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  1. Mirmisian

    MirmisianMinutë më parë

    I wish I was rich

  2. Gemik

    Gemik2 minuta më parë

    had the same keyboard 8:18 T_T

  3. Rigel Sinco

    Rigel Sinco2 minuta më parë

    Funny when the cables are blurred and not Linus's butt.

  4. Bernd Eckenfels

    Bernd Eckenfels4 minuta më parë

    Uh, I would have expected to see titles which are on-par with modern console titles, not retro games (but that’s also a show idea, just misstitled)

  5. Jonathan Perry

    Jonathan Perry4 minuta më parë

    4:12 so uh where do I sign?

  6. Tauriq Afrika

    Tauriq Afrika5 minuta më parë

    Why did they only play games with bad graphics? Not one AAA game

  7. Defiant306

    Defiant3066 minuta më parë

    Ah, but can it play Crysis?

  8. Zenith XYZAP

    Zenith XYZAP6 minuta më parë

    Razer: write that down, write that Down

  9. Depressio Spaghettio

    Depressio Spaghettio7 minuta më parë

    i entered the comp just for the chance of getting jazz jackrabbit 2

  10. Xemnuz

    Xemnuz7 minuta më parë

    5:06 tv is not straight, I thought you were a man with attention to detail

  11. Yeetarus Rex

    Yeetarus Rex7 minuta më parë

    my first time entering a giveaway :)

  12. Koyodee

    Koyodee8 minuta më parë

    *sponsored by Memory Express* First computer store he goes to: Newegg...

  13. MostlyRandom

    MostlyRandom8 minuta më parë

    "what more could you ask for" somewhere to clamp a racing wheel. that keyboard shelf doesn't look sturdy enough for that. (its also too close but I assume you can adjust that) adjustable clamps on both arm wrests to hold your hotas. it seems a bit weird that they build a "gaming cockpit" and there doesn't appear to be any way to attach the most common cockpit peripherals (there's hardly room to hang a headset :) the whole thing just looks a little cramped unless all you plan to do is play with a console controller.

  14. GINK0SAN

    GINK0SAN8 minuta më parë

    If just the surface pro could have this pencil tecnology.. who cares about ipad pro

  15. K. G.

    K. G.8 minuta më parë

    This video reminded me of those scam "500 in 1" cartridges for NES :D.

  16. BearGang

    BearGang8 minuta më parë

    i wanted that motherboard but i fill like msi meg x570 godlike is way better and from the over clock its way better i wish EK made A full water block for it

  17. Anant Rastogi

    Anant Rastogi9 minuta më parë

    i want this pc linus plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  18. Addison Armstrong

    Addison Armstrong9 minuta më parë

    Was my school the only one that had like 5 of these?

  19. Timothy Vaschu

    Timothy Vaschu9 minuta më parë

    Damn. I paid just under R300 (US $20 basically) for my i5 2500. So even in African standards (which tends to be overpriced), yeah you got ripped off, buddy

  20. Vanja Lovretić

    Vanja Lovretić10 minuta më parë

    omg, this dude with beard is so annoying... thumb down just because him.

  21. Nashruddin Mohd Din

    Nashruddin Mohd Din10 minuta më parë

    Fan of this channel from Singapore. Send the giveaway to me pls.

  22. Sirhan Lohan

    Sirhan Lohan11 minuta më parë

    Forget the old PC, it's time to upgrade your news sources.

  23. Hopeful Interpretation

    Hopeful Interpretation11 minuta më parë

    LMAO 2:02 and 0:50

  24. PissTeviEzis

    PissTeviEzis12 minuta më parë


  25. Maurice Button

    Maurice Button12 minuta më parë

    there is a very small chance that people might get it hope that do good luck to everyone that entered

  26. Wyatt W

    Wyatt W12 minuta më parë

    fucking loved arcanum growing up

  27. tj

    tj13 minuta më parë

    I have psvr but wish I had pc as well. I dont have enough room though in my bedroom for pc vr. I barely makedo with psvr lol

  28. criz nittle

    criz nittle13 minuta më parë

    Speaking of Tech Tips, climate change is a real issue we all need to work together on.

  29. Millennious

    Millennious13 minuta më parë

    Shawn:'I Don't know how to put it in' Linus:it's OK, your pretty young you ll learn later'

  30. Neby Moges

    Neby Moges14 minuta më parë

    am I the only one noticing the lack of intros?

  31. Lpedraja2002

    Lpedraja200214 minuta më parë

    Whoa Anthony looks so different on 2017. He should lose some weight for his sake. Would love to see him in more videos.

