Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

  1. Shultzy Letterkenny

    Shultzy Letterkenny27 sekonda më parë

    They need to stop it ! 😭

  2. R3SM3D

    R3SM3D31 sekonda më parë

    Jen Hale is fine as hale

  3. Aaron Kincade

    Aaron Kincade50 sekonda më parë

    Honestly skip Brady does not have to be apart every conversation come on skip😒

  4. G Money

    G Money54 sekonda më parë

    You shouldn't be a top 5 leader if you single handedly traded your entire roster, AND miss the playoffs. I don't care how good is playmaking is, not a leader.

  5. OpenLinz

    OpenLinz59 sekonda më parë

    Okay so LeBron was voted best leader for the past 7-8 years. Does Shannon not think someone else is capable of being ranked above LeBron in anything. (Good grief) Yes the Anthony Davis trade affected the Lakers locker room last year. That doesn't show great leadership. Stop being so bias toward this guy. I've never seen one man protect another man's image so much

  6. R

    RMinutë më parë

    What's up with Skip's bling? He looks like a small time hustler.

  7. raul ruiz

    raul ruizMinutë më parë

    Curry? Haaaaa!

  8. Anthony Baxter

    Anthony BaxterMinutë më parë

    Thing I hate is I predicted his injury he runs at will you will eventually get hurt

  9. dthreezy

    dthreezyMinutë më parë

    How about conducting yourself like a leader no matter the circumstances?? If the situation isn't optimal for Lebron he will not hesitate to throw his teammates under the bus and alienate himself from the group as to convey the message it aint my fault its theirs...... He isn't a good leader at all

  10. Kevin Ortolani

    Kevin OrtolaniMinutë më parë

    Question: is Andy Reid to blame? Skip: let me talk about Tom Brady for 20 minutes

  11. C-Los Fel

    C-Los Fel2 minuta më parë

    I'm convinced the show is designed to have these two always disagree lol

  12. Dr2tan

    Dr2tan2 minuta më parë

    Andy Reid has always got too much credit his son used to sell drugs to the Philadelphia eagles players cuz he was allowed to hang around the locker room day and night I'm waiting for Andy Reid to win one freaking game

  13. go bot

    go bot2 minuta më parë

    How many QB have actually thrived under Reid? More than 1 year. Mcnabb, Mahones and Foles. I think he’s a good coach but I think people underestimated his quarterbacks.

  14. Kenrick Perryman II

    Kenrick Perryman II3 minuta më parë

    Madden Curse

  15. B.A.D PAPPY

    B.A.D PAPPY4 minuta më parë

    This scripted show is interesting....

  16. Khadim Diop

    Khadim Diop4 minuta më parë

    Wtf was that @ 9:29 🤣🤣🤣 “mmmbra”

  17. OKG2000

    OKG20004 minuta më parë

    lol when they dont sneak it they say why dont they sneak it etc now they sneak and he gets hurt it was a bad coaching move?

  18. Mark Peck

    Mark Peck4 minuta më parë

    Skip Bayless rockin a gold chain.

  19. Curtis Davies

    Curtis Davies5 minuta më parë

    If you listen to everything Shannon says the question is why was he even playing. He dismisses the broncos as a nobody team so why didn't they rest mahomes. Because they have already lost two games this year. Why would they think they couldn't lose to Denver, that's why they needed the points,that's why they played mahomes,that's why he went on the sneak. Shannon's 100% wrong.

  20. Michael Wilhelm

    Michael Wilhelm5 minuta më parë

    Tebow has a Christ complex. He could have played and made good money in the NFL if he was realistic and switched positions. He's tough and talented but he has an ego for sure.

  21. bobby boucher

    bobby boucher5 minuta më parë

    Nba is dead lol always drama. Its like a school yard. Worst then a women

  22. Bryant Anderson

    Bryant Anderson5 minuta më parë

    Tom Brady should never have to worry about getting brain, Skip Bayless does it more that his wife ever can or will! There's never a thing wrong that can be done by Brady where Bayless is concerned!!!

