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  1. terah101

    terah10123 minuta më parë

    The grassroots level all the way to professional level in the MLS needs to be restructured like the way they have it in Europe. The best players, clubs, leagues and national teams are located there for a reason. Scrap the draft and recruit much younger talent directly into club academies and develop them from there. Scrap pay2play and introduce a multi-tier league system with promotion and relegation. Everywhere else in the world does this apart from the US.

  2. Victoria Albastra

    Victoria Albastra37 minuta më parë

    Why do they call it soccer when it's football? They use their foot to kick the ball, hands forbidden = FOOT Ball

  3. ExuberantRaptor

    ExuberantRaptor45 minuta më parë

    Didn't really talk about Zlatan though... Rather why LAFC don't want to face LA Galaxy as a whole.

  4. Mark Mark

    Mark Mark55 minuta më parë

    Ai orgoliu de om timpit d-le Contra!!!!! Am crezut in tine am crezut ca o sa faci ceva...... poti sa ne califici unde vrei pt mine esti un BOU

  5. Kaden Alexander

    Kaden AlexanderOrë më parë

    We’re trying to say the least.

  6. Sikthkid

    SikthkidOrë më parë

    Matt Doyle is the only thing sustaining strategic credit and merit for the MLS.

  7. Javier Solano

    Javier Solano2 orë më parë

    Captain oh captain 🔶⚪🔷

  8. Quique Rojas

    Quique Rojas2 orë më parë

    Que triste, ni el mejor gol de la ligamx le llega al peor de estos...

  9. will well

    will well2 orë më parë

    The great Zlatan...!!!

  10. Sha Gryin

    Sha Gryin3 orë më parë

    Canada got a good team to be fair! 😅 and the USMNT has a not that good coach sorry... USMNT got good players, I believe something better should be done...

  11. Prashun Adhikari

    Prashun Adhikari3 orë më parë

    I want Zlatans Galaxy vs Rooney United in the finals .

  12. José juan Mancillas castillo

    José juan Mancillas castillo3 orë më parë

    ME XI CA NO. eso es Carlos Vela. Una persona que puede elegir donde quiere estar y ser feliz. Correr libre haciendo lo que le gusta ser. LIBRE

  13. John Meixner

    John Meixner3 orë më parë

    I honestly do want that shirt with Susannah's gorgeous face

  14. The Homeless Advocate

    The Homeless Advocate4 orë më parë

    The bald guy is wrong it has been 5 years not 2 years since USA has been awful. We did not make 2018 wc that took 4 years and was disappointment and we are flopping now still in 2019.

  15. cnjdev

    cnjdev4 orë më parë

    Nations League ISNT a waste of time. This team can’t even win in its own region.

  16. Gilbert Segura

    Gilbert Segura5 orë më parë

    She's so good at this song that I can't even sing it 😍😍😍😍

  17. jemerson sousa

    jemerson sousa5 orë më parë

    What are these guys doing there? They don't understand anything about football.

  18. Ski Mask

    Ski Mask5 orë më parë

    I come back to this to see people defending balotelli lmfao even if it was an offside most people would’ve still shot it and also friendly matches can still be if only a little competitive to show respect for the sport

  19. Nicholas Landry

    Nicholas Landry6 orë më parë

    How can none of you pick LAFC when they are highly favored in the playoffs? 🤦‍♂️

  20. Henry Calderon

    Henry Calderon6 orë më parë

    The us lost isn't a big surprise, with players like Altidore n the red head, Altidore isn't that good of a player, n that red head, smh no talent what so ever. The us needs way better players then what they got in the roster. The us soccer has been going down for years, n it's only getting worst. Anyways lafc will beat the galaxy in the playoffs, I want that game, the beat them, they can win the championship

  21. Ara Sagharian

    Ara Sagharian6 orë më parë

    Quentin westberg deserves a spot in this video

  22. Lotchie Yanez

    Lotchie Yanez7 orë më parë

    She sing better than me and im 11 years old -.-

  23. Fer Lou

    Fer Lou8 orë më parë

    Carlos Vela es de origin Hindu pero su familia cambiaron apellidos en Mexico

  24. wilmer figueroa

    wilmer figueroa8 orë më parë

    Oct 18, 2019. I can predict Canada will displace El Salvador in the next FIFA ranking coming on Oct 24. Canada is will be place in sixth place in Concacaf. Mark my words.

