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Resident Evil
Resident Evil

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Project Resistance Teaser

Project Resistance Teaser

10 ditë më parë

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  1. Tomas Maciel de Paula Souza

    Tomas Maciel de Paula Souza12 minuta më parë

    "With great power comes great responsiblities" pensem nisso.

  2. Jordan Dymiter

    Jordan Dymiter18 minuta më parë

    The worst resident evil game ever not interested especially if it’s like outbreak not interested bad gameplay bad looking and doesn’t look like a resident evil game

  3. Pablo Alberto Cortés Alvarez

    Pablo Alberto Cortés Alvarez42 minuta më parë

    Porque capcom? Porque no nos das lo que queremos (RE3 remake) para que perder el tiempo haciendo este tipo de juegos si sabes que de ti esperamos un survival horror

  4. José tobon

    José tobonOrë më parë

    Capcom vuelves a cagarla yo pensé que volverías al suvairval horror pero volviste a ser la porquería del Shooter me decepcionas


    WONHO JB3 orë më parë

    Woow i like it

  6. Beaury ROÉS

    Beaury ROÉS3 orë më parë

    I like it

  7. Beaury ROÉS

    Beaury ROÉS3 orë më parë

    Its cool

  8. Alfonso Borja Cardenas

    Alfonso Borja Cardenas3 orë më parë

    What do we want? Resident Evil 3 remake Who do we want? Jill valentine How do we want to see Jill? Hot and Sexy

  9. Rodrigo Vargas

    Rodrigo Vargas3 orë më parë

    Capcom, fuck you

  10. Aditya Agusta

    Aditya Agusta5 orë më parë

    I think this game is the same as outbreak but.. different 👎🏻 reality game and trailer are really different.. Bad game 👎🏻


    HAZZA XOLoTL5 orë më parë

    Does anyone know how much it is

  12. MrX Charger

    MrX Charger6 orë më parë

    I disagree with everyone ..Resident Evil will always be a classic and Im sure There will be more of it ..But this is just and Expansion of the universe and Remember...Multiplayer battling is what’s in style now and selling..Ahh Fornite isn’t my type of Game but is popular and making money..Plus in the Horror Genre Dead by Daylight is making money and so Did Friday the 13th...So I’m all in for this and I’d put money there will be a RE Tie in and story Mode plus another Full Resident Evil game ..Give something new and different a chance..Evolution ;)

  13. Esteban Demetrio

    Esteban Demetrio6 orë më parë

    hell NO! you guys should remaster outbreak 1 and 2 for consoles instead of this trash...🙄

  14. Giovanni Perdomo

    Giovanni Perdomo6 orë më parë

    Wath? Is a shit

  15. 4ndroid G

    4ndroid G6 orë më parë

    What is this?

  16. massee 211

    massee 2117 orë më parë

    Capcom never learns. Remember when Umbrella Corps didn't do well? Capcom doesn't. They have the memories of a goldfish.

  17. J. Rambo

    J. Rambo7 orë më parë

    STOP ASKING FOR OUTBREAK this is the reason we get this garbage WE WANT SINGLEPLAYER RE3 and RE8 thats it FUCK MULTIPLAYER!!!

  18. Tamás Szekeres

    Tamás Szekeres8 orë më parë

    WHY CAPCOM WHY? outbreak remake or file 3 is what we want not this bullshit.. this is straight SHIT... fuck this i dont want this shit.... i will never play this shit... just to let u know ever since outbreak was released only proper game u made was RE2 remake... please realise that u keep on capitalizing on your early successes but u keep fucking up the name of the series...

  19. Ice Spirit

    Ice Spirit8 orë më parë

    Х У Е Т А

  20. SegaSaturnSNK

    SegaSaturnSNK8 orë më parë

    Waste of time and money. Should invested that more into remakes for 3 and Code Veronica.