  23. Douglas Johnson

    Douglas Johnson5 minuta më parë

    I like Dame, but I feel like he is perpetually overrated. How is he number 1 over Steph and LeBron?

  24. Jose Piña

    Jose Piña6 minuta më parë

    Skip you’re an idiot period it’s an ankle injury is still an injury if you shatter your ankle you can’t play football anymore you do not know what you’re talking about like all the other times

  25. Faheem Mohamed

    Faheem Mohamed6 minuta më parë

    There trying to black ball Le bron james cause of moves he’s makin

  26. Merc Zuckerborg

    Merc Zuckerborg6 minuta më parë

    Pat Mahomes called the play.

  27. King James

    King James6 minuta më parë

    OMG did Skip make this a Brady vs Mahomes segment smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ they knew he was injured if Brady was injured they’re not running a QB sneak he needs to stop

  28. Chris Ross

    Chris Ross6 minuta më parë

    Skip toxic bayless

  29. Francis Buenvenida

    Francis Buenvenida7 minuta më parë

    This is actually good news, Shannon. This is actually a good thing for LeBron and the Lakers. Keep putting woods into the fire. Keep it coming for you will see the best version of LeBron James happening yet in his 17th season in the league. People say he is old and they are absolutely correct because they know they will be seeing the old LeBron this season.

  30. Justin

    Justin7 minuta më parë

    Tbh it would have been beyond me to go anything but throttle JR at the end of the 4th quarter, the fact that he just needed a minute by himself to process is not an insult to LeBron

  31. Curtis Davies

    Curtis Davies7 minuta më parë

    If you take Shannon's reasoning to its logical end. Quarterbacks should never quarterback sneak, bad ankle, bad neck, doesn't matter it's a dumb play. I can't remember any quarterback ever getting hurt on a quarterback sneak. I'm not saying it didn't happen I'm just saying I've never seen it. And a neck injury is a little bit more serious than an ankle injury. Of course they didn't let Peyton go headfirst into a pile with a neck injury what an asinine argument. But Shannon is saying quarterback sneaks are inherently dangerous and I don't agree with that at all.

  32. Faheem Mohamed

    Faheem Mohamed8 minuta më parë

    Shannon shut up 🤐 with all this Lebron u see what it is

  33. 1life To live

    1life To live8 minuta më parë

    Skip: you can't play football with a calf injury Shannon: but you can with a bum ankle Skip: yes Shannon: ok 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Lol

  34. E Mitch

    E Mitch9 minuta më parë

    Shannon was big mad

  35. Chris Ross

    Chris Ross9 minuta më parë

    So skip dnt knw who he would pik for the best leader??? Who else other than lebron then😂😂

  36. Sarah Poisel

    Sarah Poisel10 minuta më parë

    I’m surprised 😮 he was that high leader in locker room. Now if we where calling GM’s he should be top two I would agree.

  37. brandon noel

    brandon noel10 minuta më parë

    damn Shannon looks like he is wearing a body suit.

  38. closeedge01

    closeedge0110 minuta më parë

    This is BEST leader, not PERFECT leader....

  39. GodsTruthMinistries

    GodsTruthMinistries10 minuta më parë

    He's never been a good leader his entire career so even 3rd is too high. One of the most overrated athletes of all time.

  40. Paul Sanon

    Paul Sanon10 minuta më parë

    When kyrie was getting bashed for having no assists against the bulls in the playoffs bron said blame me not kyrie the fact that bron is listed at 3 is nuts

  41. Sam Auchmuty

    Sam Auchmuty10 minuta më parë

    Ninjas number (770) 821-6643

  42. G Blair

    G Blair11 minuta më parë

    You can get hurt on any damn play. Stop placing blame.

