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Ingraham: A tale of two leaders
  1. iamavet

    iamavetDitë më parë

    Schumer keeps saying 'the American people want.....' Only Democrat living on the East or West coast and DC....". The rest of America think if you want more witnesses go back to the House committees and the Senate trial can wait.

  2. Lelynn Miller

    Lelynn MillerDitë më parë

    💡 here's an idea... how about they do THIS.... *"give them ALL a lie detector test!!"* (ALL of them!!) dam putting them on the stand, give them to Dr. Phil❗ (let HIM sort it out) sure every1 can lie the same lie, outta their mouth, but can they all cheat a polygraph? 🤷‍♀️

  3. Charles Bronson

    Charles BronsonDitë më parë

    Had to make a separate comment to point out ...these people are our educated ones ...they should know how our senate works .... I think after all this is done we need to take a look at our colleges they have to stop putting out this trash....remember they want us to pay for this crap to learn liberal trash ideology😂

  4. Lucky Lou

    Lucky LouDitë më parë

    These idiots say its a cover-up to not call witnesses yet they clearly could have subpoenaed them in the house. Trump did not block any subpoenas because NON WERE ISSUED.

  5. John Burke

    John BurkeDitë më parë

    I find it very sad how much I hate these idiots and their protective 'narrative'. And I am not even American!

  6. Teresa Alaniz

    Teresa AlanizDitë më parë

    If there is no crime???? Then I would say there will not be a conviction??? Where is the crime,,, this is a waste of our time and money. Although it's all part of the plan. They have dug their hole and they are jumping in head first,, to dam funny!!!! We the people are awake and watching,, waiting for the unsealing of the real indictments!!!!

  7. Adam

    AdamDitë më parë

    Couldn't Bernie sue the DNC for defamation? He should.

  8. RJ Van

    RJ VanDitë më parë

    Chucky is not going to get his way! Need term limits, he has been stealing from us for 40 years! He needs to go!!!!!

  9. Benny Oaks

    Benny OaksDitë më parë

    Are Juan and Maxine married? They sound like they rehearsed their talking points in bed together. Eww gross. Just forget I typed that.

  10. Spotless Bird

    Spotless BirdDitë më parë

    Maxine is a dum ni gg er !!!!

  11. Leon Glass

    Leon GlassDitë më parë

    Get Woke Go Broke. Democrats love to give you a hand out not a hand up.

  12. Kenneth Seeburger

    Kenneth SeeburgerDitë më parë

    Nadler reminds me of Humpty Dumpty

  13. Joseph West

    Joseph WestDitë më parë

    Upstate New York Registered Independent Sick of Democrats BS Chuck Schumer Will Not Listen to the People Schumer is a State Disgrace

  14. Mike Dennis

    Mike DennisDitë më parë


  15. G Sh

    G ShDitë më parë

    Schumer is such a liar. If Americans believe foreigners interfere, it's because the Dems keep saying it's happening, even though it isn't.

  16. Karen Ware

    Karen WareDitë më parë

    You're so crooked and evil

  17. Calvin Johnstone

    Calvin JohnstoneDitë më parë

    How can they say the Dems trash this when it hasn't even started. Pretty fair assumption, but still.

  18. BigSexy

    BigSexyDitë më parë

    FAH-Q Chuck

  19. M C

    M CDitë më parë

    What a band of idiots. Impeach the liberal/socialist Congress!!

  20. Steven H.

    Steven H.Ditë më parë

    Makes me want to puke when Pelosi and her cronies stand up there and announced they got to uphold the Constitution yet the way they handled the impeachment in the House of Representatives was unconstitutional. Pretty sad that Trump's lawyers were not even allowed to participate and they were not allowed to call witnesses. The entire impeachment process in the house was completely dictated by Adam Schiff and Pelosi and all their cronies. And the hypocrisies now they say it's a cover-up because McConnell and Republicans won't run the impeachment hearings exactly the way the Democrats want them to in the Senate. I hope the American people see through all this and all the bias in the mainstream news and media like CNN and MSNBC.

  21. Droopy Dragon

    Droopy DragonDitë më parë

    Like the bipartisanship in the house?

  22. Ben Ketola

    Ben KetolaDitë më parë

    I’m from NY and I stand with our great president! Thank you president Trump! Trump 2020! KAG!

