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  1. Eddie Butler

    Eddie Butler23 orë më parë

    1:52 A gun with no skin? Now that's a crime.

  2. Sarah Ashcraft

    Sarah Ashcraft23 orë më parë

    This is the definition of LA

  3. -Natsuki Chan-

    -Natsuki Chan-23 orë më parë

    He thinks he’s all gangster and stuff and wants to be all bad and everything. But his name is Dawson and that haircut just looks ridiculous. Also he would not last in the hood. Or in downtown Houston.

  4. SwTy Barbarian

    SwTy Barbarian23 orë më parë

    Blackest white person

  5. april love HTD4life

    april love HTD4life23 orë më parë

    Sounds like my bd with the mental abuse and texts

  6. Athena124

    Athena12423 orë më parë

    Mama’s words have a lotta slurrrr

  7. Ruth Luna

    Ruth Luna23 orë më parë

    I think the girl has no respect to his father, she is something else!🙄

  8. Athena124

    Athena12423 orë më parë


  9. Mary Herrera

    Mary Herrera23 orë më parë

    She says she's the 5th woman he's cheated with like it's something to be proud of....🤦

  10. Sam & Sara

    Sam & Sara23 orë më parë

    As the child of an extremely mentally ill parent who has always refused help, this really hits home and breaks my heart. You can't force someone to get help even if it's so clearly apparent that they need it and this will always haunt me.

  11. Elias Lopez

    Elias Lopez23 orë më parë

    Nigga gay af

  12. Becky Ryan

    Becky Ryan23 orë më parë

    This whole family is toxic these parents need to grow up and take responsibility for there own actions and stop blaming each other and raise this child she needs help

  13. J M

    J M23 orë më parë

    This kid needs to go to the hood. He would get robbed

  14. Katherine Holmes

    Katherine Holmes23 orë më parë

    Imagine if the rapist was black...doubt he’d be “entitled to an education”then

  15. Becky Ryan

    Becky Ryan23 orë më parë

    This whole family is toxic these parents need to grow up and take responsibility for there own actions and stop blaming each other and raise this child she needs help

  16. kamiskool3

    kamiskool323 orë më parë

    The problem with her tweet wasn't the facts, the problem with her tweet was that she was saying black people shouldn't complain about police killing black people because more black people are killed by other black people. What a fucken idiot she is.

  17. Silly Marie

    Silly Marie23 orë më parë

    Can't do drug, can't drink, can't have older boyfriends to be with......my parents would had kick me out and change their last names just by doing one of these things like come on...

  18. 3O3 Brine

    3O3 Brine23 orë më parë

    This is unf’ing believable. wtf.... just f’ing stop... omg... I’m a grown freaking woman and this is disturbing me and upsetting me to the point I needed to turn the audio off. So awful. No child should ever, ever, have to experience this. EVER!!!!

  19. Stonem001

    Stonem00123 orë më parë

    The gangster should've given him some contacts in the underworld

  20. Joe Gotti

    Joe Gotti23 orë më parë

    Dr phil is a real good man his trying to go head over heal to try to make her go to collage to help the moms heart ache cuz she don't see it now but dr phil and her mom are trying to help her life not go to waste you know how many people out there sing better then beyonce are better then nikki Minaj and they did not make it shes unresltic its okay to be optimistic but in reality it's a slim chance you will make it

  21. Brittany D

    Brittany D23 orë më parë

    She knows she’s disgusting . But she still did it. Save the crocodile tears

  22. Teamlana •

    Teamlana •23 orë më parë

    That all men want now a days is someone young that they can take advantage of.its sickening and sad no man is loyal 🤦‍♀️

  23. Kelly Kinzel

    Kelly Kinzel23 orë më parë

    I wish Dr Phil could tell me why he doesn’t think she’s on something or putting on an act. Unless I missed it, he never mentions or calls her out on it. It would be unlike him to not address her behavior or demeanor. Anyone know what’s up?

  24. Hollynwood FilmsTM

    Hollynwood FilmsTM23 orë më parë

    Omg I can’t wait

  25. Tommy Decastro

    Tommy Decastro23 orë më parë

    At least its not jail

  26. Chad Mower

    Chad Mower23 orë më parë

    He would be wearing lipstick within an hour

  27. Kendra Rose

    Kendra Rose23 orë më parë

    No words :-(

  28. M. Roman

    M. Roman23 orë më parë

    I’m afraid for his mother. He sounds sociopathic.

  29. Ale VeHrz

    Ale VeHrz23 orë më parë

    does anybody know where to watch the whole episode?

