Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata
Andrew Camarata

Videos from my property maintenance business.

Removing dead trees

Removing dead trees

Ditë më parë

Clearing trees around a house
Mowing an overgrown field

Mowing an overgrown field

8 ditë më parë

Moving a box truck body

Moving a box truck body

12 ditë më parë

Moving a building

Moving a building

14 ditë më parë

Screening different size rocks
Pulling down dead trees

Pulling down dead trees

24 ditë më parë

Mowing an overgrown woods road
Hauling away scrap metal

Hauling away scrap metal

27 ditë më parë

Fixing my driveway

Fixing my driveway

Muaj më parë

Screening top soil

Screening top soil

Muaj më parë

Levi's 13th birthday

Levi's 13th birthday

2 muaj më parë

Servicing the UTV

Servicing the UTV

2 muaj më parë

Fixing a driveway

Fixing a driveway

3 muaj më parë

SUV service

SUV service

3 muaj më parë

Brush mowing an island

Brush mowing an island

3 muaj më parë

Digging out stumps

Digging out stumps

3 muaj më parë

Buying more cheap Waverunners
Cleaning up a tire dump

Cleaning up a tire dump

3 muaj më parë

Installing a new driveway
Buying a skid steer mower
Spreading top soil

Spreading top soil

4 muaj më parë

Burying another propane tank
Making an excavator bucket pin
Fixing gravel drive ways

Fixing gravel drive ways

5 muaj më parë

Snowmobile riding with Levi
Excavator thumbs

Excavator thumbs

6 muaj më parë

Soldering a forklift radiator
Modifying an excavator bucket
Live stream second attempt
Snowmobile riding

Snowmobile riding

7 muaj më parë

Snowplowing and snowmobiling
Buying a new skid steer

Buying a new skid steer

8 muaj më parë

Pickup truck tune up

Pickup truck tune up

8 muaj më parë

Replacing a AHC computer

Replacing a AHC computer

8 muaj më parë

Hammering a septic line

Hammering a septic line

8 muaj më parë

Cleaning up dumped wood

Cleaning up dumped wood

9 muaj më parë

Fixing and talking about chainsaws
Installing a small culvert pipe
100,000 subscriber special
Replacing a culvert pipe

Replacing a culvert pipe

10 muaj më parë

Fixing a bunch of small engines
Fixing a tractor

Fixing a tractor

10 muaj më parë

How to use a Plasma cutter
How to install an excavator track
Buying a UTV

Buying a UTV

11 muaj më parë

Moving a broken motor home
Fixing a fiberglass boat

Fixing a fiberglass boat

11 muaj më parë

Levi's 12th birthday
Digging a drainage trench
Cleaning up a fallen tree
  1. Don Challenger

    Don Challenger4 minuta më parë

    At 15:15 as the strap tightens you hear some cracking and at 15:43 just as the back cut is started the tree releases - I agree, Andrew, your skill and discerning eye both meant to do that (and the tree was soft). And just like Levi at 17:50 you too deserve a nice roll in the grass.

  2. Graham Shea

    Graham Shea5 minuta më parë

    Great job, Andrew! Levi...He rocks your videos. You have a great supervisor, like people say. He's probably not much help otherwise, but who cares? He's awesome. Be safe, Sir.

  3. NRCustom

    NRCustom6 minuta më parë

    Nice job! I meant to do that! 😂 You were on point and reacted👍. Much respect for going above and beyond with the clean up after every job.

  4. MrMrWrench

    MrMrWrench7 minuta më parë

    Another great video. Nice work.

  5. ricky k

    ricky k8 minuta më parë

    Gotta say I’ve never seen anyone use a ratchet strap to pull on trees

  6. pcdubya

    pcdubya8 minuta më parë

    Cool video, I have that same BX Kubota, great little small tractor. I see that one has the sudden stop in reverse at 7:27 like mine, when backing up fast and let off, I think they all do, got to ease off or it will give you whiplash,,

  7. D Grass

    D Grass8 minuta më parë

    Good job on the trees.. Oh, the last on you cut " that's OK I'ment to do that " OK, if you say so ?? Sometime its good to jump back, even Levi took off, Now, the camera has a knot on its head.. you made my day ?? Texas

  8. david Campbell

    david Campbell10 minuta më parë

    Thanks Andrew 🦘🦘🐕

  9. Christian Dijk van

    Christian Dijk van10 minuta më parë

    :-D love the revers clip of the tree!

