peace hurt the most

  49. Angie Gomez

    Angie Gomez3 orë më parë

    When g caught the soup I died💀😭😂😂😂😂

  50. Patricia Taggart

    Patricia Taggart3 orë më parë

    What a great brother ! ! So funny ! 😊 💋 🐾 🐾

  51. Juliette Gray

    Juliette Gray3 orë më parë

    this video made me laugh so hard😂🤣

  52. Sarah Clark

    Sarah Clark3 orë më parë

    Sucks there not friends anymore

  53. Sherri McCrossin

    Sherri McCrossin3 orë më parë

    Love video’s like this. Realness and raw. Take a break guys and come back strong. And you guys Share a birthday with my oldest daughter Jordan, Dec 16 she’ll be 17 💜

  54. Ileana Perez

    Ileana Perez3 orë më parë

    i’m sad, but i respect your guys decision.

  55. Patricia Taggart

    Patricia Taggart3 orë më parë

    Hilarious ! ! LOVE 😋 💋 🐾 🐾

  56. Sierra Vera

    Sierra Vera3 orë më parë

    They sound like old, italian grandpas post op

  57. Karina Guevara

    Karina Guevara4 orë më parë

    I'm in love with these two. Is like Christmas for them... Just opening boxes and more boxes. Grayson is my favorite. ❤

  58. Sierra Vera

    Sierra Vera4 orë më parë

    To the girl who said can you hit me with a truck: yeah, good one, cuz that’s more likely to happen than them being w me 😂😂😭

  59. UNICORN From The West

    UNICORN From The West4 orë më parë

    You should be the Velcro brothers for Halloween 😂

  60. Elizabeth G

    Elizabeth G4 orë më parë

    grayson is fine.

  61. Sierra Vera

    Sierra Vera4 orë më parë

    Anybody sure they aren’t actually getting all hot and bothered?

  62. Alexis Panyavong

    Alexis Panyavong4 orë më parë

    I have trypophobia and I couldn’t look at the screen when the frog video was on 🤢

  63. Patricia Taggart

    Patricia Taggart4 orë më parë

    So so funny ! ! ! 😊 💋 🐾 🐾

  64. Waylynn Dunn

    Waylynn Dunn4 orë më parë

    Okay but that IQ test drove me crazy 😂 I wanted to yell the answers

  65. Kriya Mavi

    Kriya Mavi4 orë më parë

    RIP Sulli... 😢 😢 😢

  66. Livin_Legend

    Livin_Legend4 orë më parë


  67. Livin_Legend

    Livin_Legend4 orë më parë


  68. Livin_Legend

    Livin_Legend4 orë më parë


  69. Livin_Legend

    Livin_Legend4 orë më parë

    Fs in the chat

  70. Alexandria Galvan

    Alexandria Galvan4 orë më parë

    Who else cryed during this?

  71. fandoms mystic

    fandoms mystic4 orë më parë


  72. Addisyn Johnson

    Addisyn Johnson4 orë më parë

    And now it’s gone

  73. Addisyn Johnson

    Addisyn Johnson4 orë më parë

    4:17 look at the pictures Grayson took before the video 😂

  74. Lea Anne Bugarin

    Lea Anne Bugarin4 orë më parë

    9:00 to 9:15 would probably be me after buying the stuff I want. 😂

  75. Abigail Green

    Abigail Green4 orë më parë

    During the Outro when he said peeeeaaaceeed high pitches I laughed so hard I cried!! 😂

  76. KMMY G

    KMMY G4 orë më parë

    My brother died years ago, and even now, when I am 21, I still feel the heartbreak of losing him every single year. PLEASE take time to heal and come to terms with the events in your lives. It is okay to not be okay, and it is okay to stop. If someone on this stupid site gets mad at you for quitting, then f*ck them and quit anyways

  77. Addisyn Johnson

    Addisyn Johnson4 orë më parë

    Ethan: I’m and idiot, I like food to much Me: HAH, same

  78. lpoco000

    lpoco0004 orë më parë

    like Tyler Oakley? 12:39

  79. lpoco000

    lpoco0004 orë më parë

    so much drama and then it's only blabla like seriously nothing really happened so u better chill

  80. Morgan Luster

    Morgan Luster4 orë më parë

    Honestly this video just made me want to watch White Chicks

  81. Stan Loona u cowards

    Stan Loona u cowards4 orë më parë

    The amount of secondhand embarrassment I felt through out the video is astonishing

  82. Zipporah Green

    Zipporah Green4 orë më parë

    THATS FU*CKING BULL SH!T 3:11 I died when I heard this 😂😵

  83. Dannah K

    Dannah K4 orë më parë


  84. kookoonuttt kookoonutt

    kookoonuttt kookoonutt4 orë më parë

    grayson: i feel lifted shane: i feel heavy

  85. BooitsJasper

    BooitsJasper4 orë më parë

    U should do a video of u exposing your camera like Iv always wnated to know what he looks like

  86. Shay

    Shay4 orë më parë

    Ok so I rly don’t wanna watch a hour long vid no hate I love you guys but can anyone just sum it up for me?

  87. KMMY G

    KMMY G4 orë më parë

    Take your time. Learn about yourselves outside of what you've created on youtube. Don't be afraid to be a nobody for once and learn to live your youth without a screen. I hope you guys find some solid happiness these next few months :)

  88. Skyler Switzer

    Skyler Switzer4 orë më parë

    This video always makes me laugh :)

  89. Dessariah Miller

    Dessariah Miller4 orë më parë

    Grayson: "Ethan, your mono mouth is on my face." Ethan: "Okay. Well, Grayson, my fucking mono balls are on my- in my stomach." Me: *pisses myself from laughing so hard.*

  90. Emily Dawson

    Emily Dawson4 orë më parë

    So proud of y’all!

  91. Sensei Beast _1061

    Sensei Beast _10615 orë më parë

    Is that a hydroflask

  92. Khloe Addis

    Khloe Addis5 orë më parë

    I’m on a dolan twin marathon right now 😭😂

  93. Britany gray

    Britany gray5 orë më parë

    so proud of these boys. i love the fact that they are hearing they need to deal with there dad and going through it has been one of the hardest things to deal with. i love you boys and am so blessed to have Shane to express that its okay what your dealing with!

  94. Alexisgama 101

    Alexisgama 1015 orë më parë

    Who else is binging till they die?

  95. leslie rico

    leslie rico5 orë më parë

    This is so genuine and I really appreciate the honesty of the twins. The fact that they had the courage to post this conversation is amazing. Y’all have my support all the way. This change is for the better!! We love y’all!! Stay strong!!❤️

  96. Honestine Mbuyenge

    Honestine Mbuyenge5 orë më parë

    I love this. I can definitely see the change towards the end and I love it. see you soon!!

  97. Brigid Au

    Brigid Au5 orë më parë

    Love you guys

  98. Patricia Taggart

    Patricia Taggart5 orë më parë

    Totally having a Dolan twins marathon with you Neelam. Totally 2019. 😘 💋 🐾 🐾

  99. erica mahood

    erica mahood5 orë më parë

    This was so sad, yet beautiful and inspiring. The future really is bright for you boys, and we are so excited to see you live your best lives on your own terms! ✌️

  100. Blank Space

    Blank Space5 orë më parë

    Lmao why is no one talking abt how they say *Nevaaada*