  30. ActuallyHowBout No

    ActuallyHowBout No23 orë më parë

    Dr. Phill : You are an a abuser, you are an abuser! Everyone : *claps*

  31. J -

    J -23 orë më parë

    I can't stand the flamboyant behaviour

  32. Christina Luna

    Christina Luna23 orë më parë

    Why do women stay with these men ? Because there weak that's why men target them knowing they will stay and put up with them I have seen this all my life with people staying in these environments l

  33. Joshua Olson Cook

    Joshua Olson Cook23 orë më parë

    The cyberpunk guy is pretty normal in my opinion. The first one was Kyle punching drywall.

  34. Joshua Olson Cook

    Joshua Olson Cook23 orë më parë

    Send him to the electric chair.

  35. D E A D I N S I D E

    D E A D I N S I D E23 orë më parë

    i wonder how many times she rehearsed these lies.

  36. mickeypoo305

    mickeypoo30523 orë më parë

    My child wouldn’t even dare raise their voice at me.

  37. Thebajwaseries Bahabo

    Thebajwaseries Bahabo23 orë më parë

    1:57 holding up that pathetic ring does not make you better than her, it’s makes you look stupid because you are believing his stupid lies and is it me or does she look TOTALLY different from their wedding and other pics they keep showing.

  38. Trudi Jones

    Trudi Jones23 orë më parë

    She need to get away from that man!

  39. mickeypoo305

    mickeypoo30523 orë më parë

    My FrIeNd Is 19. .... your friend is an adult.

  40. MySjenna

    MySjenna23 orë më parë

    People say they just love their children so much. Misguided love is responsible for creating "monsters"

  41. J -

    J -23 orë më parë

    White folks drama

  42. Jerry Serrato

    Jerry Serrato23 orë më parë

    God, death is the best choice when living with this monster

  43. Thebajwaseries Bahabo

    Thebajwaseries Bahabo23 orë më parë

    That man must have something good between them legs or be the smoothest talker because he has these two women holding on to lies and dishonesty

  44. Sandra Garcia

    Sandra Garcia23 orë më parë

    Esa mal parida hasta se arregla hoy para verse bonita Es obvio que ella es la principal sospechosa por Dios

  45. thottrain._ ‘

    thottrain._ ‘23 orë më parë

    when u go to the school right beside her school 😳

  46. Jerry Roblero

    Jerry Roblero23 orë më parë

    The mother is most definitely drunk.

  47. Derwood Ellington

    Derwood Ellington23 orë më parë

    Save tens of thousands of dollars and go to AA.. it’s free and at the end of the day rehab is going to say pick a 12 step program. If you have a drinking problem, alcohol is just a symptom of a much bigger issue. Guess what the bigger issue is?

  48. Stumped

    Stumped23 orë më parë

    Then I got trampled by a heard of buffalo. Consequences!

  49. Alicia Nelson

    Alicia Nelson23 orë më parë

    That kid should just put herself up for adoption.

  50. Princess Tee

    Princess Tee23 orë më parë

    He doesn’t even blink you can tell he’s crazy

  51. Raphael Santana jr

    Raphael Santana jr23 orë më parë

    Who is that?

  52. Francisco Molinar

    Francisco Molinar23 orë më parë

    Ok Zoomer

  53. ChristineYoutube

    ChristineYoutube23 orë më parë

    Both trying to seek fame by using Dr Phil's platform and creating bs drama

  54. Skylee Barnett

    Skylee BarnettDitë më parë

    "listen im a young girl from the trenches" lmaoooooo

  55. ChristineYoutube

    ChristineYoutubeDitë më parë

    She's not there for genuine reasons she's there to seek fame and pretend celebrity that's why she kept looking at the audience and Dr Phil knows it

  56. Peter Prasa

    Peter PrasaDitë më parë


  57. Michael Dinwiddie

    Michael DinwiddieDitë më parë

    The Grandma is literally the female version of Danny DeVito and I love it!!

  58. shahista banu

    shahista banuDitë më parë

    Why they do surgery Stay natural always Aceept ur self how u look

  59. Sasha

    SashaDitë më parë

    This girl is an entitled drama queen.

  60. Lisa

    LisaDitë më parë

    This lady needs therapy, not dr ohil

  61. gregory josh2000

    gregory josh2000Ditë më parë

    Clicked to see Dwayne Johnson

  62. Jaded

    JadedDitë më parë

    Put your head in the car door and run for it pimp

  63. Jennifer Romero

    Jennifer RomeroDitë më parë

    Mom is slurring, big time

  64. ViralOne

    ViralOneDitë më parë

    She's a sociopath. Her adoptive mother said she menstruated and had breasts and pubic hair.

  65. Court P

    Court PDitë më parë

    Umm yes? Only an idiot stays with a man KNOWINGLY putting her children in harm's way.