  21. Immortal Player

    Immortal Player8 orë më parë


  22. AlistairDante

    AlistairDante8 orë më parë

    Let's talk business Capcom. Fans want RE outbreak, some even just wanting a port. A game where there are 123 different costumes/characters you could even try to peddle as DLC for $. VS A dead by daylight kind of game, that wont have anywhere as much polish on day one nor amass the player base of DBD, because it honestly looks like an event DBD could have had instead of wasting the man power and money to make a fully fledged side project and pay an outsourced team to do it. Tl;dr Outbreak, which many would be happy just having been ported up, no real extra effort wasted in remastering with 123 characters you could have made mad $ with as DLC VS. A dead by daylight clone that cost more than you will probably get back as the player base will die after a week and go back to titles that are more polished and already established in this genre. I might be slightly biased, but it seems to me like an easy choice financially cut and dry, less effort/more money>paying another dev team and suffering the loss of hype for RE3R/RE8 and/or not recouping the budget to make.

  23. ** sτrαωвєrry**

    ** sτrαωвєrry**9 orë më parë

    i just i cant believe that black man seriously fight mr x with baseball bat wtf ??? 😱😂😑

  24. ** sτrαωвєrry**

    ** sτrαωвєrry**9 orë më parë

    Because of this game I am no longer afraid of Mr X anymore, why Capcom?

  25. nick yency

    nick yency9 orë më parë

    Looks like dlc For re2

  26. Liquid Snake

    Liquid Snake9 orë më parë

    When is the release date? I'm pretty excited for this 👍

  27. Zero-194

    Zero-1949 orë më parë

    Whata shit

  28. VictorHUN

    VictorHUN10 orë më parë

    Mi ez a fos?

  29. خلفان الحميري

    خلفان الحميري12 orë më parë

    wtf 😕👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  30. Nathan Hale

    Nathan Hale12 orë më parë

    Capcom, you are still on time to cancel this crap.

  31. Daniel A.

    Daniel A.12 orë më parë

    Lol dafuq, this looks like a chinese game lol

  32. Drako_ weA

    Drako_ weA14 orë më parë

    the people need a new outbreak

  33. Ka_mook

    Ka_mook14 orë më parë

    Umbrella Corps 2 but Dead by Daylight rip off this time. Hmmmm..... nope.

  34. Irfan Shah

    Irfan Shah15 orë më parë

    Extremely Low effort and heavily reused assets bs crap. Capcom is not suitable name for you it's Crapcom best for this company.

  35. strixe7

    strixe718 orë më parë


  36. TeddyBearSolid 5260

    TeddyBearSolid 526019 orë më parë

    Gooood.... Gooooood... *rubs hands like Palpatine* I loved Resi6. Glad it's coming to Switch where it belongs. Already got 4 on this baby, but I guess I can delete the digital version and save 12GB. Now bring SFV to Switch, please!

  37. DerMetzger

    DerMetzger19 orë më parë

    1:27 - Hunk's inner monologue: "All RIGHT! I'm kicking ass and taking names and the extraction point is just around this cor-NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE... "

  38. LastSlice

    LastSlice20 orë më parë

    Nice concept but should've taken out the mounted guns and mechanical traps and just spawn monsters only.

  39. LastSlice

    LastSlice20 orë më parë

    TYRONE... really Capcom? They just had to go with the most commonly used ethnic black name out there huh? Marvin and Kenneth would be rolling in their graves right now.

  40. Vadim Dudeovskih

    Vadim Dudeovskih20 orë më parë

    Who asked for this show me that person

  41. Ruben Deibe

    Ruben Deibe21 orë më parë

    Seriously Capcom? Again? Even if you had thought of releasing this as a DLC for RE2 it would have been disappointing...just look at it.... looks awful!!! What a failure. Shame on the people who considered this was a good idea. Why don't you just let us, your fans enjoy your franchise how we all deserve? It's not hard, wanna make money? Didn't RE2 show you the formula of how your games should be done? PROJECT REPUGNANCE

  42. Lester Rivera

    Lester Rivera21 orë më parë

    This looks great!

