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Big Thief Performs 'Not'

Big Thief Performs 'Not'

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  1. Stephen L

    Stephen L14 sekonda më parë

    Been rubbing them out over her for years,still looking good.

  2. Jimmy is Promo

    Jimmy is PromoMinutë më parë

    It is like watching a first date. So awesome haha

  3. FF

    FFMinutë më parë

    Seokjin should perform Epiphany/ Awake/ Autumn Outside The Post Office/ Tonight all on the Grammys.

  4. Zeek M

    Zeek M2 minuta më parë

    This is how someone like Colbert attempts to make you believe it's only in China that this happens. The U.S. also uses the chinese social rating system.

  5. Yash Ozbaris

    Yash Ozbaris2 minuta më parë

    Jvn you give me hope.... I thank you for existing and spreading your amazing light to humanity 🤗🤗💛💛💛💛💛

  6. Ernest Reichardt

    Ernest Reichardt3 minuta më parë

    I wonder 🖐🏽 HOW A Cherokee Pale Face Woman Who Speaks With Forked Tongue About Being Fired Because she was Pregnant when in Reality She Quit ! Can Ever expect To become President ? Shouldn’t She check With Hillary Clinton First ? It would be a shame for Elisabeth Warren to be Bitch Slapped out of Running For President Like Hillary Bitch Slapped Bernie Sanders out of the Race In 2016 !

  7. Monika L.

    Monika L.3 minuta më parë

    ❤️ pięknie

  8. FF

    FF4 minuta më parë

    Wonderful comment section... Seokjin, Seokjin, Kim Seokjin... This is exactly what I love to see.

  9. Sukrut Jadhav

    Sukrut Jadhav5 minuta më parë

    Elizabeth, Philip, Paige, Beeman, C.I.A, Rezidentura, KGB "The Americans" ❤️

  10. Rosimeire Rose

    Rosimeire Rose5 minuta më parë

    This is FANTASTIC!!!!!!

  11. strawberry smith

    strawberry smith9 minuta më parë

    ''grandude'' ^-^

  12. strawberry smith

    strawberry smith9 minuta më parë


  13. alexleanh

    alexleanh10 minuta më parë

    Love his straight answers and mental capacity. Love the Freedom Dividend platform, but with some questions: 1. Is the $1000 amount gross or net income? 2. What are the income tax implications on this money? 3. Why starting at the age of 18 and not at birth (even with a prorated scale)?

  14. Madiha N

    Madiha N11 minuta më parë

    Damn🔥🔥🔥🔥 V the hottest

  15. Mike M

    Mike M12 minuta më parë

    Hillary on this show talking about corruption and impeachment of Trump. Hell she knows corruption because she's the most corrupt politician in the world. I'm so surprised she hasn't been locked up and in prison long ago. She knows impeachment because her husband Bill was about to be impeached himself because the Clinton's are criminals and so so very corrupt. How can you be proud of your corrupt family lmao lol. Hillary is so evil. Hillary, George Bush, all know who did 911. As it was all their friends involved to make billions of dollars as they all put investments into the exact companies that made billions of dollars when their stocks went up after 911. Now their all even more rich.

  16. VibrantVirtue

    VibrantVirtue13 minuta më parë

    I could watch him talk all day long. Love him.

  17. K J

    K J16 minuta më parë

    So this McCartney guy is becoming famous these days...well, congratulations!

  18. Catherine 480

    Catherine 48016 minuta më parë

    Hilarious that BERNIE is making fun of Trump. 🤣That’s a joke enough in itself. Has he ever seen/heard himself ?? Ahhh so many sore losers. Such fun to watch

  19. Kayla Smith

    Kayla Smith17 minuta më parë

    Love from MN. #bernie2020 and #tulsi2020. True progressives!

  20. Tanjila binte Khurshid

    Tanjila binte Khurshid17 minuta më parë

    I saw BTS and I clicked 💜

  21. can we get this channel to 10,000 subscribers

    can we get this channel to 10,000 subscribers18 minuta më parë

    So weird to see these 2 people on stage at the same time

  22. Justin Verser

    Justin Verser19 minuta më parë

    She was always one of my favorite actors now she just might be my number 1 lol. Can't wait to see the show.

