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The official podcast of Ethan and Hila Klein of h3h3productions.

Papa John - H3 Podcast #174

Papa John - H3 Podcast #174

10 ditë më parë

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  1. James Johnston

    James JohnstonDitë më parë

    Lol why does Ethan love all the shitty candy hahahah

  2. }{

    }{Ditë më parë

    I know the intro is a joke but this shit feels real asf sometimes ;(

  3. rose mulet

    rose muletDitë më parë

    57:19 you ok?

  4. Frazer Hughes

    Frazer HughesDitë më parë

    Hila is lookin hot on this one

  5. HoopFocus

    HoopFocusDitë më parë

    I’m watching this stoned.. feels like seeing inception for the first time. 😦

  6. omgodzilla

    omgodzillaDitë më parë

    Stoked for Oliver tree 🌲 🌳

  7. R.W. Fly Videos

    R.W. Fly VideosDitë më parë

    Buckle down, go with your gut Ethan, keep interviewing as you are. The Papa podcast was epic.

  8. Madeleine Zoe

    Madeleine ZoeDitë më parë

    Bella had her entire face reconstructed lol

  9. Evan Schurr

    Evan SchurrDitë më parë

    37:41 I absolutely see how the captions interpreted that as the n-word. I don’t think there’s any great conspiracy because he runs his words together and it does sound like it. Also, the captions on this video itself ALSO interpreted it as the n-word a second time so that at least proves it’s a repeatable problem lol.

  10. KingSquid46

    KingSquid46Ditë më parë

    You guys should get Howard Stern on the show, you could discuss different styles of interviewing

  11. Anna Maidens

    Anna MaidensDitë më parë

    Get josh dun on the show. I get he’s probably super busy but he seems to be a fan after commenting on some of your stuff. He seems to be an interesting enough person to go on the show.

  12. Daniel Katz

    Daniel KatzDitë më parë

    You guys should get paymoneywubby on the podcast

  13. kwhinney

    kwhinneyDitë më parë

    Ethan you’re my soulmate from another life

  14. Kelsey Duran

    Kelsey DuranDitë më parë

    Sound byte of hila saying "we like it raw here" pls

  15. Hector Rodriguez

    Hector RodriguezDitë më parë

    I don't comment often but I need to say this... Stop messing with microphone and table. I'm sure they don't hear it since Ethan and Hila don't wear headphones. It's just really distracting 1:44:00. I like everything else though

  16. milkyway

    milkywayDitë më parë

    Heard how hyped up Popeyes was but didn't want to bother with the crazy crowd. One day my friend brings about 5 of them. I am hyped... then I see all the mayonnaise on it and threw it right into the trash. Would be nice if they gave you some chicken with all that mayo. But at least I like popeyes chicken in general. F*ck chick fil a... they are an awful racist, backwards place overall.

  17. KougR Gaimz

    KougR GaimzDitë më parë

    Honestly, when I head about the video was demonetized for racist slurs, I instantly thought they were referring to him using the word "chink" when he was referring to chink in the armor. I wonder if that was automatically flagged

  18. Cameron Vogtman

    Cameron VogtmanDitë më parë

    H3H3 Podcast is ALworks's version of DC's Bizarro World.. You just NEVER know who or what you're gonna see on this podcast. No point in even trying to predict, cuz you will never guess wtf you are going to see lol....

  19. William Wright

    William WrightDitë më parë

    Anyone find the link to the escalator video?

  20. Radley Roybal

    Radley RoybalDitë më parë

    I think the interviewing style is just a shock to a lot of people. I personally like it. If you didn’t ask papa those questions he would not have had a chance to show that he’s a real person.

  21. PasoFreak

    PasoFreakDitë më parë

    People who say "Pewds" should be lined up and shot

  22. Shawn Moore

    Shawn MooreDitë më parë

    81k people ignored the orders to dislike.. 👎

  23. MrNoFun10

    MrNoFun10Ditë më parë

    1:31:30 and turn on captions youtube is so gay

  24. Cameron Vogtman

    Cameron VogtmanDitë më parë

    what do u expect papa john to say when u ask "are u getting any weird ass?" haha omfg i love how papa said to ethan", "I'll take it from here Pal. OK, Got it?" Sooo what does Ethan do, he continues with that line of questioning of course SMH. "Do you have an age limit, or a cutoff?" Ethan mightve done a bad job with traditionally conducting an interview, but u gotta admit this is pretty entertaining for an interview with Papa John... i mean come on be honest..its an interview with papa John ffs, idk anyone who couldve done a better job interviewing him for entertainment value. i love how he talks about if his dad was single "ooh my dad would be getting down n dirty boy.." or wet n wild lmao whatever the fuck he said. this podcast is like ALworksS version of DC's bizarro world..

