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Our Scary Run In With The Cops
Hickey Horror Story

Hickey Horror Story

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My Track Season Was Ruined
My First Period Disaster

My First Period Disaster

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My Best Friend Turned On Me
Left Home Alone In A Tornado
My Dad Was A War Hero

My Dad Was A War Hero

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My Mom Had To Go Get Help
The Scariest Day Of My Life
AP Exam Test Nightmare

AP Exam Test Nightmare

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Worst Prom Date Ever

Worst Prom Date Ever

6 muaj më parë

I Wish I Never Moved Away
Living with ADHD

Living with ADHD

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    Once my whole class was walking on the road This biased little blonde teacher said to me And (ONLY) my friends I was talking with(There were 4 people including me) Then she said “Stop walking along the side of the road!” Half of the class was walking ON the road Then she started yelling at us :/

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    This happened to me and my friend We 2 were fighting and my crush liked my Best friend. I'm broken 😢😢

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    This is why schools should Change. The school system is miserable Do something the children's students like Give them the subject they like, Sure math is important but if the student wants dancing or art Wtf does that child need maths for? Frederick J. Kelly said these tests are too crude to be used for the students thankfully my country UAE is removing exams I am thankful for living here Places like Finland are doing changes, countries like USA Use trends, Development, Money for healthcare, But torture for children in schools when a child does something bad like bullying nothing is done because most teachers some time doesn't care about some children and only the ones they like. Really Pisses me off.

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    I’m 8 and I’m turning 9 in October 25 its October 16th today and my dad left my mother for another woman and my oldest sister died with blood cancer 🙍🏻‍♂️😥 my grandmother has cancer too and the cancer cells have blocked her stomach and se cant eat........i wish they would come back.

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    Yeah, I’m pretty sure everyone gets that when they’re like 10-11 years old. Just because you got it doesn’t mean you’re special and can make a story out of it.

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    I reported it, but It didn’t go so well. So...It all happend this summer my firend stayed in house with her grandparents. My other friends who are her neithbours, told me they heard huge screaming comming from their house. They even heard slaping sound. After that I saw “Megan” running out of her house she had bruises and her face was swallow. She cried and I asked her whats wrong, but she just ran away, and her grandparents were shouting at her while she was going away, calling her names and I saw her grandfather had a belt in his hand. After seing that I ran to police. {Cuz its a super small town}. Police and I arrived at their house, and we found Megan. They had a big talk, and I just went home. After that couple of days went and Megan asked my friend to give her my phone number. She did, bud then Megan texted a message to ms called me names...She didn’t even say thank you... But I maby should behave better...But if you ever see that someone need help, maby they won’t be thanksgiving to you but...Help them.

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    I have a friend named Carolyn, i have known her since elementary and we have no secrets we keep. One day she came up to my during free period in class and told me she wanted to talk at recess. So at recces i met up with her and she told me about her father, how he would scream at her, her mother and her siblings, occasionally hit them, and he was an alcoholic. I knew something was going on for a while cause she would show up to school wearing pants and sometimes eye patches, long sleeve shirts ect. *ps* i thought it was weird cause she loves wearing dresses girly things and such (nothing wrong with wearing any of the things i listed above) So i consulted our guidance counselor about this and the police got involved. Her family is having a little bit of money problems but other then that they are doing great and she has seemed a lot more happy in school recently and it makes me smle knowing that i helped my friend through such a hard time in her life. If you ever notice anything strange happining with your friends, console them, they might tell you something that can help them gravely.

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