  23. Angel Space

    Angel Space20 minuta më parë

    "I know I can't do what You do. But I know You can do what I do" I want to see Nikki flip an interview with Stephen!

  24. Watermelon Jam

    Watermelon Jam21 minutë më parë

    Такие кринжовые анекдоты в комментах, ужас

  25. Lorna Ginette Harrison

    Lorna Ginette Harrison21 minutë më parë

    'COPS and GOBBLERS'... "It’s *actually* based on a short story by Tolstoy" Genius!

  26. NotAWoman

    NotAWoman21 minutë më parë

    Man still wants to wear moo moo's

  27. Angel Space

    Angel Space23 minuta më parë

    This is #StephenColbert best interview EVER. They actually have Flow. Like for real Flow. Love Nikki for Life! Got him at work with a special Glow!

  28. Susan Miller

    Susan Miller24 minuta më parë


  29. Olavi Knaapila

    Olavi Knaapila24 minuta më parë

    Drew, You Very Good 😹💞 Greetings From Finland 🐾🌷

  30. Remco Noordermeer

    Remco Noordermeer26 minuta më parë

    1:28 “...Trump and Putin are gonna Flip a coin on who gets Denmark.” Greenland is an autonomous country in the kingdom of Denmark. Oddly prophetical... *grin*

  31. StandingAgainst TheEnemy

    StandingAgainst TheEnemy28 minuta më parë

    Juck the Fews!

  32. Pearline Hogan

    Pearline Hogan30 minuta më parë

    I looooooooove me some Method Man.

  33. ElvIsAlive007

    ElvIsAlive00733 minuta më parë

    Stephen demon stunts. Too bad trump get 50000 people at a rally sucker dirtbag treason lier. When trump charges you with treason off with your ugly liking demonic head sucker

  34. Loren Renee

    Loren Renee33 minuta më parë

    Stephen don’t drink coffee while Jon is talking, just trust me.

  35. Janis Haldeman

    Janis Haldeman35 minuta më parë

    Such wit and talent - no old dude wigs and hair dye. Thanks for all the love!

  36. Ghostban Deeznuts

    Ghostban Deeznuts35 minuta më parë

    How does the apples taste? New lawsuit for lying through his teeth.

  37. Bill of Rights Not Needs

    Bill of Rights Not Needs36 minuta më parë

    Lol Killary you my dear are such a c**t. Her phony laugh is like nails on a chalkboard. This pig is not only thee most corrupt political figure ever but she's also a murderer! 👉TRUMP 2020👈

  38. Tevez Carlos

    Tevez Carlos36 minuta më parë

    You are a bad man and a fool Iran is the last true Islamic country and you are aginst them

  39. Don Present

    Don Present36 minuta më parë

    Ana only supports republicans that are for open borders. That's why she endorsed Jeb Bush.

  40. Jonathan Ramos

    Jonathan Ramos38 minuta më parë

    just remember, Colbert threw Tulsi under the bus!

  41. Uche Udedibor

    Uche Udedibor39 minuta më parë

    Great timing. I was almost forgetting your real name

  42. Aliens On Dope

    Aliens On Dope39 minuta më parë

    I read the book. It's really good. I read it in less than a day. Worth it!

  43. kareemah ajina

    kareemah ajina39 minuta më parë

    I just said woah woah outloud without knowing.It was Stephen's beard that shocked me .

  44. Mami Nunmawii Rokhum

    Mami Nunmawii Rokhum40 minuta më parë

    Always Taehyung 😘

  45. Ghostban Deeznuts

    Ghostban Deeznuts40 minuta më parë

    Man what happened to late night television, I guess the era of greatness is long gone, WE MISS YOU DAVE, JAY, AND JOHNNY, YOU WERE THE BEST THAT WILL EVER DO IT. These hacks have ruined what used to be an too Conan.