  66. Lilly Flower

    Lilly FlowerDitë më parë

    Watches hunter avallone once

  67. Jen Katterhenrich

    Jen KatterhenrichDitë më parë

    I would go to the end of the earth to protect my kids. That includes invading their privacy. Sorry. If my kids warranted it I would absolutely hang cameras.

  68. pessimistic college student

    pessimistic college studentDitë më parë

    I swear if Dr. Phil votes for Trump in 2020 I'm unsubscribing

  69. SpellCastingBadger 394

    SpellCastingBadger 394Ditë më parë

    My mom hates that I’m pan and have a girlfriend. She went out and told so many homophobic people when I wasn’t ready.

  70. Sky Bird

    Sky BirdDitë më parë

    She just does not want to go to jail. She sounds like she's on something, too.

  71. Canisha-ann Walker

    Canisha-ann WalkerDitë më parë

    Ahhh she’s from Florida it all makes sense. Bet she’s never had a black friend 😂😂🤷🏽‍♀️

  72. aboctok

    aboctokDitë më parë

    That's the ranch where you get a extra thrashing on your birthday.

  73. Canisha-ann Walker

    Canisha-ann WalkerDitë më parë

    Dr.phill had the best response to her 👌🏽🙌🏽

  74. Third World J

    Third World JDitë më parë

    Too much internet and gta.

  75. Liliaa

    LiliaaDitë më parë

    Everyone does this, Dr.Phil, everyone should be on this show

  76. Sierra Hurd

    Sierra HurdDitë më parë

    Why does the mistress look like she could be the wifes daughter

  77. Bethany Horn

    Bethany HornDitë më parë

    I Love Dr.Phil!!❤️

  78. Canisha-ann Walker

    Canisha-ann WalkerDitë më parë


  79. Kelsey Renee

    Kelsey ReneeDitë më parë

    Chicks like this are the reason guys like that even exist.

  80. Fn dova

    Fn dovaDitë më parë

    Thats fantastic.

  81. Dan Nigro

    Dan NigroDitë më parë

    2:37. Phil is pissed.

  82. Brittany D

    Brittany DDitë më parë

    Hi Norma bates how are ya ????

  83. Brittany D

    Brittany DDitë më parë

    Home gurl needs help...

  84. Jaded

    JadedDitë më parë

    Dr. Phil is like "yea you liked his game, that was actually me" 😂😂😂

  85. Nicole lady7

    Nicole lady7Ditë më parë

    The wife should DEFINITELY get a divorce because the respect & love isn't there! She deserves better & the younger chick will have to grow up and realize what relationship she's in and if he really cares! Nobody can tell that young mistress, because they've tried and she's too stubborn & naive! She will have to learn from her mistakes!

  86. PT Dixon

    PT DixonDitë më parë

    Because if cops did it. it would be entrapment.

  87. Jay McCall

    Jay McCallDitë më parë

    if my parents evaaaaa took me on dis show🤣🤣

  88. BigLittleYeti

    BigLittleYetiDitë më parë

    It’s funny how people are defending weed. Every person I know who smokes weed are really slow, lazy, and usually dumb.

  89. Taylor Shackelford

    Taylor ShackelfordDitë më parë

    These parents are JOKES

  90. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Just Some Guy without a MustacheDitë më parë

    Wow, she shouldn't have to put up with his sh*t

  91. Xcrql

    XcrqlDitë më parë

    Who else has been a fan of Dr.Phil Before 2020?!❤️ Gifting my next 34 🎁 subs with notifications on❤️

  92. Charlotte Yule

    Charlotte YuleDitë më parë

    The boy should of been killed the mother should be in jail and the grandmother should have this girl

  93. Yazmine Henry

    Yazmine HenryDitë më parë

    Early gang 😭

  94. Polly Anna

    Polly AnnaDitë më parë

    Second 🤷‍♀️

  95. Xo Xo

    Xo XoDitë më parë

    The grandma may not be doing the best, but she's the ONLY person trying to parent in this situation. She's also the ONLY person providing a roof, and probably food, for the daughter. Props for grandma. Generational gaps can be a hard thing.

  96. lauren oliver

    lauren oliverDitë më parë


  97. ekim's unopened parachute

    ekim's unopened parachuteDitë më parë


  98. Jazmyne Renteria

    Jazmyne RenteriaDitë më parë

    The mom's a huge enabler. Why are you letting your 16y.o daughter run around late at night & bringing guys over?? Somethings not right there.

  99. Dan Nigro

    Dan NigroDitë më parë

    This is a really long condom commercial.

  100. Mia

    MiaDitë më parë

    This is a good example of a kid with no discipline, morals or respect and she has only herself to blame. Kids raised this way will turn on you in a heartbeat, abuse, and even kill you for money. If she has a life insurance policy, she better be very concerned!