  25. Val3y

    Val3yDitë më parë

    The deep fat fried podcast is behind a paywall and they do pretty good! I would pay for h3

  26. akaPABLO

    akaPABLODitë më parë

    We’re all here for YOU, Ethan. Keep doing you.

  27. Carlos Purón

    Carlos PurónDitë më parë

    1:10:30 funniest joke ever Ethan

  28. Paige Hines

    Paige HinesDitë më parë

    Take a shot every time papa raises the 10 point perfect pizza scale

  29. Adrian Ramirez

    Adrian RamirezDitë më parë

    We all just gonna ignore that ethan fapped to the fappening pics haha

  30. Aidan

    AidanDitë më parë

    Ethan about Trump: “this is plain insanity” Ethan 5 minutes later in the devil voice: THIS IS THE VOICE OF THE IRS


    ANTOMAXODitë më parë

    Who's the twitch streamer they're talking about? Who pranks scammers?

  32. -robo-

    -robo-Ditë më parë

    57:12 I don't know why but holy fuck did the ".......right Hila?" crack me up.

  33. Markus Mohr

    Markus MohrDitë më parë

    lol, you´ll literally lose 200 lbs just by listening to this podcast because you gonna shit yourself that hard. ^^

  34. waffleboomerang

    waffleboomerangDitë më parë

    Now all we need is elon musk on the podcast

  35. Isaiah Gunn

    Isaiah GunnDitë më parë

    at the end of day you're reading and learning from the comments . that level of dedication is admirable so thanks for right out of the gate addressing that and your mindset when apporaching your podcast. Love you guys

  36. William Waldo

    William WaldoDitë më parë

    That is not from Cyberpunk 2077. That is Johann Krauss from Hellboy 2. Good effort trying to sound like you know what youre talking about.

  37. NathansVideos46

    NathansVideos46Ditë më parë

    2:06:01 Dan is thinking of Scammer Revolts or someone similar. Kitboga never does anything to get onto the scammer's computer

  38. Bouncing Boss

    Bouncing BossDitë më parë


  39. Boges Malone

    Boges MaloneDitë më parë

    1:55:00 Hila sounds like she is scared that Ethan is getting red pilled....or at least exposing that he is already in wonderland. Happy to have you aboard the Trump express Ethan!

  40. Nicole Rodriguez

    Nicole RodriguezDitë më parë

    Papa john has so much Botox lol

  41. Austin Rockney

    Austin RockneyDitë më parë

    Lol @hila for always backing up ethan😂 hila is ethans biggest fan

  42. Beek Beck

    Beek BeckDitë më parë

    Dude you’re an idiot. When you were natural things were great, you’re too obsessed with control, its not about you its about them you doofus, just let things happen. You’re the worst

  43. backwards bandit

    backwards banditDitë më parë

    Trump saying the people posting that photo of him is run by fake news media reminds me of when I was 14 and highschool girls would get into fights because their friend posted a picture with them in it that they didn't like.

  44. Dan Richards

    Dan RichardsDitë më parë

    The interview with Papa was awesome, you guys rocked it, he rocked it, fuck any negative comments that come your way.

  45. KingSquid46

    KingSquid46Ditë më parë

    “If you’re gay, you go to hell” -Ethan Klein 2020 This is the funniest thing I have ever heard

  46. Leek

    LeekDitë më parë

    Hot take: Ethan is at peak humor levels, and Hila is at peak style and vibe levels

  47. Troy Elizabeth Baker

    Troy Elizabeth BakerDitë më parë

    53:49 I literally did this by myself the other day and I burned my eyelid. It looks really good but I would not do it myself again.

  48. LionTree Media

    LionTree MediaDitë më parë

    I realize it may be old but the ALworks insight shared here is gold!

  49. Morgan Dion

    Morgan DionDitë më parë

    Can you do Kripparian? You were gonna have him ages ago and he had medical issues.... Also, what's the deal with Joe Rogan? It might have been mentioned and I just missed it, but you have very similar friends. Would you 2 just have very different views/styles? Would he prefer you come on his show? Just curious. Papa was great, ignore the haters

  50. Ryan Finkel

    Ryan FinkelDitë më parë


  51. Bouncing Boss

    Bouncing BossDitë më parë


  52. IronRevolution

    IronRevolutionDitë më parë

    Holy shit, it seems Ethan learned NOTHING from all the shit these years that culminated in the Gokunaru video. Same akward terrible interviewer. Such a shame.

  53. neongoat

    neongoatDitë më parë

    construction people start early because they're put under enormous pressure every single day. they're expected to do far more in their day than the average 9-5 job so they end up starting early and finishing late pretty much every day.