  23. Gina Resar

    Gina ResarDitë më parë

    Hahaha this shiff is so funny hahaha


    WHISPERING TRUTHDitë më parë


  25. john rumingerie

    john rumingerieDitë më parë

    If you make it illegal to prosecute political candidates for crimes, every crooked individual under every rock will be running for office.

  26. Buster Ward

    Buster WardDitë më parë

    It's what I say they have infiltrated our government and that's all they want is to take America down they have been doing this and working at it 4 years they should all receive treason sentences and if it keeps on going then I guess we need to give them their treason sentences my god when is it going to stop if it doesn't stop then this what needs to be done arrest of all because there are pushing a coup which is treason against a duly elected president


    VANESSA RHEAD ARTDitë më parë

    Are they now sending in the "THOUGHT POLICE" is it 2020 or 1984, you want him impeached because he MAY/MAYNOT have been thinking something bad when he decided to do SOMETHING ???

  28. Lulu Baniqued

    Lulu BaniquedDitë më parë

    A dose of your medicine !!!!😂😂😂😂😂

  29. William Urbaniak

    William UrbaniakDitë më parë

    MSM, corporations, and Hollywood interfere in our elections, not the Russians. Give up Chuck

  30. ThatDude

    ThatDudeDitë më parë

    By now we should know our leaders aren't leading. So, why vote for the same BS?!! Well, our votes never mattered all this time. Our voice is unheard.

  31. Julia Wilson

    Julia WilsonDitë më parë

    Thank you Kelly. Thank you for standing up for our President, You GO GIRL!!!!!!!!

  32. IamLegionXXX

    IamLegionXXXDitë më parë

    Did you notice in the picture there is no women, all men which suggest they are all military posing for a propaganda photo and those news outlets bought it like fact for their narrative, so who are the useful idiots now?

  33. Dale Peterson

    Dale PetersonDitë më parë

    Democrats have proven time and time again,that they are incompetent to lead this nation...Trump 2020!

  34. j sawyer

    j sawyerDitë më parë

    I just cant believe the lengths the Democrats will go to deceive. Its sad for all of us.


    BULLETT BANDDitë më parë

    No sound in the UK

  36. Malcolm Parsons

    Malcolm ParsonsDitë më parë

    what a liar and a chicom this demon is

  37. This Random Socialist

    This Random SocialistDitë më parë

    Lmao this backfired she went down in the polls

  38. tonybrooms

    tonybroomsDitë më parë

    Ainsley ... so smart, so beautiful ... today a Vision in Blue.

  39. oterra64

    oterra64Ditë më parë

    Schumer liar liar pants on fire

  40. mary doe

    mary doeDitë më parë

    Linsey a warmonger

  41. turtlelove83

    turtlelove83Ditë më parë

    So dems dont like it so well when the tables are turned? Suprising lmao

  42. SuperMutant2099

    SuperMutant2099Ditë më parë

    They looked liked lying fools that anyone not watching fake stream media knows is BS. This will always be about covering up their failed election of 2016 and the one they are scared of losing in 2020. Impeachment not suppose to be used for it. You can tell that is what this really about because of their stances on Clinton Impeachment and many many Obama scandals. Many other scandals democrats are involved in right now including Bidens. They don't want to expose that trump had a right to have Ukraine look into biden's by having them testify.

  43. Randall D

    Randall DDitë më parë

    These democrats need to be jailed up for treason. Come on military do your job. These are domestic terrorists

  44. Angel Rose

    Angel RoseDitë më parë

    Cry all you want....I AM just over here ENJOYING THE SHOW....Shoes on other foot now & backfires INCOMING....! 💥🎬⏰🐇💙🥳

  45. Scott Miller

    Scott MillerDitë më parë

    1:41 you mean like letting illegal immigrants voting in our elections, chuck?

  46. Dan Langeberg

    Dan LangebergDitë më parë


  47. juanito jacob

    juanito jacobDitë më parë

    Donald Trump congratulations for 4 more years

  48. Darryl Taylor

    Darryl TaylorDitë më parë

    But wot about WUSSIA and POOTIN I thought they are controlling the President according to sources that are close to a source that maybe be a source that may of spoke to someone that could be a source 😂😂😂😂

  49. J.L. Klamer

    J.L. KlamerDitë më parë

    With these rules of the game, Republicans and our Mitch turn the entire oversight between Congress and the White House into a shameless display. This turns all intentions that founding fathers had in mind into a farce. This is completely and unconstitutional against all rules of legislation. If this continues, only one conclusion is possible: Republicans who support this intention will have to answer for deception and perjury in court.

