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7 muaj më parë



10 muaj më parë

  1. Lisa Thomson

    Lisa Thomson3 minuta më parë

    You are wonderful together Catherine and Austin

  2. Rutuparna Sahoo

    Rutuparna Sahoo3 minuta më parë

    O my god You guys are so freakin good Love you

  3. T.N.A Ali

    T.N.A Ali3 minuta më parë

    Why is the 🤬 video so short fucking hell

  4. Kinjal Balapure

    Kinjal Balapure4 minuta më parë

    Why did u keep ur channel name as ace family

  5. eco TV

    eco TV5 minuta më parë

    ecry uynmaskisy ery ung

  6. Marie Jesse

    Marie Jesse6 minuta më parë

    Song title please

  7. khadar ali

    khadar ali6 minuta më parë

    happy birthday elle we love you

  8. Shannon Stokes

    Shannon Stokes6 minuta më parë

    Sooooooooooooooooooo cute!lol 🦄🦄🦄

  9. Isha Deshmukh

    Isha Deshmukh6 minuta më parë

    Just wanted to say, Austin stay strong the whole ace family is with you! We LOVE YOU GUYS! Our trust wont ever fade dw❤

  10. Vimarie Contreras

    Vimarie Contreras7 minuta më parë

    DONE! Awwww so sweet ending message thank you for appreciating us so much 🤗❤️

  11. Qxeen Leeandra

    Qxeen Leeandra8 minuta më parë

    I'm ready for that part 2 now!!

  12. Celia Ramos

    Celia Ramos8 minuta më parë

    austin and cathrine are the ugliest human beings

  13. Zara Rashid

    Zara Rashid9 minuta më parë

    I have been watching you guys since Elle was born💕💎😂 Lmao I can’t believe I’ve been watching you guys since 2016 or something😂

  14. s nath

    s nath11 minuta më parë

    Is a happy babiiibieeeeee😍🥰

  15. Hannah Blot

    Hannah Blot12 minuta më parë

    Just act like you that

  16. Gis

    Gis12 minuta më parë

    Kylie Jenner isn't there

  17. Riley Rojer

    Riley Rojer15 minuta më parë

    Dear Austin This is Disrespectful and Dangerus for the pool (Have tot dag tot Catherine)


    ABENA DIANA16 minuta më parë

    When did Elle start talking!? Omg😭😍

  19. Grace A.

    Grace A.17 minuta më parë

    This is How many people have done 👇🏼

  20. Kimalini Selvathurai

    Kimalini Selvathurai19 minuta më parë

    Did Austin cheat on Catherine because people are posting vis say Austin cheated on Catherine

  21. jessica jessica asher

    jessica jessica asher19 minuta më parë

    i love u all been watching you since you started

  22. Hannah Blot

    Hannah Blot20 minuta më parë

    I look like a pregnant woman

  23. Fernanda Pérez

    Fernanda Pérez20 minuta më parë

    I do not support the animal farm

  24. CrazySaturday CrazySaturday

    CrazySaturday CrazySaturday20 minuta më parë

    Who loves the ace family? Like

  25. Anastacio Sierra

    Anastacio Sierra25 minuta më parë

    The ace family comments are disabled but the Bay Family is disabled 😖

  26. Lily Cross

    Lily Cross27 minuta më parë

    Do a new family routine in your new house

  27. The Whys Guys Podcast

    The Whys Guys Podcast28 minuta më parë

    How long until they are both on doctor Phil saying- “ we were just smiling and faking it for the cameras, but off camera me and Austin never talked ,he cheated all the time, and we were miserable “

  28. Renee Stouffer

    Renee Stouffer28 minuta më parë

    To start off I am ignoring the whole drama going on currently. If my boyfriend/husband said "you are not wearing that out" that would make me walk my happy ass right out the door in the same outfit he told me I "can't wear in public" followed with a big "lol you thought."

  29. Elisha and Avleen

    Elisha and Avleen28 minuta më parë

    Does anyone know what the song is ??


    SYLVIA LUSALA29 minuta më parë

    Happy birthday alia

  31. tanya singh

    tanya singh32 minuta më parë

    When the light off 🤣🤣12:00

  32. Janette Garza

    Janette Garza33 minuta më parë

    i pulled out my k-9 teeth by my self it is pretty rare because only 10% of the world has k-9 teeth

  33. Urwa Farooqi

    Urwa Farooqi34 minuta më parë

    Wow. Now I can see how fake their happiness really is.