  54. Rabi Halawani

    Rabi HalawaniDitë më parë

    The hilarious part is that this boomer thought that Instagram was the place for the actual memers. When it’s actually just for normies. Damn they should have gone on Reddit

  55. tilibro

    tilibroDitë më parë

    1:58:14 soundbite that too

  56. John Baes

    John BaesDitë më parë


  57. Tilentos 420

    Tilentos 420Ditë më parë

    56:00 that long devil impression was a real slow burner, got me laughing so hard at the end😂🤣

  58. Rob Proctor

    Rob ProctorDitë më parë

    ALworks needs to implement a multi-tiered verification system. When a video gets flagged for any reason, at all, a moderator needs to do an initial review. IF they verify that the video is bad then rather than taking the video down it needs to be passed to TWO more moderators and only if they BOTH agree that it is bad then it comes down. This way to take a video down you need three people to verify it is bad and you don't necessarily need everyone checking three times the amount of videos. To get into the nitty gritty details, when selecting a "moderator" it would be ideal if it picked from a wide degree of people. When allowing moderators you could have them answer a few questions like political party, race, gender, etc and then when sending to two moderators to verify a bad video you could choose two opposing perspectives. If one or two of the moderators have flagged the video but not all three, the video should stay up. Furthermore, moderators need to be tracked and reviewed periodically. It's important that moderators stay in check, and to do this when a moderator is checking a flagged video they should be able to see who flagged it and if any other moderators have reviewed, if so who. Moderators should also be able to look over other moderators flagged videos. When a video is obviously flagged maliciously and a moderator goes along with it either by accident or out of malicious intent, their account should be marked publicly. This way it should help weed out trolls and people abusing the system. Also, users flagging videos maliciously should have their ability to flag videos removed, or at the very least when a moderator is reviewing a flagged video from a user like this a note should be visible to the moderator letting them know that this user has misflagged a number of videos previously. And, maybe this kind of thing also goes through a multi-tiered process. TLDR; ALworks needs at least three people to confirm a video as bad before being able to take it down or impact it negatively.

  59. spf5Ø

    spf5ØDitë më parë

    Red Bar is watching, Ethan!

  60. Michael Davis

    Michael DavisDitë më parë

    Hey Tom and Kristina on

  61. advancedlamb

    advancedlambDitë më parë

    'we like it raw here' - hila klein 2020 not surprising from a *vomits* breeder.

  62. Meexi

    MeexiDitë më parë

    Hila got them bags under her eyes, should replace her for abit... or a while

  63. Monty B

    Monty BDitë më parë

    what happened to doing comedy? this shit isnt funny

  64. Zombilands Gaming

    Zombilands GamingDitë më parë

    You should get paymoneywubby on the podcast

  65. Tiffany Mcclard

    Tiffany McclardDitë më parë

    ETHAN your questions are GREAT!! Just hold off on asking them until the guest is finished with the previous answer...lol Your doing good! Great moves, keep it up😎

  66. SilenceInDenial SiD

    SilenceInDenial SiD2 ditë më parë

    Ethan, let the guests you have on finish their goddamn sentences. There are so many stories they tell cut short because you're like a 7 year old child with ADHD and can't just remain quiet for a reasonable amount of time.

  67. Stefan Rijos

    Stefan Rijos2 ditë më parë

    I’m sorry but Sean’s friend Chris has a voice that makes me feel like I’m drowning. He sounds like he’s constantly about to break into tears. It gives me such a huge level of anxiety and my chest feels like it’s about to burst. Not to be rude but just wanted to share the thought.

  68. AE Pulsar

    AE Pulsar2 ditë më parë

    You’re dad looks like Bob Lazar

  69. AlohaBoy

    AlohaBoy2 ditë më parë

    You want to know something funny about the auto-generated subtitles on the Papa John’s interview? Turn on the subtitles for THIS video and you’ll see the subtitles generated when Ethan replays Papa’s clip does the exact same thing! Seeing the original clip with the N-word played in this video also generating the N-word because of the audio of the original video is like Race-Ception! 🤯 @H3H3, you better check to see if your video is still monetized!

  70. Alex Fuentez

    Alex Fuentez2 ditë më parë

    Get cherdleys on the show.


    lSRAELdrumPohPoh_EL911BURY CAPlTALlSM2HearKJELLBERG2 ditë më parë


  72. jeffry fernandez

    jeffry fernandez2 ditë më parë

    It's one thing to support racists like Shnatter, it's another to support disgusting "pizza" like Papa John's. Ethan's billionaire worship is super cringey. Hila is cool though.

