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  1. Travis Blais

    Travis BlaisDitë më parë

    I'm still waiting for someone to steam roll Marchand and end his season when the play is no where near just cause he deserves it

  2. 0nes And Zer0s

    0nes And Zer0sDitë më parë

    Haha right on Jackie boy!!!

  3. Jeff Root

    Jeff RootDitë më parë

    50 dislikes, all bruins fans

  4. josefino72

    josefino72Ditë më parë

    At risk? The players have a duty to uphold and enforce the unwritten rules. If the players don’t enforce the rules, then they don’t respect the game or fans.

  5. One Time Ronnie

    One Time RonnieDitë më parë

    This is Altuve's new tattoo 👉 *

  6. Vincent Krych

    Vincent KrychDitë më parë

    Thumbnail and title both say very different things.

  7. Will Sk

    Will SkDitë më parë

    Kids are paid like champs. Problem starts with them.

  8. jan munce

    jan munceDitë më parë

    The only true way to punish these players and team is don’t go to their games, don’t watch them on television, don’t buy any products, cut them off where it hurts. If advertisers aren’t going to step up then the league won’t either. The game is ruled by money

  9. CanucksHub

    CanucksHubDitë më parë

    Hey Tyler

  10. Dobermanator

    DobermanatorDitë më parë

    marchand stoops so low as to hit that guys knee with his face. I hope someone who actually knows marchand or who would admit to knowing him, that person tells marchand to read these comments sections to see how much his fans appreciate and enjoy him.

  11. bigsteed007

    bigsteed007Ditë më parë

    I love the goofs that thank him for the cup in Colorado. The Quebec fans were so die hard that year after year, they didn’t bother to support the team, forcing them to move.

  12. javi

    javiDitë më parë

    Correa has the most hateable punchable annoying face in the MLB. Hope he gets smacked hard

  13. Sneaky Pete

    Sneaky PeteDitë më parë

    Only Myers is allowed to hit the butthole of Petterson

  14. Tom Johansson

    Tom JohanssonDitë më parë

    If you only focus on the front you never go all the way. Make some changes in the team before it's too late.

  15. Ricci Choi

    Ricci ChoiDitë më parë

    Get Ryan Reaves on ice next season to teach this Russian mother****** a lesson


    INGE KAASENDitë më parë

    Найты могли бы выбить еще пару зубов сопливой овце и этому щенку вилсону.

  17. Gary Brierley

    Gary BrierleyDitë më parë

    You can bet Astros are gonna get plucked this year.

  18. Sceptical Thoughts

    Sceptical ThoughtsDitë më parë

    Willing to ban the Chicago Black Sox but not their posterchild Altuve.

  19. The Unpopular Opinionated Tennessean

    The Unpopular Opinionated TennesseanDitë më parë

    Actually the media is determined to paint the Astros in a negative light, so anything they say will get criticized. They apologized for their actions.

  20. cash macgregor

    cash macgregorDitë më parë

    do you mean the same grind that the other 30 teams are in?

  21. ThePlyrMava

    ThePlyrMavaDitë më parë

    Manfred should be fired, and then the new commissioner needs to ban these players and strip the title from Houston. BS, man


    CAPTAIN JOYDitë më parë

    Ха-ха-ха-ха-ха! Мы получили очередной полный разгром сыкливых русских мальчиков из Вашингтона. Обоссанные шнурки не помогли. Буагагагага!

  23. Michael Mcconnell

    Michael McconnellDitë më parë

    Everyone don't celebrate a goal when you're down four

  24. Josh Difulvio

    Josh DifulvioDitë më parë

    Damn there was a carrier hit later in the game that actually shook the arena

  25. Madison Ocean

    Madison OceanDitë më parë

    Welcome to Vancouver!!!!!!! Pumped!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Kao Saechao

    Kao SaechaoDitë më parë

    Someone should beam this bimbo girl with a baseball going 100 mph!!

  27. All Day

    All DayDitë më parë

    I have a headache.

  28. Captain PTMB

    Captain PTMBDitë më parë

    Jack Edwards disliked this 50 times.

  29. Brandon Head

    Brandon HeadDitë më parë

    Myers is god damn useless. He's not tough, he's not a dynamic player maker, he's weak defensively, he doesn't skate the greatest and yet somehow we decided to pay him 6x6 so that he could play on the third line 🙃.

  30. Gregorio Gonzalez

    Gregorio GonzalezDitë më parë

    So he had a tattoo of a buzzer and some tape! Big deal I've seen worse tattoos lol

  31. Diego Macias

    Diego MaciasDitë më parë

    so they won by cheating but it was" fair and square" excuse me

  32. Ask Your mom

    Ask Your momDitë më parë

    It’s like every video the NHL gets softer and softer...sad.

  33. Cross-Eye Box Breaks

    Cross-Eye Box BreaksDitë më parë

    Altuve’s tattoo is the instructions on how to connect the buzzer to the wifi.

