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Hot Girl Summer Challenge
Huge Try-On Bikini Haul..
on wednesdays we wear pink...
What I Got For Christmas 2018!
It's Finally Here...
The Real Alisha Marie...
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    Where do u get your spilts

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    small youtuber here! let's support each other, I'm hoping to reach 1k by end of 2019 :)

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    I love u guys can you make more videos like this ,

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    Loved this. Please do a budget video

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    I miss these type of videos

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    go back to school struggles and prank wars!!

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    Do a what's in my room tour or a bathroom, closet house tour, or kitchen tour or even a pantry tour

  12. Kaitlyn Bia

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    It was in 2016 during Christmas at Disneyland with my sisters

  13. Süñsët Møøñ

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  14. sophia bronze

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    All of them. LOL 😂

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    Mine an ice cream

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    .........for the taco question I’ve never tried a taco........ But I have eaten the crust and well I put the hard crust inside the soft and that’s my taco.......and I’ve never been to crispy creme ;-; yes I do live under a huge boulder

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    My school mascot is a Wolverine :(

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    I LOVE THE WINTER CANDY APPLE I have the body spray, lotion,and candle

  22. Alayna Cooney

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    You look so cute I am akshitha from India love your videos so much

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    be remi's assistent

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    Can we get another one of these?? Super helpful and encouraging!!

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    i'd rather pay a fixed rate for a trainer than per session because jeez

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    December 2019?

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    The quality of your videos is on another level! Love your editing style too!😍💕👌🏻💛

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    "That's Awk"

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    Sugar plumb

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    Team Alisha

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    What happened to milarisha

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    I love the lady who was walking across the street.

  36. Joyce  Gerdzos

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    monayyy (haha i read the whole description cuz i love alisha)

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    What is that dot above her eyebrow

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    Lauren no offense though

  42. Kylie Ruiz

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    Pickles and did anyone else just watch as the marshmallow fluff fall from Shane's finger bc I hope I am not the only one

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    Is it just me watching this is 2019 😂 comment yes or no.

  44. claudia rose

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    OMG love the reviews ALISHA QUEEN love u inspire me to be pretty basic and I love u so much if u saw this and likes i would die keep slaying and doing your thing LOVE U!!!

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    Lauren but you both did good

  46. Angelica Cabasa

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    ROXY PENE6 orë më parë

    I love how she goes “I know me” like as if she didn’t know herself😂 also Thant should be merch!!

  48. kayla carpenter

    kayla carpenter6 orë më parë

    I love and get so motivated by her . She puts her hart and soul in everything ❤️❤️ P.s The year is almost over , I’m a small ALworksr and best x-mas / end of year gift would be hitting 1k Subscribers x

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    Ashten is HOT!!

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    I got 10 views on my first video in the first 3 hours and i'm proud

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    Love the hidro flask

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    liar liar

  53. Kendall McKinney

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    lier lier

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    Dude u made 3

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    U need to put the green vloas sweat shirt with the arms showing for sale like if u agree

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    I love her abs omg

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    when you call a puffer jacket a hoodie i would do that too ahahaha

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  59. Mohhamed Ahmed

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    If you don’t look at the face ashely looks like taylor swift so much!!! ( ps I am a girl in my dads account relax)

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    Hot santa

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    I watch this video right when it is December first. It’s now a tradition for me to watch this every year.

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    😂😂😂2 Xmas hilarious

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    Sugar plum luv ya

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    Sruggels are real

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    Whitman wildcat

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    My name Isabella

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    Me and Lauren have the same birthday

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    Yearbook anyone📝

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    Not gonna lie I would’ve hired Lauren

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    she did 2 tuesdays

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    i would love to see a makeup monday

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