  43. Kairo Hayime

    Kairo Hayime22 orë më parë

    BOOOORING!!!, The only way to download it is to be F2P

  44. A250791

    A25079123 orë më parë

    X gon give it to them

  45. Frostbite

    Frostbite23 orë më parë

    Im just here for the comments.

  46. Robson Andrade

    Robson Andrade23 orë më parë

    O operation raccoon city consegue ser melhor q isso ,_,

  47. Vanessa França

    Vanessa França23 orë më parë

    Melhor do que a franquia-bosta de filmes com a Alice.

  48. The Zodiac

    The ZodiacDitë më parë

    Omg I’d love to play this

  49. NuKeD!

    NuKeD!Ditë më parë

    looks like a resident evil 2 coop mod, wtf is this

  50. carlos

    carlosDitë më parë

    Usted no aprende señor Simpson

  51. sigmanagato

    sigmanagatoDitë më parë

    aburridooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo donde mierda esta resident evil re make 3?

  52. ZackDestroysU

    ZackDestroysUDitë më parë

    Holy shit she has bad aim don't expect that much ammo unless you'r on easy

  53. Mr. Subtitles

    Mr. SubtitlesDitë më parë


  54. josé of war

    josé of warDitë më parë

    Puta q pariu heim capcom

  55. Lukus80

    Lukus80Ditë më parë

    Alarm bells ring that harken back to Umbrella Corps.

  56. tahsinxyz

    tahsinxyzDitë më parë

    Capcom, please release this game under diffrent franchise not Resident Evil.

  57. Red Master FFX

    Red Master FFXDitë më parë

    Low game... We need RE 8.

  58. francis loreto

    francis loretoDitë më parë

    Outbreak remake is perfect

  59. PugsAndKissesYT

    PugsAndKissesYTDitë më parë

    This looks badass but i wish it was on pc damn

  60. victor sepulveda

    victor sepulvedaDitë më parë

    outbreak 3 o tal vez resident evil revelations 3 no esto

  61. Pepé Gejming XOX

    Pepé Gejming XOXDitë më parë

    Capcom IS dead.. Good bye

  62. Cloud Wolf

    Cloud WolfDitë më parë

    7.3k dislikes, this game will be a huge flop, so sad

  63. Richard Jael

    Richard JaelDitë më parë

    pls , re3 remake , capcom!

  64. Anwar Lopez Cheeriernevada1

    Anwar Lopez Cheeriernevada1Ditë më parë

    Remake RE 1 and add more puzzles then work on RE 3 after

  65. Anwar Lopez Cheeriernevada1

    Anwar Lopez Cheeriernevada1Ditë më parë

    The trailer reminds me of a nightmare on elm street for some reason

  66. Aarithian

    AarithianDitë më parë

    I thought this was going to be RE: Outbreak File 3. I'm SO DISAPPOINTED!!!!

  67. Signore Colomma

    Signore ColommaDitë më parë

    13.000 likes?? The world is going to shit...

  68. Jorge León

    Jorge LeónDitë më parë

    Fuck ... god damn it you had one job ! How did you screw the opportunity to make something really special ?!

  69. Poezen Paleis

    Poezen PaleisDitë më parë

    What is this? The Scooby Doo Gang? Come on guys.....

  70. Mano Sargheras

    Mano SargherasDitë më parë

    Don't you make the same mistake like metal gear survival. Don't learn with that exemple?

  71. Mano Sargheras

    Mano SargherasDitë më parë

    Wow that's a incrideble garbage. Congrats capcom. Cancel this shit.

  72. Reinhart Sieger

    Reinhart SiegerDitë më parë

    Dude i thought u were back on the right tracks after resi2, dmc5 and megaman11

  73. El ZeldaVerde

    El ZeldaVerdeDitë më parë

    Cancel this game and make other resident evil capcom!

  74. El ZeldaVerde

    El ZeldaVerdeDitë më parë

    Cancel this game and make other resident evil capcom!

  75. Guy

    GuyDitë më parë

    I have a bad feeling about this.

