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We Water Cooled an SSD!!
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The ALL-METAL Keyboard

The ALL-METAL Keyboard

6 ditë më parë

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Are 8K TV manufacturers LYING??
"Artificial Humans"

"Artificial Humans"

10 ditë më parë

Why Can't I BUY a MicroLED TV?


18 ditë më parë

The PROBLEM with 5G mmW...
This PC is breathtaking!
Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 Showcase
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4K Video Editing PC on a BUDGET
  1. Sam Callan

    Sam Callan6 orë më parë

    I switched from Google Pixel to IPhone 11 Pro Max. Here is why: Performance Display Security Camera (specifically wide angle) Battery AirPods are great! I do like Android but apple won me over this year! Would have just loved to see a USB-C port...

  2. Lyrical Languages

    Lyrical Languages6 orë më parë

    MacOS ist immer noch VIEL besser. Es ist stabiler und synchronisiert sich mit Ihrem iPhone. Plus es ist nur bequemer. Ich habe tatsächlich von Windows gewechselt und bin soooooo froh, dass ich das getan habe!

  3. E S

    E S6 orë më parë

    %0|%0 batch fork..... so much simpler.

  4. Schrödinger

    Schrödinger6 orë më parë

    Did you also get a pulse wave add with Linus before the video

  5. Cameron Sultanov

    Cameron Sultanov6 orë më parë

    That’s so pretty hot chick out there !

  6. Guided Hand

    Guided Hand6 orë më parë

    Just barely a gaming computer.

  7. Adam Howells

    Adam Howells6 orë më parë

    What cinema is charging $50 for a movie in the night???

  8. FarmYard Gaming

    FarmYard Gaming6 orë më parë

    ARGH, don't show me the back of that!

  9. Strombilly

    Strombilly6 orë më parë

    When's the water cooled 4K gaming monitor along with water cooled keyboard and mouse?

  10. Masa Fulgur

    Masa Fulgur6 orë më parë

    real dumb question. I don't game without Ethernet and that usually means i don't game without a power outlet somewhere near by. i always carry with me my external mouse and keyboard and when at home i plug my laptop into an external monitor anyway. If horrible battery life and crap keyboard and chassis cheap feelings weren't a problem, and i only focused on eithernet, 144hrz, higherish end cpu gpu and ok sound and heat, what are my options. because it's super hard weeding out good review and bad reviews because a lot of people dock a LOT of points off sometimes just because "the build quality doesn't feel as premium as it should and the keyboard was mushy, 83%, good laptop" but like what about the thermals???? or noise??? you gave me numbers plus a LOT of reviews just like regurgitate information and fan boy about the "new technolog and how it looks, and look it's a 2080" but half of them fail to tell you it's a Max-Q and not a full blown one

  11. zan ismal

    zan ismal6 orë më parë

    she didnt even get a 3080 what a cheap channel

  12. Michael Marsh

    Michael Marsh6 orë më parë

    12:07 Eyebrows for the bangin nas.

  13. Great001

    Great0016 orë më parë

    Follow my insta for reviews about gaming rigs , comparisons and articles about tech!

  14. Akash Barman

    Akash Barman6 orë më parë

    Crew: we've run out of ideas Linus: Create a problem. Try to solve it.

  15. Great001

    Great0016 orë më parë

    Follow my channel for reviews about gaming rigs , comparisons and articles about tech!

  16. Ney Me Hoi Minoy

    Ney Me Hoi Minoy6 orë më parë

    0:31 little tiny water cooling-inator

  17. Nebulous

    Nebulous6 orë më parë

    0:25 We can tell Linus' kids like Despicable Me.

  18. Jacques Buys

    Jacques Buys6 orë më parë

    What was your max temperature? Do a test between aio cooler and custom loop on ryzen 3000. That would be something to see.. since custom cooling dropped prices to aio pricing.. plz

  19. assassin2213

    assassin22136 orë më parë

    If the password gets truncated and it doesn’t matter why have a password limit?

  20. Lamp Camper

    Lamp Camper6 orë më parë

    3:02 PC was like nope.

  21. dyldobaggins lmao

    dyldobaggins lmao6 orë më parë

    Right but *Why would you do that* The price is just too *nice*

  22. Jack T

    Jack T6 orë më parë

    Did the Lewis part get made into a video? I want to see where the follow up went

  23. Lamp Camper

    Lamp Camper6 orë më parë

    Corsair : let's add a heat sink so that the ssd looks cool Linus : we are water-cooling a SSD Corsair : what the ...

  24. Henry Williams

    Henry Williams6 orë më parë

    i dont like him.

  25. Shill for Science

    Shill for Science6 orë më parë

    this is what happens when you take technical specifications necessary for _professional_ application, and turn it into a consumer buzzword.

