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Post Malone - Myself (Audio)
Post Malone - Wow. (Audio)
Post Malone - I Know (Audio)
Post Malone - Internet (Audio)
Post Malone - Allergic (Audio)
Post Malone - Circles

Post Malone - Circles

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Post Malone - Better Now
Post Malone - Go Flex

Post Malone - Go Flex

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Post Malone - Go Flex

Post Malone - Go Flex

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Post Malone - Go Flex (Audio)
Post Malone - Too Young

Post Malone - Too Young

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  1. Mortal Girl

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    She wanna *_rrIIIDDdDDEEee_* like a cruise

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    Rockstar (Lyrics) Post Malone: [Intro: Post Malone] Hahahahaha Tank God Ayy, ayy [Chorus: Post Malone] I've been f*ckin' ho*s and poppin' pillies Man, I feel just like a rockstar (star, ayy, ayy) All my brothers got that gas And they always be smokin' like a Rasta (-sta) F*ckin' with me, call up on a Uzi And show up, man, name them the shottas (-tas) When my homies pull up on your block They make that thing go grrra-ta-ta-ta (ta, pow, pow, pow, ayy, ayy) [Verse 1: Post Malone] Switch my whip, came back in black I'm startin' sayin', "Rest in peace to Bon Scott" (Scott, ayy) Close that door, we blowin' smoke She ask me light a fire like I'm Morrison (-son, ayy) Act a fool on stage Prolly leave my f*ckin' show in a cop car (car, ayy) Sh*t was legendary Threw a TV out the window of the Montage Cocaine on the table, liquor pourin', don't give a damn Dude, your girlfriend is a groupie, she just tryna get in Sayin', "I'm with the band" (ayy, ayy) Now she actin' outta pocket, tryna grab up on my pants Hundred b*tches in my trailer say they ain't got a man And they all brought a friend (yeah, ayy, ayy, ayy) [Chorus: Post Malone] I've been f*ckin' ho*s and poppin' pillies Man, I feel just like a rockstar (star, ayy, ayy) All my brothers got that gas And they always be smokin' like a Rasta (-sta) F*ckin' with me, call up on a Uzi And show up, man, name them the shottas (-tas) When my homies pull up on your block They make that thing go grrra-ta-ta-ta (ta, pow, pow, pow) [Verse 2: 21 Savage] I've been in the Hills f*ckin' superstars Feelin' like a popstar (21, 21, 21) Drankin' Henny, bad b*tches jumpin' in the pool And they ain't got on no bra (bra) Hit her from the back, pullin' on her tracks And now she screamin' out, "¡No más!" (yeah, yeah, yeah) They like, "Savage, why you got a twelve car garage And you only got six cars?" (21) I ain't with the cakin', how you kiss that? (kiss that?) Your wifey say I'm lookin' like a whole snack (big snack) Green hundreds in my safe, I got old racks (old racks) L.A. b*tches always askin', "Where the coke at?" (21, 21) Livin' like a rockstar, smash out on a cop car Sweeter than a Pop-Tart, you know you are not hard I done made the hot chart, 'member I used to trap hard Livin' like a rockstar, I'm livin' like a rockstar (ayy) [Chorus: Post Malone & 21 Savage] I've been f*ckin' ho*s and poppin' pillies Man, I feel just like a rockstar (star, ayy, ayy) All my brothers got that gas And they always be smokin' like a Rasta (-sta, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) F*ckin' with me, call up on a Uzi And show up, man, name them the shottas (-tas) When my homies pull up on your block They make that thing go grrra-ta-ta-ta (ta, grrra-ta-ta-ta-ta) [Outro: Post Malone] Star, star, rockstar, rockstar, star Rockstar Rockstar, feel just like a rock... Rockstar Rockstar Rockstar Feel just like a...

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    Me encantó, una de mis favoritas ❤️🤩

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    Ya’ll I love POST and I make music. Give me a listen and an honest try please?

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    Wow man you are the king

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    Looks like a great game of chess. The elite are getting really in your face about it huh?

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    Post Malone é fodaaaa

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    CADÊ OS BR !!!!!!!!!

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    i showed it to my dog... he didn't understand it. he's a dog

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    This song and music video is sum crazy shit but real 🙏🏼

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    editors are here for 1:10

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    Lol look at his fighting skills in Rockstar compared to this

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    The 200k dislikes are from the people who watch DC movies

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    Dont do that annoying *WHO IS HERE BEFORE ...* shit when we are all older

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    I. Am. 7

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    great song

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    Disgusted with this video

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    When my dad comes back from getting the milk Me:

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    stley play topy

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    I can't afford the tickets Now I'm crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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    No cuz every boy is ugly

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    21 savage killed this 🔥🔥

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    Man! I just really, really LOVE this piece of music...the entire arrangement. Post, well done.

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    sorry, had to go barf.. feeling better now, 'song' or 'voice box tryout' is over.

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    Свои на месте??

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    Simp Nation

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    He's like so versatile that I never know it's him, but then when someone tells me it totally makes sense.

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    I'm actually LISTENING to this while sitting on top of a building looking at the view of New York

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    Is no one going to mention that he saved a weird fake rapunzel with no mouth that is powerful?

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    I know that feeling all to well

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    Plot twist: he was actually killing people😲

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    I wanna watch Lord Of The Rings now ☺️Two Towers My Shit ❤️❤️

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    No. #1

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    “But who’d be at my funeral I wonder”

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    Who knew that the people that hurried him that they would burry him with a pack of cigarettes

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    can you get me tickets to youre feb 14 show please

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    Y From brazil Y no speak inglish 😂😂 ❤❤y love EUA

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    Very clear i love the best

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    T you are a very happy and prosperous and healthy and prosperous New year you will be in my office Andrew

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    I like this songs so much that it be in my head when I’m at school 😂😂😂

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    Who here searched panini and found this

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    Not ashamed to say I heard this first at walmart. I knew of post malone didnt know he sang like this.

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    Versão do Lucas ta melhor vlw flw


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    My little brother loves this song

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    Nipsey Hussle and post malone, they sound good together, check this out,

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    if anyones watching rockstar in 2020, first of all your awesome... n yeah check out this post malone and nipsey remix of enemies,

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    I hope you guys enjoy this Post Malone and Nipsey Hussle remix of Enemies ,

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    Here's post malone and nipsey hussle remix of Enemies,

  57. KR420

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    Here's a remix to the song Enemies by Post Malone, the remix is with Drake and Nipsey hussle ...

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    This song gives me summer vibes and I love it!

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    BRASIL /2020.. Now they always say congratulations!!!!!!!

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    is nobody going to mention the fact that Travis Scott is also featured in this song

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