Thief vs BJJ Purple Belt! 😲
I'm Gonna Be on SHARK TANK!
The Gracie Breakdown Effect
Jamal Update

Jamal Update

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She Choked the WRONG Guy!

She Choked the WRONG Guy!

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Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone
The 4 Elements of Jiu-Jitsu
Kimura - Cop Variation
Alavanca - Team Jiu-Jitsu
It is NEVER the Victim's Fault
  1. Sebastian Holstein

    Sebastian Holstein2 minuta më parë

    ...fucked...(himself)- when keeping it real goes wrong-again and again...

  2. Kelis Dominguez

    Kelis Dominguez34 minuta më parë

    “ ronda rousey has entered the chat

  3. jpin0002 jpin0002

    jpin0002 jpin000254 minuta më parë

    That guys 220 Max.


    DC-KEVIN-YAK TTV58 minuta më parë

    Fuck me daddy

  5. ReACTION Content

    ReACTION ContentOrë më parë

    is this video in direct response to Ryron's recent match?

  6. ReACTION Content

    ReACTION ContentOrë më parë

    Every time I watch you guys my mind is blown!


    REENIXOrë më parë

    You want to teach the aggressor? nah... nah man. Sure lets teach the aggressor how to actually hurt someone. Great idea.

  8. LukeAK

    LukeAK2 orë më parë

    Is this a karate school or a chucky cheese what the fuck is this

  9. Esk K

    Esk K3 orë më parë

    Wish khabib would come choke your dumb ass out permanently

  10. Esk K

    Esk K3 orë më parë

    You are a dumb ass. You don’t know half of what your saying

  11. Esk K

    Esk K3 orë më parë

    Dude shut tfu

  12. omar vandiver

    omar vandiver3 orë më parë

    Hey you should do an update video on that kid who got beat up at school the 1 week transformation

  13. Máté Mindák

    Máté Mindák3 orë më parë

    Wow this isn't really like what I imagined this sport to be, but it's really amazing and interesting. Though it looks really really awkward lol

  14. jason muniz

    jason muniz3 orë më parë

    challenge: can bjj be taught to a person who has limited range if motion and use of one of their arms? I have done striking arts and never really got into grappling because I am disabled. so can you teach me is my question or is this style limited to only people who have the full use of their arms?

  15. RON TER

    RON TER4 orë më parë

    Wait , first stop the quota hires , then train the ones that are good at police work ! I was turned down for being too white , perfect 100%score on all tests. Still have the letter !

  16. Mark Loveridge

    Mark Loveridge4 orë më parë

    Absolutely no place in the world for any form of bullying! The Gracie family truly are genuine legends 👌🏻

  17. The Fireface

    The Fireface4 orë më parë

    Does rener compete ?

  18. Polentaccio

    Polentaccio4 orë më parë

    Genius marketing at the end! Hell I could probably use what is taught to the "pink belts" and be just fine with that lol.

  19. Shoenice Official Channel

    Shoenice Official Channel4 orë më parë


  20. Charles Loomis

    Charles Loomis5 orë më parë

    “Look at control of the towel” holy shit i just laughed so hard

  21. Reinhold Seiber

    Reinhold Seiber6 orë më parë

    Amazing! Selam to you

  22. Sujud

    Sujud7 orë më parë

  23. Farid Siety03

    Farid Siety038 orë më parë

    Gak seruu

  24. Sebastien Plaisir

    Sebastien Plaisir8 orë më parë

    She will probably get kill before she even reaches.

  25. bass wind

    bass wind9 orë më parë

    Stop wearing those pants fucking gross for everybody

  26. Bulldogs 246810

    Bulldogs 24681010 orë më parë

    How can someone to that to a human bean

  27. union proud carpenter

    union proud carpenter12 orë më parë

    That's what's up I'm glad I seen this my 10year old is taking a class on the 20th to get into this good job sir your making a difference in the world

  28. John Law

    John Law12 orë më parë

    Fucking scary

  29. Dugi Haugeneder

    Dugi Haugeneder12 orë më parë

    Gracie philosophy is a martial art for the mind. Gracie gym Bali indonesia would be great!

