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I make cartoons and sometimes video essays about movies and TV Shows mostly, but sometimes I tell stories about my weird life.
My dog Charlie is the cutest dog in the world, fyi.
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ZOMBIES is hilariously dumb...
how is Riverdale still on tv...
YOU is a weird show...
Victorious was kinda dumb...
Riverdale: The Musical

Riverdale: The Musical

2 muaj më parë

how is Riverdale a real show
Batwoman is a weird show...
Lemonade Mouth is kinda dumb...
Tall Girl is kinda dumb...
True Blood was kinda dumb...
iZombie was a weird show...
Riverdale has lost its mind...
The Perfect Date is kinda dumb...
Lucifer is such a weird show...
what even is Riverdale anymore...
1 million subscribers

1 million subscribers

11 muaj më parë

how is Riverdale such a mess...
Kim Possible is kinda dumb...
what the heck is gen:LOCK??
alex meyers compilation
The OC was pretty dumb...
3 years on Youtube

3 years on Youtube

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Gotham is a weird show...
Glee is pretty dumb...
My Japan Stories 2

My Japan Stories 2

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  1. Muffin Playz!

    Muffin Playz!6 orë më parë

    AHhHHh yess

  2. Green Nindroid

    Green Nindroid7 orë më parë

    How dare you.... ._.

  3. yas hassnpour

    yas hassnpour7 orë më parë

    I LOVE the originals 'cause it was even better than tvd itself.... and one more thing ... HOW do you think legacies is better than the originals I'M so offended .. The Originals is the best YV show everrrrrr

  4. Alex Chicago

    Alex Chicago7 orë më parë

    If Zed is a zombie, shouldn’t he have a corrupted body with blood and gross teeth and missing limbs like a real Zombie? He just a very pale kid with green hair.

  5. kawaii catolog

    kawaii catolog7 orë më parë

    Sarah's ex 1:yeets Sarah It looked like this . • ⚫ 🔵 👧

  6. Boba in a Flash

    Boba in a Flash7 orë më parë

    I manly watched the show not the movie when I was a kid

  7. Tyler Martin

    Tyler Martin7 orë më parë

    Zed = Alex Brightmen’s Beetlejuice

  8. kawaii catolog

    kawaii catolog7 orë më parë

    When he said something spooky happens An ad screamed in my face It screamed:TEETH WHITENING STRIPS

  9. Helynn H

    Helynn H7 orë më parë

    Dorota is my entire HEART

  10. Optics Online

    Optics Online7 orë më parë

    You could also fight crocs for that bub light

  11. Noura1234

    Noura12347 orë më parë

    You should do big time rush! I bet you’ll like the slapstick humor. It’s just as whacky and underrated as h2o!!

  12. Human Person

    Human Person7 orë më parë

    4:35 she sounds like mermaid man from spongebob

  13. Karazy Abbey

    Karazy Abbey7 orë më parë

    Please watch more The Vampire Diaries!!!!!!

  14. Julia Pena

    Julia Pena7 orë më parë

    Um do zombies 2

  15. ColieJ123 the second

    ColieJ123 the second7 orë më parë

    I have seen middle schoolers as tall as her

  16. Laura Rengela

    Laura Rengela7 orë më parë

    Zombies 2 Zombies 2

  17. Lasagna Bois

    Lasagna Bois7 orë më parë


  18. Salvatore Sultana

    Salvatore Sultana7 orë më parë

    She was 5'10 at 11 and 6'1.5 at 16. Xplain.

  19. Lauren Tassone

    Lauren Tassone7 orë më parë

    Please make a video for Dynasty.

  20. Selah Mikhail

    Selah Mikhail7 orë më parë

    So does he watch all these shows and movies

  21. Karie Crawford

    Karie Crawford7 orë më parë

    the second movies is weird .

  22. —Euphoric

    —Euphoric7 orë më parë

    Joe: kills multiple people Love: kills one person Also joe: she’s a physco!

  23. Trévon Pernell

    Trévon Pernell8 orë më parë

    5:15-5:23 I'm guessing that's from experience?

  24. the king of robots the 1st

    the king of robots the 1st8 orë më parë

    Make a video on zombies 2

  25. Sara Star

    Sara Star8 orë më parë

    Was Sky high real or just a fever dream I had?😂

  26. no u

    no u8 orë më parë

    Yeah your whole fucking channel is hilariously dumb

  27. Alessandra Sabbadini

    Alessandra Sabbadini8 orë më parë

    OML I LOVE THAT SERIE (finally found someone that likes that)

  28. Trévon Pernell

    Trévon Pernell8 orë më parë

    3:43 SHOTS FIRED!!! Also, 5:04...

  29. Jessica Hurley

    Jessica Hurley8 orë më parë

    Did anyone else realise that Male said she wants to be Queen of both the isle and Oradon

  30. Gabriel Sierra

    Gabriel Sierra8 orë më parë

    Oh hey are you that guy that I punched in the face well this is awkward

  31. Julie Morgan

    Julie Morgan8 orë më parë

    Yo zombie 2 kam out 4 days ago

  32. BMSBC Productions

    BMSBC Productions8 orë më parë

    Ok Since you did the Zombies movie, you should do Zombies 2 ! It’s Zombies But more Annoying.

