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5 ditë më parë

Grid - Before You Buy

Grid - Before You Buy

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Code Vein - Before You Buy

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Top 10 NEW Games of October 2019
20 Overhyped Games That FLOPPED
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Top 10 NEW Games of August 2019
  1. Soylent Rabbit

    Soylent Rabbit31 sekonda më parë

    #7 sorry, not a chance guys. It is not possible to shoot a padlock in real life. It's just a hollywood made up that has been debunked time and time again. The only way it might work is at point blank distance and it isn't even reliable. Most likely it will ricochet at put yourself in danger.

  2. IMPc

    IMPcMinutë më parë

    Being so desperate to make money exactly stopped them from doing so

  3. beast 124153

    beast 1241533 minuta më parë

    Kids saying “let me play” is DEFINITELY still a thing, that’s the main thing my brother bugs me about

  4. ToBy Hunter

    ToBy Hunter4 minuta më parë

    Im 14 and do the save 1

  5. I N T E R G A L A C T I C A S S H O L E

    I N T E R G A L A C T I C A S S H O L E4 minuta më parë

    Your voice sound like you got some constipation going on 😅

  6. 1Hawk2Hawks

    1Hawk2Hawks7 minuta më parë

    o man the pain of playing a gameboy duuring late night car rides where you woud thank god for placeing lightposts so close together. and you can still play the golf game on his birthday

  7. nikolai bahtin

    nikolai bahtin7 minuta më parë

    by gods duh

  8. Tomi Valkonen

    Tomi Valkonen7 minuta më parë

    Still better than Hyrule Warriors. Setting is interesting but sad they raped gameplay.

  9. Antonio Carranza

    Antonio Carranza7 minuta më parë

    not throwing away unused stuff: Me in Dark Souls 2 when getting a new weapon or armor piece: "UH! NEW WEAPON! Let's check it out: Oh, I already had like 5 of those... I should... I will keep them all to infuse with different stuff. One doesn't know when 12 Hollow Soldier Armor sets will be needed" or a new consumable item: "Uh I have never seen that drop before... wow, I already have a full stack of those... Never used them... I will keep them in case I need something like this."

  10. Demonic-Deadbeat

    Demonic-Deadbeat8 minuta më parë

    Lootboxes are not Mistakes there gamble practices that ea has mastered. lol

  11. The Fujoshi

    The Fujoshi12 minuta më parë

    This video could have been one word; Braith.

  12. Totodile Enthusiast

    Totodile Enthusiast13 minuta më parë

    Also its magizine not clip

  13. NIkoah Thornton

    NIkoah Thornton15 minuta më parë

    Number 1 I icing on cake

  14. F O O D S T A M P S

    F O O D S T A M P S15 minuta më parë

    Before you buy, Don’t buy!

  15. Totodile Enthusiast

    Totodile Enthusiast16 minuta më parë

    Hitting any chest before opening Thank you dark souls

  16. Eric Bircs

    Eric Bircs16 minuta më parë

    Thx. Cool

  17. Moe Fahmi

    Moe Fahmi17 minuta më parë

    I want a new version of LA Noire

  18. Psylent 101

    Psylent 10120 minuta më parë

    Westwood :,(

  19. CuriousMind

    CuriousMind20 minuta më parë

    ONLY 15?


    LIZARD CHEEKS24 minuta më parë

    $20 on the PlayStation store until 11-1-19

  21. Totodile Enthusiast

    Totodile Enthusiast24 minuta më parë

    "If you dont have friends" Hey stop calling me out

  22. Joe Hand

    Joe Hand25 minuta më parë

    Its a sad world where company treat people like shit and the idiot keep coming back for more. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

  23. Bouncy M&M

    Bouncy M&M26 minuta më parë

    It’s okay. They’ll just keep making more of them.

  24. Panda Rasengan

    Panda Rasengan28 minuta më parë

    You know what's funny... Jump Force wasn't on this list

  25. xDizzyBx

    xDizzyBx29 minuta më parë

    I just don't buy anything from EA since Dragon Age Inquisition. I don't care about them anymore.

  26. Whirty

    Whirty31 minutë më parë

    Andromeda is still a good fun game to play. But yeah it's EA fault for how the game turned out, they rushed it and forced Bioware's hand to drop it onto a smaller dev team who couldn't fully handle the work load while the main Bioware team worked on Anthem. But Andromeda deserves a sequel because it definitely built a world to go back into.