  50. Matt Marshall

    Matt MarshallDitë më parë

    PRAY 4 U S A.ll & President Trump and all Legislators in The Senate Proceedings! Lord Jesus grant these Citizens the Minds and Hearts to Judge in Fairness and Love for the U S Constitution and America!!!

  51. J.L. Klamer

    J.L. KlamerDitë më parë

    With these rules of the game, Republicans and our Mitch turn the entire oversight between Congress and the White House into a shameless display. This turns all intentions that founding fathers had in mind into a farce. This is completely and unconstitutional against all rules of legislation. If this continues, only one conclusion is possible: Republicans who support this intention will have to answer for deception and perjury in court.

  52. J.L. Klamer

    J.L. KlamerDitë më parë

    With these rules of the game, Republicans and our Mitch turn the entire oversight between Congress and the White House into a shameless display. This turns all intentions that founding fathers had in mind into a farce. This is completely and unconstitutional against all rules of legislation. If this continues, only one conclusion is possible: Republicans who support this intention will have to answer for deception and perjury in court.

  53. Jeffrey Short

    Jeffrey ShortDitë më parë

    When the shoe is on the other foot, they freak out. Losers That's just how the house Dems treated the Republicans.

  54. Dave Dee

    Dave DeeDitë më parë

    Are Republicans still pushing the crap that they weren't allowed to talk in the House? Team Trump was given every opportunity to put up their defense in the House portion and they refused to do so. Also any witnesses Republicans wanted were not relevant to the investigation.

  55. Craig Martin

    Craig MartinDitë më parë

    MSMP main stream media pukes pretty much describes CNN, MSNBC, CBS,NYT.WP.

  56. Deborah Simmons

    Deborah SimmonsDitë më parë

    Rudy Guilliani is still the best crime prosecutor in history, perhaps even in the world. He’s another alpha male will never back down, no matter what!!!

  57. Dennis Navarro

    Dennis NavarroDitë më parë


  58. George Drollinger

    George DrollingerDitë më parë

    He used to work for Bloomberg which makes him a blooming idiot because gun control is all about the control which leads to slavery

  59. Scott Kirk

    Scott KirkDitë më parë

    LOL MSNBC...calling CNN .."fake news" LOL

  60. Cat Corrujedo

    Cat CorrujedoDitë më parë


  61. Douglas Anderson

    Douglas AndersonDitë më parë

    Crooked politicians all

  62. Bill Fowler

    Bill FowlerDitë më parë

    Trump 2020 keep America great 🇺🇸

  63. brian bowes

    brian bowesDitë më parë

    TRUMP forever . The economy is good and TRUMP supports the 2 nd amendment. He HATES baby killers , babies murdered as they are being born , full term. DEMS support it. The party of baby murderers GOD will soon take over through POTUS TRUMP. Hey Clinton ,how would you like it if YOU were that baby being murdered as you are being born.

  64. Chad

    ChadDitë më parë

    Term limits now

  65. Gary McAleer

    Gary McAleerDitë më parë

    I love Emily's laugh. Greg's wit is amazing. He puts Stewart, Maher, and the other political numbnuts to shame. He has virtue on his side while the morally depraved democrats have corpses of dead babies on theirs.

  66. SDM

    SDMDitë më parë

    They don't look like they are happy at all about not having unilateral control.

  67. samkachar

    samkacharDitë më parë

    Dipshits on both sides of the screen.

  68. Kyle belanger

    Kyle belangerDitë më parë

    We are all wrong about Trump He is not orange He looks more 🍑 peach

  69. Mr Floppy

    Mr FloppyDitë më parë

    Dems in full panic mode!

  70. Jamie Alexander

    Jamie AlexanderDitë më parë

    Please unseal the indictments so we can rid our country of this minstrel show! These clowns are ridiculous...

  71. David Reese

    David ReeseDitë më parë

    The Same B.S for the last almost 4 year's with these Idiot's!

  72. Steve Prestek

    Steve PrestekDitë më parë

    Ratcliffe/Collins 2024

  73. Armandhammer

    ArmandhammerDitë më parë

    Go do something to help people you dolts.