  46. GN Kook

    GN Kook42 minuta më parë

    The dorks is in the house! 🤘

  47. C C

    C C43 minuta më parë

    Wow his english accent is really good 😂 i guess both his parents are english , i love austin powers

  48. Bob Rabbins

    Bob Rabbins43 minuta më parë

    I think a long time ago when people thought the earth was flat and the earth was the center of the universe some scribe somewhere had dyslexia and put down god when he meant to put down dog and here we are today with religion.

  49. Kathryn Madison

    Kathryn Madison43 minuta më parë

    Saw Judy, and it deserves to be seen on the big screen. I had no idea Renee did the singing though! Wow.

  50. Alexander Burawa

    Alexander Burawa44 minuta më parë

    Sure, the system is stupid. But what can you expect when you have hare-brained Ms. Stupid herself running(?) things? Oh yeah, l almost forgot; it's the stupid-ass trump administration run by stupid-in-chief donald j trump. Of course! That explains everything!

  51. McD5791

    McD579146 minuta më parë

    weird to hear her talk without using profanity after hearing how she vents on the Majority Report

  52. jyung woo

    jyung woo47 minuta më parë

    kevin's movies are so underrated. he just has too much backlash from religious nuts, i mean stan lee was fond of him and his expertise on superhero movies...if anyone can keep a true to the comics superhero movie it'd be him, they should have him reboot all the crappy ones and he could do it on a tight budget.

  53. Shakib M

    Shakib M49 minuta më parë

    Evelyn must be fucking furious after watching this

  54. WhoDarestheMAN gamer

    WhoDarestheMAN gamer49 minuta më parë

    New Riddler!

  55. mfofendy

    mfofendy50 minuta më parë

    God, would you let the man talk, COLBERT??

  56. Neha Shrestha

    Neha Shrestha51 minutë më parë

    He’s too smart for this show tbh

  57. LunaTuna

    LunaTuna53 minuta më parë

    1:00 Just a lil sneaky timestamp for myself

  58. Tonia Allen

    Tonia Allen58 minuta më parë

    I honestly don’t understand why she is a repub in the first place.

  59. 999 Dots

    999 DotsOrë më parë

    It's becoming a famous show.

  60. Bob Rabbins

    Bob RabbinsOrë më parë

    I think some scribe way back when we thought the world was flat and the earth was the center of the universe had a little dyslexia. He meant to write dog but instead wrote god and here we are today.

  61. shokry TV

    shokry TVOrë më parë

    very crazy hahah

  62. Dr Lucifer

    Dr LuciferOrë më parë

    Younger female version of bernie.. 😎😎

  63. Markshi Beblue

    Markshi BeblueOrë më parë

    Where is colbert.. this show sucks!!!!

  64. Corvus Corax

    Corvus CoraxOrë më parë

    Police: "El Chapo is the biggest drug lord ever" Martin Shkreli: "Hold my beer..."

  65. Chris Westhoff

    Chris WesthoffOrë më parë

    I guess the 1,000 troops pulled are supposed to be superheros for a country that cares less if we lose any soldiers for their cause?.....good job Mr.President!!

  66. ElvIsAlive007

    ElvIsAlive007Orë më parë

    Deep state coup failed. Sucked in losers

  67. T O X I C M A N I A

    T O X I C M A N I AOrë më parë

    To be honest Hamilton sort of fucked up my view on the founding fathers because I forget that they’re actually white people

  68. Antonio Gramsci

    Antonio GramsciOrë më parë

    I. Love. This.

  69. HaliniSnow

    HaliniSnowOrë më parë

    Well i love him even more now

  70. Ria S

    Ria SOrë më parë

    It's funny how some army try to comment as locals 😂 but still use Stan account language 😂 But anyways it's refreshing see to this performance again. One of my fav performance 😍

  71. June Smith

    June SmithOrë më parë

    Cool lady.