  27. za ki

    za ki31 minutë më parë


  28. Princess Luna

    Princess Luna31 minutë më parë

    These are 15 good reasons why I'm not getting their new single player Star Wars game.

  29. stupidstormy36

    stupidstormy3633 minuta më parë

    How about the time they released Madden 06 on PSP and a certain bug in the game caused the game to crash so hard, it literally shut off the PSP and may have bricked the handheld as well. Sound familiar? Well EA's response to that was essentially to "Deal with it." I've also got a new word for loot boxes. "Lewd Boxes" Thank you closed captioning!

  30. Hocklie333

    Hocklie33333 minuta më parë

    The EA mistake I can't forget is EA.

  31. Arnold Corriette

    Arnold Corriette34 minuta më parë

    Where is GTA 6 i am still waiting

  32. Alexander Woods

    Alexander Woods37 minuta më parë

    Hopefully someone can help... What is the four player game shown here during the "friendly fire" section? The one with the four robed figures of different colors?

  33. squid king

    squid king38 minuta më parë

    I'd create the stupedist crap in minecraft

  34. It's me GOD

    It's me GOD39 minuta më parë


  35. Nik Fury

    Nik Fury39 minuta më parë

    the saving one ... i laughed so hard... juswt one more time to be sure

  36. Isaiah Pribic

    Isaiah Pribic41 minutë më parë

    Ea and loot boxes like come on ea

  37. ᏞᎬᎶꀤᎾƝ

    ᏞᎬᎶꀤᎾƝ42 minuta më parë

    What was your favorite game in ps2 ? for me it was SPARTAN TOTAL WIRRIOR absolute incredible game

  38. Dan Bows

    Dan Bows42 minuta më parë

    More like 151 mistakes..

  39. Mateusz Kulikowski

    Mateusz Kulikowski45 minuta më parë

    I see Witcher 3 I click.

  40. Amy's Universe

    Amy's Universe45 minuta më parë

    Project zero the shrine maiden

  41. Lerbyn

    Lerbyn45 minuta më parë

    So basically the last couple of years

  42. Tate Cash

    Tate Cash45 minuta më parë

    BF2 only at 13? I think it should be alot higher up. Like. 1 or 2

  43. Taylor Bertrim

    Taylor Bertrim46 minuta më parë

    5k for the moving racing chair wasn't absolutely absurd, the price makes sense.

  44. Ao400

    Ao40046 minuta më parë

    bully is such an underrated game! haha i had so much fun playing that game

  45. Kapil Sharma

    Kapil Sharma49 minuta më parë

    Title: 15 EA Mistakes They Want You TO FORGET Me: EA?

  46. Aeon Decker

    Aeon Decker51 minutë më parë

    Rayman hooked me for home conseles. Before that centipede on the Atari.

  47. Shelby Wagner

    Shelby Wagner51 minutë më parë

    Break the worlds economy if it has one

  48. John Wie

    John Wie53 minuta më parë

    I like weapon durability but the weapons break too quickly and you should be Anke to repare them

  49. Black MK

    Black MK55 minuta më parë

    what about 'Irrational games ' who made Bioshock franchise

  50. Kaydin Emmons

    Kaydin Emmons56 minuta më parë

    One letter and two numbers R-99. Need I say more? (If you don't understand the context, the R-99 is one of those almost exploit weapons where it is completely OP. Now I get it, the R-99 is just a small smg. Well . . . YOU ARE WRONG! This thing shoots faster than my anxiety around people who don't like me or who I don't know.)

  51. scampy

    scampy59 minuta më parë

    Wolfenstien 2 Can I play daddy

  52. Willzee

    WillzeeOrë më parë

    Testing if fire burns your character. 😂

  53. AuggieJames

    AuggieJamesOrë më parë

    booted up my PS2 the other day to play Burnout 3 and when the early 2000s EA logo came up I heard the Up theme in my head for a split second.

  54. spazman8675309

    spazman8675309Orë më parë

    My excessive map checking has scored me loot a few times when you notice those neat little hidden areas. Therefore checking the map=dopamine so therefore i will always check the map.