  43. Zayta

    Zayta11 minuta më parë

    Shannon bout to choke slam this fool lmao

  44. Malaki727

    Malaki72711 minuta më parë

    No problems with this list. Curry a better leader and Lillard. They dont act pouty like queen james

  45. Mr.Samuel Dunning

    Mr.Samuel Dunning11 minuta më parë

    Skip suck Tom Brady's balls

  46. Duc Luc

    Duc Luc12 minuta më parë

    “There’s no risks!!” - Skip Doesn’t come out of his house after 7 pm

  47. Christopher Gareth

    Christopher Gareth12 minuta më parë

    I mean, he wanted to trade the entire lakers roster

  48. Kenric D

    Kenric D12 minuta më parë

    I get how people could think Curry but Dame doesn't make any sense at number 1.

  49. Jonathan King

    Jonathan King12 minuta më parë

    One of these teams could potentially have the same record as my Giants after this week... who could have seen that comin’🤔

  50. crec4444

    crec444412 minuta më parë

    Wow skip is seeing some of the light about the cowboys... but still is blind about his qb

  51. Morgan C

    Morgan C12 minuta më parë

    ankle way more important than a calf. bones dont heal as fast as muscles do, and joints sometimes never heal

  52. Rushabh

    Rushabh12 minuta më parë

    Skip hate so much that I can't comprehend what he says. I s*** you not he states that he doesn't know who is the best leader in the NBA maybe thinks it might be Damian Lillard, he doesn't think it's Curry. Than proceeds to say that it is for sure not LeBron. He literally just went down a f****** checklist just to spite LeBron. Honestly it's hilarious how skip denies it.

  53. Ty Jones

    Ty Jones12 minuta më parë

    I hate mahomes hurt I was ready to see him & Rodgers face in week 8 & he was becoming my second favorite QB behind Rodgers

  54. Kovesh

    Kovesh12 minuta më parë

    Shannon with the Doctor coat.

  55. TheMoneyTeamAngel

    TheMoneyTeamAngel13 minuta më parë

    Disappearing Lawrence 😂😂😂

  56. Breezy Sinatra

    Breezy Sinatra14 minuta më parë

    Wtf is Skip talking about. O my gosh🙄🤨🗣stop the dumb talk #Skip

  57. SuperJohn12354

    SuperJohn1235414 minuta më parë

    Everyone wants to be tom brady

  58. The Angry Dudeist

    The Angry Dudeist14 minuta më parë

    Sorry, Shannon you just flat wrong on this one....

  59. Cash Ruins

    Cash Ruins15 minuta më parë

    I couldnt disagree more. If Brady tore his ACL or MCL on a QB sneak, yall would not have the same energy, it's a good play call. Maybe your injured star player shouldn't have played at all and you should've gave him a weeks rest. Andy Reid is a legend, put some respect on his name.

  60. closeedge01

    closeedge0115 minuta më parë

    Curry isn't even the leader on his player, yes...but Draymond has always been their leader

  61. Dennis Williams

    Dennis Williams15 minuta më parë

    Leave it to a sport analyst who never played in the NFL tell a HOF player there is no risk running a QB sneak, the irony!😄😄😄😄

  62. Joeaiden

    Joeaiden15 minuta më parë

    Sharpe looks like he wants to reach across the table

  63. Mace & Michelle Miller

    Mace & Michelle Miller15 minuta më parë

    Not in harm's way then dont play him. Get him off field. It's still early in game get fresh downs in scoring position. A play that no ones bin hurt doing in a long time. Just stop a star player got hurt on a fluke

  64. YKV TV

    YKV TV16 minuta më parë

    BEST VIDEO OF 2019

  65. YKV TV

    YKV TV16 minuta më parë


  66. MoeMoe

    MoeMoe17 minuta më parë

    I can’t lie, Skip actual has a factual point

  67. MrKindofimportant123

    MrKindofimportant12317 minuta më parë

    Go figure Skip would find a way to bring up Brady in a Mahomes debate

  68. Sunny B

    Sunny B17 minuta më parë

    James. Curry. . I think Lillard is behind Shaqs rings or something

  69. landin2011

    landin201117 minuta më parë

    Well said Shannon!