  10. My Workshop

    My Workshop11 minuta më parë

    Another great video! Would a possible project be to fit a skid steer style quick hitch to your tractor loader, that way you could use the forks and other attachments from your skid steer

  11. Samir Khanna

    Samir Khanna12 minuta më parë

    Pls add five new 🌲

  12. john westermark

    john westermark12 minuta më parë

    VOTE! Levi 2020🐶

  13. ElectronicMechanic

    ElectronicMechanic13 minuta më parë

    Ok using the trailer is genius but your crazy... huge balls brother awesome job! Found your castle on google earth it looks great from the sky as well keep up the work. How you gonna insulate it?

  14. Chakat Nightsparkle

    Chakat Nightsparkle13 minuta më parë

    Nice firewood there. Spruce and Birch.

  15. Eric Barrett

    Eric Barrett15 minuta më parë

    Thanks alot Andrew!!!! I'm suppose to be doing online classes, but this is way better!

  16. Rodney Hardee

    Rodney Hardee16 minuta më parë

    Gotta love that ford tractor. They are awesome !

  17. struggle4all

    struggle4all18 minuta më parë

    That's been the best little tractor. Wish I had one like that.

  18. CJ Foster

    CJ Foster18 minuta më parë

    Sometimes it’s just faster to hop off the machine and do it by hand

  19. lawrence head

    lawrence head18 minuta më parë

    The filming is fantastic. Levi is missing in a lot of it. Is he filming?

  20. BMW M3 S65B40

    BMW M3 S65B4021 minutë më parë

    Would have been quite a lot easier with your Bobcat and the grapple, but as always you got it done

  21. Vince Veltri

    Vince Veltri25 minuta më parë

    Watching a new AC video during Friday lunch = BONUS!

  22. Mekab

    Mekab25 minuta më parë

    Why are all of the trees around the house dead?

  23. Natasha Narayan

    Natasha Narayan27 minuta më parë

    I'll watch the ads, gotta support Andrew to keep making videos of Levi :) Love your videos, you're a great problem solver, work hard and smart, keep it up!

  24. Flying Solo

    Flying Solo31 minutë më parë

    How do you know unless you give it a go?

  25. Sharon Wiley

    Sharon Wiley33 minuta më parë

    My big brother you did a very good job as you working on your project and I know you can get pay doing those kind of work and where are you at sir it look like in another country ok

  26. Tony Ioannoni

    Tony Ioannoni33 minuta më parë

    Hey Andrew...just to say, you probably know it, when you cut a stump very low and your chain grabs a bit of dirt, for 2 or 3 seconds, it got dull so fast right there....

  27. tonybrooms

    tonybrooms35 minuta më parë

    Thumbs Up, as always ... hate to see a perfectly nice lawn torn up, though.

  28. Ken May

    Ken May38 minuta më parë

    Hi Young Andrew, how I am enjoying all your Videos, top man and a top hard worker, best wishes from Ken from over the Pond in (Great Britain), and i have a soft spot for Levi bless him!.

  29. Jeremy staples

    Jeremy staples38 minuta më parë

    I love the drone shot of the tree falling from above, classic shot. you are the only one on ALworks I've ever seen take a picture like this.

  30. Chris Skelhorn

    Chris Skelhorn38 minuta më parë

    I felt that tree fall on my head! :-)

  31. Ray Zickrick

    Ray Zickrick39 minuta më parë

    I know you love your Ford tractor but what did you think of the little Kubota?

  32. Tired old mechanic

    Tired old mechanic40 minuta më parë

    I was wondering why you didn't have forks for your Ford. I guess you do!

  33. Joe Anthony

    Joe Anthony41 minutë më parë

    levi is a good boss.

  34. Making it Happend

    Making it Happend41 minutë më parë

    You should learn how to file the chain on the saw, it is not difficult.

  35. Rick Foley

    Rick Foley42 minuta më parë

    A moment of silence for the tripod that gave it's life for the making of this video at 15:43.

  36. Gene Dameier

    Gene Dameier42 minuta më parë

    Andrew, Talk to your customer about power washing and painting his house. It needs it. Also- I'm wondering why you didn't use an excavator on this job? Did the owner not want the stumps dug up? How do you decide on what piece of equipment to use? Have a great weekend. Stay Safe.

  37. Damien Longueville

    Damien Longueville42 minuta më parë

    Need a drone view time-lapsed for the entier mowing, it vcould be very enjoyable !! Plz andrew :)

  38. Jeff May

    Jeff May46 minuta më parë

    You are a very lucky man. That was an accident waiting to happen. When are we going to see more on the castle?

