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  1. Shaun Nash

    Shaun NashOrë më parë

    My only issue is they changed his voice, in the original he sounded like a demented police sergeant, whereas now he just sounds like every generic supersized character.

  2. Lanre Akerele

    Lanre Akerele3 orë më parë

    The new Resident Evil 3 remake really does look as though you're watching a movie at night alone

  3. Tarzzy

    Tarzzy3 orë më parë

    Does anyone have this digitally downloaded on PS4? If so can you shareplay your account for a bit?

  4. ithought

    ithought4 orë më parë

    Capcom I'm glad you didn't listen to these ignorant babies and still released Resistance with RE3. Resistance looks like fun and has more replay value than RE3,because you will be adding free dlc to Resistance? Could you also add more abilities for survivors and bioweapons like a G-Birkin can do a dismemberment kill and Mr X a bearhug kill.

  5. Thomas Holzer

    Thomas Holzer5 orë më parë

    The original Jill had blue eyes, Capcom come on...

  6. Ryfo Juan

    Ryfo Juan6 orë më parë

    is nemesis in this new resident evil 3 could run like in the resident evil 3 (1999)

  7. evandro ferrari

    evandro ferrari7 orë më parë

    Então Capcom tem um pessoal fazendo trailer de RE8 falso e você vai fazer alguma coisa

  8. BugediYT

    BugediYT8 orë më parë

    Sh*t new nemesis

  9. klovy كلوفي

    klovy كلوفي9 orë më parë

    cant wait🔥🔥

  10. Orgtex mp

    Orgtex mp9 orë më parë


  11. Amaan Munir

    Amaan Munir10 orë më parë

    5 years later it gets recommended to me 😊

  12. Aljun Oftana

    Aljun Oftana13 orë më parë

    Cast Protagonists Leon Scott Kennedy - Elsa (Frozen Series) Chris Redfield - Anna (Frozen Series) Jake Muller - Rapunzel (Tangled) Ada Wong - Queen Iduna (Frozen 2) Helena Harper - Jack Frost (Rose Of The Guardians) Piers Nivans - Merida (Brave) Sherry Birkin - Hiccup Horrendous Haddock (How To Train Your Dragon Series) Deborah Harper - Heather (Dragons) B.S.A.A. - Disney And Final Fantasy Characters Antagonists Derek Clifford Simmons - Astrid Hofferson (HTTYD The Hidden World) Haos - Ruffnut Thorston (HTTYD The Hidden World) Ustanak - Tuffnut Thorston (HTTYD The Hidden World) Ogroman - Fishlegs Ingerman (HTTYD The Hidden World) Ubistvo - Snotlout Jorgenson (HTTYD The Hidden World) Lepotitsa - Eret Son Of Eret (HTTYD The Hidden World) Brzrk (Shark) - Stormfly (HTTYD) Iluzija - Lady (DMC 5) Carla Radames - Dante (DMC 5) Zombies - Memories Of 2019

  13. Oliver Morgan

    Oliver Morgan14 orë më parë

    Wow loving it want it

  14. Dynmyx

    Dynmyx14 orë më parë

    0:12 ?????

  15. Aal Khoirie

    Aal Khoirie15 orë më parë

    3 april 2020????THIS MY BIRTHDAY BROUUHH.... WWWHATT???

  16. Brandon

    Brandon22 orë më parë

    Cant wait for RE3! Have absolutely loved RE2 and creating content for it this past year. Looking forward to putting out some content for the new game this April!

  17. Jack Taylor 044

    Jack Taylor 04422 orë më parë

    I remember seeing this trailer as a kid on one of the RE cgi movies and being hyped as fuck.

  18. Bradley Clark

    Bradley ClarkDitë më parë

    That Tyrant is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear, and it absolutely will not stop! Ever! Until you are dead.

  19. Kayleigh Wall

    Kayleigh WallDitë më parë

    I’m a die hard Nemesis fan... And I’m running with my tail between my legs.

  20. Umeshu

    UmeshuDitë më parë

    Studio FOW needs to get to work.

  21. Fabio Ganassini

    Fabio GanassiniDitë më parë

    Resident evil 3 for GOTY? Yes sir!

  22. Pedro Porto

    Pedro PortoDitë më parë

    Pior resident evil da história '-'

  23. Leone Dos Reis Frauches

    Leone Dos Reis FrauchesDitë më parë


  24. Neves7561

    Neves7561Ditë më parë

    No tophat, no buy.

  25. Nemesis

    NemesisDitë më parë


  26. Nemesis

    NemesisDitë më parë


  27. Nemesis

    NemesisDitë më parë


  28. 60 average

    60 averageDitë më parë

    Why Capcom ?

  29. 60 average

    60 averageDitë më parë

    Why Capcom ?