  70. Ju Jack

    Ju Jack17 minuta më parë

    What leader quits on his team and tank for the year

  71. rxibot

    rxibot18 minuta më parë

    The tb12 method, just saying looks like it's real :-)

  72. IWB Co-op TV

    IWB Co-op TV18 minuta më parë

    LoL 😂 They Be Killing Me With These Poles And This Lebron James Mess In The NBA. According To Stats And Leadership Lebron Has Not Been The Best Player In The League For A Really Long Time Now. He Hasn’t Won League MVP In 7 Years And Haven’t Had A Finals MVP In 4 Or 5 Years? You Don’t Get To Be The Best Player Because Of How Likable You Are By People Who Are Invested Into You And How Much Money These Companies Invest Into You? No. He May Be The Best Player Investment Wise, But Not The Best Player, Talent, Skill Wise And Leadership. No... As A Leader, 1. You Don’t Get To Blame Everybody Else For Your Losses. 2. You Don’t Get To Throw Everybody Under The Bus. 3. You Don’t Get To Keep Losing And People Keep Saying You The Best. 4. The Loser Is Not Suppose To Be Viewed As The Winner. 5. You Don’t Get To Turn Your Back On The Team. 6. You Don’t Get To Turn Your Back On Your Coach. 7. You Don’t Get The Whole Team Traded And Still Lose. 8. You Don’t Get To Pick The Teams You Want And Still Lose. 9. You Also Don’t Get To Lose Two Championships Back To Back To Kevin Durant And People Still Say You The Best Player. Weird. 10. You Don’t Get To Not Make The Playoffs And People Still Claim You The Best. 11. You Don’t Get To Pout Like A Cry 😢 Baby Every Time A Play Doesn’t Go Your Way. Now, The Lakers This Year Has A Stacked Team With All The Advantages Over All Other Teams. So, There Should Be No Excuses Right? The Lakers Are Suppose To When It All Hands Down. They Have 10 Of THE LEAGUES BEST PLAYERS And Most Of Them Are Veterans. They Also Have The Height Advantages Over All Other Teams. No, Excuses. 1.Quinton Cook Of Warriors Very High Percent 3 Point Shoot 2.Kentavious Caldwell Pope Another Good 3 Point Shooter 3. Kyle Kuzma Excellent All Around 4. Lebron James The So Called Best In The World 5. Danny Green Another Great 3 Point Shooter 6. Dwight Howard Hall Of Fame Power Forward 7. Boogie Cousins Another Power Forward 8. Anthony Davis Leagues Best Power Forward 9. Rhondo A Veteran Point Guard 10. Javel McGhee Another Great Power Forward/Center So, When They Start Lose Eye Don’t Want To Hear No Excuses.

  73. David Kuntze

    David Kuntze18 minuta më parë

    Troy Aikman addressed the problem of a quarterback sneak before the Chiefs called the play. And he was proven right.

  74. Samuel Ibarra

    Samuel Ibarra19 minuta më parë

    I love Jenny's face reaction when Skip and Shannon get really into it hahaha

  75. VaChiefin

    VaChiefin19 minuta më parë

    It was a freak injury. I was opposed to the sneak because someone could target the ankle in a pile.

  76. Duc Luc

    Duc Luc19 minuta më parë

    Shannon is right here about Andy Reid tho

  77. Jeffrey S. Green

    Jeffrey S. Green19 minuta më parë

    So many idiots in the comments. This is BEST LEADER. Not BEST PLAYER. Pay attention.