  32. Danielus Drachenberg

    Danielus Drachenberg14 minuta më parë

    Stop activating my Google Home please :|

  33. NeoTheRevolution1

    NeoTheRevolution114 minuta më parë

    Your hairline is not 2019ish

  34. NightBreakerEX

    NightBreakerEX14 minuta më parë

    ..... life is only a game

  35. Zanaso12

    Zanaso1215 minuta më parë

    As a visually impaired individual when it comes to the arts, I care nothing for the camera. In most of the shots you were comparing, I genuinely couldn't tell a difference. For example, the "the unnatural greens on the trees" comment completely thew me, they just look like regular trees to me. As such, I'm curious what your review of the phone would be for someone that has zero intention of ever using the camera on any phone he gets. Since I currently have a S7, any phone would be a huge upgrade. I'm looking at the OnePlus 7 Pro, Pixel 3a, and the S10 primarily. So far, I think I'll go with the OnePlus 7. Thoughts?

  36. Razaziel

    Razaziel15 minuta më parë

    7:26 Found that "oot"

  37. lrochfort

    lrochfort16 minuta më parë

    What's with censored guy?

  38. Don't even try it

    Don't even try it16 minuta më parë

    Such a big man, giving the green light for a project. What a specimen this guy is.. I don't really dislike Linus, but sometimes the "I'm the boss and you'll all hear about it frequently" gets kind of old.. And annoying.

  39. Baim Yahya

    Baim Yahya16 minuta më parë

    hey Linus, what apps u used to get all that game into 1 explorer?

  40. Dark ^-^

    Dark ^-^17 minuta më parë

    when i was building an itx pc for my sister and the graphics card barely fit i was sweating bullets but this just makes me uncomfortable

  41. Zempt 77

    Zempt 7718 minuta më parë

    Nowadays, we can hook up 9 nerf promethiuses together.

  42. Tay Gumi

    Tay Gumi19 minuta më parë

    7:01 I do it sometimes, too. Bro. :DD

  43. Cody Young

    Cody Young20 minuta më parë

    going back i forgot how awful the previous intro was

  44. Muhammad Mirsab

    Muhammad Mirsab21 minutë më parë


  45. Bartosz Jankoś

    Bartosz Jankoś22 minuta më parë

    What is the keyboard Linus uses?

  46. Uzukii

    Uzukii23 minuta më parë

    @3:42 - So it uses a nipple style navigation joystick. Well I guess that's one way to describe it.

  47. Don't even try it

    Don't even try it24 minuta më parë

    Free Windows key? Why thank you good sir XD

  48. Ziad r

    Ziad r25 minuta më parë

    did you just call a pc . consol!

  49. josmary flores

    josmary flores26 minuta më parë

    Do I need to pay for a internet plan each month for the tablet. For kids you dont need to buy expensive

  50. laststopformadness

    laststopformadness28 minuta më parë

    Today I decided to support LTT so I went to the store to buy a item saw linus in boxers and decided not to ever go back to the store again no offense linus but I did not need to see that So I got PIA instead thanks linus

  51. 小老虎

    小老虎29 minuta më parë


  52. Likewise

    Likewise29 minuta më parë

    Vghs be like

  53. Mali Dan

    Mali Dan29 minuta më parë

    Commercial break.🙄 I will buy a Samsung, Apple, Huawei at this kind of money. 💰

  54. helixdraco

    helixdraco31 minutë më parë

    linus you should sign it!

  55. Henry Rays Magical Tank

    Henry Rays Magical Tank31 minutë më parë

    The number of comments is 4K 🤣🤣

  56. Joey Dsusa

    Joey Dsusa32 minuta më parë


  57. Valentine

    Valentine32 minuta më parë

    Wow! Linus has changed a lot!

  58. phigg76

    phigg7633 minuta më parë

    fastest computer in an xbox container....

  59. let do Games

    let do Games34 minuta më parë were is part 2 off this video ?????

  60. 龙之道

    龙之道35 minuta më parë


  61. itsyaboibill gaming

    itsyaboibill gaming35 minuta më parë

    I really need this pc as I'm running a fx😂 but after I looked at how many ppl applied I got no chance

  62. Scott Tait

    Scott Tait35 minuta më parë

    Slop lol

  63. hydranine

    hydranine35 minuta më parë

    I've used these in combat zones and they're phenomenal for that particular environment and application. There are also some different variants to this line that are even more incredible as well. As hardened laptops go (and I've utilized the breadth of the industry's offerings), it's by far the king. It's cool that you showcased the m.2 bugout (a term we use for when we're pulling chocks/gear and getting out of an area) latch system and the red/green screen adjustments (useful for low-light/no-light situations); I would agree, however, that outside of working in this role or perhaps in a sensitive operations center, you're probably not going to ever need to use those modes. I'm not entirely sure why they have a bio-metric fingerprint reader as a module--inside several sectors I've worked besides this one, I've never actually seen that employed by companies at the enterprise level which invest in these machines, but I suspect there is someone out there that wants them. What I did find curious, was the two different card readers--both are relatively secure, one moreso than the other, but beyond that, I'd question the logic and advantage of one over the other. Video was sponsored yes, but a solid bit of kit discussed. Thanks!