  30. TR13DGE 716

    TR13DGE 71613 orë më parë

    The one not on drugs won.

  31. Ed Monix

    Ed Monix14 orë më parë

    Brazilian Jujitsu is a different class of fighting

  32. Jonathan Davies

    Jonathan Davies14 orë më parë

    Tony is the type of guy who would have finished that choke

  33. lo l

    lo l14 orë më parë

    wtf are the dislikes about?

  34. Plus Minus

    Plus Minus15 orë më parë

    brazilian tap in action. Media way of doin it))) love the video through the years.

  35. Richard Hurts

    Richard Hurts15 orë më parë

    SUPERIOR white Genetics

  36. Moe Myriad

    Moe Myriad16 orë më parë

    It's been almost 7 years I wonder how he's doing. I hope all is well and he's found his passion.

  37. Mahadragon

    Mahadragon17 orë më parë

    Well, there was more than simple trash talking in the build up to this fight. You guys are unfairly leaving out the fact that Conor and his posse attacked the bus that Khabib was on in NYC and injured 3 fighters. When you assault someone on the street like that, that goes beyond trash talk. Yes, Khabib crossed the line, but Conor also crossed the line and you have to talk about both of them, not just Khabib. Khabib didn't lose the night, everyone knows Conor is trash. Also, the Nevada State Athletic Commission completely dropped the ball by withholding Khabib's entire purse immediately after the fight. In all my life, I've never seen the entirety of a purse withheld like that for any athlete. They always give some of the money to the fighter because they already have an idea of how much the penalty is going to be. Khabib completely lost all interest in the case when they withheld his entire purse.

  38. Moises Gomez

    Moises Gomez17 orë më parë

    Last fight, dude was just tryna show respect after the fight. Some people are bad sports fr. Disrespectful asl

  39. KontrolFrEek

    KontrolFrEek17 orë më parë

    This is why teachers dont do fuck.

  40. Team Mongoose

    Team Mongoose18 orë më parë

    I saw this video... black dude started the fight and got smoked.

  41. Team Mongoose

    Team Mongoose18 orë më parë

    Jui jitsu black belt gets shot trying to roll with someone who dont play.

  42. Spy 88

    Spy 8819 orë më parë

    I put a kids arm out in a fight and stomped on it as hard as I can and I broke him arm

  43. TribalKatz

    TribalKatz19 orë më parë

    Seeing all these videos of Rener taking these chokes during instructionals...he’s one tough dude.

  44. Jacob Glenman

    Jacob Glenman19 orë më parë

    This CRINGE AF 😬

  45. Tandem Bicycle

    Tandem Bicycle22 orë më parë

    If the officer didn’t know how to fight, then he should ( and all of us) call on Jesus to help you. There is no one mightier than the Lord. Prayer works!!!🙏🙏🙏

  46. mrlollz 1

    mrlollz 122 orë më parë

    Do you think bjj is worth it for someone of above avrege strenght and height?Not meaning to be disrespectful but alot of people are saying its for shorter and weaker people and I just want to see if it's worth it or would it be a waste of my advantages.

  47. Perry Bonner

    Perry Bonner22 orë më parë

    I wish all the Gracie teachers are nice and humble like u guys

  48. Richard nisenboum

    Richard nisenboum23 orë më parë

    Lack of training and panic led her to draw duty weapon. This is the sad state of the majority of police training philosophy today- bare minimum. If you wear a badge you owe to yourself, and those who depend on you, to seek better training even if you have to pay for it yourself (like I do).

  49. ELSE B.

    ELSE B.23 orë më parë

    Thank you ! I am civilian from Germany and would wish to have such a good trainer like you. Peace ✌️ 🖖

  50. HA HA

    HA HADitë më parë

    Had to dab up the homie after that lmao 3:04

  51. ruez2kill

    ruez2killDitë më parë

    Who are these people downvoting this... are they those "turtle" people mentioned in the video who were blessed with a turtle shell? By the way, thank you for creating this video, it is extremely educational.

  52. Patricio Martinez

    Patricio MartinezDitë më parë

    Wow the end of the video is shocking

  53. namedarmybyBTS

    namedarmybyBTSDitë më parë

    Kevin is a legend. I hope nobody else messes with him ever again.