  34. Troy Thomason

    Troy ThomasonDitë më parë

    The fans and players will determine the punishment to the Astros players and the final punishment only appears to be getting worse every day.

  35. Kao Saechao

    Kao SaechaoDitë më parë

    The Houston Disastros!!

  36. Itzmbd

    ItzmbdDitë më parë

    Holy Florida playing well? Havent seen that yet

  37. Live And Inspired

    Live And InspiredDitë më parë

    What a stupid call by the officials. That was third man in. He should have been ejected.

  38. Коррупционер 7 разряда

    Коррупционер 7 разрядаDitë më parë

    - Шеф, усё пропало!!! Гипс снимают, клиент уезжает )))))

  39. Anthony Maldonado

    Anthony MaldonadoDitë më parë

    Astros fan here..and I have to agree with everything Tim and Sid said..I'm so disappointed with this team

  40. Skylar Forrest

    Skylar ForrestDitë më parë

    Thank you from all Pittsburgh fans

  41. Pedro Gonzalez

    Pedro GonzalezDitë më parë


  42. cash macgregor

    cash macgregorDitë më parë

    maybe they have the coronavirus.....

  43. Erik Kassner

    Erik KassnerDitë më parë

    This might be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen

  44. C M

    C MDitë më parë

    They wanted to protect the cheaters more than protecting the game. That's backwards. People are asking for them to correct it since the game can't move forward till it's fixed. Turning a deaf ear to it is not a solution.

  45. Inoffensive Name

    Inoffensive NameDitë më parë

    Habs better be gifted that lottery.

  46. Ben Prins

    Ben PrinsDitë më parë

    I support the opinions based in this video 100 percent. Frustration has set in, only remedy is focus and hard work.

  47. Labrador 67

    Labrador 67Ditë më parë

    I just thought of a benefit to rising sea levels: if all the ice melts, we will see Houston destroyed.

  48. Пётр Андреев

    Пётр АндреевDitë më parë

    Хиты это хорошо , но Когда две шайбы будут?

  49. MrPanzerTime

    MrPanzerTimeDitë më parë

    Gets hat trick, annnd hes gone lol to vancouver

  50. C M

    C MDitë më parë

    Supposedly Altuve only used the trash can a little bit but he's not innocent since he was driving in runs from fellow cheaters he was apart of it. So his RBI aren't legit. His MVP isn't legit in my opinion.

  51. Pedro Gonzalez

    Pedro GonzalezDitë më parë

    Manfred is bad he made this worse.either players get punished or he should resign.

  52. Ostrich Wayne

    Ostrich WayneDitë më parë

    Damn them niggas was throwing them hands tonight, I ain't even see this Lol....

  53. pittsburgh199

    pittsburgh199Ditë më parë

    We need more players like Marchand to upset the hockey hipsters.

  54. Jake The Snake

    Jake The SnakeDitë më parë

    Give him the C.

  55. Matthew Crutchfield

    Matthew CrutchfieldDitë më parë

    Cole gtf outta Houston asap

  56. C Doh

    C DohDitë më parë

    Lmao he is a train

  57. Parker

    ParkerDitë më parë

    Is the guy on the right been drinking? Seems to be having trouble keeping up

  58. Johnny

    JohnnyDitë më parë

    Wow Sportsnet, this has to be one of the worst guests you have brought on, please don't again.

  59. One Time Ronnie

    One Time RonnieDitë më parë

    My analogy of this Rob Manfred is Jim Joyce and the MLB players union is Armando Galarraga in his botched no hitter Manfred is the ultimate umpire in this league and he is dropping the ball big time. He needs to be voted out of office.

  60. c4n4d4

    c4n4d4Ditë më parë

    Florida Panthers vs San Jose Barracuda essentially

  61. Any Rebel

    Any RebelDitë më parë

    ovechkin should be goalie next game

  62. Steven Graham

    Steven GrahamDitë më parë

    Im an astros fan sickens me they cheated to get us our first chip they need to be stripped of the title and win it fair and square they robbed us stros fans of the moment we all dreamt of being world series champions

  63. zoe zaikos

    zoe zaikosDitë më parë

    the rat does it again

  64. Denis Vlasov

    Denis VlasovDitë më parë

    Bob need to play better

  65. Juan Santiago-Santos

    Juan Santiago-SantosDitë më parë

    person singing lyrics you wanna sing a lyric vanvleet imidietly says no


    NIK DA GREEKDitë më parë

    if the Astros win the world series this season then the MLB is DEFINITELY fixed

  67. Collin Brooks

    Collin BrooksDitë më parë

    Welcome to the Canucks!

  68. Анатолий Толстых

    Анатолий ТолстыхDitë më parë

    Очередная отличная игра Варламова в игре смотрится лучше и надёжнее чем боб

  69. Kevin Arndt

    Kevin ArndtDitë më parë

    What load of bullshit that tattoo excuse is. They are basically laughing at the rest of the MLB with their ‘17 rings. Get rid of Pete Rose’s lifetime ban and give it to all the Astros involved.

