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Fun With Audio - Strings

Fun With Audio - Strings

2 muaj më parë

  1. CastielUchiha

    CastielUchiha5 sekonda më parë

    That dude t 5:00 sounds like Gaara of the Sand

  2. Wlla643 :D

    Wlla643 :D37 sekonda më parë

    1:56 *Laughs in internet*

  3. art-and-a-half

    art-and-a-halfMinutë më parë

    It's shown that while their natural state is "happiness" that is more ingrained culture rather than genetic disposition. As shown when Bergens at the end of the movie learn that they have felt happiness before & that they too can be content with themselves. So the cow simile? Falls flat

  4. Curtis Shealy

    Curtis ShealyMinutë më parë

    Tony is explaining why hulk is being exiled from earth because he thinks his anger is a liability and they he can't figure out how to deal with hulk so he exiles him to another plant.

  5. G-Unit1111

    G-Unit1111Minutë më parë

    Jeff Goldblum made the Grandmaster and Contest Of Champions, that was some seriously brilliant casting there.**REVERSE DING**

  6. K Williams

    K WilliamsMinutë më parë

    This nigga

  7. Happysouls

    Happysouls2 minuta më parë

    Loved the Hobbs and Shaw vid before it got taken down man

  8. art-and-a-half

    art-and-a-half3 minuta më parë

    4:58 way to go at downplaying his trauma

  9. ignoble !!!

    ignoble !!!4 minuta më parë

    Please do treasure planet and ninja assassin

  10. T W T G Content

    T W T G Content4 minuta më parë

    Props of the Primus reference

  11. Kaleb Koch

    Kaleb Koch4 minuta më parë

    9:18 Why does the audio suddenly become terrible?

  12. challengedcat 64

    challengedcat 644 minuta më parë

    So I just realized shaggy saying "Are you challenging me?" Is a JoJo's reference!

  13. Burnt Hombre

    Burnt Hombre5 minuta më parë

    this sucks

  14. Curtis Shealy

    Curtis Shealy5 minuta më parë

    Hulk is not just an Avenger just because of his force of destruction he is an because of his strength to and his counterpart Bruce banner smarts.

  15. Nickvr628

    Nickvr6286 minuta më parë

    Why is every crowd sampled from the sets of animations? The ones in the Colosseum are the same as the ones around the palace at the end.

  16. george jesus

    george jesus6 minuta më parë

    liked this just for the tøp reference

  17. Rishon TM

    Rishon TM7 minuta më parë

    Only 4 minutes, huh?

  18. Emiliano Castillejos Coronel

    Emiliano Castillejos Coronel7 minuta më parë

    8:02 well Im Mexican so I watched the movie in Spanish and I can surely tell you bonzo didn't Sayed "mis pendejos" on that version, still cool and funny 😂

  19. VirgoGoddess90

    VirgoGoddess907 minuta më parë

    "In case you confused it with the Boston Aquarium in Smackover Arkansas"

  20. Kuu

    Kuu8 minuta më parë

    no birds allowed

  21. Czech M8

    Czech M88 minuta më parë

    Hobbs and Shaw got blacklisted??? Smh FUCK THAT MOVIE ANYWAYS THAT SHIT WAS FUCKING ASS!

  22. Mark Brierley

    Mark Brierley9 minuta më parë

    Look I know you all make a point of not referencing the source material when you write these so telling you the multiple instances where reading the original makes like 30% of your nitpicks invalid, but at least stay consistent; Don't reference the MCU for non-MCU movies either.

  23. Curtis Shealy

    Curtis Shealy9 minuta më parë

    Yes Iron man felt the need to have a hologram conversation to hulk cause he thinks hulk will get angry at him and beat the tinhead outta him.

  24. Chris Allie

    Chris Allie9 minuta më parë

    The portal is like stargate

  25. Dan c

    Dan c10 minuta më parë


  26. Under Fall

    Under Fall11 minuta më parë

    Add a couple thousand sins and you get how I feel

  27. mike lachney

    mike lachney11 minuta më parë

    I just want to see one where he just says “Nothing absolutely nothing.” and then it ends

  28. Caleb Landers

    Caleb Landers12 minuta më parë

    Am I the only one that thinks it’s weird he only sinned Rocky 4 and 7

  29. Gio Bunny

    Gio Bunny12 minuta më parë

    I feel like this guy goes to all the new movies with a journal and Pen taking notes

  30. Patronus King

    Patronus King13 minuta më parë

    How did Gwen get there if she showed up in his class and the colider wasn't first turned on until later on

  31. Rich Thyne

    Rich Thyne13 minuta më parë

    Damn y'all really scrapin the bottom, huh

  32. Rhiannon Teal

    Rhiannon Teal14 minuta më parë

    Sin Donnie Darko

  33. MasterMacLeod

    MasterMacLeod14 minuta më parë

    3:55 um that's the point

  34. Tahjair Christian

    Tahjair Christian16 minuta më parë

    3:47 looks like star lord

  35. lostinthelookingglas

    lostinthelookingglas16 minuta më parë

    I feel like the Disney remakes have gotten progressively worse over time. Live-action Cinderella was ok, Beauty and the Beast was...acceptable, Aladdin was bad, and the Lion King was awful. I wish they would stop.