  72. Huy Q

    Huy QOrë më parë

    This vehicle is VFX-ed

  73. BANGTAN trash

    BANGTAN trashOrë më parë

    Guy with the pink mic.....yeah shout it out he is KIM SEOK JIN 💜💜💜...HOBI'S vocals 💜💜💜

  74. thirdeyeopen

    thirdeyeopenOrë më parë

    did he get talking points to sell 3d tickets from the studio or something lol

  75. trsk

    trskOrë më parë

    I bought the stories for a while, until I read amazing research on metabunk that convincingly picked apart every one of these tapes with tic tacs and thoroughly debunked them. There's an interesting alternative explanation for one of them however. But I'm not telling, go read over at metabunk for yourselves.

  76. BTS and EXO is LIFE

    BTS and EXO is LIFEOrë më parë

    I love how everyone show their affection to Jin.....He is getting the recognition he deserves.......Thankyou all of u.....

  77. Mary Sue

    Mary SueOrë më parë

    Отвал жопы

  78. Susan Kay

    Susan KayOrë më parë

    Show actually starts at ( 4:00 ) !!

  79. Heisenberg

    HeisenbergOrë më parë

    Bryan Cranston is my favourite story teller

  80. Amanda Riram

    Amanda RiramOrë më parë

    Love you

  81. Chief Malkallam

    Chief MalkallamOrë më parë

    One of the best youtube videos I've seen 😂😂😂

  82. Harley Quinn

    Harley QuinnOrë më parë

    It's so weird to see Trump and Stephen talking on his show. There's no way in hell they could do this now😂

  83. j drayton

    j draytonOrë më parë

    She is so sexy!

  84. G Sterling

    G SterlingOrë më parë

    Nancy Pelosi (along with MSM allies) have essentially invalidated the constitutional responsibilities of 435 elected members of congress. She is not “the House.” The House is not impeaching or inquiring anything. Just a few months back, the House voted overwhelmingly against what Pelosi now claims that she’s doing. This is simply a partisan abuse of power, a political campaign to drive a President’s poll numbers so low that he would be forced by his own party to resign. There will NEVER be a house vote to impeach

  85. Syafinaz Amir

    Syafinaz AmirOrë më parë

    Whose here after the make it right with lauv official?

  86. Thomas Panto

    Thomas PantoOrë më parë

    Must laugh to avoid the alternatives.

  87. George P

    George POrë më parë

    Bill just booked a seat on the Lolita express.

  88. joebridges187

    joebridges187Orë më parë

    9:11-9:13, the reason Tdump is facing Impeachment, arrogant above the law attitude, 911 wow,,,

  89. imelda mery

    imelda meryOrë më parë

    Sam Rockwell expression when he say 'how do you know?' 😅

  90. Lyde

    LydeOrë më parë

    I love both of these guys and if Stephen ever would have courage to do this again would be nice to see him in the Hot Ones :)

  91. robert gardell

    robert gardellOrë më parë

    This is just a guess. But, I think Carrie is going to release her last single off the Cry Pretty, right before she hosts CMAs in November.

  92. Plaid Snails

    Plaid SnailsOrë më parë

    Is he wearing a Nirvana shirt? 👀

  93. Ralecus

    RalecusOrë më parë

    I like the studio version but I wanna buy this version.

  94. Mike

    MikeOrë më parë

    Its hilarious he's best friends with john podesta

  95. angel medina

    angel medina2 orë më parë

    We are democracy we are free country And yet we have a tyrant in office So how we do explain that to the world when we as a country are the defenders of democracy and freedom???

  96. dona van raalte

    dona van raalte2 orë më parë

    One out of three 45 supporters are as stupid as the other two.

  97. Janine Villasenor

    Janine Villasenor2 orë më parë

    I highly recommend the Audio book, he does all the reading and is so lovely to hear him tell it in his own voice.


    HARSH TRUTH2 orë më parë

    "Singing in Korean" Auto caption Lol😂😂😂😂 I knew the language but i also know blackpink!😘

  99. Vivek

    Vivek2 orë më parë

    The movie is shit

  100. Gal Shalev

    Gal Shalev2 orë më parë

    How does this not have over 20 million views?!?! LMAO ITS SO FUNNY! *BP* is the coolest dude ever!!! That *LAUHG* THO... tyler durden anyone??