  25. Mark Lentz

    Mark Lentz9 orë më parë

    Wow. Was not expecting Doyle to be a strident advocate for my Timbers. Out. Of. Character.

  26. Alex Debernardi Baldo

    Alex Debernardi Baldo11 orë më parë

    Carlos Vela is THE BEST !!!

  27. Rrezik x Kemo 412

    Rrezik x Kemo 41211 orë më parë


  28. Rrezik x Kemo 412

    Rrezik x Kemo 41211 orë më parë


  29. Rrezik x Kemo 412

    Rrezik x Kemo 41211 orë më parë


  30. Luis Sergio Rojas Rojas

    Luis Sergio Rojas Rojas12 orë më parë

    Dribling Carlos Vela

  31. Alex Peacock

    Alex Peacock12 orë më parë

    Nick Rimando is the G.O.A.T.

  32. George B, Langford,Jr.

    George B, Langford,Jr.12 orë më parë

    Hey San Jose Earthquakes, LA Galaxy & LAFC see you in Sacramento in 2022! Go Sac Republic FC!

  33. Brutomars1969 Arboleda

    Brutomars1969 Arboleda12 orë më parë

    Bring Landon Back!

  34. Ryan van Hee

    Ryan van Hee13 orë më parë

    Listened to a couple of people about the USMNT and the things that struck a chord with me: Conrad: The older NT's had way more give a damn. Also, "I'm not sure we hit bottom yet". Frightening and true. He also states the USSF is more concerned with making money than creating a good sporting ecosystem. That is the root of the problem and it's only getting worse. Scuffed: Why no "all-action midfield"? Pomykal should be getting starts, not just maybe being called up to sit on a bench. He would make the team better right away. How many years in a row are we going to get overrun in the midfield? It's closer to a decade than a day. Doyle is right, you cannot lose the center of the pitch and expect to win with any regularity. The USMNT loses to players who are fridge MLS talent, good USL players or play or backwater European leagues. Most people aren't asking our talent to beat the world's elite, just to play to their talent level and play like it means something to you. It would also be nice to have a team that could play the best players and put them in their natural positions and have the team play simply. I'm not asking for the moon here. Wiebe, next time you get Berhalter on the show ask him why his team consistently loses- especially in midfield- to far inferior talent. Why the hell are we hoping the team starts playing like how Berhalter envisions in year 2 or 3 of this project? Why is a country that almost always makes the WC and advances to KO stage half the time risking so much for a manager with a resume like Berhalters? It makes no sense. Berhalter and his side isn't learning quickly enough to salvage this.

  35. beatstork

    beatstork13 orë më parë

    Zlatan is always busting a nut on LAFC'S face

  36. Rafael Castillo

    Rafael Castillo13 orë më parë

    Vela 👍🏻

  37. Rafael Castillo

    Rafael Castillo13 orë më parë

    Definitely Carlos vela gol 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👌🏻

  38. Trill Nico

    Trill Nico13 orë më parë


  39. pisswobble

    pisswobble13 orë më parë

    Gregg Berhalter gets to pearly gates, and god says as punishment you can either spend eternity shining this lump of crap or you can go back down and whip the US soccer team into a decent competitive side... Gregg thinks for a while and replies, exactly how big is this turd and do you need to see your face in it

  40. Jack Napier

    Jack Napier14 orë më parë

    We actually should have won like, 4 nil tbf.

  41. cabra debolon

    cabra debolon14 orë më parë


  42. Henry Cruz

    Henry Cruz14 orë më parë

    Send the WOMEN to play the mens games and swap thier salaries .. Usmnt scrubs

  43. Bradley Henry

    Bradley Henry14 orë më parë

    The CanMNT dominated the midfield. Davies & David disrupted the USMNT CBs with their pace and by drawing them out wide. Laryea just totally outplayed Pulisic. Bojan is a good keeper.

  44. Jesse

    Jesse14 orë më parë

    Oakland Raiders

  45. Double A

    Double A15 orë më parë

    12:03 put on subtitles

  46. María del Rosario Zamacona

    María del Rosario Zamacona15 orë më parë

    Todos insisten en decir que no le gusta el football, si le gusta, basta ver la alegría con juega y mete goles. Que le guste el basketball no quiere decir que no le guste el football. Todos necesitamos algo que nos desestrese, para él es el basket.