  39. Paublus Americanus AMERICANUS

    Paublus Americanus AMERICANUS47 minuta më parë

    I like the fact that your equipment is very useable all the time. when the chain gets dull ya'll change it post haste instead of spending time with making very fine dust and your equipment is ready to go on hydraulics, but that rake is not perfect. while the ground is left fairly nice it seems to leave a lot. Not sure just designed somewhat not flexible enough as the tines seem very strong so as not to break methinks more flexible longer tines with a hook towards the bottom or something would work well. I suppose with use one could make this one work like its supposed to but a lot of passes leave much behind.

  40. AngelaTheServer

    AngelaTheServer47 minuta më parë

    Where are you located?

  41. Joe Brinson

    Joe Brinson48 minuta më parë

    Great! A new episode of the Adventures of Andrew and Levi! You live in a beautiful part of the world, Andrew. Thanks for sharing with us.

  42. R & D Civil Earthmoving Pty Ltd

    R & D Civil Earthmoving Pty Ltd49 minuta më parë

    Congrats aswell for surpassing 100 million views.

  43. VAC2

    VAC250 minuta më parë

    Hey man.... thanks for doing these videos. idk' just helps me a lot, thank you

  44. AngelaTheServer

    AngelaTheServer51 minutë më parë

    How much was this project?

  45. stella Crowe

    stella Crowe51 minutë më parë

    That was fun watching the trees come down. Hugs for Levi ❤

  46. Bob Hillier

    Bob Hillier51 minutë më parë

    There`s laid back and layed out! Fine line there `Drew. Beware rotten stumps and sharp saws

  47. Justin Carlson

    Justin Carlson52 minuta më parë

    Good morning . Ur dog is awesome

  48. Alan Smith

    Alan Smith52 minuta më parë

    3rd Tree was so soft, it must have been a tree that Charmin makes toilet paper from!?

  49. Our Florida Garden

    Our Florida Garden54 minuta më parë

    18:37 Levi back scratch.

  50. Paul Barwick

    Paul Barwick55 minuta më parë

    I always love to start my day by watching one of your videos, Andrew. Great job as usual. Give your supervisor and extra pat on the head for me.

  51. The Original ONION

    The Original ONION55 minuta më parë


  52. QQTrick1QQ

    QQTrick1QQ57 minuta më parë

    More than likely the part you cut off was used for a light bracket, if not this machine the ram was used on several applications. Maybe another light that pointed straight ahead.

  53. Ash fam

    Ash fam59 minuta më parë

    Looking good!

  54. Tim Foster

    Tim FosterOrë më parë

    Nice to see your videos as always. Love seeing levi.

  55. 12oclock Quan

    12oclock QuanOrë më parë

    How come you never remove the stumps when removing trees ? just curious

  56. Heinrich Alfons

    Heinrich AlfonsOrë më parë

    I love the way you treat yor dog! " Levi and i...' Nicest opener.

  57. donuthole4sale

    donuthole4saleOrë më parë

    Andrew what do you think of those Huskavarna work pants ...are they worth the money??

  58. NebTheWeb

    NebTheWebOrë më parë

    15:45 Ooops! "Oh, I meant to do that". King Andrew Camarata.

  59. G10381

    G10381Orë më parë

    As long as the doggo is happy, everyone is happy the job :)

  60. Justin 1234

    Justin 1234Orë më parë

    Pine isnt good firewood... unless you want to have to get your chimney cleaned

  61. Dave Calvo

    Dave CalvoOrë më parë

    Hey Andrew, nice little tree job. I like the old Husky you have what model is it?You may want to think about getting another larger saw just to deal with the stumps and bigger diameter trees, I have an older XP-371 with a 24" bar on it which really rips through most anything quickly. That York rake came in very handy, that was a perk for that job.

  62. andre ibanez

    andre ibanezOrë më parë

    14:27 That log was certainly giving us the finger Andy.

  63. PGO Texas

    PGO TexasOrë më parë

    Nothing better than a new or freshly sharpened chain on your chainsaw! My Friday morning is now complete thanks to Mr. Camarata!!! ...and Levi rolling in the grass!!!

  64. Mark Bonham

    Mark BonhamOrë më parë

    Hey Andrew, I agree with your choices. I am a graphic artist and used to make money airbrushing T-shirts for contractors and tree trimmers.

  65. Artie Van

    Artie VanOrë më parë

    Guy needs a power wash of his house. Quote him a price.