  55. PunkerWithABoner

    PunkerWithABonerOrë më parë

    Just bough back a ps2, got this gem. It aged nicely, arcady racing game at it’s finest. You want game ? That’s all you’re getting and it’s perfect. You don’t have to dick around forever to get comfortable with the control and the mechanics, while the feeling of a tight win or a sharp drift gives a short burst of adrenaline that is shocking. Maybe it’s because I’m not good at racing games but when you drift on the inside to take the lead and you shift back to gear 5 and fly away, the feeling is unmatched and it come times and times again with this beautiful piece of nostalgia... but since they censored the music this game is fucking trash, eat a dick EA

  56. Scorpio

    ScorpioOrë më parë

    Loved the game on ps4 i wanted mods so i bought it on pc, crashed everytime i play i mean everytime i can't even join a server or even singleplayer if i press join it crashes i tried everything some people said i need to delete seekfreecontent file i did it and it didn't work and some said that i needed to verify file too but it still not working, then someone said that i need to delete all the file in the game and uninstall then install it again, i did it but it's still not working, the game is really awesome but why can't they just fix this, i just wasted my money on the game and i can't even play it

  57. Jorge P.S

    Jorge P.SOrë më parë

    Interesting though I only relate to the jumping when you can't, in my case would be climbing to see if I can climb through that place like in HZD, destroying things to see if you get something and smashing the button when I can't skip the dialogue, I'm not sure but I know that if I know I can't skip it and I've already seen it a few times, I just take off the earphones or mute the tv cos it gets on my nerves though sometimes like in BAK, the only thing I had left was to collect trophies and when I saw I couldn't skip the riddler introduction speeches I just quit the game, 😅

  58. B.J. Dena

    B.J. DenaOrë më parë

    EA’s honour level is very very down

  59. Stoynov666

    Stoynov666Orë më parë

    single player forever

  60. Alessandro Ravael Kato Berlian

    Alessandro Ravael Kato BerlianOrë më parë

    When you predict enemy movement in multiplayer perfectly

  61. Vratko Vrábeľ

    Vratko VrábeľOrë më parë

    First rlRage was one of my favorite games on Ps3 :D so sort of exited about Rage 2

  62. For Kids By Kids

    For Kids By KidsOrë më parë


  63. Sol

    SolOrë më parë

    uhm, the Blood Plague Incident...

  64. Aaron Tye

    Aaron TyeOrë më parë

    Loot boxes are not like slot machines because you always win something

  65. David Cole

    David ColeOrë më parë

    Let's be honestly based on info that has come out Next Gen XBOX and PS5 are going to perform like twins. There is not much is going to be different.

  66. Tao Gunka

    Tao GunkaOrë më parë

    The game is good

  67. NeoZaru

    NeoZaruOrë më parë

    For anyone who's wondering, the game at 5:00 is EVE Online. You're welcome.

  68. A YouTube Guy

    A YouTube GuyOrë më parë

    Being EA

  69. Adam Ashworth

    Adam AshworthOrë më parë

    You do realise that shooting a lock in real life doesn't typically break the lock. A padlock, maybe but any internal lock is going to be very difficult to break consistently by shooting it regardless of what the movies taught you.

  70. infinity Journey

    infinity JourneyOrë më parë

    in my opinion same as Crysis one was revolutionary, same is true about GRID one. They're both great even now...

  71. Alan Julio

    Alan JulioOrë më parë

    All these funny haha loot box comments look so stupid now that they said no loot boxes only a battle pass system

  72. anthony ducksworth

    anthony ducksworthOrë më parë

    Loading screen times and the one button weapon switch

  73. Luke Palmer

    Luke PalmerOrë më parë

    EA said that they would never port the SIMS 4 to The Switch because they aren’t able to monetize it the way they want through Nintendo.

  74. Geribaldi's Games

    Geribaldi's GamesOrë më parë

    By the way, have played Ultima 9 (still have it in a box somewhere) and it was broken to the point of being UNPLAYABLE (good luck trying to complete it)

  75. Mg 30

    Mg 30Orë më parë

    I did get banned from fortnite for landing at lucky landing

  76. Luke Robinson

    Luke RobinsonOrë më parë

    Lol your example of downloads with bad rual internet is still way more desirable than the week it would take for me to download it

  77. Denis Liber

    Denis LiberOrë më parë

    my favourite game of all time...mass effect 2 is a close second

  78. CyberRune

    CyberRuneOrë më parë

    I do this thing where I tilt my controller or move it in a certain direction. Somehow, I feel like moving my controller in that way makes the character I'm controlling move in a certain direction. Another thing that happens to me is that when my character is falling, I get this odd feeling in my hips and crotch like I'm bracing for the impact.