  30. 60 average

    60 averageDitë më parë

    Why Capcom ?

  31. Evoldog

    EvoldogDitë më parë

    I keep coming back to this video and just sit it awe that it finally happened and the game turned out so damn good!!! Wooooo!!!

  32. Patrick Coelho

    Patrick Coelho2 ditë më parë

    so esse trailer foi muiiiiito melhor que todos os filmes dos pseudos ''resident evil'' dos cinemas.

  33. Albert Wesker

    Albert Wesker2 ditë më parë

    Omg, who will be play it? It was stupid idea... Can I buy RE3 without this shit?

  34. Vrea blood kush

    Vrea blood kush2 ditë më parë

    Where is the missile launcher of némesis ?

  35. Efren Ramirez

    Efren Ramirez2 ditë më parë

    OMG 😶

  36. Hakimi Md Som

    Hakimi Md Som2 ditë më parë

    This Resident Evil Franchise Could Be In Anime Series I Hope So...


    JUANHDA CX2 ditë më parë

    What a horrible hairstyle, the poor man hurts me with that hairstyle 😰

  38. Luna

    Luna2 ditë më parë

    re watching this that clock that says 20:07, I feel like it may be coming 20th July because of the delaying of recent games, maybe it could be another release date if delayed

  39. Rasta

    Rasta2 ditë më parë

    Yes!!!! Wait RE Code Veronica and Dino Crisis remake

  40. WataRu;*

    WataRu;*2 ditë më parë

    Mocno <3

  41. Sam Pendergast

    Sam Pendergast2 ditë më parë

    Anyone know who voices Jill and Carlos?

  42. Bruce Willis

    Bruce Willis2 ditë më parë

    too much HUD

  43. MitchT93

    MitchT933 ditë më parë

    Mr. X: I'm the baddest motherfucker around these parts! Nemesis: 🤨🤨🤨

  44. Gabrielius Sveikys

    Gabrielius Sveikys3 ditë më parë

    Do more rezident evil with Ada

  45. Gabrielius Sveikys

    Gabrielius Sveikys3 ditë më parë

    Is Ada alive

  46. Majo H

    Majo H3 ditë më parë

    S W E E T

  47. 3786373

    37863733 ditë më parë

    Wow!!! Can't wait. Without a doubt it's must buy. Looks and sounds like absolute quality to me.

  48. Hamno Dilshad

    Hamno Dilshad3 ditë më parë

    this is fking lit!

  49. midda C

    midda C3 ditë më parë


  50. Drake Mode

    Drake Mode3 ditë më parë

    Plz plz plz CAPCOM include The all classic music and soundtrack plz i need to start this game with classic outfits 😔 but we need the classic music with it 🙏🤍💜

  51. Paraluna Radeon

    Paraluna Radeon3 ditë më parë

    Battle to survive the horror with your AMD Radeon™ graphics and Ryzen™ processors.

  52. Shamar Jones

    Shamar Jones3 ditë më parë

    • The Last of Us part 2: Delayed. • Final Fantasy 7: Delayed. • Avengers: Delayed. • Resident Evil 3: We got you.

  53. 김철수

    김철수3 ditë më parë

    Please do not retire Chris Redfield, Capcom!

  54. Sebastián Duque

    Sebastián Duque3 ditë më parë

    Este Nemesis vale oro, la nueva versión era necesaria ya que la antigua había sido muy desprestigiada con esos otros juegos de mierda donde lo incluyeron y esta versión nueva le da al monstruo mucho poder y se ve mucho mas "Monstruo" es decir se queda en tu mente

  55. Offworlder1

    Offworlder13 ditë më parë

    I always believed they would do it after all the love and praise fans gave REmake 1. Now we are also getting RE 3 remake, good times and Capcom is reclaiming their place among the greats.

  56. Iqbal Khan

    Iqbal Khan3 ditë më parë


  57. RONSTAR08

    RONSTAR083 ditë më parë

    I love this trailers song, can't wait for the rest of the ost 😍💕 @0:33

  58. Manny Sanchez

    Manny Sanchez3 ditë më parë


  59. Suprematista

    Suprematista3 ditë më parë

    CAPCOM, you better make Nemesis sprint, for kami's sake, don't fuck it up, PLEASE.

  60. Seven

    Seven3 ditë më parë

    Why they make this game linear?! Capcom it's 2020 ffs!

  61. Frosty Gaming

    Frosty Gaming3 ditë më parë


  62. Aurora Pandora

    Aurora Pandora3 ditë më parë

    Me:"What if we rewrite the-" Nemesis:"S.TA.R.S" Me: (Shivers in fear) "Is it my time yet?"

  63. arsnakeheart

    arsnakeheart3 ditë më parë

    This little series was great to see. Bless these developers. Can't wait for the RE3 one!