  54. CraZe_ V1bh

    CraZe_ V1bhDitë më parë

    U guys are talking Way to much man!


    OGKUSHKINGDitë më parë

    1:32 I used my head for balanced lmfao💀

  56. coolvideo28

    coolvideo28Ditë më parë

    Herb made the right call Robbie was out your arm does not go limp/fall like that unless your out. Herbs job is to stop the fight after someone is out Period. Doesn’t matter if he was out for 1 second or 10 he needs to protect the fighters after they go out. I agree with everything else you said but you were wrong about it being an early stoppage. If it becomes okay to Figure out if a fighter can continue fighting after going out could cause a fighter to die especially in situations were they got a concussion, brain damage or internal bleeding

  57. Takezo San

    Takezo SanDitë më parë

    You need striking too this is not recommended For the streets , people have no honor and will help their buddies .. I remember I had a kid on a Kimura he was about to tap and I saw timberlands all over .... loolll I didn’t even start the fkn mess

  58. Nemesis T-Type

    Nemesis T-TypeDitë më parë

    Sorry to say this but this is the reason why women aren't fit to be a cop or soldier. They can be a support for the troops but they should never be in the front line for the simple reason that criminals or enemy soldiers WILL out strength them. This SJW-Feminist ideology that women can do what man can do is 100% bullshit and actually brings harm to women because they teach them to be delusional and not accept reality.

  59. Tan D

    Tan DDitë më parë

    It all cool until you are 5 feet and your attacker is 6'5

  60. Michiel van Pagee

    Michiel van PageeDitë më parë

    Vince looks like he died and missed the plane to heaven.

  61. Jasmyn Nguyen

    Jasmyn NguyenDitë më parë

    why she have a pink belt just a question

  62. Reckless

    RecklessDitë më parë

    i made a meme off of this

  63. Nazek Bamarni

    Nazek BamarniDitë më parë

    What if there are 2 bullies? Then harming them with roundhouse, lowkicks, frontkicks are neccesary

  64. tHe MiX Up

    tHe MiX UpDitë më parë

    This is great,these should be implemented in schools it helps with the development of the child thier confidence,and they could learn to stand for themselves this is just amazing im from the philippines and i wish that we have this

  65. rdmaudio

    rdmaudioDitë më parë

    You need to break down last night #UFC peruvian neck tie!!!

  66. Felix Sanchez

    Felix SanchezDitë më parë

    Very cool technique

  67. Greg Duffy

    Greg DuffyDitë më parë

    This guy's a fantastic instructor very articulate.

  68. David Sanchez

    David SanchezDitë më parë

    Lmfao. .....female cops Also isn't it illegal to beat up a cop and take their gun and shoot at them with it???? ....someone should alert this gentlemen that this might be illegal. He must feel silly, I am embaressed for him.

  69. lauca6969

    lauca6969Ditë më parë

    0:22 no ballerina feet for triangle turn those toes toward your knee honda housey

  70. Bles

    BlesDitë më parë

    To the other dude in the video, be careful of gracie. He's clearly got an agenda against khabib cuz that's such bullshit about him strangling dana. If he's willing to lie like that I'd be careful around him. DISGUSTING!

  71. Perry Bonner

    Perry BonnerDitë më parë

    You guys took over the world

  72. The Gifted Prodigy

    The Gifted ProdigyDitë më parë

    10k likes 10k dislikes 🤔

  73. Bmanxcash1968 C

    Bmanxcash1968 CDitë më parë

    The kid was in the right kinda wish that kid would have broke the bully's arm lol

  74. jmakos markos

    jmakos markosDitë më parë

    I agree with all this things that you guys say... But look Khabib side. Conor disrespected Khabib's family, religion, teammates and his homeland.. At the press conference he was so mad like the Aldo situation. Conor continued doing stupid things. Making you an athlete meens being respectful with your teammates, with your coach and with your enemies. Conor never did that. See the fight vs Poirier... Khabib did it great again but they are both professional athletes respecting each other By the way there is a video on ALworks Conor hitting an old man in a whiskey bar...