  78. Carl Casey

    Carl Casey19 minuta më parë

    Just like Jalen Rose put u in ur place with ur weak basketball career 😂

  79. Dewayne Hunter

    Dewayne Hunter19 minuta më parë

    Skip be uckin tom brady ick.

  80. lamont lovett

    lamont lovett20 minuta më parë

    Falcons run this s#%t!

  81. Joe Bonner

    Joe Bonner20 minuta më parë

    So do the rams they pass way to much that's not what got them to the Superbowl

  82. Terry Hermann

    Terry Hermann20 minuta më parë

    Skip: I know everything about football, because I covered it....... Everyone else: so your saying that your an expert that does about as much as anyone on a couch

  83. Equint77

    Equint7720 minuta më parë

    Shannon should wipe his lips, his drool is going to short circuit his microphone.

  84. Carl Casey

    Carl Casey20 minuta më parë

    He doesn’t have the knowledge of the game like Shannon does stay in ur damn lane Skip

  85. Dylan Neville

    Dylan Neville20 minuta më parë

    I hate when shannon says players should be able to get traded when they want because teams trade players when they want. Thats such a dumb statement. There is not a buisness in the world where the employees have the same benifets as the bosses. Owners can do what they want because they are paying the players, when the players pay the owners they can do what they want.

  86. cptamazing12

    cptamazing1221 minutë më parë

    If Tomlin called that play and Mahommes got hurt he would say something different 🖕🏻


    KSDOCTV21 minutë më parë

    For the 1st time, I agree wit my boy Drip. This is nobody's fault just a football injury.

  88. Jammie Williams

    Jammie Williams21 minutë më parë

    When your ankle is tightly tapped it leaves your knees open to injury. Healthy mobile ankles healthy knees. Ask a PT or basketball player.

  89. Joseph Walker

    Joseph Walker21 minutë më parë

    Skip needs psychiatric evaluation.

  90. Rushabh

    Rushabh21 minutë më parë

    LeBron is the King Damon's the Knight Curry is the Archer Each plays their part but ultimately, without the king your team doesn't ball.

  91. Ced Benz

    Ced Benz22 minuta më parë

    Skip got this 1 !

  92. Kevin Hagberg

    Kevin Hagberg22 minuta më parë

    Lebron is not a leader. Did he not throw mutiple teammates under the bus on almost every team he has built up? Can we send Lebron to China when we are done with him in the NBA.

  93. Jason Burleigh

    Jason Burleigh22 minuta më parë

    Coach was doing his job calling a play and can’t predict if anybody’s going to be injured. What happened could of happened if he got hit in a weird way while standing in the pocket also.

  94. Rushabh

    Rushabh24 minuta më parë

    How is LeBron not ranked first, the Mabs literally drafted and created the whole Cavs I'm f****** carried them hard all the way to the chip.

  95. Eric Olvera

    Eric Olvera24 minuta më parë

    Lillard??? LMFAOO a guy who’s won nothing yea alright

  96. Alonzo Hart

    Alonzo Hart24 minuta më parë

    I agree, why not hand the ball off

  97. Mr Clean

    Mr Clean24 minuta më parë

    Maybe I'm wrong but I get the impression that other star players just don't want to play with him.

  98. Jeff E

    Jeff E25 minuta më parë

    I think Lebron's passive aggressiveness, especially against his own teammates is one of the reasons he's not considered the "best leader" in the NBA. Most legendary leaders in the NBA talked to their teammates man to man if they felt their teammate wasn't doing their jobs as good as they thought they should be or weren't pulling their own weight. A lot of them would own up to their mistakes too. Lebron has been known to post cryptic passive aggressive social media posts about his teammates. He's a big time leader in some ways, but he's definitely lacking in others.

  99. Tyler Deaver

    Tyler Deaver25 minuta më parë

    I used to disagree with Skip on most things... now it seems like everything he says I disagree with lol.

  100. StakkStar

    StakkStar25 minuta më parë

    I need Shay to get his voice back