  47. Daniel Palomares

    Daniel Palomares15 orë më parë

    Carlos Vela 🇲🇽

  48. BlikenavE

    BlikenavE15 orë më parë

    If you go frame by frame at 6:54 it looks like the ball bounces off of 20's arm. Strange angle. Also, LMAO, Salinas kicking the goalie's water bottle right after.

  49. Alberto Jimenez

    Alberto Jimenez15 orë më parë

    Carlos vela 1 🌎🌎🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 is mexicano

  50. Eduardo Monarca

    Eduardo Monarca16 orë më parë

    A vela se le apago la luz

  51. Omar OO7

    Omar OO716 orë më parë

    Best MLS playoff series ever

  52. Daniel Rivera

    Daniel Rivera16 orë më parë

    HahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahA - a Mexican fan

  53. Cosmic Barrilet

    Cosmic Barrilet16 orë më parë

    lets be honest....San Jose played defensively all the season...I dont blame them given the poor team they have....even got to the Playoffs...Congrats Timbers....

  54. Matthew Neugebauer

    Matthew Neugebauer16 orë më parë

    playoff preview starts at 33:05 not 35:05

  55. Exceed

    Exceed16 orë më parë

    The guy with the beard lost me as soon as he said “soccer” 👎🏽

  56. Exceed

    Exceed17 orë më parë

    If the US wants to be a world contender, they need to start scouting players from low income areas.. the true footballing talent is hidden in the ghettos of the USA. To be world contenders and play at the world stage, the US needs to do away with their “little rich suburb kids pay-to-play-nepotism” club... Let the REAL Americans play, fire the entire front office and everything will fall into place!

  57. Exceed

    Exceed17 orë më parë

    ... and I was feeling all the “warm fuzzies” for Susannah Collins... yummy

  58. Sami Nagina

    Sami Nagina17 orë më parë

    No bill hamid save. He makes saves like this in every match

  59. steven g

    steven g17 orë më parë

    i keep hearing inverted fullback and play out from the back. i didnt see any of those. cb passed sideways to fullback, and then combine with the wingers. this is just a regular no frills 433 which more like 4231 because roldan doesnt even play in the same line as mckennie. sunday league coach

  60. Youssef Haddadi

    Youssef Haddadi17 orë më parë

    I was there and I was the one That Who was holding bou’s face

  61. wissam 12

    wissam 1217 orë më parë

    Where is meram goal ?????

  62. carlos chamagua

    carlos chamagua17 orë më parë

    Lafc will lose to the galaxy.. mark my words

  63. Uzamaki Leon

    Uzamaki Leon17 orë më parë

    "...explain yo self!" - B.W.

  64. Moises Diaz

    Moises Diaz18 orë më parë

    💙💛L.A.💙💛 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆+🏆

  65. Robert Palmer

    Robert Palmer18 orë më parë

    Sooooo... Two years ago when we told you this sorry bunch was no good and they were slow and lacked fundamentals we drew your wrath. Now you are on the train, and we are already at the restaurant eating dessert. Said it years ago and saying it still... . SUCKERS!

  66. maxarstockholm

    maxarstockholm18 orë më parë


  67. Richard Carvalho

    Richard Carvalho18 orë më parë

    I was at that game!!!!

  68. Durian Juice

    Durian Juice18 orë më parë

    I was at the game

  69. Alvaro Garavito

    Alvaro Garavito19 orë më parë

    I was at the Olympic stadium and when Toronto scored the second goal I knew we were going to lose the series.

  70. Mxyzptlk

    Mxyzptlk19 orë më parë

    Meh , he’s a bum and the Milky Way has no D

  71. Andrew Adrada

    Andrew Adrada19 orë më parë

    The irony of MLS asking who’s at fault for the national team struggling when the MLS themselves are a MAJOR part of the problem.

  72. will well

    will well19 orë më parë

    yes galaxie....

  73. Luis Naupari

    Luis Naupari19 orë më parë


  74. Brandonforever21608

    Brandonforever2160820 orë më parë

    Happy Birthday Marshall Mathers!

  75. Roberto Hernandez

    Roberto Hernandez20 orë më parë


  76. BlaKJ Ops

    BlaKJ Ops20 orë më parë

    LAFC can beat the galaxy but they have to finish their chances. The loss of Kaye is a big blow but they have Lee Nguyen to replace him.