  33. Maxo 77

    Maxo 778 orë më parë

    I might be late, but I just finished s2. I hated Betty the most

  34. Fluff Ball

    Fluff Ball8 orë më parë

    CAn you please react to Noelle

  35. charlotte cannon

    charlotte cannon8 orë më parë


  36. Alam Jim

    Alam Jim8 orë më parë

    Now I think the movie was nice!

  37. Kelsy Irunga

    Kelsy Irunga8 orë më parë

    bro i am 12 years old and i did not need to hear that!!! (MY INNOCENT EARS!!!!)

  38. GamingwithRuby 123

    GamingwithRuby 1238 orë më parë


  39. jazmin0326

    jazmin03268 orë më parë

    Well if you think zombies suck you suck I love zombies and I watched it when I was 6 years old

  40. DatKoalaa

    DatKoalaa8 orë më parë

    When tori first meets robbie isn't rex bigger as a puppet..?

  41. sarah owen

    sarah owen8 orë më parë

    5:17 So she dicidec to go back to the island of every body wheres lever pants😂😂😂😂😂

  42. Aragon lally

    Aragon lally8 orë më parë

    how did no one date you in high school??!!!

  43. Ava Johnson

    Ava Johnson8 orë më parë

    You should do zombies 2 :D

  44. patricia

    patricia8 orë më parë

    pls do the new one

  45. Todo Sobre Gomez

    Todo Sobre Gomez8 orë më parë

    As you dare to say that Victorious was dumb, rather your channel is dumb

  46. Katie Voyles

    Katie Voyles8 orë më parë

    I just noticed that me and zed have the literal same haircut lol😂😂😂

  47. Guacamolly

    Guacamolly8 orë më parë

    4:33 i never understood this: so they fall down the tunnel thingy in like, the middle of the day, or possibly the morning, ya? so how the hell is the full moon overhead like what, five minutes later????

  48. Peach Smile

    Peach Smile8 orë më parë

    Oh no one gonna realise it’s,just normal here that all teens have grapple guns..No..Ok? 1:35


    SOURYA ACHARYA8 orë më parë

    Whoever must be watching friends,do u know that Hiram lodge played a little scene in friends; When Rachel was speed driving Monica’s Porsche the police which caught her is none other than our Mr lodge

  50. Nickiyah Kiyah

    Nickiyah Kiyah9 orë më parë

    Did you just call one of my favorite movies dumbbbb

  51. idk ok

    idk ok9 orë më parë

    bro you literally know how to make me feel better 😂 thank you ❤️

  52. Jacob Munoz

    Jacob Munoz9 orë më parë

    Who always remember this as a childhood show and how bad it was

  53. Blue Wolf

    Blue Wolf9 orë më parë

    You MUST make a video of my girl!!!

  54. Moodles_Of_Noodles

    Moodles_Of_Noodles9 orë më parë

    2:24 she weave snatched herself

  55. Adriana

    Adriana9 orë më parë


  56. Thatboy Semi

    Thatboy Semi9 orë më parë

    Do game of thrones

  57. madfoot

    madfoot9 orë më parë

    I have a theory that Robbie has extreme social anxiety, and that's why he has Rex. Rex is basically what Robbie wished he could say, but in an over-exaggerated manner. In the first episode, he gets flustered when Tori asks him where her class is, and Rex proceeds to answer for him. Also, as the show goes on and Robbie gains more confidence, Rex is shown less and less in episodes. *but that's just a theory*

  58. Veronique Brazeau

    Veronique Brazeau9 orë më parë

    Too late for a part 4 ?! :D

  59. Cristlesparklez

    Cristlesparklez9 orë më parë

    I’m so sad that they cancelled Anne with an e ☹️

  60. avery trenholm

    avery trenholm9 orë më parë

    Do Hunger games 1 2 3 and 4 please!!!!! I love it and I would love to see you rate it!

  61. Classy Man

    Classy Man9 orë më parë

    11:06 👌 *wow disney*

  62. daddy chill

    daddy chill9 orë më parë

    I like Georgina, I think she’s a Badass.


    ANITAPOLSKA9 orë më parë

    Ambrose is a munchin and he is an unholy peach.

  64. Archie Morning

    Archie Morning9 orë më parë

    U should do Mama mia

  65. JoJo Wisseh

    JoJo Wisseh9 orë më parë

    Alex:"It's just so...... Me:Instantly gets a Hugs diapers ad Descendants 🎥=💩

  66. BenLukasHD

    BenLukasHD9 orë më parë

    7:18 *Some legends are saying, you can still hear the screams*

  67. enma garcía

    enma garcía9 orë më parë

    I hate gossip girl 😂😂😂

  68. Kelly Marriott

    Kelly Marriott9 orë më parë

    Grama and that weird kid:*goes to movies Me:I didn't know this was star wars

  69. Junior Lossitaire

    Junior Lossitaire10 orë më parë

    Looks at her underwear Me: ok don't be weird and put it back Him: takes it Me: ...