  74. Jared Wagner

    Jared WagnerDitë më parë

    "People will start losing faith in elections...." Yeah I've already lost faith because we've had a president for 3 years that YOUR party has refused to accept and will do any dirty trick to try to remove him. How about focus on helping the American people instead of spending our tax dollars on this sham impeachment?

  75. michael foelsch

    michael foelschDitë më parë

    Uuuuuummm, he has NOT committed any crimes morons. This is all a hoax. They obviously watch to much CNN!!!!

  76. Jay Freeman

    Jay FreemanDitë më parë

    what a lying creep

  77. Bill Fowler

    Bill FowlerDitë më parë

    CNN is fake news 🤥

  78. Ethel Jane Fontenot

    Ethel Jane FontenotDitë më parë

    She corrupts everything she touches yet she goes unpunished.

  79. Cosmic Truth

    Cosmic TruthDitë më parë

    Schiff, I can't even watch you continually lie. It's a disgrace. You are [FULLY EXPOSED]. You don't speak for THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. WE ARE THE PEOPLE and have found you corrupt and guilty of [TREASON]. [KNOWINGLY]

  80. Red Dot Tactical, LLC

    Red Dot Tactical, LLCDitë më parë

    Chucky is so full of Schiff ...!

  81. George Stone

    George StoneDitë më parë


  82. Cedro Peters

    Cedro PetersDitë më parë

    The Lies are in his eyes.. corkey eyes bast..d

  83. Jay H

    Jay HDitë më parë

    Trump 2020!!!

  84. Francois Lauzon

    Francois LauzonDitë më parë

    Look at how they walk .. Nadler looks destroyed .. schiff is the joker and Nadler the penguin !

  85. Kevin Lindsey

    Kevin LindseyDitë më parë

    Chuck, are you the dumbest person ever?

  86. Douglas Adams

    Douglas AdamsDitë më parë

    Well its a good thing the articles of impeachment were printed on 2 ply toilet paper because were gonna have adam schitt for brains spread all over the floor and to clean schitt up you need a lot of paper..

  87. Jeriba Shigan

    Jeriba ShiganDitë më parë

    Schumer is a miserable person. He wakes up angry everyday.

  88. Davida G

    Davida GDitë më parë


  89. Ronald Avery

    Ronald AveryDitë më parë

    Duh duh duh duh duh Poor rudy

  90. Jason Maranto

    Jason MarantoDitë më parë

    For re-election I think Trump should declare himself a "woman of color" -- watch those intersectional leftists heads explode.

  91. Mike

    MikeDitë më parë

    The Dems are trying to start another Civil War!! They have been non-stop dividing this country since Obama was elected!

  92. Wesley Settles

    Wesley SettlesDitë më parë

    hearsay is not evidence

  93. SynFuLLLz

    SynFuLLLzDitë më parë

    How do the people get rid of Schumer and Pelosi? I didn't elect them to speak for "the people" -- can we impeach them?

  94. Don Arthur

    Don ArthurDitë më parë

    Notice that Schiff compared "Due Process" in the Senate process to the Clinton trial, not to what they did in the House. Absolutely no Due Process in the House and yet they whine about fairness in the Senate which they don't control. Their complaint of Senate procedures is exactly what they did in the House. Such hypocrites and phonies. A huge pile of "Steaming Schiff". They totally failed to do their job in the House and now they want the Senate to clean up their mess.

  95. Betty Garrett

    Betty GarrettDitë më parë

    Putting fake evidence forth because you hate the President and fear he's gonna expose you of your wrong doing is not grounds for impeachment. The more dems think there doing good to fight President Trump every day is stupid to be proud of themselves when there looking like idiots not heros saving there country. All its causing is more hate division. Everything they accuse President Trump of they are doing and it's causing more American people to see this and voting for President Trump in 2020.

  96. Cliff Lee

    Cliff LeeDitë më parë

    The press act like little kids. They have to told how to act lol.

  97. Doug Shaw

    Doug ShawDitë më parë

    Lot's of staged pouty mouth today. They knew what was coming. Had that 'victim' card in their hands already for the cameras and pontificated lies!

  98. william HEACOCK

    william HEACOCKDitë më parë

    Democrats =communist

  99. tammy steves

    tammy stevesDitë më parë

    Are they handing out pens at this event ?

  100. Peter G

    Peter GDitë më parë

    No one will watch this even during the day schiff we all know your a liar lol