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Flo Milli | 5 Second Songs

Flo Milli | 5 Second Songs

15 ditë më parë

Katja Glieson Plays Face Morph
Asher Angel | 5 Second Songs
Faouzia | 5 Second Songs

Faouzia | 5 Second Songs

3 muaj më parë

Baby Quiz with Baby Ariel
  1. Soap Is Da Goat

    Soap Is Da Goat3 orë më parë

    1:18 this is teen pornhub

  2. ρєтєя - яαує 可愛い

    ρєтєя - яαує 可愛い4 orë më parë

    When Charli laughs she looks like a chipmunk with nuts it it's mouth lol 😂❤. It's so cute !!

  3. Misery

    Misery5 orë më parë

    I already knew 9999999.99999% of it is the renegade.

  4. Vincent Mitchell

    Vincent Mitchell6 orë më parë

    lil huddy too skinny for charli

  5. Nuha Ahmed

    Nuha Ahmed7 orë më parë

    Never leave charli alone or else she'll never stop dancing 😂😂(joking,i love her so much!!)

  6. Gala San diego

    Gala San diego7 orë më parë

    Chase is hot af

  7. Elisa Fernandez

    Elisa Fernandez8 orë më parë

    The fact that it’s not even her dance

  8. Penny Hart

    Penny Hart8 orë më parë

    hey charli im such a big fan i follow u on tik tok and ive whatched all your vids :)

  9. WNS_Softy

    WNS_Softy8 orë më parë

    Dare:Kiss me on the cheek Chase and Charli: Acts like little kids Chase and Charli at home: acts like Horny 13 yr olds (Just a joke don’t take it offensively)

  10. Liza's daily vlog Blogging channel

    Liza's daily vlog Blogging channel9 orë më parë

    sebastian is a gay

  11. Madridy Bilumona

    Madridy Bilumona9 orë më parë

    If me and my sister or brother were on this we would be throwing hands to get the buzzer

  12. Roxy Herring

    Roxy Herring10 orë më parë

    Omg I love these videos xx also I'm early !!!!!! !xxxxxxxx

  13. Yasmen Liam

    Yasmen Liam11 orë më parë

    She stole the dance

  14. Jayuun

    Jayuun11 orë më parë

    The click bait on this video is insane

  15. Kelissa Goffe

    Kelissa Goffe12 orë më parë

    "Act like you like me"😂😂😂

  16. abbie briley

    abbie briley12 orë më parë


  17. Lillian Dunn

    Lillian Dunn12 orë më parë

    there dating so act like your dating pls

  18. Althea May

    Althea May12 orë më parë


  19. Althea May

    Althea May12 orë më parë


  20. April Calvert

    April Calvert12 orë më parë

    how is her reaction so casual i😭

  21. Kayla Bierei

    Kayla Bierei12 orë më parë

    Conan Gray is so cute and she was so surprised!

  22. Leanna Mccarthy

    Leanna Mccarthy13 orë më parë

    omg so sweet love 💓 these two ❤️❤️❤️

  23. simone casati

    simone casati13 orë më parë

    Siete Great

  24. Georgia Miller

    Georgia Miller13 orë më parë


  25. Jon Guy

    Jon Guy15 orë më parë


  26. Ellie Showjumping

    Ellie Showjumping15 orë më parë

    Act like you actually like me” love that!❤️

  27. Stãrłight Gãchã

    Stãrłight Gãchã16 orë më parë



    WOBBA WOBBA16 orë më parë

    2:03 Drunk Renegade

  29. Chatty Katie

    Chatty Katie16 orë më parë

    0:10 the fact that she said 'oh' in the perfect timing kills me-

  30. Alla Cchine

    Alla Cchine16 orë më parë

    Why did they mute Addison singing??

  31. Tanisha Gunn

    Tanisha Gunn17 orë më parë

    I hate myself I felt thay

  32. David Roman

    David Roman17 orë më parë

    My tik tok is : @xdlikedavid123

  33. Paulo Miguel

    Paulo Miguel17 orë më parë

    Vontade de guardar num potinho 💕❤🇧🇷

  34. Aprilia Piola

    Aprilia Piola20 orë më parë

    My fav couple

  35. A N

    A NDitë më parë

    Why does this dude have nail polish on? Wtf is up with kids these days?