  34. Crisitoo and Barbs

    Crisitoo and Barbs39 minuta më parë

    Subscribe to my page , ill subscribe back !!!

  35. Kyra Vidican Szonja

    Kyra Vidican Szonja39 minuta më parë

    13:36 that was soo cute😂❤

  36. Junaynah Abubakhar

    Junaynah Abubakhar39 minuta më parë

    Cathrine u are so good😆😆😆😂😂

  37. bhavini nandram

    bhavini nandram40 minuta më parë

    Man austin you are very very overprotective 😂😂😂

  38. melanie162 Khl.

    melanie162 Khl.43 minuta më parë

    He said baby not bebe-

  39. escobarbarian x

    escobarbarian x45 minuta më parë

    Catherine are you okay?

  40. emily evans

    emily evans45 minuta më parë

    She was probably thinking she was going crazy lol

  41. Jazreail Davis

    Jazreail Davis46 minuta më parë

    Who knows the song that is playing at 7:25?

  42. Sierria Creech

    Sierria Creech49 minuta më parë


  43. Just Jazzy

    Just Jazzy54 minuta më parë

    I can’t watch them the same anymore..

  44. Liliana Fuentes

    Liliana Fuentes56 minuta më parë

    I stay watching this and every time I do I tear up , y’all experienced so many things in life like jumping out a plane , Having amazing supporters by ur side through it all , having two beautiful girls and it’s just incredible I wish y’all more incredible things in life for yalls little happy family ❤️. May god bless y’all with more

  45. abbey

    abbey56 minuta më parë

    lol, who else thought all of the comments were going to be about Austin being a rapist

  46. Dove Natale

    Dove NataleOrë më parë

    Her little rolls on her arms are the cutest!!!🤣💖💖💖And that video was soo amazing!

  47. Fathima Begum

    Fathima BegumOrë më parë

    What's the song called that they used for the montage of her bday party???

  48. Maia Breinholst

    Maia BreinholstOrë më parë

    So cuttee😍

  49. MAYRA05

    MAYRA05Orë më parë

    Elle needs her own channel lol Ideas-her trying new food diy videos crafts ect lol featuring her lil sissy 😍🥰🥰🥰

  50. Caroline Ceballos

    Caroline CeballosOrë më parë

    I love ella

  51. Jessica Olsen

    Jessica OlsenOrë më parë


  52. Jessica Olsen

    Jessica OlsenOrë më parë

    This is how meny Tims the man said are you okay

  53. Bellame KKH

    Bellame KKHOrë më parë

    The ending made me cry

  54. Avish Kooyela

    Avish KooyelaOrë më parë

    The costume is cute on Catherine but it is not an appropriate clothes to wear to go outside because there some nasty guys who can take advantage to check you out just down of your body...i know these guys nowadys...because I was in the same side like these guys ace family❤💪🙏

  55. Ashley Ferrusquia

    Ashley FerrusquiaOrë më parë

    Catherine has the personality of a piece of bread.

  56. Ashley

    AshleyOrë më parë

    their iconic intro is cute but to be honest, I don't wanna cheat other people and be a crappy person to get what I want. What happened to integrity? I want to be honest and the best version of myself, if screwing other people over and ripping them off helps me follow my dreams and make them true, then I don't want to.

  57. Diana Alvarez

    Diana AlvarezOrë më parë

    Elle did so well! Great Job Big sister Elle and Alaia was such a good girl too. Two good girls = Two good parents.

  58. mini cat

    mini catOrë më parë

    Austin McCheater

  59. Victoria Vicuna

    Victoria VicunaOrë më parë

    Alayia so beautiful omg!!!

  60. Simply Ana

    Simply AnaOrë më parë

    What’s the songs name played throughout the video??

  61. Rizwan Ali

    Rizwan AliOrë më parë

    He kiss a girl and she is her ex ex ex girl friend i see a pic

  62. Juliana Deriner

    Juliana DerinerOrë më parë

    First thing first 1:Catherine is a insecure weak ass bitch who is scared to leave Austin for some stupid ass reason 2:Austin is really trynna ignore the rape and assault rumors 3: i feel bad for there kids cause they don't know wtf us going on Last one.... 4:people TALKING bout they gonna unsub to this channel but I'm looking at the subscribers rank and that still the same number people talk but they be no action.. 🙄🙄🙄

  63. Monii Navarro

    Monii NavarroOrë më parë

    so rude

  64. Gioo jacobs

    Gioo jacobsOrë më parë

    New video on my channel go check it out!!!!