  70. Nolan Anderson

    Nolan AndersonDitë më parë

    Peterson stopped the puck then realized that the guy who would be be there first would be a flame so made a decision to pass the puck to where his winger should have been but instead another wing was there.

  71. Jean-Guy Rubberboot

    Jean-Guy RubberbootDitë më parë

    Not hard enough

  72. Axel Royer

    Axel RoyerDitë më parë

    Old story

  73. FastBuilderMan

    FastBuilderManDitë më parë

    Love to see my boys win. Go Knights Go

  74. ReggieFreeman ForTrump2020

    ReggieFreeman ForTrump2020Ditë më parë

    In the court of their peers let alone public opinion they will always be known as the *Asterisks from 2017 - 2019 $Manfred$ is destroying the integrity of the game and is out of true leadership. He needs to bow out. Same thing with the stupid NHL rule changes. Poor leader$$$hip

  75. I like Alpacas

    I like AlpacasDitë më parë

    It was a clean

  76. mike613

    mike613Ditë më parë

    The new Shoeless Joe Jackson...Shirtless Jose Altuve.

  77. phobos258

    phobos258Ditë më parë

    At minimum Astro's should forfeit their first 50 games this season and every ring should be confiscated. I'm sorry, but none of those guys deserve to win a title.

  78. Louie D'angelo

    Louie D'angeloDitë më parë

    Fire manfred ASAP!

  79. KMART

    KMARTDitë më parë

    For the first time in a long time people actually care about baseball and shows like this they don’t normally views have corny hosts that are not entertaining at all.

  80. Gong Zero

    Gong ZeroDitë më parë

    Bald guy that looks like Mr. Clean is right. Guy who looks and sounds like Jeff Gerstmann is wrong as hell.

  81. EricDM33

    EricDM33Ditë më parë

    Soft giraffe. Was on the ice when Lucic ran Miller and didn't do diddly.

  82. Cool Dude

    Cool DudeDitë më parë

    He should be suspended, he cross checked him on the back of the head, that’s so dangerous.

  83. Gabriel Vazquez

    Gabriel VazquezDitë më parë Altuve sure loved the whistles

  84. RealCanadianGaming

    RealCanadianGamingDitë më parë

    Second Bertuzzi style sucker punch in the last month lol what a squid goof

  85. Delta927 Canadien-français

    Delta927 Canadien-françaisDitë më parë

    Lol, no Storm Surge

  86. ReggieFreeman ForTrump2020

    ReggieFreeman ForTrump2020Ditë më parë

    Altuve would have never won that MVP in 2017 if the Astros fell out of the playoff race as would have been the case with all the cheater's hot bats in their lineup. Aaron Judge would have been strong enough to fade out Altuve for that award. C. C. could have gotten his ring. Two Rookie of the Year winners going head to head in the WS.

  87. Minerva Garza

    Minerva GarzaDitë më parë

    Not one single story or conversation on the Blue Jays catcher Reese McGuire getting arrested for masturbating in public view, MLB media just casually ran like one local story and no media outlet wants to touch it... why the selective player miss conduct vetting of coverage? Why does nothing in baseball even sexual behavior matter, because of the Astros scandal baseball media coverage and conversation ceased to exist for the 2020 season ..only Astros cheating will be covered this year?

  88. Munish K

    Munish KDitë më parë


  89. Chad McDougall

    Chad McDougallDitë më parë

    Too bad he didn’t take his head right off

  90. Delta927 Canadien-français

    Delta927 Canadien-françaisDitë më parë

    This is next year’s Cup Final

  91. Dodger Blue

    Dodger BlueDitë më parë

    Players should not even acknowledge any of the Astros players. They cheated every player who isn't an astro

  92. Khuong Khuu

    Khuong KhuuDitë më parë


  93. Dodger Blue

    Dodger BlueDitë më parë

    They cheated and stole two of three in Houston. No game seven with no cheating

  94. Sweet toof

    Sweet toofDitë më parë

    Astros are so tone deaf. Cheaters.

  95. Арман Сулейменов

    Арман СулейменовDitë më parë

    Баран Боб!! Бля простые шайбы пропускает

  96. Jack

    JackDitë më parë

    So deserving

  97. Kaine Kk

    Kaine KkDitë më parë

    I like Winnipeg not so much Colorado but as a hockey fan in general that's a great hit and fighting lol yeah ok.. unfortunately hockey is getting worse and worse with the calls...

  98. Sarah Lee

    Sarah LeeDitë më parë

    They treated on the road too. This lady is a clown.

  99. Random Polish dude

    Random Polish dudeDitë më parë

    Can’t wait for the Astros hitters to get hit every game prob twice a game

  100. William G.

    William G.Ditë më parë

    Oh man do I ever hope he gets drafted by Ottawa. We need him badly. But if we don’t get him we have two top 10 picks this year so it will be good ether way! 😁