  77. prod. robinhood

    prod. robinhood20 orë më parë

    Toronto think they are better than they are

  78. prod. robinhood

    prod. robinhood20 orë më parë

    Best rivalry in MLS🇨🇦🔵⚪️⚫️

  79. Andrew Wiebe

    Andrew Wiebe20 orë më parë

    3:20 - OH CANADA! Huge win for John Herdman’s young squad 12:14 - Where is your USMNT panic meter? 24:45 - Does Gregg Berhalter have enough time to turn things around? Should he get it? 31:49 - PREVIEW: Seattle Sounders vs. FC Dallas 39:07 - PREVIEW: Real Salt Lake vs. Portland Timbers 45:10 - Ike Opara wins MLS Defender of the Year 46:51 - PREVIEW: Minnesota United vs. LA Galaxy 52:20 - INTERVIEW: Benny Feilhaber talks BS the Pod, LAFC and the Western playoffs

  80. Andrew Wiebe

    Andrew Wiebe20 orë më parë

    I figured Benny Feilhaber would say LAFC would want Zlatan and the Galaxy to get the monkey off their back... WRONG

  81. Ben Luke

    Ben Luke21 orë më parë

    When it comes to FOOTBALL the mls and most Americans hurt my brain

  82. LAFC Caught Em' ALL

    LAFC Caught Em' ALL21 orë më parë

    I honestly think Bob Bradley could turn USMNT around. It would be his 2nd tour but he now has a lot more experience in international and European club level. He knows the MLS and the best players to pick domestically. He gets the best out of all his players and puts them in the best positions to succeed.

  83. Donald J Trump

    Donald J Trump21 orë më parë

    LAFC got nothing to fear they got Vela he's like Messi they need like 5 defenders to stop him

  84. Memster 307

    Memster 30721 orë më parë

    :) :):):):):):):):)

  85. 15,000 Subscribers With Videos

    15,000 Subscribers With Videos21 orë më parë

    Zlatan is beast!

  86. Major League Soccer

    Major League Soccer21 orë më parë

    Will any team want to face Zlatan?

  87. 6 one 9

    6 one 921 orë më parë

    zlatan is nightmare for lafc

  88. Big Chungus

    Big Chungus21 orë më parë


  89. Peter Pan

    Peter Pan21 orë më parë

    Its called hattrick, not Hut-Trick (hat trick)

  90. Thomas Tadros

    Thomas Tadros21 orë më parë

    5:19 Vanney: don’t change the plays Seba and Jozy: I recognize that the council has made a decision but given it’s a stupid ass decision I’ve elected to ignore it

  91. Eduardo Ferreira

    Eduardo Ferreira21 orë më parë

    Definitivamente Carlos Vela vs San José Earthquakes

  92. waqar khan

    waqar khan21 orë më parë

    there is a rumour that MLS has express the wish to change the Sac repblulic FC

  93. Captain Mutato

    Captain Mutato22 orë më parë

    All Berhalters fault. Dude needs to go ASAP

  94. Gabriel Maerean

    Gabriel Maerean22 orë më parë

    Rooney, Pozuelo and Nani were the best ones.

  95. Andy Mullins

    Andy Mullins22 orë më parë

    Counting completed passes, passing percentage and possession percentage as if it means something is not as important as we make it out to be. Tata rarely had over 50% possession in his run for the mls cup. He let the other team timidly work the ball down the field allowing our defense to sit back like a coiled cobra. Still maintaining offside trap and staying out of Guzan's way, the Atlanta D kept numbers behind the ball. A lot of other smart coaches are figuring this out. It's not bunker ball. I first saw this done with German national team few years ago. Why did we overlook Tata? We should give the job to Domenec Torrent, the other Pep protege. Hats off to Berhalter. He deserves to be welcomed back to mls. He is a good coach and deserves a shot. Or USL. Not kidding. There's some good coaches in USL. Our guy in Bham is an excellent coach, Tom Soehn. With some good players: Daniel Johnson and Brian Wright connected nicely to get ahead of NYRB 2 yesterday.

  96. Laurie Seto

    Laurie Seto22 orë më parë

    The only lesson to be learned is "Don't believe in the US BS" and "Put up or shut up". No sense in getting angry for believing the BS and not looking at the reality critically. The commentators push the BS as can be seen in previous shows, now band wagon outrage. Toadies.

  97. Noah Boyce élève

    Noah Boyce élève23 orë më parë

    Okwonkwo goal was amazing