  36. bowen voowy

    bowen voowy17 minuta më parë

    "This movie exists" This ^ "I hate you" Also this ^

  37. Damien Ross

    Damien Ross19 minuta më parë

    It’s just a kid movie not everything is real

  38. Jack of Dragons

    Jack of Dragons21 minutë më parë

    This movie did the comic dirty

  39. joeguy1092

    joeguy109221 minutë më parë

    Yo star lord is in the stands at 3:46

  40. Salvador Sanchez

    Salvador Sanchez22 minuta më parë

    Well damn, Hobbs and Shaw didn't stay up long at all, I'm sad.

  41. Eric Smith

    Eric Smith23 minuta më parë

    Good episode. Was looking forward to EWW Hobbs & Shaw, though. Hopefully you can get it uploaded later and Universal won't whine too much about it.

  42. Matthew Arboleda

    Matthew Arboleda23 minuta më parë

    Do midsommar

  43. CHP Gaming

    CHP Gaming24 minuta më parë

    no ones gonna mention how he is calling a stronger version of thor “fake thor” and no one is gonna mention how fucking nerf this guy is in the movie? jesus fucking christ man *jimmy voice*

  44. Mrityunjoy Mjb

    Mrityunjoy Mjb25 minuta më parë

    Character can be seen on Screen Cinema sins: Cliche

  45. Wandering Warriors

    Wandering Warriors25 minuta më parë

    Allow me to take a sin or two off. Caiera had the Old Power of her people, which allowed her to withstand a ton of damage, including having a nuclear bomb get dropped directly on her and coming out with barely a scratch.

  46. Chris Allie

    Chris Allie26 minuta më parë

    Stay out of trouble

  47. Apex Indigo

    Apex Indigo26 minuta më parë

    So no ones gonna mention the Star Lord at 3:45?

  48. Paul K

    Paul K26 minuta më parë

    Bruce Buffer is the one who copyrighted ‘let’s get ready to rumble’ not Micheal *the more you know

  49. Ryan

    Ryan27 minuta më parë

    When i was like 7 or 8 this comic boom scared the SHIT outa me🤣🤣🤣

  50. BrilliantLove2

    BrilliantLove227 minuta më parë


  51. Ezmyrelda Andrade

    Ezmyrelda Andrade28 minuta më parë

    I think you should stop doing your formula on stuff that was produced for 12 year olds to watch. It's a certain type of cartoon. None of that detail is useful for what that age range is watching it for.

  52. Ant Tweed

    Ant Tweed28 minuta më parë


  53. Ryan Edmond

    Ryan Edmond29 minuta më parë

    4:51 GAARA???

  54. Hontas Farmer

    Hontas Farmer29 minuta më parë

    Gotta know this is an earlier one because he hadn't found the perfect DING sound.

  55. Airdog711

    Airdog71129 minuta më parë

    You forgot one. The events of T 2 take place in 1995. Sarah Connors grave said she died in 1997. John Connor says she fought leukemia for 3 years. Even if we assume she was diagnosed in 95, right after the events of T2, the earliest she could have died would be 1998 if she thought for 3 years. Yet her grave clearly says 1997.

  56. spencersonnier1

    spencersonnier130 minuta më parë

    The pirates movies are great btw

  57. Hugo Nieves

    Hugo Nieves30 minuta më parë

    Fuck YT copyright laws! That piece of shit Hobbs & Shaw deserves a sin video

  58. Ruın

    Ruın31 minutë më parë

    He speaks so slow

  59. Preston Duke

    Preston Duke31 minutë më parë

    Yes I care about the minutes

  60. Jay Wilcock

    Jay Wilcock31 minutë më parë

    that primus joke was a knee slapper.

  61. kingofmonsters14

    kingofmonsters1431 minutë më parë

    ok, jackass, this was made BEFORE the MCU, and based on a comic storyline that happened around the same time. the fact your stupid brain can't comprehend that is concerning.

  62. Tabby c

    Tabby c32 minuta më parë

    Well this explains where most of the plot elements surrounding the trash planet in Thor Ragnorok came also explains why the Grandmaster was given a dramatic makeover, it's just a mash up of him and this Red King character

  63. ricardo brown

    ricardo brown32 minuta më parë

    Do nacho libre

  64. Threnody Of The Red Queen

    Threnody Of The Red Queen32 minuta më parë

    “Djindergartners” 😂

  65. ItsMeLMLP YT

    ItsMeLMLP YT32 minuta më parë

    Comic book starlord watching the background 3:47

  66. Maroza Sulaiman

    Maroza Sulaiman32 minuta më parë


  67. Gabriel Barragan

    Gabriel Barragan33 minuta më parë

    Tony stark is supposed to be a genius yet he said “Mader” to the hulk

  68. Troy TheMighty

    Troy TheMighty33 minuta më parë

    I actually loved this movie as a kid but realized it wasn’t AS good when I got older. But it was still a good movie


    SUPER SENT34 minuta më parë

    Smash = 15

  70. Antisepticwolf

    Antisepticwolf34 minuta më parë

    Has anybody noticed that Grimmel looks like Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty????

