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When a Chinese person sneezes
Voice automated systems
Getting drafted for WW3
Ordering from Starbucks
People who read Manga

People who read Manga

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Getting pulled over

Getting pulled over

2 muaj më parë

People with messy cars

People with messy cars

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How to pick up women

How to pick up women

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When Gay people get to Heaven
When a woman uses "Manscaped"
When she's a freak

When she's a freak

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A Day at Comic Con LA 2019
Airport job interviews

Airport job interviews

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Dudes that still gangbang
Teammates in any shooting game
When you're on the Aux

When you're on the Aux

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Get Groomed with "Manscaped"
How mass shootings happen
Anime Expo 2019 (VLOG #6)
Asking for the name of a song
When she get caught cheating
Working in retail part 3

Working in retail part 3

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Anime backstories

Anime backstories

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Mispronouncing a word

Mispronouncing a word

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When you propose to her

When you propose to her

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When they ask you to babysit
Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood

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When your flight gets delayed
When women lie about rape
Final Destination Movies

Final Destination Movies

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Crips be like

Crips be like

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Arguing over the best chips
Being a Waiter

Being a Waiter

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1 Million Subscribers!
When the sub takes roll
ICE deporting 21 Savage
Chinese Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant

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God during Slavery

God during Slavery

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People with AirPods

People with AirPods

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Diversity in Hollywood
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    he'll regret it when he gets hungry again

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    He forgot to show his Instagram with his rented Uber jet that he says is his... and of course his Stock exchange program / Forex or fix your credit program to get business credit for 100 dollars a month... or to help you start a corporation to get more credit...

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    I usually eat while watching ALworks....thanks for breaking this bad habit of mine Griffy

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    Why didn't you ask satan if there's wifi? And Xbox and ps4

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    After watching -5 episodes of this awful- season, this is so much funnier.

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    I love how he doesn't even say he's going home. He just leaves.

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    I'm probably the only one that watched this over and over 😅😂 And if I'm not props to the others for wanting to laugh

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    For all your non black followers Me: white dude: shit still funny

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    HILLARIOUS!!! This guy is tha' IT...a modern day ROD SERLING !!! TALENT out 'that YING YANG !!!!!

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    lmao, I've been waiting for this !!

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    B**ch you betta praise God or ima shoot n that’s on God, I ain’t playin bout my Lord & savior I’m on my job. If you ain’t a Christian ima stab you in the face If you ain’t bout Jesus, ima hit you with this K

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    i don't even like sketch that much but this had me crying !!

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    1. *Magazines, not clips. 2. That's not a glock. 1911 or a browning.

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    Hell is real and heaven is real, we are all amazing and forgetting human beings, Allah is one and the prophet Muhammed is his messenger.

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    Me with Chick-fil-A

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    Sad that this is how Christians were actually like this for most of history, but griffy is funny as hell

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    Police station: What happened? Cops: This man was beat to death with a taco???....

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    blurrs our the f word yet keeps the n word

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    Oh boy thats extremely realistic If i look at how Trump talks to people at rallies

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    I be telling ppl yall gone be monks in heaven straight worshipping 24/7 and singing😂

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    Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you

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    Bruh I was putting dishes away while listening/ watching and when he said “ I would murda a nigga and his whole family for God... ON GOD!!” I was’t ready. AND the sound effect came in too!! Nigga that shit took me out

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    Went to one of these things: this was about what they said, never mentioned the monthly 150$ fee until the very end. Also dodged my question about when the method doesn't work

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    This is how I feel every time someone tells me to invest in Forex 🤬

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    Don’t ask god for a bike... go steal one and ask for forgiveness because sometimes he’s a little slow at granting wishes

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    "I stole 300 and gave half to the church, gave them $20 and pocketed the rest, God needed me to have that money." *I'll remember that next time someone wants half of 300 dollars*

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    I mean technically you only needed to tithe $30 of that $300 🤷🏾‍♂️

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    Feminist are retarded ass man haters and usually ugly as hell. Fuck those no dick getting weirdos

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    White people in 1800: "god wants me to punish my black slaves and to be disciplined" Me: "god would definitely want that*