  73. A B

    A B2 ditë më parë

    Immediate like for the intro 😂👌

  74. Bruna Feu

    Bruna Feu2 ditë më parë

    wait a minute, is pewdiepie on next week or not, now i’m confused lol

  75. Sitri Uvali

    Sitri Uvali2 ditë më parë

    "I wanna apologize to PewDiePie, we ran out of time."

  76. Lillian Brimmer

    Lillian Brimmer2 ditë më parë

    I still watched but I wish Ian and Zach were there.

  77. mochu.jm

    mochu.jm2 ditë më parë

    I honestly don't got time for this shit right now cya-

  78. rustic35

    rustic352 ditë më parë

    This guy looks like someone to believe 🤣🤣 the amount of idiots doing this crap is hilarious!

  79. Marek Brandon

    Marek Brandon2 ditë më parë

    this is amazing, just as Im fighting satan in a video game Ian starts doing the deep voice thing giving me a pretty good scare

  80. Magicarff

    Magicarff2 ditë më parë

    Ethan is that one guy in the group that thinks he's an amazing comedian because everyone politely laughs at his dumb jokes

  81. Skwerley doyle

    Skwerley doyle2 ditë më parë

    "How come nobody cares about the corporate takeovers and conspiracy and extortion??" "Wow man we can't even comprehend how rich he is." "He made $61 million the day after the podcast." I think you answered your own question my dude. He's gonna be just fine. He's a "victim" of capitalism but he can retire and literally not give a single shit about anything that happened for the rest of his life. And his kids, and their kids, barring some extravagant squandering of that fortune, will be set for life. Forgive me if I don't care about the plot.

  82. Michael Davis

    Michael Davis2 ditë më parë

    1:06:30 LOL!! Yeah Ethan definitely didn't look at those.

  83. Nufo Snot

    Nufo Snot2 ditë më parë

    Go watch Dead Air with Brian Holtzman, now thats the best bad interviews ever 🤣. Ethan isnt a bad interviewer and papa clearly had an agenda to push so ethan had to keep the convos going, but as we seen papa kept pushing back to his original point. It was better as it went on imo especially when papa got into pizza talk. Papa is a real pizza man, respect to that man even if he is a racist. Were all racist tbh.

  84. DstrokeTV

    DstrokeTV2 ditë më parë

    8:30 is when the divorce talk starts for you guys

  85. A Santi

    A Santi2 ditë më parë

    Wouldn’t the mother feel if the baby’s were crying, and no I’m not sayin because of intuition. I’m saying because you can feel a sound. And does a baby dream?

  86. minedful

    minedful2 ditë më parë

    Sean Evans will always be the best interviewer

  87. TheNastyBAGL

    TheNastyBAGL2 ditë më parë

    I get some of what papa's saying. When I was a kid the crust was way higher lol

  88. Adrian Esparza

    Adrian Esparza2 ditë më parë

    We want another post Malone episode

  89. PrimevalPepperoni

    PrimevalPepperoni2 ditë më parë

    You should definitely have Kitboga on if possible

  90. Boges Malone

    Boges Malone2 ditë më parë

    Literally 50-60% of the reason i have youtube premium is so i can listen to the h3 podcast on my phone while the i phone sceen is off. if he went to another platform im out thiissss bieacchhh

  91. 2 ditë më parë

    I didn't think this would be all that interesting but it was great over all

  92. s. Haa

    s. Haa2 ditë më parë

    So it can't be a guardian angel, but it certainly was a demon....... why?

  93. flashmozzg

    flashmozzg2 ditë më parë

    2:10 NakeyJakey or Matt Wattson and Ryan from SuperMega!

  94. Genesis Insanity

    Genesis Insanity2 ditë më parë

    Petition to make papa John the intro on The main channel

  95. Lunchbox Reviews

    Lunchbox Reviews2 ditë më parë

    That’s what happens when you are gay, you’ll go to hell - Ethan 😂😂😂

  96. Sapotage

    Sapotage2 ditë më parë


  97. llucasll !

    llucasll !2 ditë më parë

    Sean talking about H3’s forthcoming papa john interview, “yeah just give papa john some space, he’s lost everything he’s probably been stewing.” Ethan literally 3-5 minutes into the papa john interview,...”so papa I heard you recently got a divorce!”

  98. MsTaly99

    MsTaly992 ditë më parë

    Lol dude calling John "Papa" was cringe ASF!

  99. Marylin Lopez

    Marylin Lopez2 ditë më parë

    I’m not gonna sugar coat it, I’m not a die hard fan of your show but I like it. Iwatch it from time to time, and I’ve never had a problem with your interview style I think people just like to join a bandwagon hate train .. idk

  100. torai manchester

    torai manchester2 ditë më parë

    joey saladino is relentlessly normal 😂😂😂