  75. Thank You

    Thank YouDitë më parë

    Don't they have tasers and pepper spray? How the hell did this happen, it seems like this woman had no business being a police officer. How she lose her gun WTF

  76. Azman Azmi

    Azman AzmiDitë më parë

    Fuck you i dont want see u i want see khabib

  77. Kim il-sung

    Kim il-sungDitë më parë

    Honestly, I love this. But, I couldn't stop thinking about how actually gay this looks.


    THE BRAVADO SHOWDitë më parë


  79. Mark Mail

    Mark MailDitë më parë

    Yeah these Gracie's are fearless against judokan when they're getting thrown on pillows but these big bad motherfukers up against a judo player on concrete or any other hard f****** surface guarantee you the story will be different Helio was a punk Hixson is a legend in his own mind and Royce is an idiot Rolls Royce what a bunch of f****** idiots these m************ are legends in their own minds simple as that

  80. Mark Mail

    Mark MailDitë më parë

    The Negra Don King ain't got s*** on these f****** Gracie's they're f****** con man

  81. Mark Mail

    Mark MailDitë më parë

    2nd class Judo created by a punk for a bunch of punks these f****** charlatans our eyes have no holds barred on a judo mat why don't we have no hold barred competitions on the f****** Street where them judo throws will knock these f****** grazies out of their goddamn existence


    RichBaso ENTERTAINMENTDitë më parë

    “Bullying starts with the kids, and it must end with the kids” FACTS

  83. Duck Sick

    Duck SickDitë më parë

    Mute button. Use it.

  84. Triangle

    TriangleDitë më parë

    Women police is for women suspects, Usually man doesnt like a woman questioning them...perhaps very rare to happened like this if a male cop handle this...

  85. Ronald Turner

    Ronald TurnerDitë më parë

    I love this you are changing lives through knowledge and somehow teaching self assurance... 2 months and I've quit smoking and my finances and family relationships are just getting better its crazy!!!!

  86. Makinja

    MakinjaDitë më parë

    33.33 % prediction.

  87. Daniel Argueta

    Daniel ArguetaDitë më parë

    Wow. 👏🏻

  88. FaZe OG

    FaZe OGDitë më parë

    Kevin is a savage!

  89. Ronald Turner

    Ronald TurnerDitë më parë

    I Love your involvement sir and thank your for your investment in your students nationwide just start with john Geyston 2 months ago already changing my mindset ...and my life

  90. Trucfist Blasty

    Trucfist BlastyDitë më parë

    You guys are life savers through and through. Keep up the good work fellas.

  91. DaЯKeN

    DaЯKeNDitë më parë


  92. Sed Teman

    Sed TemanDitë më parë

    Cut the bullshit, females have nothing to do in the army or police.

  93. Solo son

    Solo sonDitë më parë

    So we got to talk about that need to the nuts how that was a cheap move how was really f****** dirty are we going to brag about that you need to the nuts time to go train with Machado at least they're not dirty cheats

  94. fabbat1713

    fabbat1713Ditë më parë

    Why are women allowed to be police officers? Combat soldiers and firefighters? If she had a male partner he would have been shot first then her.

  95. Ken Morris

    Ken MorrisDitë më parë

    I'm glad y'all will teach her for free. However bjj would not have stopped this he beat her in the head and knocked her silly. She was overwhelmed by brute force and violence. She needs an attitude change. I'm sure the political climate towards police was in her mind during her decision-making process.

  96. Ibrahinm SciMath

    Ibrahinm SciMathDitë më parë

    what if i taking classes and rolls from 5 months and suddenly a new student with no previous experience with a month of practice beggins to submit me over and over. I know it is possible that some people have talent, but how do you guys could psichologically deal with this. I'm puzzled

  97. celow banks

    celow banksDitë më parë

    Gracie are Jon wick now 👌

  98. By'tl Solomon

    By'tl SolomonDitë më parë

    Khabib the type of guy to prank you with a Poker face

  99. m sebas

    m sebasDitë më parë

    seriously love what you guys are doing.

  100. Darryl

    Darryl2 ditë më parë

    Teared up a bit. These guys are great for teaching the young fella how to defend himself. So wish I could train with them myself. Knowledge really is POWER 💪🤚🤛🤜👊