  65. Bleu Nana

    Bleu NanaOrë më parë

    It was 7 hundred dollars off she could’ve got eht

  66. Tiffany Smith

    Tiffany SmithOrë më parë

    😂😂 I love Catherine

  67. Marleen Gutierrez

    Marleen GutierrezOrë më parë

    My birthday was also on October 17 anyways happy birthday ALAÏA hope you had an amazing birthday little cutie

  68. itssydneymarie

    itssydneymarieOrë më parë

    much love

  69. Sofie Khonglah

    Sofie KhonglahOrë më parë

    Whatever .. Ace family will always be the best for me. Their videos are always inspiring. The way they spread the love is always awesome . I know for me it does. Muuah love u Ace family 😘😘😘🥰🥰😍😍

  70. Sarah Mckeown

    Sarah MckeownOrë më parë

    That bed head 😂 beautiful girls 😘

  71. Junaynah Abubakhar

    Junaynah AbubakharOrë më parë


  72. Zvishamiso Phaswana

    Zvishamiso PhaswanaOrë më parë

    It a girl

  73. Shawn

    ShawnOrë më parë

    set for life bro. beautiful wife and kid. nice cars and house.

  74. Victoria Vicuna

    Victoria VicunaOrë më parë

    Alayia yelling at Elle to do stuff for her😂

  75. Esther Skybeach

    Esther SkybeachOrë më parë

    Aww she’s so cute!

  76. The FIRST Step

    The FIRST StepOrë më parë

    Please subscribe my channel ace family please

  77. Bernie Love

    Bernie LoveOrë më parë

    Happy Birthday Alaia 😍😍 She So Beautiful New To The Channel ❤

  78. Shawn

    ShawnOrë më parë

    she probably look best without any clothes on. damn.

  79. Lawrence Nduati

    Lawrence NduatiOrë më parë

    Hope it will be me

  80. Cathy Martinez

    Cathy MartinezOrë më parë

    Austin has been caught cheating openly at clubs, multiple people have witnessed it and some girls have came out about it on Twitter. It’s all fake unfortunately. Honestly feel bad for the girls when they see the drama when they’re older. 😔

  81. Daeven Kraemer

    Daeven KraemerOrë më parë

    it was so good i like the dance

  82. Deborah Vassilos

    Deborah VassilosOrë më parë

    Elle is soooooooooooooo cute

  83. Amalia Bliggenstorfer

    Amalia BliggenstorferOrë më parë

    Happy B-day Lai lai !!

  84. KeneN Zae

    KeneN ZaeOrë më parë

    Elle is so smart & she’ll do such a good job!

  85. Rhiannon Short

    Rhiannon ShortOrë më parë

    We literally only saw 3 minutes of the party....ok....

  86. Wishyar omer

    Wishyar omerOrë më parë

    My Name is Hava

  87. Wishyar omer

    Wishyar omerOrë më parë

    10 10 ilacet 1000

  88. Tjokrojoedo Rosita

    Tjokrojoedo RositaOrë më parë

    He cheat one you sinds june 21 2019

  89. Tjokrojoedo Rosita

    Tjokrojoedo RositaOrë më parë

    Hi Catherine Austin is cheating on you I'm sorry I feel bad to say it is but it definitely is if you want to find out the truth you just ride on ALworks the eight the truth about a ace family bye

  90. Sara faisal

    Sara faisalOrë më parë

    The kid in the Background broke my heart cuz no one paid attention to him at 7:40

  91. Esther Lalremruati

    Esther LalremruatiOrë më parë


  92. Darling Darlene

    Darling DarleneOrë më parë

    this video made me love A. and C did an amazing job acting in this... I am dying.

  93. Musa Faisal

    Musa FaisalOrë më parë

    Beautiful houses and bday

  94. Musa Faisal

    Musa FaisalOrë më parë

    Love you guys so cute. 😍😍💞

  95. Mai life Mai Rules

    Mai life Mai RulesOrë më parë

    I love it..she believes in feungshui...

  96. Musa Faisal

    Musa FaisalOrë më parë

    Happy bday alaia sorry I just saw this video because I just got my phone back I was so busy

  97. Gwyneline A.R.

    Gwyneline A.R.Orë më parë


  98. Musa Faisal

    Musa FaisalOrë më parë

    I love you guys a beautiful family may God give you a happy life ,and a blessed family

  99. emilio clarke

    emilio clarkeOrë më parë


  100. Nhlanhla Sibisi

    Nhlanhla SibisiOrë më parë

    tory lanez for the intro