  70. Pumpkin Gaming

    Pumpkin Gaming10 orë më parë

    This title corrupted my childhood

  71. Megan Sunshine

    Megan Sunshine10 orë më parë

    I know your probably working on another video, so can the one after that be on Birds Of Prey? By any chance?

  72. Junior Lossitaire

    Junior Lossitaire10 orë më parë

    Beck, who the firetruck is this?

  73. the lions

    the lions10 orë më parë

    5:00 imagine the guy filming just spinning around

  74. Peace Was never an option

    Peace Was never an option10 orë më parë

    This came in my recomended 42 times i counted

  75. Junior Lossitaire

    Junior Lossitaire10 orë më parë

    I'm the show

  76. Thelaw88898

    Thelaw8889810 orë më parë

    Well yea it doesn’t make any cents because it’s not a type of metal.

  77. Junior Lossitaire

    Junior Lossitaire10 orë më parë

    So cool

  78. kovuchii

    kovuchii10 orë më parë

    You should react to Teen Wolf's Season Three B.

  79. Limonlexi Lolo

    Limonlexi Lolo10 orë më parë

    The "zombies" don’t even look like zombies they look like the joker

  80. Pratiksha SH

    Pratiksha SH10 orë më parë

    Sookeh thing killed me 😂😂... And I thought he said suck it

  81. Filip van dijk

    Filip van dijk10 orë më parë

    I have to disagree with the whole 'people acting like their age' thing, I fell the disney flair has always dumbed things down a bit, and I don't like the movies any less for it

  82. Y Y

    Y Y10 orë më parë

    I really like Alex meyers But for the first time This show is just amazing!!!! Highly recommend and at least the actors are natural and the average high school teen age

  83. JewelsRblx

    JewelsRblx10 orë më parë

    Nowadays it’s much more like terrifying

  84. Junior Lossitaire

    Junior Lossitaire10 orë më parë

    Ok thats why i remember seing number 5. He's nicky from nicky, ricky, dicky, and dawn

  85. Marketing

    Marketing10 orë më parë

    I get that Riverdale is weird and all. But my dude Alex is a certified hater

  86. Eli Painter

    Eli Painter10 orë më parë

    You need be quiet bc they done hard work on this movie and ur just sitting on ur butt just judging the movie u wont like if u made a movie and I made fun of it treat others the way u want to be treated lazy

  87. Andy Lorenz

    Andy Lorenz10 orë më parë

    I love this movie

  88. I’m a Yeti.

    I’m a Yeti.10 orë më parë


  89. Noemie Pace

    Noemie Pace10 orë më parë

    You gave out exactly why 13 Reasons Why was a fail. However the thing that bothered me most is how Clay is portrayed as this perfect person, too nice for this world and who never sinned

  90. Gray Scribe

    Gray Scribe10 orë më parë

    Ubout him being up front? I haven't seen the complete show, but I don't think he ever lied. He might not tell everything or not answer, and he is not above letting people come to wrong conclusions sometimes, but he ner outright lied. It's not his fault, that no one believes him when he tells someone who hw is. BTW, what get's him into crime fighting is the mystery of Chloe and the reason why she is immune to his charms. As well as the fact that he can be hurt, maybe even killed when she is around. And later it's not the crime fighting that interests him. It's punishing the guilty. He finds out he still enjoys that part from reigning in hell.

  91. Junior Lossitaire

    Junior Lossitaire10 orë më parë

    Being tall is FREE

  92. NiNS

    NiNS11 orë më parë

    Do zombies 2!!!! (Its really laughable content ")

  93. Itz avocado_ gamer

    Itz avocado_ gamer11 orë më parë

    No one: Audrey: right Benny boo Me: WHAT!!!????

  94. Junior Lossitaire

    Junior Lossitaire11 orë më parë

    Yes sniff the glue

  95. Izzy 123

    Izzy 12311 orë më parë

    This show is so good it’s so much more than a love triangle

  96. Dragonmoth

    Dragonmoth11 orë më parë

    Lol smallville has better cgi that supergirl or the flash....

  97. TaterTot Thot

    TaterTot Thot11 orë më parë

    As a kid in an art school. It's not fun. Most of us are separated by major. Vocal goes with vocal, dance goes with dance, art goes with art ECT. It's rare to have friends that aren't your major. And the teachers constantly make work that have to do with creativity so you're stuck with doing your major in front of the whole class.

  98. Galaxy Timez

    Galaxy Timez11 orë më parë

    Do zombies 2 please it came out on the 14th

  99. rimastae x

    rimastae x11 orë më parë

    so theres this arabic drama called “ms farah” and its literally just the arab version of “jane the virgin” and when my best friend told me about the arabic version and i watched it, i was like “wait a damn minute-“ and when i say they’re the exact same i MEAN IT. LITERALLY EVERYTHING IS SIMILAR.

  100. Iara Toledo

    Iara Toledo11 orë më parë

    Thanks God I did not see it !