  64. marines0001

    marines000137 minuta më parë

    I had that setup loved it at the time

  65. Moose A tundra

    Moose A tundra38 minuta më parë

    Omg the background is rainbow... I think linus is coming out!!

  66. hb81

    hb8138 minuta më parë

    2019.. still fun as hell

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    kemop0638 minuta më parë

    lol unbelievable !

  68. Bruno Peres

    Bruno Peres39 minuta më parë

    Great but can it run Minecraft? I dont think so B)

  69. Random Egg

    Random Egg39 minuta më parë

    Hollow night is $15 on the e-shop. It’s only $35 with a physical copy

  70. Suliman Gasim

    Suliman Gasim39 minuta më parë

    LINUS: get in the giveaway and you may win. ME: let's try -knowing that I will NEVER win.

  71. Starkill3r 306

    Starkill3r 30640 minuta më parë

    As my first VR headset I am not disappointed, I love it so much

  72. Amaury Jacquot

    Amaury Jacquot40 minuta më parë

    aaaand... the cat just destroyed the mobo with static discharge ;-)

  73. aethelol

    aethelol40 minuta më parë

    Hot damn that BEEEEEEEP the PC made. I had a pretty below average HP Pavilion PC as a kid, which did the exact same ear ripping beep sound whenever anything foreign was inserted into it. Took me and my dad quite some time figuring out why it did that when we were trying to replace the memory.

  74. Mesidg

    Mesidg41 minutë më parë

    This would have been better if you guys actually tried to build an equivalent pc for a console price.

  75. Abel Romero

    Abel Romero42 minuta më parë

    5:41 #wig

  76. criz nittle

    criz nittle42 minuta më parë

    2:41 "sorry, this has never happened to me before"

  77. Technoclastic

    Technoclastic42 minuta më parë

    It look good, but it doesn't sound good no buy.

  78. 迷亭

    迷亭43 minuta më parë


  79. Technoclastic

    Technoclastic43 minuta më parë

    Keep up a good work 💪

  80. T

    T43 minuta më parë

    Case link?

  81. EzbonGamer

    EzbonGamer44 minuta më parë

    We needed a camera

  82. Technoclastic

    Technoclastic44 minuta më parë

    Thanks for a real review. Not fake or sponsor review

  83. Ouew

    Ouew45 minuta më parë

    i like how marcus doesnt even care and just sits with his phone.

  84. Hank Moody Gaming

    Hank Moody Gaming45 minuta më parë

    We raided the people of LTT and no one thought to go to Anthony's House? The one guy who actually knows what he's doing.

  85. Koushal Saini

    Koushal Saini45 minuta më parë

    jst give me the radiator!! i need one

  86. Justin G

    Justin G45 minuta më parë

    Hey gog can you send me 500 games aswell?

  87. Eddie Becerra

    Eddie Becerra45 minuta më parë

    All that and not even an aio cooler for the CPU?

  88. Daniel Voyles

    Daniel Voyles47 minuta më parë

    I haven't used GOG since I bought a game and the next day it went on sale. I contacted their support and they basically told me "sucks for you".

  89. JBTYpr

    JBTYpr48 minuta më parë

    Linus: Get you mind out of the gutter Me Listening in tech: Wait What? Me 5 seconds later: oooooohhhh 😌

  90. Spork Master

    Spork Master49 minuta më parë

    I'm bout to build a 3400g system inside of a wii

  91. Emmanuel Sevilla

    Emmanuel Sevilla49 minuta më parë

    what software is he using to monitor the usage of each hardware?

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    Hicham Gouchida50 minuta më parë

    Cool give me one of your old GPUs please thanks 🤔

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    idk_UnknownUser50 minuta më parë

    the ad watching this video for me had linus in it

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    Vishvendra Bayas50 minuta më parë

    Linus's reaction@ 11.33 🤣

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    joe montana50 minuta më parë

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    Fantástic Channel51 minutë më parë

    Discount for Games and Toys👈

  97. crazysnake96

    crazysnake9651 minutë më parë

    * cpu actually goes up to 4.4ghz not 4.2, but u know.