  36. Anja Lundholm

    Anja LundholmDitë më parë

    How Old is chase

  37. 1000 Subscribers With No Videos

    1000 Subscribers With No VideosDitë më parë

    there relationship seems fake


    GEORGY SEKYNEHDitë më parë

    I'm surprised he didn't break in half when she jumped on him

  39. Skye N

    Skye NDitë më parë

    I wish music wasn’t copyrighted

  40. Dark Ghost

    Dark GhostDitë më parë

    Love u chase and charli

  41. Paije Crawford

    Paije CrawfordDitë më parë

    They act awkward

  42. Sarah Barksdale

    Sarah BarksdaleDitë më parë

    Only reason you have a boyfriend is because you’re pretty

  43. Alexa Malacek

    Alexa MalacekDitë më parë

    Am a big fan and I follow you Charlie on tictok pleases follow me back my account is Savage princess77546 ok byyy

  44. Jessy Lamborghini

    Jessy LamborghiniDitë më parë

    Awe Charlie is so cute and so short ❤️😭😂🥰

  45. Aabish Nasir

    Aabish NasirDitë më parë

    Omg I love there sister relationship it’s adorable 🥺

  46. Boo Goo

    Boo GooDitë më parë

    people who think they are couple, you are idiots

  47. Gaming_ Bug

    Gaming_ BugDitë më parë

    Chase: “hey”. Charli: “ no act like you like me!”

  48. Chloe Clarke

    Chloe ClarkeDitë më parë

    I only got lay it down right😂( like woah)

  49. oops tea

    oops teaDitë më parë

    someone said their relationship is staged for money what a sad world we live in

  50. Hor Ror

    Hor RorDitë më parë

    Dopracujcie te wasze filmiki przed wrzuceniem

  51. Hor Ror

    Hor RorDitë më parë


  52. {Kawaii Rosey}

    {Kawaii Rosey}Ditë më parë

    1:07 that "aieee" was so french

  53. Giselle Delgado

    Giselle DelgadoDitë më parë

    Charlie is so short

  54. Sonia Sha

    Sonia ShaDitë më parë


  55. Juana

    JuanaDitë më parë

    You will be my valentine. No. O ok 😂😂😂😂

  56. {Secret Shadøw}

    {Secret Shadøw}Ditë më parë

    OMG! Her voice without autotune is soooooooo beautiful!!!<333

  57. boy boy

    boy boyDitë më parë

    nobody: the emo couple in the school hallways:

  58. Katie Vanderklei

    Katie VanderkleiDitë më parë

    Did anyone else have the sound cut out like twice

  59. Dennise Rodriguez

    Dennise RodriguezDitë më parë

    what is that Read more

  60. Sandra Castro

    Sandra CastroDitë më parë

    Can you have Chari Damilio and Dixie Damilio

  61. Jenny Garcia

    Jenny GarciaDitë më parë

    Who else screenshotted at 1:36 😍

  62. john doe

    john doeDitë më parë

    How about you teach your sister how to give credit were credits due shout out to the real original girl who made the dance for k- camp "lottery "

  63. Isabel the SAVAGE!

    Isabel the SAVAGE!Ditë më parë

    Ur too tall 🤣

  64. Lara the gymnast

    Lara the gymnastDitë më parë

    Lottery (renegade) cut of for about 12 seconds

  65. Thomas Doherty

    Thomas Doherty2 ditë më parë

    He’s 17 and she’s 15 how isn’t anyone talking about this 🤷🏼‍♂️

  66. Kamilė Mieliauskaitė

    Kamilė Mieliauskaitė2 ditë më parë

    Like like like

  67. Kamilė Mieliauskaitė

    Kamilė Mieliauskaitė2 ditë më parë

    Like like like

  68. It's Me Diana

    It's Me Diana2 ditë më parë

    2:01 she has to tippy toe to hug him💙😂

  69. Brandon Kennedy

    Brandon Kennedy2 ditë më parë

    I wish they would do youtube agian I've been watching them sence they were in the team 10 house