  76. Daniel Galvan

    Daniel GalvanDitë më parë

    Que asco, ese tipo de videojuegos son una ofensa para resident evil.

  77. king pin

    king pinDitë më parë

    Please add nemesis , ustank , William birkin as playable zombie

  78. Mirage Comedian 85

    Mirage Comedian 85Ditë më parë

    Hey the new dlc pack in dead by daylight look great.

  79. XYZexal

    XYZexalDitë më parë

    I can't exactly speak for everyone because I have never played RE: Outbreak because I wasn't old enough around its' runtime nor experience how it went because apparently, its' servers were closed by the time I was old enough, but I for one would like to give this game a shot. When I watched this, my initial thoughts was that of like Evolve or Dead by Daylight. I mean, from the looks of it, it seems that this could work as to why there's this closed beta test. So while there's those that are outraged for this supposed rehashed of Outbreak for next-next generation consoles, there are those that would like to see how this plays out when the full game comes out, including me. So I'm just gonna stand in the neutral ground for this.

  80. Nahuel

    NahuelDitë më parë

    I'm as disappointed as you guys, but come on, we can't pretend that capcom throw remakes every year. Making a remake takes a lot of time, this is just a side project, it may be a bit lame and repetitive, but if the price is reasonable, we can enjoy a 1 v 4 game, so stop crying

  81. Sergi Medina

    Sergi MedinaDitë më parë

    This is *NOT* _Resident Evil,_ ya know?

  82. Bufekni

    BufekniDitë më parë

    Not switch?

  83. Yuri Rangel

    Yuri RangelDitë më parë

    not interesting to me... not what I think of when I want to play RE games

  84. ValTalex

    ValTalexDitë më parë

    RE engine is pretty successful as I can see! Am I the only one who thinks it looks like a lot like a Left 4 Dead game? Although I would have preferred an Outbreak file 3 or a remake of the three let's see what this one will have. Why can't we just simply create our own character? Honestly I don't really feel hyped about the game...

  85. Cue Zo

    Cue ZoDitë më parë

    this outbreak remaster looks weird

  86. Ruben Araya

    Ruben ArayaDitë më parë

    The director of this game hates resident evil 😆

  87. Ruben Araya

    Ruben ArayaDitë më parë


  88. Dani de Bratz

    Dani de BratzDitë më parë

    Bosta, estou desanimado. Com vc Capcom, comprei o re2 Remake, pra dar uma força e não baixar pirata, crendo que vc faria o RE3, e até agora nada

  89. Beans&Egg

    Beans&EggDitë më parë

    2:34 lol is that Nemesis at the end

  90. Xø øX

    Xø øXDitë më parë

    الصراحه يستاهل الدست لايك

  91. Wendell Resende

    Wendell ResendeDitë më parë

    Capcom, are you crazy??? you guys are joking with our face? Never learn.

  92. Rodger Haynin

    Rodger HayninDitë më parë

    We don't care about Outbreaks, trash mates !

  93. CherryPepsi

    CherryPepsiDitë më parë

    fuck these shitty spin off games

  94. Я твой враг

    Я твой врагDitë më parë

    WE WANT THE SURVIVAL OF THE 90'S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Я твой враг

    Я твой врагDitë më parë

    QUEREMOS LA SUPERVIVENCIA DE LOS AÑOS 90!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Я твой враг

    Я твой врагDitë më parë


  97. RAW

    RAWDitë më parë

    you guys should chill, calm the fuck down, there is a rumor this is just DLC or multiplayer content, its not the base game and they will cancel this game if the feedback is bad. its just a prototype

  98. Mark Carlos

    Mark CarlosDitë më parë

    It looks like a porn intro.

  99. Spawn

    SpawnDitë më parë

    Jeez. I get you guys want a different game, but that doesn't mean this one isn't good. This looks like it can be legit fun to play with friends.

  100. Boyzby

    BoyzbyDitë më parë

    Why the hell isn't this Outbreak 3?...