  26. Zhiqin Lu

    Zhiqin Lu6 orë më parë

    water cooled rgb

  27. ATD Engineer

    ATD Engineer6 orë më parë

    If I may say as an engineer, you got it wrong when you have reduced the pipe size to 6mm because the main heat exchanger which is 15mm will receive much less volume of water. So yeah we managed to cool the ssd but we have lost some significant cooling on the CPU cooler by doing so :-( 6mm pipe cant deliver the same cooling as 15mm pipe.

  28. Matando

    Matando6 orë më parë

    Apparently the thumbnail for this video wasn't cooled enough because it's gone.

  29. Svenja Aunes

    Svenja Aunes6 orë më parë

    I don't need to watch this. Of course it does.

  30. Federico Santamorena

    Federico Santamorena6 orë më parë

    we need to know the epic music running before 5:20 Linus

  31. Lil wee wee

    Lil wee wee6 orë më parë

    She is so annoying that this is unwatchable

  32. Dima Zeru

    Dima Zeru6 orë më parë

    Is it me, or it will be a nightmare to get this into a standard loop, since it definitely will need a separate loop because the passthrough choke on that 1/16th or whatever?

  33. lilroberto

    lilroberto6 orë më parë

    Intel Celery™

  34. Ret Zy

    Ret Zy6 orë më parë

    Watching 4 grown men with the woodworking skills of a 13 year old, it’s amazing

  35. Fuzymate

    Fuzymate6 orë më parë

    still waiting for watercooled PSU's


    DRUNKCJ6 orë më parë

    Can a water cooler be water cooled?

  37. Matt Sezer

    Matt Sezer6 orë më parë

    If you need a microscope to see the difference, is there really a point? 4K is barely noticible over 1080p, and many people won't even notice that.

  38. Stuart Robb

    Stuart Robb6 orë më parë

    The fact he was recording cause most of that tracking problems. Robo Recall is flawless every time I play

  39. rokingred

    rokingred6 orë më parë

    k mere mortal get that asus.

  40. Paul Toufe

    Paul Toufe6 orë më parë

    You know what’s better than this pc?? This guys accent

  41. kameron belcher

    kameron belcher6 orë më parë

    It's almost like the camera is for a fully-formed professional film crew

  42. awesomeit1969

    awesomeit19696 orë më parë

    Is that a marjuana plant?!!

  43. Tyler

    Tyler6 orë më parë

    I think I've spotted an grammatical error.

  44. Mike Caudill

    Mike Caudill6 orë më parë

    Water cooling is straight stupid for most people ,most are not trying to cook there system

  45. M.J 7

    M.J 76 orë më parë

    I really don’t c why some haters think u have low testosterone! 😂

  46. Cam Deak

    Cam Deak6 orë më parë

    "The whobodywabody" got me rolling haha

  47. Benny Liang

    Benny Liang6 orë më parë

    Its cheap tho

  48. Llama-Berry

    Llama-Berry6 orë më parë

    yes baguette linus

  49. Giovanni Bernardi

    Giovanni Bernardi6 orë më parë

    I think you should start watercooling case fans

  50. The Seven Retards

    The Seven Retards6 orë më parë

    tech decks

  51. naggot 9

    naggot 96 orë më parë

    i havent seen Water Cooled RAM or psu. i hope to see it on this channel to :)

  52. Ryer

    Ryer6 orë më parë

    What about the i5-9600k?

  53. BlunderingFool

    BlunderingFool6 orë më parë

    I'm surprised you didn't just use a pump from one of those little coffee table fountains.

  54. Arrowslinger

    Arrowslinger6 orë më parë

    I know a low income family that loved this as a Christmas gift.. stuff it Linus.

  55. JDMACC

    JDMACC6 orë më parë

    Sounds like his balls dropped finally

  56. pablo meira888

    pablo meira8886 orë më parë

    That is actually 3 times better then my phone :(

  57. Captain Spankinz

    Captain Spankinz6 orë më parë

    at this price it should come with a motorized stand / monitor arm at this price

  58. Cancer Alert

    Cancer Alert6 orë më parë

    My 970 Evo can't even get through a run of CrystalDiskMark without reaching over 100 °C, at least without a fan. Haven't checked since I dedicated a fan to it tho.

  59. Alu dk

    Alu dk6 orë më parë

    trumotion is killing me and no one seem to notice but me of the ppl i know and its frustrating af cos it sucks but im glad to se im not alone xD

  60. currency ma

    currency ma6 orë më parë

    linus's wife looks like the other guys wife, while the other guys wife looks like linus's wife. what the fuck

  61. Nathan Dav

    Nathan Dav6 orë më parë

    Hey LTT you know what they say about if you dont ask then you wont get??.......ya so could i get a crazy gaming pc? Im straight broke.......just putting that thought out there.

  62. Giovanni Di Stasi

    Giovanni Di Stasi6 orë më parë

    does it work on Linux? theoretically yes

  63. Rich Courtney

    Rich Courtney6 orë më parë

    So you can’t use optical audio with Blu-ray? Even on an xbox1?