  71. TheCommando626

    TheCommando62635 minuta më parë

    Bruh i was halfway done with the other video until it got flagged for copyright 😤😤

  72. Odysseus Rex

    Odysseus Rex37 minuta më parë

    In the original story, or at least a much older one, instead of forgiving her stepmother, Cinderella and the prince have her brought out at their wedding party, shoes of red hot iron are placed on her feet, and she is forced to dance in them until she dies. The Brothers Grimm were well named.

  73. ourWorld Lucy

    ourWorld Lucy38 minuta më parë

    You have got to sin Goosebumps 2. It seems sinnier than the first one

  74. Lyra Saruman

    Lyra Saruman38 minuta më parë


  75. Jamie Penne

    Jamie Penne38 minuta më parë

    You got some pretty lazy making me things you should stop and put some more effort in

  76. Jon Cosmo

    Jon Cosmo39 minuta më parë

    Starlord and Adam Warlock trying to hide in the background lol

  77. Darius Gordon

    Darius Gordon39 minuta më parë

    I love Bojack Horseman, and that joke had me crying.

  78. Thomas Bush

    Thomas Bush40 minuta më parë

    Scorsese at comicon good one

  79. ryanhamstra

    ryanhamstra40 minuta më parë

    Why does iron man sound like ultron?

  80. Chris Grey

    Chris Grey41 minutë më parë

    The biggest sin is that they never made a world war hulk animated movie.

  81. Taylor Johns

    Taylor Johns41 minutë më parë

    Its really your fault for liking TwentyOne Pilots.

  82. Anki emo Attack

    Anki emo Attack41 minutë më parë


  83. Ivan Lopez

    Ivan Lopez42 minuta më parë

    People falling in movies is funny even if they fall to their death

  84. karl kirby

    karl kirby42 minuta më parë

    No this is what should have been hulk solo movie and he should have came back and beat the fuck out the avengers know your comics duded come on man

  85. Jeremy Beyer

    Jeremy Beyer42 minuta më parë

    Why do we still not have one for Endgame?

  86. BEAVERVlogs

    BEAVERVlogs42 minuta më parë

    Star lord 3:47

  87. AITB gacha and roblox

    AITB gacha and roblox43 minuta më parë

    now he just needs to make an everything wrong with the angry birds 2 movie :3

  88. Goudy the pro

    Goudy the pro43 minuta më parë

    I think your 9 years late buddy

  89. The Video-Beast

    The Video-Beast43 minuta më parë

    At first, I was confused about the million sins and thought there was something wrong about the question/answer. But then I check the comments and I realized the sins were because of trump. I think it got off easy.

  90. Joe Bermuda

    Joe Bermuda44 minuta më parë

    Such a great movie though

  91. patty green

    patty green44 minuta më parë

    not sure why you keep bringing up endgame and ragnarock, this movie has nothing to do with that universe. also came out long before both movies. also is much closer to the original story line than the mcu version. not sure why they replaced sliver surfer with beta ray bill but i assume its a licensing issue.

  92. Man Ba

    Man Ba44 minuta më parë

    Everything wrong with the title of your video.This movie has the classic Batman march,as well as great actors,best portrait of the dark knight,an impressive Joker,the best costume,the batwing in the air just in front of the moon,like it was the signal in the sky,it was praised by the Batman creator Bob Kane,the whole soundtrack was epic.You should put Everything great with Batman (1989).I love this movie and it’s also the one I grew up with,I still do,sth that I don’t feel with Batman (2008).

  93. Sandeep sharma

    Sandeep sharma44 minuta më parë

    Dosto aapko ye video kesi lgi aapko? Comment krke jroor btayen Agli video dekhne keliye link pr jayen

  94. The Random D

    The Random D44 minuta më parë

    I wish the hulk gets made justice in the mcu

  95. Scott Lefebvre

    Scott Lefebvre46 minuta më parë

    Or goes to a wedding and says, "Hulk crash!" I know comedy comes in threes, but it's an easy tag.

  96. ChrissyTVlog

    ChrissyTVlog46 minuta më parë

    Those are pomegranates... Not apples.

  97. Montgomereigh Bradley

    Montgomereigh Bradley46 minuta më parë

    Thank you

  98. H -Town

    H -Town47 minuta më parë

    As many times I’ve seen this at 3:57 is that star lord?

  99. Heartshapedbox81

    Heartshapedbox8147 minuta më parë

    That ring rant was perfect lol

  100. Tank Dempsey

    Tank Dempsey48 minuta më parë

    Fuck this movie and everything about it. This movie kept me up weeks on end