  79. CherryDashZero

    CherryDashZeroOrë më parë

    The developers have been trying to sell out since the release of Dirt Rally and this game fits the Mona Lisa meme perfectly.

  80. Dandy Julianno

    Dandy JuliannoOrë më parë

    i hope someone buys EA and make good games

  81. Jake Shortt

    Jake ShorttOrë më parë

    "The Taint!" "Dark Spawn from the Taint"

  82. kbskinny12

    kbskinny12Orë më parë

    When the first Destiny game was released a lot of people saw it as a game that took all the content that would have made it a really cool story and turned it into a bunch of digital cards you had to read on the website. I loved the game for a while after it came out but of course this was shortly before Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. A lot of people absolutely hated Destiny and I constantly saw posts in the Bungie forums saying that they couldnt wait until Advanced Warfare so they could dump the game for good. Then Advanced Warfare finally released. Then people were even more unhappy... and came back to Destiny. I even saw apology posts in the forums. Interesting times.

  83. Dwarf From The North

    Dwarf From The NorthOrë më parë

    Not as big as your mamma

  84. Nathuk666

    Nathuk666Orë më parë

    On racing games I have to drive around the circuit in the opposite direction causing massive accidents, Forza's brilliant for it. In Free Play mode obviously, not Career

  85. Jason G

    Jason GOrë më parë

    I was heated ?fight night got dropped and ufc picked up Until played ufc 3 They neeed a 4 and fight night needs a new one too

  86. Jay Xiong

    Jay XiongOrë më parë

    EA is a mistake in the first place

  87. Ciaran Brady

    Ciaran BradyOrë më parë


  88. Leonis Yggdrasil

    Leonis YggdrasilOrë më parë

    I personally like ME: Andromeda

  89. Dani Castillo

    Dani CastilloOrë më parë

    Advent rising, choos between your love or your brother, and later on to see the one you choose die in front of you

  90. Catie7797

    Catie7797Orë më parë

    I know this was mentioned, but the fact that they pulled people away from Andromeda to work on the raging dumpster fire that is Anthem still makes me salty. I thought Andromeda was great, I've played it more than once and yes I know I'm in the minority don't @ me . Fact is, it could have been so much better.

  91. Stephanie Schnurman

    Stephanie SchnurmanOrë më parë

    Does anyone know if Soap MacTavish is going to be back? I notice no trailer or advertisement is even hinting at it.

  92. Rafael Vial

    Rafael VialOrë më parë

    The global release ain't there yet but I swear, Black Desert mobile will be on the next list if it comes out globally I'm currently playing it on korean but even that hasn't stopped me from having a blast

  93. Eetu Salonen

    Eetu SalonenOrë më parë

    A few months back i broke a... game. Yes you read that right, i was on mah ps3 browsing games on PS3 store and i bought a game that costs over fifty dollars and can you guess what it is? It's Far Cry 4. And yes i downloaded it, then i had to go sleep, i turn off the ps3 and, guess what. It's corrupted..... I. Spent. Over. Fifty. Dollars. On. It. FFFUUUUUUUUUUUKKKKK Pretty long story isn't it?

  94. Joshua Anderson

    Joshua AndersonOrë më parë

    One mistake? Their very existence.

  95. The Artist 983zb

    The Artist 983zbOrë më parë

    This list has not aged well...

  96. Ten Of Diamonds

    Ten Of DiamondsOrë më parë

    Far Cry companions are the best ones to beat up/shoot/set on fire.

  97. Joe Fernandez

    Joe FernandezOrë më parë

    Hiring people, they think I wanted to work remotely. I tried to get a job but they are so stupid at hiring like people who think loot boxes are gambling.

  98. Trent Plumley

    Trent PlumleyOrë më parë

    Crazy how this is. I enjoy my Xbox from its beginning. I remember hearing all this crap before Xbox one release. Then you get the console and it’s very entertaining. Gears of War 5 is awesome. They just put out Jason Horror game free with gold. Awesome 😎 soon I’m getting a 4K tv. Maybe the new console will be set up for VR in 4K. Maybe re-release of Skyrim in VR. Lol 😂 😂

  99. Kimberly P

    Kimberly POrë më parë

    I'm surprised Hello Neighbor or We Happy Few aren't on this list 🤔 they were on early access for so long and so hyped and then when they finally went "full release" the games were basically unplayable with bugs and glitches

  100. Clive HG Lee

    Clive HG LeeOrë më parë

    just say bad is bad. no need to dance around it. sheesh.