  66. jamesnm21

    jamesnm21Orë më parë

    Those ford tractors are handy. I think they even make grapple buckets for them. I think I would try to rig up a combination bucket with forks and a grapple. That way i can get under stuff with the forks and then clamp down with the grapple to secure the load.

  67. pyro 323

    pyro 323Orë më parë

    Another way to tell if your chainsaw is dull, look at the chips it throws out. If they're big chunks its still sharp but once it starts to throw a powder, time to sharpen it or replace it.

  68. nwscrew63

    nwscrew63Orë më parë

    Levi approved!

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    er ockOrë më parë

    Andrew "I meant to do that" Camarata

  70. Ron Greene

    Ron GreeneOrë më parë

    You must of had some awesome parents growing up.

  71. BW YinYang

    BW YinYangOrë më parë

    Levi: Completed job? ----- Checked Time for treat *woof*

  72. Thomas Terwagne

    Thomas TerwagneOrë më parë

    Good job 😉🇨🇵

  73. Ted Pollard

    Ted PollardOrë më parë

    LOL I'm ducking on the screen when that tree fell...LOL

  74. Todd Golling

    Todd GollingOrë më parë

    I'd love to have that sub compact with a loader.

  75. ricky boldin

    ricky boldinOrë më parë

    a new way to air rate the grass, great job as always.

  76. Bob Armbruster

    Bob ArmbrusterOrë më parë

    "I meant to do that" :-o All's well that ends well.

  77. Bobs Youruncle

    Bobs YouruncleOrë më parë

    Sharpener :

  78. pauk48

    pauk48Orë më parë

    хорошая работа!

  79. AlfaMadDog11

    AlfaMadDog11Orë më parë

    Thanks Andrew, great vid as always. Could you talk about what you plan in your head when felling a tree, and any stories of when it didn't go to plan? :P

  80. Frederick Moller

    Frederick MollerOrë më parë

    Great job Andrew and Levi, it made my Fliday, thanks so much!

  81. ElectronicMechanic

    ElectronicMechanicOrë më parë

    Fuel float stuck open allowed fuel to fill cylinder gas goes past piston rings and fills crank case pretty common

  82. James Couch

    James CouchOrë më parë

    The guy who loaned the Kubota evidently hasn't watched a lot of Andy's videos...😀

  83. Deanna Marie

    Deanna MarieOrë më parë


  84. albert saranguero

    albert sarangueroOrë më parë

    Carefull Andrew

  85. Retired driver

    Retired driverOrë më parë

    Good job 👏

  86. Davin Crook

    Davin CrookOrë më parë

    I’m guessing your next tractor will have a grapple. Might want to get another saw with a longer blade too for these kinds of jobs. Granted you got the job done but over time I’m sure you’d like to become more efficient by having the exact tool for the job

  87. Rodrigo Hass

    Rodrigo HassOrë më parë

    good job well done

  88. aristipitica

    aristipiticaOrë më parë

    hi Andrew! Who is helping you when you use 2 heavy equipments. min 1:09:35

  89. Scott Jenkins

    Scott JenkinsOrë më parë

    Long-dead trees are so unpredictable.

  90. Ralph Ellsworth

    Ralph EllsworthOrë më parë

    I think the same, he's not for the free things like all them other guy's or. It's his job, and I appreciate for letting come along, thanks for sharing this video with us. god bless

  91. Patriotic Porn

    Patriotic PornOrë më parë

    Great way to start the weekend with Andrew and inspector Levi.

  92. Nicolas Roque

    Nicolas RoqueOrë më parë

    Andrew I wanna be like u jack of traids I bought a f1 250 n I need to know where I can buy the shovel for the front n equipment can u tell me also I do alot of aluminum welding n metal I watch u how to do it safe

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    Moor RiderOrë më parë

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    MZARIMIOrë më parë

    09:52 Nice tool ancient tool.

  95. amcluesent

    amcluesentOrë më parë

    Shame the homeowner didn't get the stumps removed too

  96. Swiss Roll

    Swiss RollOrë më parë

    Please make a video of something other than cutting trees or mowing brush.

  97. BJJSubArtist

    BJJSubArtistOrë më parë

    "I meant to do that!" Haha, awesome video as always Andrew. The aerial shots, sound quality and editing are excellent!

  98. A S

    A SOrë më parë

    As soon as you touch the soil with the chain, you will dull it.

  99. Hüseyin Taylan

    Hüseyin TaylanOrë më parë


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    Randy AOrë më parë

    nothing like waking up to a awesome video. Been watching all your videos, Man you know how to do everything. Wish you had your own TV since everything you do is better than watching TV