  64. Daddy's Boy

    Daddy's Boy3 ditë më parë


  65. arsnakeheart

    arsnakeheart3 ditë më parë

    Blessed a thousand times このゲームをファン達に作ってくれてありがとうございます!

  66. arsnakeheart

    arsnakeheart3 ditë më parë

    They did it and it was amazing, this is absolutely blessed, I love these guys

  67. susana lopez lara

    susana lopez lara3 ditë më parë


  68. xXSilentSniper

    xXSilentSniper4 ditë më parë

    I can already tell Nemesis is going to terrorize me and piss me off at the same time

  69. MA-121

    MA-1214 ditë më parë

    so it's a game about a dude call jill. disgusting .awful design. PC modders will fix that.

  70. Welcome To MAFIN'S Channel!!!!

    Welcome To MAFIN'S Channel!!!!4 ditë më parë

    Many English Comments... I'm so proud of Capcom as Japanese and also as one of the big fun of Resident Evil!!!!

  71. Hakimi Md Som

    Hakimi Md Som4 ditë më parë

    I Hope Capcom Make Resident Evil Mobile Game...

  72. arsnakeheart

    arsnakeheart4 ditë më parë

    What an amazing bunch of people, I'm so glad they exist and that they made this and other RE games

  73. Robert Onan

    Robert Onan4 ditë më parë

    Remake RE1 too! They did good job on RE2 and RE3

  74. waxing gibbous

    waxing gibbous4 ditë më parë


  75. Harold Captivate

    Harold Captivate4 ditë më parë

    I don't like the redesigned nemesis. It doesn't give off a nemesis feel. I don't like it I don't.

  76. MrSihrus

    MrSihrus4 ditë më parë

    "Chtaaaarch!" Civilian: whose that? Jill: oh, that's the new guy

  77. superiorgamedude

    superiorgamedude4 ditë më parë

    Oh god, imagine how terrifying Nemesis is gonna be. And he's got a flamethrower now too? It's 3 months away and I've already shit my pants.

  78. Beans&Egg

    Beans&Egg4 ditë më parë

    0:21 is that him saying “S.T.A.R.S” but more quietly?

  79. Home Depot

    Home Depot4 ditë më parë

    Please add more background to the R.P.D this time and less dark areas. And the classic soundtrack too.

  80. MimiChail 33

    MimiChail 334 ditë më parë


  81. Dark GT

    Dark GT4 ditë më parë

    X is going give us something good.

  82. Emanuel Gonzalez

    Emanuel Gonzalez4 ditë më parë

    I miss when Nemesis Say: S.T.A.R.S

  83. Pol Noone

    Pol Noone4 ditë më parë

    166 dislikes? WTF?

  84. OCT POD

    OCT POD4 ditë më parë

    We need a Dino Crisis remake please CAPCOM.

  85. Nick Vega

    Nick Vega4 ditë më parë

    Who would win? Discount Milla Jovovich Or one tentically boi

  86. Danni H4

    Danni H44 ditë më parë

    Dude! That mo* hunters is f* menacing!!!

  87. ジュリアン

    ジュリアン4 ditë më parë

    The game looks good but nemesis's voice is underwhelming, doesnt sound as intimidating as the original

  88. Chuuni Chewer

    Chuuni Chewer4 ditë më parë

    Nemesis looks so stupid now.

  89. Michael Klos

    Michael Klos4 ditë më parë

    Can't wait...look forward to this amazing looking remake of one of my favorites...

  90. MrPasetchnik

    MrPasetchnik4 ditë më parë

    Those teeth are way too long..


    kEON PRODUCTION4 ditë më parë

    1:47 - Resident Evil 4 Sound *hmmm* @CAPCOM PLS Remake #RE4

  92. Goldman200

    Goldman2004 ditë më parë

    Tell me about Nemesis! Why does he wears the mask?!

  93. quake puff

    quake puff4 ditë më parë

    dear capcom please make a new megaman series

  94. Mattew Wolves

    Mattew Wolves4 ditë më parë

    But why does he says stars


    KOT KOTOFEY4 ditë më parë

    Original RE3 Nemesis face was better and more scary!!! 😜

  96. Warent9

    Warent94 ditë më parë

    Это блять охуенно.

  97. Lena Kristian

    Lena Kristian4 ditë më parë

    There's no Ada in the trailer, Right? Why, Capcom? Why is she always be an enigma?

  98. wolveric0

    wolveric04 ditë më parë

    now we have the OG trilogy plus RE0 in high def on current gen hardware, just thank you capcom.

  99. guillermo gavidia

    guillermo gavidia4 ditë më parë

    Lovely BUT i want mereceries mode 💔😭😭😭