  70. Mako Scam’s husband

    Mako Scam’s husband2 ditë më parë

    Wtf tung

  71. emma swann

    emma swann2 ditë më parë

    Lol when she was doing renegade

  72. Skittles

    Skittles2 ditë më parë

    Yes FBI this man right here

  73. HotDankbear 239

    HotDankbear 2392 ditë më parë

    Dixie’s hotter

  74. maryroseraine briones

    maryroseraine briones2 ditë më parë


  75. maryroseraine briones

    maryroseraine briones2 ditë më parë

    how is charli stronger than him chase is like 18 and charli is 15 and she can pick her up

  76. Gachaa Girl

    Gachaa Girl2 ditë më parë

    "Ewwww" chase said

  77. Sophie Hull

    Sophie Hull2 ditë më parë

    get off your phone and concerntrate no hate love u both

  78. Kelly L

    Kelly L2 ditë më parë

    i just watched the video that she stole the renegade from someone else. just because she is what people call ''pretty'' doesn't mean she shouldn't give the creator any credit. she just wants the moneyand fame

  79. Yadira Vera

    Yadira Vera2 ditë më parë

    I saw the bloopers on tik tok to

  80. Fjbkkffc Guhdyb

    Fjbkkffc Guhdyb2 ditë më parë

    Chase: we haven’t done this on camera me: what do you do off camera Then🤭

  81. Bella Slay

    Bella Slay2 ditë më parë

    * Me trying 1 billion times to screenshot them kissing*

  82. prosketch OFW

    prosketch OFW2 ditë më parë

    Zoom zoom *zoomers*

  83. NASA_ naya

    NASA_ naya2 ditë më parë

    Me towards my crush: 2:22 (In my mind)

  84. Ellie’s Vlogs

    Ellie’s Vlogs2 ditë më parë

    They. Are. So. Cute. ❤️

  85. Chubby Chibsott

    Chubby Chibsott2 ditë më parë

    (This has nothing to do with this video) Everyone on this really know what to put in the comment section... they have so many likes! Then there’s me ;(

  86. Ernests Lenss

    Ernests Lenss2 ditë më parë

    Why the hell that nigga paints his nails?

  87. Anouk Plooijer

    Anouk Plooijer2 ditë më parë

    Chase: do you wa- Charlie: go chase: okay

  88. Nicholas Markatos

    Nicholas Markatos2 ditë më parë

    You guys are always together so why not Charli Damelio be your Valentine

  89. GlassicalAce

    GlassicalAce2 ditë më parë

    Wait a minute....... she’s only 15? Dude, soon 9 year olds will look like they’re 30 wtf

  90. Laura Reina

    Laura Reina2 ditë më parë

    Soy la única española xddd :')

  91. GamingSkull77

    GamingSkull772 ditë më parë

    Is it my phone or is the audio screwed

  92. سانان Kajumi

    سانان Kajumi2 ditë më parë

    Chase: Your too tall. Charli: ......................

  93. Drawgon Hawg

    Drawgon Hawg2 ditë më parë


  94. Tahliya Parker

    Tahliya Parker2 ditë më parë

    Aww this is so swwet xxxx

  95. Betina Visciani

    Betina Visciani2 ditë më parë

    Literalmente yo soy charli y mi hermano es dixie tratando de hacer el renegado Jajajajaajajaja

  96. Elli and James Châteaux-Glackin

    Elli and James Châteaux-Glackin2 ditë më parë

    I know everyone says hes cheating on charli but they look sooo cute maybe hes not cheating on her?

  97. Athba Saeed

    Athba Saeed2 ditë më parë


  98. Elias Berdiyev

    Elias Berdiyev2 ditë më parë

    So cringe when kids think its weird and akward when a kissing on the cheek. Bitch please

  99. Joelie Havey

    Joelie Havey2 ditë më parë

    Charli is wearing a ballet leotard hahaahah

  100. Diamondz

    Diamondz2 ditë më parë

    2:00 lol