  64. Adrian Spork

    Adrian Spork6 orë më parë

    I am playing with my ps4 on the LG one and was always concerning about my lag. But it was just the wrong mode. Thx. This TV was given away to everybody who got an lg g8(s) Mobile.

  65. Gerald Leese

    Gerald Leese6 orë më parë

    25 degrees cooler holly shit

  66. Gary Ng

    Gary Ng6 orë më parë

    AIO is really a joke and let your build having more good looking, that it’s. I would really suggest to use a big air cooler or Custom loop. (Custom loop isn’t that costly. And it is really more reasonable than any AIO)

  67. Kvetch Gaming

    Kvetch Gaming6 orë më parë

    Where is hack pro

  68. Skmoosh

    Skmoosh6 orë më parë

    If you saw my pc specs you would cry, it’s so bad...

  69. Pascal Leinert

    Pascal Leinert6 orë më parë

    How about watercooling water?

  70. Skmoosh

    Skmoosh6 orë më parë

    While watching this I got your pulse way ad

  71. xhimiz14

    xhimiz146 orë më parë

    So what will the video on the 10M subs mark be?

  72. RoboB3ar

    RoboB3ar6 orë më parë

    I couldn't go through entire video, so does it improve performance at all?

  73. Nerd Detected

    Nerd Detected6 orë më parë

    If you put this fan as your Alarm clock it solves your problem of having 10 fingers.

  74. pleappleappleap

    pleappleappleap6 orë më parë

    More like grey goo.

  75. Jesen

    Jesen6 orë më parë

    Lit intro 🔥

  76. Boarhaven

    Boarhaven6 orë më parë

    Please stop. I have a hand Fetish

  77. Zack Puterbaugh

    Zack Puterbaugh6 orë më parë

    you guys are hillariou. heres how to spend over a grand to play ancient and undemanding games. interesting. iwould have put a 3000g in it.

  78. Ahmed Mokhles

    Ahmed Mokhles6 orë më parë

    i wanna see her brother's reaction so bad lol

  79. golden pie

    golden pie6 orë më parë

    My opera mini crashes with 4 GB ram

  80. triple_threat

    triple_threat6 orë më parë

    Linus sounds like Gru when he says little tiny lol. Or is it just me?

  81. Fucked Gplus

    Fucked Gplus6 orë më parë

    I eould trust annyguy with a pink guy tshirt

  82. Sappy-Seaman

    Sappy-Seaman6 orë më parë

    I got a 3700x on its way from newegg. Hoping a i can finally run Minecraft at 60Hz.

  83. TeMorrisonJuggernaut

    TeMorrisonJuggernaut6 orë më parë

    What about a video on projectors? Have been looking at picking up a refurb Epson 5040UB but there really is no quality content on the subject. Is it better to get a highend TV or a mid range projector?

  84. DedomaxYT

    DedomaxYT6 orë më parë

    "Mr. Stark, smells like a new car around here."

  85. MRGanboo

    MRGanboo6 orë më parë

    why is the protective plastic still on the thermal cameras screen?

  86. Flufflet

    Flufflet6 orë më parë

    It looks like it's made out of cardboard.

  87. Deez Nutz

    Deez Nutz6 orë më parë

    I am still rocking 1080p and have zero interest in upgrading anytime soon.

  88. Stavanger Ghost

    Stavanger Ghost6 orë më parë

    LTT should build a Series X from scratch. Whole 9 yards. 3D print the case and everything. BUT, should try and fit even better component inside it. And ofc put the recipe out there. If it ends up being better than a series x, I would switch from xbox to pc. I kinda doubt it would be possible to do the same with a series x, but would sure be fun to watch a video of it. Specially since series x is to arrive at the end of this year. Think about the glory "Managed to build a series x sleeper" before the actuall series x launch. Or even better, a more powerful one ;) if this was done, I would actually build it myself (as long as I had a recipe to follow ofc). It would need to run cool & not be buggy ofc.... Also, is it possible to build a sleeper xbox one x, xbox one, series x, or whatever, and load it up with the same software as in xbox one x ? Like running RTX grafics and such (yes the software would then needed to be altered. I know...). But would it even be possible ? :D

  89. zX_O

    zX_O6 orë më parë

    By far the best host on this channel!

  90. jhlord 2

    jhlord 26 orë më parë

    Makes me remember those Microsoft ads

  91. jhlord 2

    jhlord 26 orë më parë

    Lol I just saw a pulseway ad before this ad when?

  92. Owen268 // OFR Gaming

    Owen268 // OFR Gaming6 orë më parë

    at least this video was not sponsored by PIA or NORDVPN. but instead by RAIDSHADOW LEGENDS get it at LTTSTORE.COM!

  93. Sinex 17

    Sinex 176 orë më parë

    He sounds like Gru from “despicable ME” when he says LITTLE TINY

  94. gridsleep

    gridsleep6 orë më parë

    A long row to hoe for delusions of greed.